1. by Ben Knight Evans .

    NEWGEN//TEN: Ashish

    Our seventh and final look of the day, Ashish's backless dress and long, hooded top in blocks of primary-colour paillettes form Karlie's last outfit and combines designer Ashish Gupta's trademarks of sequins and bold graphic appeal. To top that, it definitely feels like rain may just be about to hit Park Royal just before we stop play...

  2. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Future Couture Day Two Look Three: Junya Watanabe

    In a look combining Cyberdog rave-futurism and submarine crustacean, Daphne is currently bathing in the lasers of Kev Stenning's 3D scanner with a serpentine companion nestling comfortably in the ruffles of Junya Watanabe's chiffon shrug jacket.


    1. ericesquire
      21:55 22 Dec 2011

      |e e
  3. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Day Two Look Two: Rick Owens

    From his almost ecclesiastical collection combining classic sixties couture volumes and a streamlined purity that is purely modern, Rick Owens provides Daphne's latest look for Future Couture. A sheath of white silk crepe and a leather and cotton jacket whose structure meets autonomy with restriction form the robes fit for a priestess.

  4. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Another dimension

    As we pause for lunch here at Park Royal and the relentless Ms Guinness prepares for her next role as a Rick Owens high priestess, now seems a good time to reflect on the work Kev Stenning of Rapido 3D has been developing over the two days. Eventually to appear in physical form in the windows of Le Printemps, this image gives a sneak peek at the futuristic bas reliefs that will be created.


  5. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Future Couture Day Two Look One

    Daphne Guinness resumes her position in front of Nick Knight's lens as we open day two with a look from Maison Martin Margiela. Daphne wears a sequinned persian rug column gown and Margiela garment bag: an arch note on artifice and objectification in modern fashion and a genius reappropriation in true house tradition.

  6. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Future Couture Day Two, now streaming live!

    After a gruelling 14-hour future-fashion marathon yesterday, the inexhaustible Daphne Guinness is currently sitting in hair and make-up as we prepare for day two of Future Couture by Nick Knight for Le Printemps. Whilst yesterday finished with an archetypal Maison Martin Margiela look scanned by Kev Stenning, today sees Daphne interpret the likes of Junya Watanabe and Rick Owens (amongst others) in a multimedia, multi-dimensional exploration of fashion's present and eternal preoccupation with the future.

  7. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Mariée and marié close the show and the day at Yohji Yamamoto

    A spectacular take on couture's traditional closing mariée, this evening's Yohji Yamamoto show ended with a bride and groom's ceremonial take to the runway at Bercy's Palais Omnisport. A show that featured tailcoats, ten-foot trains and occasionally their amalgam could have hinted at such a finale but Yamamoto's intricately engineered looks of formal tailoring and proletarianism left no room to second guess him.


    1. Anita
      11:16 10 May 2013
      Wow, this is cool. I always like your posts but when they are on faiohsn I especially like them... hehe. I think it's interesting how he switched and eventually got into faiohsn. That one nude outfit with bubbles looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. Great pics!-Dale
  8. by Ben Knight Evans .

    Felicity Brown's pleats of plenty at the London Show Rooms

    Evolving her Ballets Russes-inspired Autumn/Winter collection to explore corseted Victorian silhouettes and an African tribal palette, Felicity wasn't able to talk us through her Spring/Summer pieces today as an imminent child has detained her in England, luckily her brother Henry was on hand to inform us, citing classic Out Of Africa as one particular inspiration.

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