1. by Alexander Fury .

    Flora and Fawning

    One of the perks of working at SHOWstudio is the chance to flick through (and fawn over) racks of clothes still warm from the catwalk. With Kate in make-up, the opportunity is rife for me to rifle through the Rykiel, stroke the Sander and maul the Margiela. The word 'floral' is quite literal - from the Latin floralis, 'of flowers'. Jonathan Kaye's interpretation, however, is rather more abstract: the feminine frippery of sweet-pea tulle and organza contrasting with strong architectural shapes and vivid hothouse colour. And there's barely a sprigged print in sight...

  2. by Alexander Fury .

    Where have all the flowers gone?

    Having just finished our final shot, Flowers For Kate is now complete. Kate is packing, and Roddy has departed, following composition of three poems and work on his fourth which will be posted in due course.

    The final print results remain an enigma, but let this dramatic whiplash of Yves Saint Laurent mauve satin give you a clue as to the finished article.


    1. Ezzy
      12:15 20 Dec 2007
      COOL!! =D
  3. by Alexander Fury .

    Early Risers

    As with yesterday, we've managed to get up to speed a wee bit earlier than expected this morning and of course wouldn't want you to miss a moment, so our live feed for the second day of Men In Tights has already begun. Sit back and enjoy - but don't try these moves at home, kids.

  4. by Alexander Fury .

    You Spin Me Right Round

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    Oh, we've all twirled around crazily on an office chair - at least I have in those few quiet moments at SHOWstudio - but I for one have never managed it with quite as much elegance as choreographer Damien Jalet and dancer Robin Dingemans are able to muster.

  5. by Alexander Fury .

    Still Lives

    In a slight change from the frenetic pace we've established, Nick, Bernhard, Damien et al have been working on some (almost) still poses to be incorporated into the film - and our models are 'voguing' for all they're worth!

  6. by Alexander Fury .

    Ball Games Allowed

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    Eric and Damien get to grips with Poppy's props.

  7. by Alexander Fury .

    99 Red Balloons

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    It's all gone a little bit 'Page Three' on the set. But credit where credit's due, Robin is working those balloons something rotten!

  8. by Alexander Fury .

    All good things must come to an end...

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  9. by Alexander Fury .

    Clothes Make The Man

    Looking through a rail of clothes from a collection titled Men in Tights was always going to be an entertaining experience. Indeed the whimsical collection is typically Willhelm, mixing sportswear fabrics and detailing with the vaguest hint of raunch. Nevertheless, alongside the slightly outré lycra bodysuits and tight aertex briefs are covetable knits, cutaway and layered racer-back T-shirts, and trademark graphic prints - including the above image of a familiar balletic dancer, albeit with unicorn's horn.

  10. by Alexander Fury .

    Lights Alive!

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    Poppy's fabulous flashing fluorescent dancefloor makes a welcome reappearance today as Damien gets hands-on to position our dancers' legs (and our dancers) at the perfect angle.


    1. JoyBurns
      18:09 15 Jan 2008
      absolutely fantastic
  11. by Alexander Fury .


    Just to clear up any discrepancies, Mr Knight is not sleeping on the job - he just couldn't resist trying out the neon dancefloor for himself.

  12. by Alexander Fury .

    Damien Jalet

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    After his own stellar performance on the dancefloor, I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak with the choreographer of Men in Tights Damien Jalet about how his collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm came about, and the unique demands of this project.

  13. by Alexander Fury .

    More Damien!

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    You didn't think we'd leave it there, did you? Penny has taught me better than that! I managed to corner the very very nice Damien for a little longer to talk through the ins and outs of choreography in Bernhard's creations before he had to get back to orchestrating the action!

  14. by Alexander Fury .

    That's All Folks!

    Well, the time has flown by and we're already finished! Well, almost - there is still the small matter of editing together the wealth of footage from the past two days into a film in time for the Menswear shows in Paris later this month.

    Recent comments

    1. Pablo
      08:51 12 May 2013
      Thank you so much! I picked up the new make of the shoe i was in last year, they arent as stylley as the Mizunos, but we'll see i actually have a great running store down the street from me, so lucky! And there's going to be a RR store opening not too far from me in a couple of months, excited!
    2. Melike
      08:52 12 May 2013
      No way?! I thought you were in OC or more south, SD?? Well howdy neoibhgr!!!! Yep! My group runs start in Santa Monica and go through Venice, as we get up in miles we'll run through the Marina, etc. (which will be hard, cause that's by my house) Are you around the S.M./Venice area?
  15. by Alexander Fury .

    BACK to London!

    A bang, a blag and a blog mark the start of London Fashion Week for Winter 2008, and SHOWstudio, of course, are with it every step of the way! Our first show in the enclaves of Topshop's space is Ann-Sofie Back, this season apparently inspired by modern celebrity-obsessed pop culture, as her pap-snapped invite above amply demonstrates. And in traditional London style, her 19.30 show is yet to begin, but as soon as it does it'll be here!


    1. rachaeljvick
      12:56 12 Feb 2008
      Mr Fury,
      I would just like to say how well you have framed this particular image to include your new Jeremy Scott bag...
  16. by Alexander Fury .

    What An Opening!

    Back's trademark 'finale' opening this season was all high octane glamour - albeit in Back's typically lo-fi style: to the dulcit tones of The Human League's 'Obsession' models poured out in silver screen bias cut satins with diamante piercings, wide raw hem trousers and ledge-shoulder grey jackets all referencing Garbo, the grandmother of celeb over-exposure. Although the seemingly classic cuts all had something intriguing dangling from under their hemlines...

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