1. by Calum Knight .

    Next Stop Port Eliot

    Charlotte and I are stuck in probably the hottest traffic jam whilst on the m5. I think that everyone is coming to Port Eliot with us but Charlotte doesn't agree. Whilst there is not much to post about yet here's a picture that I risked life and limb to try and take to only work out it was better to use a mirror. Hopefully the next Port Eliot post will be more exciting, and with a bit of luck have some actual festival-ness in it, only if were not stuck on here forever.

  2. by Calum Knight .

    Day One At Port Eliot

    Firstly, may i apolgize for not blogging over the weekend. My phone decided to have a hissy-fit as soon as i got to the festival so there wasnt much i could do untill i got back to london. Anyway On to the festival. We got to the campsite at 6, just after Alex Furys 1st talk and when everyone started to get ready for the night ahead. We had Gaz Mayall, a talk on Tequila and many more odd thing to come. Tom Conran spoke very nicely about his favorite drink and his own brand but most of us got distracted by the human poataoe head dancing outside the tent.  Gaz delvied everything he promised as per usual, giving the night an amazing start to the night and the weekend. As anyone who has seen him live before will know his stage presence is spectacular and he really got everyone in the best of moods. The picture above is of the walk to the Bowling green stage which overlooked the estate

  3. by Calum Knight .

    Day Two At Port Eliot

    Waking up feeling like you havnt sleept seemed to be a running theme through my camping experince, but the picture above was taken out of our glamped up tent when i woke up. Charlotte and i ran over to the Five Dials stage where Alex Fury & Mary Katrantzou were talking about how Mary came to make her iconic deisgns and prints. After lunch we went walking around and were waiting for the night to begin. we found wonderful and beautiful things from the lakes to the hidden elephants. As the day drew to a close we met back up at a knitted tree and went off to see Jeremy Healy. He is another DJ with alot of stage pressence and he rocked the bowling green stage. After that we ended up at the Boogie Stage untill two in the morning. On our travels we found elephants, climbing trees and a talking postbox (will elaborate in another post) Walking around the beautiful esate to get back to our tents, finding all these crazy installations and people made it a truly memerable and epic night

  4. by Calum Knight .

    The Talking Post Box At Port Eliot

    At 2 in the morning our Port elliot family found what seemed to be a normal post box in the middle of the woods. We were already intrigued then it start to recite numbers and make bat sounds. It also had a card and a pen attached. So we wrote it a letter which reads...

    'Dear Confused Postbox

    Youll find your way somehow. Its ok to be a postbox. Be yourself. Post is good. Communication is good. You might want to count less... but no regrets. F.I.S.H. I hope you find peace in the woods

    Sincerly yours

    Lols, Celo & Calum & Matt

    x       x         x        x'



    We think matt was the curator of the peice and we never saw him again. We went back the next day to see whether it was as chatty as it had been the night before and we found out it was an installation about the 'lost sounds of cornwall'


    1. Alli
      23:18 1 Sep 2013
      Linda,Your writing is teifirrc! I kept reading post after post now it's after 10 pm and I've got to get ready for tomorrow.You absolutely should use one of those internet services that will edit your blog posts into a book and self publish.Terrific, teifirrc, teifirrc.I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I found you!
  6. by Calum Knight .

    Day Three At Port Elliot

    Unfortuantly it was our last day at Port Eliot festival but before we left there was just a little bit of time to find the final secrets of the festival. One of the instalations we found is pictured above. It was a knitted tree cover by an artist called Graffti Grandma. It was also decorated with lights and some knitted baubles. Another treat was the Hullabaloo with cornish bollywood dancers and paper elephants. Fred Butler was making wreaths and garlends with flowers and everyone looked devine and slightly greek god like. The peniutimate attraction we saw was making clothes out of coloured toilet paper Just before we left stopped off in the Kitchen to see Sam McKnight and Camilla Morton where they baked us a deilcous cake whilst talking about the therapeutic properties of of baking. Stephen Jones also made a chef's hat and the whole thing was amazing. Then we packed off and headed over to my gandma's for a shower and a bed. All in all the festival was amazing, so chilled and the nights were crazy enough and days intresting enough to make everything perfect. The limit of 9000 people made it the right size so there were never too many or too little in one place. Unfortuantly the ground need a break for the next year so we have to wait for 2014 to get our next Port Eliot fix. So it looks like glastonbury will be my next stop. To everyone who performed and helped set up. Thank you


    1. Andre
      13:47 4 Sep 2013
      Both this and Beyond the Black Rainbow have been in my queue for quite a while. Your recommendation on the latetr pushed me over the edge and I watched int for my birthday Wednesday night. Trippy as balls, but I liked it. I'll watch this in the next few days.
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