1. by Alexander Fury . at The International Film Festival Rotterdam

    Daar kijkers! That means 'hello viewers' in Dutch (at least according to a trusty Google translation engine) as I am currently in Rotterdam as part of the 40th International Film Festival for Out of Fashion, the fashion and film portion of the festival which examines the increasing interaction between independent filmmakers and fashion houses large and small. Alongside the film screenings are a series of talks titled 'The Perfect Cut', devised by Premsela, the Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, and a variety of screenings and lectures from fashion and film creatives, including director Dino Dinco of You Wear It Well, artist Zach Gold and esteemed Art Director Marc Ascoli, who has collaborated with designers Yohji Yamamoto and Martine Sitbon of Rue du Mail. Tonight, it is my turn to lecture - on the history of fashion film and as a broadcasting platform, no less. I'm dotting my t's and crossing my i's (or something to that extent) in my hotel room at the moment, and will be lecturing at De Unie in Rotterdam this evening from 20:00-21:00 CET.

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    1. Bob
      13:38 4 Feb 2011
      Haha, "daar" means there, not hello. Anyway, welcome to the Netherlands!
    2. ChrisSummerfield
      11:31 15 Feb 2011
      Sounds good I will check it out

    1. saint
      12:53 3 Feb 2011
      Doesn't she remind anybody of Kate Moss???
  3. by Alexander Fury .

    TO BED: Private view

    Last night, the latest SHOWstudio Shop show, To Bed, opened with a private view here at Bruton Place to showcase the new offerings to a selected group of guests. The work on display runs the gamut, from Jeremy Kost's intimate polaroids, to Maiko Takeda's shadow-casting frame, to Andy Warhol's 'Sleep' - one of Warhol's first video pieces, described as an 'anti-film' and consisting of five hours and twenty minutes of long take footage depicting John Giorno sleeping. Fashion wise, Viktor and Rolf contribute a pillowed piece from their 'Bedtime Story' A/W 2005 collection, and - in the window - we display a pair of Chanel handbags, designed in 1998 as a luxury clutch-cum-airpline pillow.

    Scan through the BLOG for a selection of snapshots from the night, or click here to read more about To Bed.


    1. someonegreat
      10:18 30 Jan 2011
      Looks amazing - and love those Chanel bags in the window!
  4. by Alexander Fury .

    Martine Sitbon Interview Now Launched!

    Having sat down to reflect with our Fashion Director Alexander Fury as the end of the decade approached, industry favourite Martine Sitbon is the focus of the latest In Fashion interview to launch here on This in depth conversation sees Sitbon commenting on projects both past and present, as well as waxing philosophical on all things future. With things moving full steam ahead for her now well established Rue du Mail label, Sitbon seems the ideal personality to launch our selection of edited footage into the next decade.

    Click here to view film

  5. by Alexander Fury .

    Nicola Formichetti's debut for Mugler

    Paris menswear week has kicked off - with Nicola Formichetti's debut collection as creative director for Mugler the opening act for a jammed week of menswear shows. My review of the collection is now online - alongside this final preview image, one of four taken from the film which played out behind the catwalk during tonight's show. That film will be released on tomorrow - but if you can't wait until then for another fashion fix, come back tomorrow for our live catwalk coverage courtesy of contributing fashion writer Hywel Davies and esteemed catwalk photographer Chris Moore

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    1. Predrag
      02:32 20 Jan 2011
    2. alessandra.f
      09:16 20 Jan 2011
  6. by Alexander Fury .

    Thierry Mugler kicks off tomorrow!

    Here is the final teaser image in advance of Nicola Formichetti's first show as creative director of Thierry Mugler, titled 'Anatomy of Change'. Very appropriate given this image: your eyes aren't tricking you: the model, Formichetti's muse Rick 'Rico' Genest, has a strikingly realistic skeleton tattooed across his face, here revealed as layers of black peel away from his flesh. The anticipation was buzzing at Milan menswear week: the show kicks off tomorrow at 18:00 CET to begin Paris' A/W 2011 menswear week.

  7. by Alexander Fury .

    Milan Menswear A/W 2011 - Day 1

    A shot of our fashion week invites is something of a ritual these days - but the week's schedule is so breakneck that I've already attended three of the shows featured. Today, we've already seen collections from a clutch of big-guns: Dolce e Gabbana's re-imagining of Bryan Ferry's lounge-lizard chic, Raf Simon's reinvention of proportion at Jil Sander, and Christopher Baily reworking the trench coat once again for Burberry Prorsum. I haven't quite finished reviewing that one yet, and as if to punish my tardiness, Mr Bailey and co. are already selling the A/W 2011 Prorsum line via the Burberry website. Well, all those waterproof layers and warm lining are just the thing you need for British summertime, so it's good to stock up while you can. Later this evening, our final show is Roberto Cavalli - a good old-fashioned dose of hot-blooded Italian machismo to round off our opening day in Milan.

  8. by Alexander Fury .

