1. by Liberty Ross .

    More Looks

    Looks from my exclusive collection available at Selfridges, Net-A-Porter and Neiman Marcus.
    Images shot by Terry Tsiolis, styled by Simon Robins
    xx Liberty
  2. by Liberty Ross .

    GENETIC X Liberty Ross

    I designed my first collection for GENETIC!

    In stores now: Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus & Selfridges. 

    xx Liberty 


    1. B
      22:09 24 Apr 2013

    1. Charity
      20:44 8 Apr 2013
      The contact pesorn for vendors is Janice Holland. You can reach her at 318-428-9280 and she will be glad to forward the information to you that you will need. Thank you for your interest in our festival. If I can be of further assistance to you please feel free to give me a call.Thanks,Adam T. HollandDirector of Special EventsW.C. Chamber of Commerce318-282-6938
  5. by Liberty Ross .

    Rocking The Boat

    My dads book about his legendary pirtate radio station "Radio Caroline"  in the 60s is now available on Amazon. Check it out- it's a great read.

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    1. Tarsh
      01:39 27 Dec 2012
      GORG !!!
    2. SOellaf
      05:55 9 Jan 2013
      It wasn't just the comments that were broekn. It was the whole system. My MovableType templates were too old for the newest version of the software to cope with, and so I decided to bite the bullet and switch over to WordPress. The design may not be everything I want it to be, but at least everything works, I hope!!!

    1. jon.emmony
      01:10 9 Sep 2012
      You looked beautiful!
  8. by Liberty Ross .

    Polly Borland

    I love Polly Borland. My new friend and fellow Hollywood transplant. She is an amazing artist and I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate with me for "Selling Sex" SHOWstudio's Fetish Film series.

    Polly gave me two books of hers when we first met - "Bunny" and "Smudge". 

    I was instantly struck by how similar some of her images were to some of my own I made for SHOW - Dress Me Up Dress Me Down.

    I knew we spoke the same language and therefore could create something powerful and thought provoking. To me the act of dressing up, tying up and fetishism has its primal urges in childhood. I wanted to make a film that would blur the line of primitive sexual fetishism with naive and childlike play. I think Polly captures that fractured dynamic of vulnerability and desire so well in DOLLYWOOD.

    I hope you enjoy our film.

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    1. ericesquire
      07:02 6 May 2012
      full moon as it was...

      ☛ e e
    2. Peter
      19:10 7 May 2012
      How very exciting , when does it go on SHOWstudio ?

    1. Shubham
      07:43 10 May 2013
      ego pali poy den eimai moysikos alla apla mia aaikotrra, eimai eleftherh na pw thn apopsi mou h de moy to epitrepei h logokrisia drakoumel ???exo dei to maraveya toul. 2 fores kai aftes se synavlia. poly kalos kallitechnhs, poly kalh energeia kamia sxesh diladi me afto poy eida thn thelo na sxoliaso to xwro symfwnw apolyta me to stroumfaki, alla re paidia oso kalos kai an einai kapoios den einai dynaton na kanei kalo programma epi 4! toylaxiston ores ennoeitai pos tha kanei koilia kai o kosmos tha koyrastei mhn po tha skylovarethei. to programma einai apla xechilomeno, poly megalh diarkeia xwris nohma kai me apotelesma na xaneis thn epafh mazi toy kai aftos mazi sou. kamia energeia, toylaxiston oxi afth poy exo dei kai xero oti mporei na exei.kai kati telefttaio gia ton mousiko tragoydisth- guest: otan anevaineis sth skhnh den paizeis gia thn party soy, paizeis gia thn party sou kai gia olous aftoys poy einai ekei kai se akoyne! an se endiaferei mono to prwto den einai anagkh na tragoydas h aftoi na se akoyne.p.s. misaoro dialeimma???!!!! oute sta skyladika pou leei kai o kollhtos!!!
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