1. by Alexander Fury .

    Kate Moss for Topshop film and images!

    Summer seems to have finally descended across Britain - and just to get you in the mood, here is Nick Knight's latest (and terribly summery) fashion film with the always-divine Kate Moss to showcase her (you guessed it) summer collection for high-street behemoth Topshop. Floating, flimsy layers, dappled sunlight, and the tousled sun-kissed locks of Miss Moss herself are just the thing to put you in the mood for warmer weather. Whether we'll actually get more than a weekend's worth is anyone's guess, but for now enjoy this idyllic and iconic slice of fantasy British summertime.

    Click here to view film

    Recent comments

    1. GalileosUniverse
      18:42 18 May 2010
      BEAUTIFULl! .... Love that full frontal shot of her physiognomy .... really refreshing in sensation and effect !
    2. KaWai
      01:48 19 May 2010
    3. michellemarion
      14:45 19 May 2010
      I love this shoot so much!
    4. ChuckPadgett
      16:49 19 May 2010
      Kate Moss is the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the Earth. She just keeps getting better.
  2. by Alexander Fury .

    More Mirror Mirror gallery images!

    Our ground-floor Mirror Mirror take over of Topshop Oxford Circus may have come to an end, but fear not! Our project gallery is constantly being updated with our choice picks of the best looks snapped in front of our mirror. As if that isn't enough, above is a multi-faceted image captured of Miss Katie Shillingford in action as she manned our mirror for the much-coveted Saturday night spot. Her verdict? Simply not enough sequins!

    Click here to view the Mirror Mirror gallery

  3. by Alexander Fury .

    The final day!

    The final day of our Mirror Mirror installation at Topshop Oxford Circus has begun - with Topshop kicking off proceedings at 11.30am, our first fashionist to take the reins is filmmaker and face Ruth Hogben (pap-snapped here at our HQ on Bruton Place during her hour-long session). Right now, British Vogue's Emma Elwick is dispensing her words of wisdom, while yours truly will wave the fashion flag for in our final two-hour session. Get down to Topshop Oxford Circus before 6pm to take part!

  4. by Alexander Fury .

    Blackwhite Opening

    We've had an influx of colourful characters over the past four days to participate in our Mirror Mirror project, but in-house at towers things have taken a turn for the monochrome. This is due not dull dressing on our behalf, however, but the latest exhibition at SHOWstudio Shop - aptly titled (wait for it...) Blackwhite, which opened to a packed crowd on Friday. Inspired by the oldest dichotomy in the fashion book, the contrast between black and white. Fashion photography is, naturally, a focal-point - Irving Penn's celebrated portrait of Lisa Fonssagrives clad in a striking harlequin dress jostles with Cecil Beaton's prints of Audrey Hepburn in the monochrome My Fair Lady number, itself contrasting with Nick Knight's controversial image of Kate Moss, inverted in the printing process to render a white Kate black. The space itself was once home to Maison Martin Margiela's UK flagship, and as befits a fashion-focussed institution such as, garments themselves make a welcome inclusion - namely Margiela's own signature Tabi boots, and a reproduction of their first jacket from 1989, both originally created in black and then painted white. The physical centrepiece of the exhibit is, undoubtedly, Peter Saville's Fashion - a bondage bench created in white, pierced with prongs to allow corset-style lacing across each limb which Saville feels give the bench an aesthetic analogy to the fetish elements of much of contemporary fashion.

    Blackwhite is open until 19 June 2010 at SHOWstudio Shop, 1-9 Bruton Place, W1.

  5. by Alexander Fury .

    Mary Mary quite contrary!

    We're barely into the afternoon, but London 'Print Princess' Mary Katrantzou is the fourth fashion creative to man our Mirror Mirror installation at Topshop Oxford Circus, after style bloggers Susie Lau and Bryan Boy and British Vogue's Gillian Wilkins. Later today we have contributions from Harriet Walker of The Independent and Dazed & Confused Fashion Editor Katie Shillingford, alongside Topshop and indeed my good self batting style-wise for Get down to Topshop - it's a weekend, you have no excuse!

  6. by Alexander Fury .

