1. by Amanda Harlech .

    An omen

    An omen. Off to London to shoot a story for CR - Carine Roitfeld's magazine. It's a imagistic transformation from 19c woman, via Mughal acceptance, compassion and love to Kali - the warrior goddess who is the destroyer of the ego - vanity - and maybe illusory love!

  2. by Amanda Harlech .


    From a slow Saturday, listening to Rameau " les Tendres plaintes" and painting peonies. Impossible sadness - the gentle beauty of the day.


  3. by Amanda Harlech .


    Light. I cannot get enough of it. I love these long days - these grass green days of June. Had to bury one of the yard cats today which was so sad - Tupac the striped thug with the gammy leg. Death sits at the end of the lane watching.


    1. paul.herron
      15:31 29 Jun 2012
  4. by Amanda Harlech .

    Home again....

    After the ragga revolution at Versailles, after the courtly dance with the sun king, after all there is home.

  5. by Amanda Harlech .

    The reality check...

    The reality check after gilded raga rebellion in Marie Antoinette pastels at Chanel's Verasailles show. Sitting on stinky Fly B flight, full to its hairy armpits with sweaty scurfy men with carry on bags that have filled all the overhead lockers. I can't breathe. Should have stayed in the green shade of Le Nôtre's yews. I am so angry. What company allows you two bags of 33kg but won't allow you one of 35kg without paying another whack of euros. Thieves and liars all.


    1. ericesquire
      17:45 18 May 2012
      yes. reality sucks.

      e. e.
  6. by Amanda Harlech .

    The Met...

    Schiap hair for the Met. Sometimes the party happens in my room - like this time. The preparation is all - like love...the fun lies in the wooing. Felt a bit alone in the glam gala red carpet starry swoop with the photographers baying at Scarlett or Lana Del Rey. The exhibition is like travelling through a woman's sensuous eye - Elsa and Miuccia - complex, compelling and very romantic. Loved a greyish mauve dress with flowers at the neck and a tiny necklace of minute buds that looked like porcelain roses.


    1. L
      11:52 10 May 2012
      Belle of the ball x

  7. by Amanda Harlech .

    Slow Spring....

    Slow spring. Long awaited rain. Feel held in the hiatus of deluge while memories scatter through me. Maybe because I have decided with Nick to write the film idea as a narrative, maybe because doing the interview about my father for Relative Values stirred up  shadow currents but I feel in this steady, unremitting grey, all that is past suddenly present as if it is childhood rain that is falling.


    1. ericesquire
      13:57 1 May 2012
      after rain comes sun...

      ☛ e e
  8. by Amanda Harlech .


    Saw this in an overgrown flower bed at Birmingham international. It seemed to have such a sorrowful story. I hope I am wrong but I felt the key ring with its happy holiday "forever yours" embrace had been ripped off its key and chucked away as if one of the smiling couple had lied to the other. The photograph was a lie. Somewhere I imagine the other still has their photo key ring - they still look at it every day as they open their front door - a holiday romance laced with promises - but as the months eat into months and that call never comes, the key ring with that illusion of true love is the only thing that make life worth living.

  9. by Amanda Harlech .

    The Angel of Death

    The angel of death is at Euston again - this time in white furry anorak. He seems more upset than last time.

  10. by Amanda Harlech .


    Celebrated getting a new passport with half a dozen Claire Fines at Sheekey's. Decide that the bar in the middle of the afternoon is the perfect place.....polished calm before my assault of doctors and the last Eurostar to Paris.


    1. ericesquire
      13:49 5 Apr 2012
      toujours party!

      e e
  11. by Amanda Harlech .

    Avenging Angel

    The avenging angel was at euston station. A warning. I haven't seen him since the winter. Dressed in layers of white with a red tie and red hush puppies, he stands and watches and waits. Today I spoke to him. A brief salute and a bow which pleased him. His wizened apple face stared into mine with the greenest citrine eyes of a young boy. Then he jutted his chin and smiled into himself, shrugging his white matting higher up his shoulder. He turned back to  surveying the people that wash past him....he was still smiling as I dragged my suitcase down the steps.


    1. ericesquire
      16:53 2 Apr 2012

      e e
  12. by Amanda Harlech .


    Love is all about leaving. I am off to london again to try and get a passport after I left my bag on the train last week. Humbled by the honesty of whoever it was who found it and handed it into Lost Property, I am still paying the price for unthinking. By the time I discovered that it wasn't in my basket with my books and pens and papers, it was nearly 4.30pm. By the time I had got down on my knees on the pavement, scrabbling to find what had long gone, the lost Property Office was closing. Angels helped me and tracked it down but I couldn't get it back. I had cancelled my cards but had lost my passport as it had to be sent to the Home Office where it and my identity were destroyed. An angel called Stasia managed to get through to a passport office who have given me a 10.30am slot to try and get a new one. I am meant to be travelling to Paris tomorrow for the Chanel ad campaign. I think the moon is dragging me under. She is too close. I feel terrified as I sit on the train to London - as if I have lost my bearings entirely.


    1. ericesquire
      18:37 1 Apr 2012
      fools day - april 1

      e e
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    1. A
      18:03 29 Mar 2012
      It just left the box, Hannah !
    2. ericesquire
      18:29 29 Mar 2012
      fire - walk with me.

      e e

    3. 16:17 30 Mar 2012
      Ah, I see, Amanda. Well, I don't see, because it's a ghost, but you get it.
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