1. by Alexander Fury .

    i-D 30th Anniversary Preview!

    Our 200 Portraits project, showcasing video portraits of contemporary culture's great and good captured on-set during Nick Knight's 17-day photoshoot through December 2009, is due to launch on Thursday to coincide with the official newsstand release of the 30th anniversary edition of i-D. However, we received a sneak peek at the final issue courtesy of the folks at i-D, who sent over a rather hefty pile of the mags emblazoned with its trio of cover girls: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga. You'll have to wait until Thursday to peer inside both in real life and via our portrait films, but here's a few shots of the grand unveiling chez to whet your appetite for me.

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    1. la
      13:59 7 Aug 2010
      can't wait!
    2. fashmagslag
      23:46 7 Aug 2010
      I can smell that glorious issue all the way from Sydney. Hurry up Thursday!
    3. someonegreat
      13:29 9 Aug 2010
      So very very excited by this. And Gaga looks great, glad she didn't go too crazy for the cover.
    4. ChrisSummerfield
      15:26 9 Aug 2010
      How time Flies, 30 years all ready. Lets look forward to another 30 years of challenging storIes and creativity.I will also look forward to getting my hands on a copy at the end of the week l.O.
  2. by Alexander Fury .

    In Fashion, Giles Deacon - LIVE interview this Wednesday!

    Our next In Fashion live broadcast is confirmed! This Wednesday 11 August from 12:30 BST, our latest interviewee is award-winning British designer and new Creative Director of Emanuel Ungaro Giles Deacon. A Central Saint Martins alumnus, former head of Bottega Veneta (remember those sell-out neon-leopard trouser-suits, graffiti-sprayed bags and wafer-thin blue crocodile jackets?) and hot ticket in both London and Paris under his eponymous label, I will sit down with Mr Deacon to discuss his illustrious career in the latest stream from our LiveStudio at Bruton Place.

    Tune in on Wednesday for this exclusive broadcast!

    Recent comments

    1. la
      14:02 7 Aug 2010
      There is so much going on at the moment on SHOWstudio , it is great as i am now on holiday and can at last watch at my leisure.
      Giles has always struck me as a very gently spoken man, I look forward to see him live.
    2. restopesto
      22:49 7 Aug 2010
      cant wait for this!!
  3. by Alexander Fury .

    More from Mr Altuzarra

    Frankly, I'm a bit of an Altuzarra addict these days. Even though the unedited footage of my In Fashion interview with Joseph himself is due to be re-streamed this afternoon at 18:00 BST, I couldn't keep away from his press day at Liberty, and a chance to get my mucky paws on a selection of those incredible boiled-wool, calfskin and goat-fur reclamations of eighties warrior woman attire. Altuzarra himself was close by to walk the press through the collection of second-skin tailoring and that incredible moulded leather jumpsuit - the collection's inspiration was Edward Scissorhands, but it made me think more of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. She's definitely an Altuzarra customer, as it appears are many others - yesterday, Joseph discuss the importance of remaining commercially viable even when pursuing creativity, thus an hourglass ruched jersey Altuzarra frock retails for £600, and his fabulous suture-stitched wool coat just over a thousand. And when it makes you look and feel this great, that's a modest outlay.

    Tune in today from 18:00 BST / 13:00 EST / 10:00 PST for the re-stream of yesterday's Altuzarra interview.

    Recent comments

    1. someonegreat
      18:04 5 Aug 2010
      GOOD GOD that cat suit is incredible!
    2. saint
      18:40 5 Aug 2010
      i couldn't agree with you more.
      I can imagine that looking so sexy on the right woman.
    3. alex.fury
      15:51 6 Aug 2010
      I am of the school that 'the right woman', in this case, is 'every woman'! An Altuzarra army!
  4. by Alexander Fury .

    Next interviewee confirmed: Joseph Altuzarra!

    The shortlist has been announced for the 2010 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund - a hefty $200k prize awarded to the best of the best of new New York fashion talent - and the names include Joseph Altuzarra, coincidentally the next designer scheduled for the In Fashion treatment from yours truly. Altuzarra's A/W 2010 show, quite frankly, bowled me over, in the way that only an almost all-black collection channelling Mugler, Montana and a hefty dose of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman possibly could. Altuzarra was actually inspired by Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands - check the thick, sutured stitching puckering the surface of this stand-out touniquet-tight leather frock above. Altuzarra will be in the LiveStudio for tea and tête-à-tête in early August - but you'll be seeing much for of his spectacular collection across the site in the next few weeks…


    1. hudson
      18:02 23 Jul 2010
      Wow, Montana much? Someone's been reading a few too many issues of Paris Vogue from 1979 to make clothes modern women would want to wear.
  5. by Alexander Fury .