    Super Nova!

    The fabulous Nova Dando and Bubbles Glimour (what a pair of names!) are the latest twosome to take control of Mirror Mirror this afternoon after fashion blogger Shini Park.

  7. Recent comments

    1. la
      13:28 7 May 2010
      I doubt anybody could quite match Ms Verhoeven or indeed Ms O Connor for style or glamour.
    2. alex.fury
      15:25 7 May 2010
      I quite agree! We've all gone black and white here today and Julie was a welcome blast of colour.
  8. by Alexander Fury .

    Erin O'Connor kicks off day three!

    British supermodel and all-around fashion fanatic Erin O'Connor is the latest industry insider to take the helm of our Mirror Mirror installation at Topshop Oxford Circus. She'll be with us until noon here at, offering her expert advice via webcam to the latest gaggle of shoppers to pass through Topshop's doors. Later today, we'll have more words of wisdom beamed live onto our mirror on Topshop's ground floor from the likes of accessory and jewellery designer Fred Butler, the multi-talented stylist and fashion designer Nova Dando - the hand behind La Roux's signature look - and fashion's favourite illustrator Julie Verhoeven, who takes the reins next!


    1. la
      13:30 7 May 2010
      How glamorous getting hints on how to dress by the most elegant woman in fashion!
  9. by Alexander Fury .

    Day two underway at Topshop Oxford Circus!

    It's day two of our Mirror Mirror installation on the ground floor of Topshop's flagship store in Oxford Circus and we've just taken the reins ourselves for the day's inaugural hour of style suggestions. As with yesterday, our Mirror Mirror schedule is packed with fashion's top talent, including LOVE magazine's Victoria Young, i-D's Edward Enninful, Louise Goldin and at noon Dazed & Confused's Karen Langley. Get yourself down to Topshop for an invaluable slice of advice!

    Recent comments

    1. la
      21:03 6 May 2010
      Very impressive rostrum of people SHOWstudio!
    2. amy.ireland
      22:09 6 May 2010
      Keep your eyes peeled there's many more to come! wonder who that is in the mirror...?
  10. by Alexander Fury .

    Nicola Formichetti mans the mirror!

    I've just finished my second round of duty dispensing sartorial bon mots via our Mirror Mirror installation at Topshop Oxford Circus - and our latest contributor is super stylist Nicola Formichetti. As befits the mind behind some of Lady Gaga's most outlandish fashion statements, expect an amazing head-to-toe revamp, starting, it seems, with a studded turban! Get down to Topshop Oxford Circus for your own virtual re-styling!

    Recent comments

    1. toastytoaty
      18:56 5 May 2010
      Nicola is looking secksai !!!
    2. saint
      00:07 6 May 2010
      sexy looking fella...
  11. by Alexander Fury .

    Check out Mirror Mirror at Topshop Oxford Circus now!

    The action has kicked off at Topshop Oxford Circus - our Mirror Mirror project is well underway! I've already done my first hour-long stint of style commentary - typing my own pithy fashion suggestions from my own desk, to magically appear across the face of our interactive mirror on the shop floor at Topshop - as has the esteemed beauty brain behind Topshop's new make-up range Hannah Murray. At the moment Ben Reardon of i-D magazine is in the hot seat, commenting on the frills and furbelows of Topshop's loyal customers through until noon, and later today we'll have expert style advice from the Grazia magazine's Fashion Editor-at-Large Melanie Rickey, and Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti. Hot-foot it down to Topshop Oxford Circus yourself, or simply sit back and watch as the images, and our contributors' comments are uploaded to our project gallery.

    Recent comments

    1. alex.fury
      13:19 5 May 2010
      Hope you can all see the DSM sale-snagged ruffles adorning my right hand side in this terribly fashionable snap!
    2. saint
      00:17 6 May 2010
      This is such a great project...only SHOWstudio could dream this up.
    3. SiraWalsh
      22:05 19 May 2010
      Woah. I checked out the range in Topshop Liverpool last weekend, a couple of make up artists were more than optimistic in showing me an array of awesome bits and pieces. Get The Mirror Mirror In Liverpool.. One thats not afraid to scrutinize. YES.
  12. by Alexander Fury .

