1. by Lou Stoppard .

    The amazing Fred Butler has launched a pop-up shop!

    SHOWstudio friend - and stalwart collections panelist - Fred Butler has launched an amazing pop-up shop!

    Here at SHOWstudio we love it when people push the boundaries of how fashion is presented, so we are thrilled that Fred has decided to present her Autumn/Winter collection - tongue-twistingly titled 'Wham Bam, Tangram Famalam' with a public pop-up space in London’s Seven Dials that combines installation, fashion film, space design and consumer retail - the aim being to 'redefine the role of seasonality and exclusivity within contemporary fashion today'.

    The collection is inspired by the strong geometric shapes of the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzles, as well as Fred's love of the Spectro-Magnificent Rainbow Palette. Alongside signature bespoke showpieces, you can get your hands on bold printed iPad, laptop and iPhone cases, silk scarves, clutch bags, totes, tees, greetings cards and stickers alongside British manufactured necklaces, earrings, key-rings and bracelets. Fred's also introduced precious metals for first time this season, so be sure to check out her small range of luxury Jewellery.

    To visit Fred's pop-up for yourself head over to 53 Monmouth Steet, WC2, in Covent Garden's Seven Dials!

  2. by Lou Stoppard .

    Feminism in Fashion panel talk at the V&A

    On Friday I was honoured to speak at the V&A on the topic of Feminism in Fashion as part of their V&A Connects series. I was on a panel alongside the wonderful fashion commentator Caryn Franklin and the great fashion filmmaker and curator Kathryn Ferguson. We were kept in order by writer, critic and tutor (and SHOWstudio friend) Hywel Davies. Here at SHOWstudio we've been championing discussion and debate around gender for a while - just see our Selling Sex exhibition, our Fashion Fetish film and essay series and our recently launched Studs project - so it's great to see that others think the important topic is worthy of discussion. People tend to incorrectly assume that the arts are a female-friendly arena, filled with equal opportunities for both sexes. While fashion, art and film certainly have some amazing female figureheads, the truth is that women remain woefully underrepresented across the board. This imbalance was discussed at length during the panel talk, as were the images that fashion promotes of women and the industry's largely regressive attitude towards the female form. We were blessed with an incredibly passionate and informed audience who were keen to grill us on our own personal experiences and thoughts, all while making their concerns heard.

    If you're a feminist - or even better a fashionable feminist - check out our Fashion Fetish initiative for emotive films by a range of fantastic female artists and creatives, as well as informed essays - many of which directly cite feminist literature - from contributors such as Erika Eiffel, Susannah Frankel, Valerie Steele and Harriet Walker. Do let us know your thoughts on the project - and on the issue of feminism in fashion in general - on our Twitter.

    A big thanks to the V&A and Alexandra Plesner for organising and hosting such a great evening, and to my fellow panelists for providing such incredible food for thought. Image credit: @MegawhatDesign

  3. by Lou Stoppard .

    Maran Coates takes on the Giles Deacon Design Download

    Our wonderful band of interns were so excited by our Giles Deacon Design Download that they decided to have a go at making it themselves! Headed up by the brilliant Maran Coates, our current editorial intern, the team set to work crafting The Troubadour in electric neoprene. And, showing off the full creative potential of the pattern, they also put a personal stamp on Giles' creation by eschewing the full length sleeves in favour of a cropped puffed cap sleeve. Saucy. See the first ode to The Troubadour take shape here - and don't forget you too can craft this gorgeous frock thanks to our downloadable pattern. Be sure and send in images of your creation via Twitter (@SHOWstudio #DesignDownload) and/or email ( for the chance to see your work displayed online in our submissions gallery. The best creation, as chosen by Giles and Nick Knight, will win a starring role in a special SHOWstudio fashion film!


    1. robbie
      12:41 3 Jan 2013
      Hi When is the deadline for the G Deacon project
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    Betony Vernon in the studio!

    Earlier today, the gorgeous Betony Vernon dropped by to give us a sneak peek of her new book, The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today (Rizzoli). Check out Betony's bag of tricks, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview - coming early next year.

  5. by Lou Stoppard .

