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    Uzi - Money

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    The coolest new tees on the web

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    I've just found out about these amazing tees through TUMBLR. They are super rare and to get one you'll have to trawl through ebay and try win the bid. But i think they are totally worth it. 

    The designer, Sehtab Ahmad, also releases amazing visuals on YOUtube to acompany the tees. All round, it's an amazing, futuristic shopping experince, which I'm really loving. 


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    1. L
      22:04 28 May 2014
    2. treHUNNA
      01:52 29 May 2014
      ma whole squad need future2070
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    Wavy Spice
    AKA Princess Nokia

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    Ben Khan - Youth

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    A good friend of mine sent me this.


    I love the music, but the visuals are even better!

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    Spooky Black

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    #BEENTRILL# x Harvey Nichols

    So excited to see that Harvey Nichols has teamed up with the art collective and DJ crew, #BEENTRILL# to create an exclusive collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Enlisting the design of their favourite British brands, Harvey Nichols has brought in Kim Jones, Hardy Amies, Gareth Pugh, Shaun Samson and A. Sauvage to work with #BEENTRILL# on the collection. The collection will consist of fifteen looks with footwear brand Mr Hare designing a range of shoes and accessories brand Linda Farrow producing a range of sunglasses. This will be unveiled during LC:M S/S15 

    Cant wait to see the final outcome!



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    Born out of desire in the heart of Munich and with effortlessly stylish blogger MarkyMarc at the helm of this brand, it is no wonder that they are killing it!


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    I love this brand. It's all i can really say. I'm stunned by the amazing knits mixed with the simple but sport-like silhouette's. Aaron Tubb (the designer of Bazar14) is increidble, he graduated Westmister university in 2013 and went to intern at Givenchy. Now his sports/knit wear label is taking off. 

    I'll be watching how this young brand grows and I am so excited to see the next few collections!

    Thanks Marc for pointing the label out to me.

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    Finally with my blast of internet rappers, ECCO2K. HE IS INCREDIBLE

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    Glass Popcorn

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    Amazingly, Glasspopcorn, at the tender age of 14 has acived more in the rap world than many twice his age. Dubbed the Justin Beiber of the art world, Glasspopcorn has already had a show in PS1 in Brooklyn. He is another one to watch out for in the coming year.

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    Yung Lean - Sad Boys

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    Yung Lean, from Stockholm and his crew, Sad Boys have all become famous through the internet. His new aesthetic excting and fresh. Look out for him during 2014

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    Elena Crehan - CSM Graduate

    LOVE these jumpers by young designer Elena Crehan! They are incredible mix of lace and fur. Wish i could get my hands on for christmas but alas they are nowhere to be found! This is the second time this week these incredible garments have graced the SHOWstudio Blog, as they were used in the Sinking The Pink shoot on Friday. I cannot wait to see what Crehan goes on to create, as she is evidently an incredible designer.

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