    Mugler Menswear - first look

    In the lead up to their first show this Wednesday, the newly-installed team at Thierry Mugler - headed by super-stylist Nicola Formichetti - will be releasing teasers of the new image they have created for the house's menswear through the press and on the house's own website. And here's the first, albeit about as far from the muscle-bound cartoon hero menswear of Mugler old as it's possible to be - just watch the George Michael 'Too Funky' video (directed by Mugler himself) and you'll see what I mean. With avant-garde menswear designer and long-term Formichetti collaborator Romain Kremer at the men's helm, Mugler is undergoing a transformation: in this case, slimming down down into a youthful, modern silhouette topped with a classic biker jacket and rendered entirely head-to-toe in glossy black. However, look closely and the septum piercing - and that outlandish headgear - maybe hint at Formichetti's trademark flights of imagination for the show in Paris in five days time. That's it, our breath is officially bated...

  9. by Alexander Fury .

    Gareth Pugh for Pitti Immagine - the collection!

    Prior to Gareth Pugh's Pitti Immagine debut last night, we were afforded the opportunity to speak with the designer himself and to inspect the collection up close. A clutch of the garments showcased in Pugh's latest cinematic collaboration with Ruth Hogben were on display - a slither of brilliant azure chiffon attached to a classic little black dress, a strong-shouldered jacket with dramatic flared peplum that put one in mind of Papal vestments, and a glittering carapace of golden fishscale paillettes.

    As stated in my review, there are definite and intentional echos of Pugh past, sometimes reworked entirely and sometimes just recoloured. In any respect, the change of context made them seem fresh and exciting - and exciting in an entirely new way. The zippered fronts to those stiff ecclesiastical coats are classic Pugh details, but never before has their cruciform shape been so evident, while the simple act of gilding his oversized polyhedra suddenly made you ally them with the soaring spires of Florentine architecture, rather than the sinister projections of some of intergalactic monster.

    In a similar vein, Pugh's shredder evening-gown, lacerated as if lovingly stroked by Freddy Krueger, pooling into tattered loops of fabric around the ankles and topped with a golden feather headdress, had a decadent touch of fin de siècle glamour about it. If the Marchesa Casati jumped in a time-machine and had nothing to wear in twenty-second century Florence, she'd undoubtedly make a pit-stop chez Pugh for that number. A high compliment in my book - although Gareth may prefer the Krueger reference.


    1. someonegreat
      10:19 30 Jan 2011
      that gold dress is INCREDIBLE. Where will it be stocked?
  10. by Alexander Fury .

    Gareth Pugh at Pitti, on Pitti!

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    Captured by my own (slightly unsteady) hand before his official debut, Gareth Pugh himself discusses his Pitti Immagine show and latest foray into fashion film

  11. by Alexander Fury .

    Alberta Ferretti opens Pitti with a bang!

    Here's a quick photograph snapped inside the spectacular church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, the venue of last night's one-off Alberta Ferretti show and the official start to Pitti Immagine #79. Today it's the turn of Trussardi 1911 to wow us - apparently, a station filled with monumental pieces of contemporary art will be the background to their A/W 2011 menswear show. And tomorrow, Gareth Pugh pulls out all the stops for a site-specific performance piece - an essential component of which we can exclusively showcase on For now, it's back to the fair with me, as I'm off to sample what Pitti has to offer!

  12. by Alexander Fury .

    Pitti and Milan, A/W 2011

    The year has barely begun, spring hasn't even sprung and the hangover from New Year's Eve 2010 is still lingering for many, but thanks to the fashion world's insatiable thirst for the new we're already plunging head-first into designer's offerings for next winter - that is, A/W 2011. The pre-collections have been bubbling for a few weeks already (including a stand-out offering from Phoebe Philo at Celine, naturally) but this is our first taste of what the Italian big-guns have in mind for 2011.

    In my opinion, the strength of Italian fashion lies not in its revolutionary tailoring, the harnessing of creativity to commerce via millions of Euros (or trillions of Lira way back when), or its slightly more suspect - but equally as influential - marriage of advertising with editorial. The strength is in the coherence of its message. Hence our first glimpse of the Italian houses' A/W 2011 men's collections are a prequel for the womenswear, the brand image as a whole, and what very many people will look like come winter.

    We start our Italian sojourn in Florence for Pitti Immagine. Primarily a menswear trade show, it also showcases site-specific performances and catwalk shows from guest designers - in the past, including Giles Deacon, Proenza Schouler and, last season, Jil Sander. This season, Italian brands Alberta Ferretti and Trussardi 1911 show specially-designed collections of womenswear and menswear respectively, while British designer Gareth Pugh has installed himself in the Orsanmichele, a 14th-century Florentine church, for a site-specific performance piece on Thursday evening. We will also be showcasing a special segment of the performance online exclusively on


    1. Jody
      08:33 14 Sep 2011
      Your ansewr was just what I needed. It's made my day!
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    1. Brights
      07:53 20 Dec 2010
      ahh this is gorgeous! how do I get my hands on those rubber atsuko socks??
    2. alex.fury
      16:03 20 Dec 2010
      Hi Brights,
      They were custom-made for the shoot I believe, but similar socks/stockings are available from
      E-commerce at its very finest!
    3. KaWai
      21:36 20 Dec 2010
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