    Coming soon: Giles Deacon Design Download

    Launched in 2002, SHOWstudio's Design Download initiative has a simple and direct aim: to help demystifying the fashion process by offering prestigious designer garment patterns for download via the Internet. Over the last decade we've offered up patterns from legends such as Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, Gareth Pugh, Stephen Jones, Martin Margiela, John Galliano and Antony Price. We are now gearing up to launch the ninth installment - a download from the wonderful Giles Deacon. The pattern (which will be available imminently) hails from his nature-inspired Autumn/Winter 2007 collection, and will ensure that everyone can have a drop of Giles magic in their wardrobe! Check out this sneak peak of the dress (shot by Nick Knight for a celebratory fashion film) and stay tuned for our exciting, and top secret, competition - details coming soon!

  6. by Lou Stoppard .

    New Fashion Fetish essay live!

    'There is a belief that there is ‘normal’ sexuality – between one man and one woman, in the context of a stable, monogamous relationship, with half an eye on reproduction. All other sorts of sexuality are abnormal, deviant, immoral, unnatural, perverted...'

    After a brief hiatus over Collections our Fashion Fetish series has resumed with the launch of our final few essays. Responding to Lily Donaldson's amusing amature porn inspired piece - which drew inspiration from fetish group 'the furries' - writer and cultural critic Alison Bancroft has offered up an essay that explores the interplay between fetish and trouble. There couldn't be a more qualified writer for this project - Bancroft specialises in sexuality, modern culture and fashion and this year published a book titled Fashion and Psychoanalysis. Her essay offers an informed discussion of the percieved difference between 'normal' and 'abnormal' intercourse and the existance of a feminine masquerade.

    The piece, which draws on the work of sexuality and gender doyens such as Sigmund Freud and Michele Montrelay, is live in our project. Read it now.

  7. by Lou Stoppard .

    A brand new Tumblr curation starts tomorrow, 1 November

    Each month SHOWstudio hands the reins of our Tumblr over to a guest curator, offering them the chance to turn our page into their personal scrapbook of images, artwork and text. Past curators include acclaimed stylists Simon Foxton, Ellie Cumming and Anna Trevelyan, alongside artists Rei Nadal, Peter de Potter and Aaron Moore.

    November's curator is Dutch multimedia artist Laura Dettingmeijer, who has already garnered attention for her unique Tumblr page Dettingmeijer's approach centres on creating new worlds by combining colours, images and music. Check our Tumblr from tomorrow to see her dreamworlds take shape...


    1. Mas
      08:46 10 Jan 2013
      Thank you Dawn! I am so excited to reeivce this I am an big Disney fan and have many things. I have been to Disneyland many times my next trip is Florida. Your news letter gives me ideas for my trip.
  8. by Lou Stoppard .

    Atsuko Kudo's 'Restricted Love'

    You wouldn't typically associate latex and lingerie with female emancipation. But, Lingerie London - an evening dedicated to all of Britain's best smalls and drawers - promises just that, in the form of a catwalk show at Old Billingsgate that will explore the empowerment of women through luxury lingerie. Showing as part of the presentation will be latex expert Atsuko Kudo, making this event home to one of the first ever full-scale ladies latex-wear shows.

    Kudo's latest collection will be going on a romantic wander by exploring unfulfilled love. Drawing on Wong Kar-wai’s film In the Mood For Love, the range will play with bitter-sweet emotions, presenting a vision of a woman 'walking and living through memories, existing in sensuality, sexuality, self expression, liberation, pain and joy.' The toying between suppression and expression is aptly fetishistic for a designer who, since 2000, has chosen to work solely with latex.

    To get a sneak peak at the looks that will be on show, check out these exclusive sketches and swatches from Atsuko herself or, for a masterclass in how to swath oneself in latex, revisit our sensual Dressing For Pleasure LiveStudio from our Selling Sex series. For more rubbernecking, tune into SHOWstudio later this week for full images and backstage action from the show.

    Recent comments

    1. Camille Lingerie
      09:41 13 Nov 2012
      I love these designs. I love how original they are, especially the second design, and the patterns and colours that have been used.
    2. Linda
      17:54 8 Jan 2013
      Wow. Latex is not a fabric that I have for one intsnat associated with high fashion, style or elegance Until I saw this post. You really do have a knack for styling, particularly monochromatic pieces, and by putting yourself in it, you intsnatly took this design to a new level of sophistication. Although I have to admit that I a: do not understand the Underworld series and b: have no plans to experiment with latex fashions any time in the foreseeable future, you do call to mind Kate Beckinsale's death dealing character and make the possibility of dressing like a fantasy character seem infinitely more appealing to conversatively dressed girls like me xox,Cee
  9. by Lou Stoppard .