    Show and Tell with Rebecca and Mike

    This afternoon was a treat here at towers: a show and tell session with the wonderful Rebecca and Mike, who dropped by to show us their rather incomparable wares. Think laser-tracking, zero-gravity circulatory diagrams, a natty way with an airmail envelope and the goal-post sized gilded baroque frame they created for our Art of Football project - fit for any Fragonard (or Frank Lampard, for that matter).

    As a self-confessed fashion fanatic, my favourite was their contribution to the exhibition 'Workwear' at the Sheila C. Johnston Design Centre's exhibition space at Parson's in New York. In celebration of Parson's new MFA in Fashion Design and Society, the exhibition explores the legacy of workwear in American fashion and its influence on contemporary constructions of New York as a fashion capital - or, in Rebecca and Mike's terms - 'it's an exhibition about "fashion" and "doing business" and "New York".' Which, quite naturally, got the duo thinking about extreme workwear - in this case, traditional mascot uniforms from U.S. institutions like Dunkin' Donuts, Hershey's, The New York Mets and more. Their reflection in contemporary fashion? Well, look at Jeremy Scott or Cassette Playa and their fashion children are plain to see.


    1. hudson
      18:03 23 Jul 2010
      THERE'S some fashion I can get excited about!
  6. by Alexander Fury .

    The final shot

    We've just captured the final shot of the day, with male model Tafari Hinds trussed up in tuxedo shirt and Yankees baseball cap, but for posterity here is a line-up of our male mod bods in the LiveStudio from earlier in this first day of our Shady Characters shoot. Join us from 11:30 BST tomorrow morning for our second day of broadcast from this latest editorial with Nick Knight and Simon Foxton for i-D.

  7. by Alexander Fury .

    Throwing shade in the LiveStudio

    We've raced through our first few shots in a flurry of LiveStudio action: limbs have flailed, shapes have been thrown and the boys have jumped up and down quite a lot. Add Simon's hefty selection of bovver boots to the equation and we're more than a little afraid the ceiling may cave in! Hopefully our stream and stills so far have given you a fair indication of the general direction of this shoot to be featured in the 30th anniversary issue of i-D magazine - namely, graphic and emphatic black outlines halfway between gang-fight, dance-off and some form of fashion mutation thanks to those hunched shoulders and padded layers. The fashion we're using is suitably esoteric - everything from Givenchy suits and Yves Saint Laurent macs to Burberry shearlings and a down-filled puffer jacket or two (dozen). We're only a couple of hours into this two-day shoot, so check back on the LiveStudio throughout the day for more action from the set.


    1. AndrewSmith
      17:11 6 Jul 2010
      I heard somewhere that dance-off were invented as a non-violent way to resolve gang conflict. Is that true or WAAY off? I don't see how any gang could take the idea of solving their differences through the medium of dance seriously.
  8. by Alexander Fury .

    Shady Characters live shoot broadcast tomorrow

    Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be streaming live from the LiveStudio to showcase Nick Knight and Simon Foxton's latest collaboration, appropriately enough for the 30th Anniversary edition of i-D magazine. Hence this morning was spent deep in contemplation and conversation with the fantastic Mr Foxton to decide exactly how to title this latest shoot. The idea is silhouette - namely capturing the graphic shapes of next season's key menswear pieces in shadow as sharp as sliced-out pieces of card, on a bevy of street-cast male models. We toyed much with these ideas - shadow play, shadow aspect, à la Silhouette - when suddenly Mr Foxton hit upon the perfect literary evocation of his resolutely down-to-earth styling and the gangland feeling of this ever-so-slightly-sinister shoot: 'Shady Characters'. They don't call him fantastic for nothing.

    Join us in the LiveStudio from 11:30 BST tomorrow morning to catch Simon Foxton's Shady Characters in action.

  9. by Alexander Fury .

