1. by Calum Knight .

    Pray For Paris Pre Summer

     Cannot wait for the full summer '13 collection to drop but still loving the pre summer offerings from Pray For Paris



    1. Jessica
      22:57 1 Sep 2013
      Hi Birding Joe,Our total number of spceeis pocketed was 315 and 209 of those were lifers for us. Who knows? Maybe next year we'll end up in Kenya? (We're also scuba divers.) Great to keep in touch!-Lisa
  2. by Calum Knight .

    Conor Joseph

    Really beautiful work. A fresh, exciting chip off the CSM block. 

    Cant wait to see more.

  3. Recent comments

    1. friendly
      20:18 30 May 2013
      just wonderful .
    2. Amelia
      15:02 3 Jun 2013
      It's totally stupid, cruel and horrible !
      Playing with animals...
  4. by Calum Knight .

    Mirrored Flock Of Starlings
    Forget Me Not - Only You

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    You may not like the music however I do love this video and the mirroring of the extremely beautiful flock of Starlings. 

    The way the birds move in this weird wave-like formation is by trying to keep the same distance and height away from the 7 other starlings around them, giving them a staggered motion when dipping and diving.



    1. Moldovan
      12:48 2 Sep 2013
      Loved my shout out! I will watch aCBL till the end! I enjoyed Batman#13 as well. I was kinda getnitg burned by this title with the Owls seriously overstaying their welcome, but this issue was good. Loved the tense scene in the Police Station and the Harley Quinn stuff. Art by Capullo was great. I also enjoyed Uncanny Avengers as well. I did have problems with it (the funeral scene, Havok magically changing into his costume out of nowhere, and the team hasn't assembled yet) but overall a good issue. I would like to see it get better. First episode of TWD Season 3 was a nice breath of fresh air after Season 2. I didn't care for Season 2 that much. I think I'm going to go watch Arrow right now. Fun show as usual! Keep up the good work and keep it comics!
  5. by Calum Knight .

    WorldWide Gallery Traxx 2012-Mixtape


    Matt Williams sent this over to me the other day, its a mix made out of DJs mixing phone calls to major art galleries.



    Its such a great mix, Thank you matt! x


    1. Sadiq
      14:07 2 Sep 2013
      I gave an uncomfortable huge stack of cocims away to a customer/client today He told me he read a comic book from time to time and because basically nobody reads comic books I targeted him as my victim, ..He gotAlpha Girl 1 & 2 (Image)Graveyard of Empires 1-4 (Image)Activity 1(Image)Samurai;s Blood 1-6(Image)Screamland 1-5(Image)Dust Wars 1-3(Image)Chopper 1 (Asylum Press)Ducktales 1-4(Boom!)Dark X-Men 1-5(Marvel)Age of Heroes 1-4(Marvel)Ghostrider 0.1 (Marvel)X-Men Poptopia TPB (Marvel)The Order Vol 2 TPB (Marvel)Wyatt Earp 1-3(Radical)I.C.E. 1-3 (12 Gauge)Phazer 1-4(RZG Comics)and a couple of doubles, one shot and annualsI did warn him its mostly pretty shitty .There was a period in time where I bought many small press books a sort of experimenting phase,.bored with Marvel/ DC From that experience I got the impression Image is publishing too many new series..not all of them are good and a lot of small publishers are small for a reason because series like Phazer(RZG Comics) and I.C.E. (12 Gauge) truelly broadened my horizon of crapiness in cocims.,,,My advice is to be weary when you consider a Superhero Comic from an unknown publisher .its more miss then hit.
  6. by Calum Knight .

    Kali Uchis

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    This girl is the bomb.

  7. by Calum Knight .

    Eliphino - I Dont Care

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  8. by Calum Knight .

    Francesca Capper

    Really love this designer, her sexy yet constrictive clothes are divine. Images and video from her 2013 BA graduate collection at CSM.


    1. tor.hopkins
      17:38 5 Dec 2013
      Wow! Love these clothes!!!!
  9. by Calum Knight .

    TheWhiteShow 2013 -

    I spent thursday modelling at the Central Saint Martins 'White Show'. The first year fashion design students face this project every year, the breif being they have to make an outfit out of white felt or cotton. My designer, Oyvind, researched crystals and how they could clone themselves exsactly so they are all geomoetrically the same. (The outcome is the outfit I'm wearing on the right, if you cant tell.)

    The show was beautiful, well done to everyone involved. 

    Images from 1Granary.

  10. by Calum Knight .

    Off White S/S 14
    Virgil Abloh

    As we all know SHOWstudio SHOP and OFF WHITE colaborated on some exclusive jumpers a few months ago. Today Abloh has released images of his new collection. I love them, and connot wait to jump into my new OFF WHITE threads as soon as I can get my hands on them!


    1. ManYickHong
      05:13 6 Feb 2014
      Pls kindly let me know once you have any re-stock of any OFF-WHITE item.

  11. by Calum Knight .

    Elena Crehan - CSM Graduate

    LOVE these jumpers by young designer Elena Crehan! They are incredible mix of lace and fur. Wish i could get my hands on for christmas but alas they are nowhere to be found! This is the second time this week these incredible garments have graced the SHOWstudio Blog, as they were used in the Sinking The Pink shoot on Friday. I cannot wait to see what Crehan goes on to create, as she is evidently an incredible designer.

  12. by Calum Knight .

    Yung Lean - Sad Boys

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    Yung Lean, from Stockholm and his crew, Sad Boys have all become famous through the internet. His new aesthetic excting and fresh. Look out for him during 2014

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