    Window shopping with Nick Knight

    If you are lucky enough to be pounding the Parisian pavements then head over to retail heaven Colette to check out the newly unveiled Garage window. The display celebrates the magazine's recently released fourth issue, which features a Lichtenstein-inspired cover created by our very own Nick Knight.

    For an extra pop hit, visit our WHAAM! project where you can enjoy backstage footage from the shoot and exclusive moving imagery showing Lindsey Wixson in character as a cheated girlfriend (with a little help from captions by gossip mogul Perez Hilton). Remember, hell hath no fury like a Wixson scorned...

  10. by Lou Stoppard .

    Alice Hawkins in conversation with Alex Fury

    Tonight, as part of Frieze London, acclaimed photographer and filmmaker (and SHOWstudio fave) Alice Hawkins is screening four of her wonderful films at The Bethnal Green Hotel. The pieces on show include past SHOWstudio exclusives such as Hello Rory, The Good Life and Museum of Costume. Additionally, after the screening there will be a Q&A with LOVE editor, SHOWstudio alumnus, Alice superfan and all round great guy Alex Fury.

    Sad you can't be there? Of course you are. But fret not! SHOWstudio is filming the whole affair as part of our In Conversation series. Stay tuned for our forthcoming on-demand footage for the chance to hear Alex and Alice in all their glory.

    And, in the meantime, revisit Alice's best work on SHOWstudio...

  11. by Lou Stoppard .

    Goodbye Amy Ireland!

    Today we bid farewell to our Production Manager, the wonderful Miss Amy Ireland. In many ways I'm not the best person to be writing this blog, I've only worked alongside Amy for a few short months, whereas the rest of the team have had the pleasure of her company for three years (including over the entire relaunch of the site!). But even in that limited time I have learnt that Amy is the best kind of person to work with; organised, pragmatic and, most of all, really really nice. Amy makes everyone's jobs easier, often by taking on more than she should. Amy has been many things at SHOWstudio; a content manager, an accountant, a TV producer (ha!), a PR, a flower arranger, a guest getter, a HR manager, a counsellor, and last but not least the best Production Manager we could have hoped for. Her chameleon abilities will be sorely missed. Goodbye and good luck Amy Ireland (like the country).

    Recent comments

    1. Dobie Gray
      22:48 5 Oct 2012
      I second that emotion
    2. Alex Fury
      12:01 9 Oct 2012
      And her fashion body cameo Northern Soul dancing appearance is second to none! No man is an island, but one woman is an Ireland. She'll be missed.
  12. by Lou Stoppard .

    First look - Nick Knight's images for The New British

    Today marks the release of The New British, a new magazine by Kez Glozier and Neville Brody. As the anticipated publication hits newsstands, we release images from Nick Knight's cover shoot with Manflu's Aza Shade, alongside two tracks from the alternative band (including a SHOWstudio exclusive, Surfers).

    The New British focuses on taking an unflinching look at life in Britain today. This debut issue investigates 'the Friday night ritual' and all that it represents, from style to music and entertainment. Its content offers a fresh take on current events, showcasing bold, and at points disturbing, imagery and text that unpick experiences of living in Britain today. Contributors - alongside Nick Knight - include - Victoria Young, Dean Chalkley, Kevin Cummins, Pennie Smith and Ewen Spencer.

    Nick Knight's cover images and editorial - viewable now onsite - reinterpret the classic British pin-up, drawing inspiration in part from David Bailey's image of the Kray twins and an archive photograph of Goldie, to offer a vision of Shade that is powerful, energetic and most of all modern, a perfect symbol, according to Glozier, of what The New British are all about. Look and listen now!

  13. by Lou Stoppard .