    PRE-COLLECTION S/S 11: Preen

    Ever seen the sixties Spaghetti western Shalako? I haven't, but by the look of the latest Preen pre-collection, I need to add it to my 'must-see' list. For not-quite-next-season, Justin Thornton and Thea Bragazzi were inspired by the sight of a bustled and broiderie anglaise'd Bridget Bardot amidst a few dozen rednecks, and set about capturing the same mix of delicacy and roughness. Think delicate whitework embroideries, intricate ruffles of cotton lace and plenty of touch-buckled leather belts to toughen up even the sweetest of little chiffon frocks. Cowboys may have been the fodder, but (luckily) they were only vaguely alluded to: there was a touch of the saloon to a swirly floor-length skirt in pleated chiffon, but it was clean and modern enough not to look costume-y. The same silhouette was the collection's bestseller, in an ankle-length sheath of ribbed jersey with bound bodice. And the duo's trademark 'Power' dress got a new lease of life as a swingy, thigh-high crinoline. Think Dietrich high-kicking in Destry Rides Again, and you get the picture. Preen have been at the pre-collection game for two years now, and recognise the incredible importance of this brave new season. Alongside the new was the old, in reworkings of trademark twisty-turny Preen frocks and pieces combining utility and luxury (bleached-out vests with chantilly-lace trims, for example). There was even a detail culled from the second ever Preen show, a print of a bird's skeleton- in this instance re-imagined as a bugle-beaded appliqué inspired by petrified carcasses littering the Nevada desert.

  10. by Alexander Fury .

    'Elegant Mechanics' live shoot now broadcasting!

    Our latest live shoot is now up and running, with Nicola Formichetti and Nick Knight shooting a selection of A/W 2010 menswear on the rather unexpected theme of 'Elegant Mechanics' for Vogue Hommes Japan. The studio is strewn with motorcycle parts to set the scene, while the clothes themselves are a mix of battered vintage biker leathers, and refined formal tailoring from the likes of Dior Homme, Armani and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Our stream kicked off a few moments ago, so tune in through the afternoon for more rough-and-ready action.

  11. by Alexander Fury .

    Prada - the black sheep of Italian fashion

    It's day four of Milan fashion week. Well, it was - a whirlwind morning of re-sees and two major shows back-to-back, now it's all over. Hardly time to post my musing on a decidedly simple and subdued fashion week filled with relaxed tailoring, practical footwear, natty shorts and ever-reliable regulation navy blue. Despite all of those being present in her show, glancing at this Damien Hirst installation in Prada's formidable Milanese HQ reminded me that Miuccia P. really is the black sheep of Italian fashion. She's the only designer to admit - outright - that this season was about uniformity. And like many a disreputable fast-food chain, designers are expecting you to pay for your own. At the same time, despite giving the game away with her dental scrubs and utilitarian denims, Prada was the only designer to twist something truly extraordinary out of next season's rather mundane must-haves. Those were my thoughts, anyway. I'll let you get back to Kate the Great over in London.

  12. by Alexander Fury .

    Mil-yawn-o Menswear, Day I

    A snap capturing the season's latest clutch of strange and colourful fashion house invites has become something of a tradition of our Collections coverage, and Milan's S/S 2011 menswear shows are no exception - at least, not on my watch. While the team back in London have been frenetically documenting the (rather incredible) creations LucyandBart are concocting to compliment Alister Mackie's choices from the A/W 2010 collections, my thoughts have already sped ahead to next summer. The torrential rain we've been suffering here in Italy for the past week or so puts us in far less of a summery mood than you'd imagine, although the designers seem as unaware as ever, showing short-shorts, bared chests and chiffon blouses on boys shivvering in the crosswind of over-zelous air-con. I have come to realise that I was rather spoiled with the gentle pace of the days during Pitti, with only two shows and a clutch of designer stands to visit over the course of three days, giving me ample time to digest, muse and conjugate one or two appropriate verbs. Here in Milan, it's a different story, with a packed schedule on each and every one of the four-day fashion week. Today I've already attended three shows and a couple of showrooms to boot, tomorrow there's half a dozen on the cards, including the first menswear collection designed by new Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton. But for now, click here to read my reviews so far - I'm off for some much-needed shut-eye.

  13. by Alexander Fury .

    A last look at Pitti

    My final Pitti-stop (sorry for that pun) is at Linda Farrow to glance through their selection of styles for the current season. Considering that Farrow are optical collaborator of choice for the esteemed likes of Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott and Dries Van Noten, that selection was an enviable one. The last to catch my eye were these superhero inspired numbers from Walter Van Bierendonck proudly stamped with a 'W' above the bridge. Just the thing, indeed, to brave the glare of the Milanese sun and the next leg of our menswear coverage, which kicks off with Dolce e Gabbana tomorrow afternoon.

  14. Recent comments

    1. amy.ireland
      14:29 18 Jun 2010
      Oh hello! They're fantastic.
    2. ross.phillips
      16:24 18 Jun 2010
      A one second video Alex? That's remarkably concise of you!
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