    GARETH PUGH A/W 2010 - Inspirational imagery

    We're on-set once more with Ruth Hogben and Katie Shillingford for our second exclusive fashion film shoot in as many weeks - this time alongside the stellar talents of Gareth Pugh and Raquel Zimmermann to boot! For A/W 2010 we're shooting a series of designer monographs of some of the strongest of Paris' collections - Pugh's latest being our second after last week's Celine-centric extravaganza. Once more we'll be documenting ever moment, uploading a steady stream of candid images captured throughout the day alongside blogs and tweets from our very own Olivia Marks hot on the studio floor. At the moment, Ms. Zimmermann is in make-up with Alex Box - and the above collage of Joan Crawford celluloid iconography backstage gives a few ideas as to the inspiration behind the film and make-up. Think thirties, think starkly monochrome, and think arch - and that's just the eyebrows. Hopefully there are no wire hangers on Katie's bulging rail of Pugh…

  13. by Alexander Fury .

    #1: Prada Shoes and Socks

    The aim of our new Object Fetish series is to pick apart key fashion objets plucked from the latest round of international collections in minute detail. What better label to turn to than Prada - one of the few to provide that 'must-have' Zeitgeist-grabbing garb season after season, and for twenty years to boot? In our opening film of the series, and the A/W 2010 season, we turn to the endlessly inventive Miuccia Prada's latest offering, unravelling the label's covetable cable-knit wool socks and patent-leather loafers and tracing their aesthetic legacy through Prada past, present and future.

    Click here to view film


    1. GalileosUniverse
      22:19 29 Apr 2010
      Amazing that incredible resemblance to the 1628 Self Portrait of Rembrandt!
  14. by Alexander Fury .

    Daphne Guinness nominated for 14th Annual 'Webby' Awards

    We're all for award-winning online filmmaking here at, and having been the recipient of our own 'Webby' award back in 2003, we're throwing our support wholeheartedly behind Daphne Guiness, whose Mnemosyne video short is nominated for the latest round of these influential online awards from The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

    The only fashion-focussed offering - albeit lumped into a category titled 'Experimental and Weird' - Guinness' film was created with co-Director David Parker, All Day Everyday and Starworks Group, to coincide with the launch of her DAPHNE scent for Comme des Garcons. Rather than taking its name from the perfume (and hence strengthening brand associations) Mnemosyne takes its title from the Greek Goddess of memory and is intended to stand alone, 'inspired by the essence of scent’ and its power to evoke memory rather than created as advertisement for the product. Accordingly, Guinness' film contains no logos and no product shots, but instead haunting phantasmagoric swirls, luminescent colour and a suitably mythological feel set against an ambient soundtrack - as can be seen above.

    Hailed as the 'Internet's highest honour' by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international mark of distinction, honouring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile web sites. Last year's Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from 60 countries worldwide.

    Click here to register and vote for Mnemosyne


    1. la
      00:14 28 Apr 2010
      beautiful film , although i don't see why memories always have to be so romantic and soft. Scent evoked memories are often sudden and almost violent in the way they transport one back to a time or place unexpectedly.
      I will be voting for it for its desire to create something beautiful, and it sounds like the WEBBY awards should be a place to support such endeavors.
  15. by Alexander Fury .

    CELINE A/W 2010 - It's a wrap!

    Look eight - a silk-crepe and bouclé scarf-necked frock with exquisite calfskin cuff detail (am I gushing enough?) is our final look of this two-day fashion film exclusive for The only not-entirely-simple task remaining is whittling several hours of footage down into the definitive and precise edit to best capture this equally definitive and precise collection. Hopefully, to be showcased on very soon indeed. God speed!

    Recent comments

    1. la
      17:11 25 Apr 2010
      i am loving these on set photographs.It all looks so elegant.
    2. KaWai
      18:00 25 Apr 2010
      This is a nice behind the scene photo.
    3. la
      00:16 28 Apr 2010
      I sincerely hope this film gets nominated for a WEBBY award, as from what I know of Ms Hogben it will be beautiful.
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