1. by Amanda Harlech .

    Rei Kawakubo...

    Rei Kawakubo breaks my heart with the lyricism of her collection. From the crushed metal of last season to Poiret roses and bows and ballooning Venetian sleeves. Garage mechanic poets in carnival printed velvets.


    1. sartorialgirl
      00:05 3 Dec 2013
      I have been following your posts for some time now. Love the short raw candids. You are an artist. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. xx
  2. by Amanda Harlech .


    Fallen for Iris Van Herpen's luminous descriptions of the spaces between . Tonal drawings . Iridescent prismic magic.

  3. by Amanda Harlech .

    stucco, chandeliers and heartbreak

    Gareth Pugh's show in boarded up palais - stucco and chandeliers and heartbreak. A war zone of unrequited love - bare branches scribbled like nerve endings across mourning grey and black. Austere, febrile passionate - just brilliant!


    1. Eliane
      01:24 2 Sep 2013
      This is a beautifully-written blog. Your deicaitdon to travel is super inspirational, your stories about how you met your husband are lovely I really do feel like I'm reading a fairytale at times. And I love birds.
  5. by Amanda Harlech .


    Back from snow lagged Prague. Haunted by black Madonnas and wide eyed saints, Kafka's pain, and jagged gravestones in the Jewish cemetery. But climbing up to the castle and finding the Casper Freidrich moonlit painting was a blast.



    1. Haijing
      07:22 1 Sep 2013
      Hi Lisa!Looks like you were really speliod by the stunning beauty of the Hummingbirds!!!57 species in Panama?impressive!how many species did you managed to pocket?. Your list is great!look like it was a real birding expedition!!Kudos.The Southern Ground Hornbill photo I tookusing my friends picture which was a cannon, but I can't give you the lens description with accuracy for now!it was really close range though!just lucky. Have a safe flight back home.Birding Joe
  6. by Amanda Harlech .


    Sam shaved the back of my hair - I am free - and he's a genius.


    1. ericesquire
      23:23 28 Sep 2012
      my compliments.

      e. e.
  7. by Amanda Harlech .

    Yellow light...

    Autumn. Returned from stormy France to this slanting yellow light. Garden article hanging over my head like a spook. Keep wandering out into the turning rust and chill of the evening to pick blackberries - anything but write. Sometimes the beauty of the day or the slew of stars or the strange magnification of the moonlight makes the idea of not watching unbearable. As if to try and reproduce that feeling would mean missing another intensity.

  8. by Amanda Harlech .

    The Sea...

    Made my pilgrimage to the sea. I never thought I would be well enough. I was so happy to lie in the waves. Something about that breaking water, the suddeness and the whiteness in the blue makes me very happy as if every laughing snapshot of my childhood rises and falls in each wave.

  9. by Amanda Harlech .

    The drift...

    Trying to piece together the drift in me. Good to be away in the dry mistral but I miss the green and grey and the old brown river at bottom of the banky field.


    1. Arjay
      06:23 1 Sep 2013
      Hi Gary!Thanks for the heads up! I did get your earlier messgae but must have missed which page it was on so I had trouble finding it. The only outside content I could find on that page was the om image which I removed. I think I got it, but I don't know because I had to ignore google's warning to get to the page to edit it. Please let me know if you have any more problems. I can always scrap the page and redo it.I know you aren't my enemy! I harbor no ill feelings toward you at all!Thanks again!Craig
  10. by Amanda Harlech .

    My summer of dreaming...

    My summer of dreaming - film ideas, painting and the novel. My summer of loss - the two grey mares, the ghost cat. My summer of discovery - of guessed connections, of places like home which become stranger and more beautiful, of grey light and rain and the wind in the oaks, of finding that I am recrossing ancient tracks, recognizing everything that I thought I had lost and so finding them again.

    Watched De Sica's ' Bicycle Thieves' - how suffering, deprivation, injustice forces the good man's heart to do the thing he knows is evil. What is evil? What is the devil that rides on all our backs alert to that tremor of doubt, ready to dig in its claws as unforgiving as the earth's core. A brilliant, searing film - the light, the sense of the world and of man struggling within it, the shadow of cruelty and the sun after rain. Art transposes the real - but it is not just reality - art sifts and refocuses and sharpens. I also saw Shadow Dancer but here the story was confused even if the light and composition of the film was moving and powerful - Riseborough and Gleeson are brilliant, wrenched and suffering - the corruption and dirt of the policed world never added up in the way it did in Tinker Tailor...Other films - the stunning Les Enfants du Paradis, Arnold's short Wasp and Ramsay's Ratcatcher - all so inspiring. Want to get on with film project with Nick!


    1. ericesquire
      21:09 5 Sep 2012
      'les enfants du paradis' - yes. a film to indulge.

      e e
  11. by Amanda Harlech .


    The barn has never been so full. Now I need to harvest the edit of my novel. Have got lost in the rewrites - a thicket of brambles and thistles.

  12. by Amanda Harlech .

    City of light...

    Nuits Blanches. No sleep in the city of light. Averaging about five hours has left me jagged. Show on 3rd. Wondering if I'll get there.

    Recent comments

    1. ericesquire
      12:39 2 Jul 2012
      thumbs up!
    2. Ashley
      03:33 19 Jul 2012
      Well Roksanda Ilincic is definitely on top of the tide. This is such a big shot. And if I don't relcal badly there were at least three A-list ladies at the Globes in Roksanda gowns well well..
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