    Farewell S/S 2013

    It's hard to believe that over the past four weeks we've had over fifty fashion experts through our doors. I'm not one to name drop, but I must offer Antony Price, Stephen Jones, Frances Corner, Bella Freud, Lily Cole, Jane Sheperdson, Philip Treacy, Susannah Frankel, Amanda Harlech, Daphne Guinness, Judith Watt, Colin McDowell, Hilary Alexander, Imran Amed, Madelaine Levy, Jo-ann Furniss, Fred Butler, Hywel Davies, Ruth Chapman, Iain Webb, Judy Blame, Mandi Lennard, Ruth Hogben, Caroline Evans, Harriet Walker, Anna Trevelyan, Roger Tredre, Caryn Franklin, Harriet Quick, Sasha Wilkins, Bay Garnett, Marion Hume, Anna Laub, Bronywn Cosgrave, Andrea Gelardin, Kay Montano, Karl Plewka, Rosanna Falconer, Angela Quaintrell, Carlo Brandelli, Trino Verkade, Verity Parker, Maggie Norden, Virginia Bates, Katherine Zarrella, Quentin Jones, Mimma Viglezio, Natalie Theo, Ronnie Newhouse Cooke, Michael Howells, Dilys Williams and Yasmin Sewell a sincere thank you - without your expertise our dream of dynamic, critical live fashion discussions could never have been realised. Special thanks, of course, go to our fabulous stalwart panelist Camilla Morton, who took part in multiple discussions, giving up a great deal of her valuable time. In the earliest planning stages of this season - when the exciting live panels were just a fragment of our imagination - Nick Knight joked that this month would be like 'one long party'. I stifled a nervous scream at the time - the organisational web of panelists and shows just seemed too daunting - but, in the end, he couldn't have been more right. It has been an absolute pleasure analysing the shows alongside so many fantastic, creative minds. Such was my enjoyment that at points I forgot that I was hosting the discussions and simply sat back in awe of some of the knowledge I was witnessing like a starry-eyed teen fashion fan.

    A huge thanks also goes to Indigo Clarke, Kiki Georgiou and Stephanie LaCava who have been out in the field while the rest of us reclined in luxury with tea and cake at Bruton Place. Your sharp show reviews are greatly appreciated. Our wonderful Tumblr-ist Rei Nadal deserves similar applause. She was faced with a hard task - covering all four fashion cities with just an iPad is no mean feat - but her charming illustrations have offered a cheery reminder of the sheer beauty of fashion. Additionally, Sean Cunningham's addictive backstage videos have given us a great insight into all the mischief that goes on behind the scenes.

    It goes without saying that we are also greatly indebted to our amazing band of SHOWstudio interns who, alongside the rest of the full time team, have helped make the innovations this season so successful. Li Yin, Nicholas, Sue, Jake, Sally, Younji - and of course Andrew and Monique - your professionalism, hard work, intelligence and at points sheer unrestrained mania has been incredible. We couldn't have done it without you.

    Roll on next season.

    Recent comments

    1. intern
      16:13 3 Oct 2012
      Aw lovely post Lou! Without you of course, none of this would have been remotely possible. Onwards and upwards to SHOWstudio x
    2. Aashram
      09:51 10 Jan 2013
      Here are some links I think will helpHope this helps. Also check up on your favorite clinohtg stores websites and look at the clothes they offer. Hope I helped : )
  14. by Lou Stoppard .

    We've launched a live Instagram and Twitter feed!

    Our new collections design is all about embracing social media as a method of communicating fashion. From witty tweets to candid backstage snaps, we are pulling in all the commentary from fashion's great and good as they flit through fashion's four cities, iPhones in hand. As well as featuring key tweets and images in our collections feed - look at the amazing hair preparations backstage at Proenza Schouler - we have also launched a dynamic new live unit, the brain-work of tech-wizard Danny Brown. Check out all the collections-related Instagrams and Tweets from fashion week insiders live as they come in!

  15. by Lou Stoppard .

    Backstage with Val Garland!

    Make-up queen Val Garland is in New York (brushes in hand) ready to transform models into runway-ready visions. In keeping with our commitment to showing all the processes of fashion - not just the shiny final product - the wonderful Val is sending us hot-from-the-make-up-chair Instagrams live from backstage. Her imagery will be pulled straight into our newly launched collections feed, alongside various other exciting shots from the shows, as soon as our collections coverage kicks off! In the meantime - check out her gorgeous look from the BCBG show.

  16. by Lou Stoppard .

    Nick Knight and the Golden Girls (and boy) at the Olympics!

    Last night the Olympic closing ceremony gave old Gianni a run for his money as Britain's most iconic supermodels took to the 'catwalk' to celebrate homegrown fashion talent. Forget Linda, Cindy and Christy - this time Naomi strutted her stuff alongside Kate Moss, Karen Elson, Stella Tennant, Lily Cole, Jourdan Dunn, Georgia May Jagger, Lily Donaldson and David Gandy, all of whom arrived on stage in lorries boasting giant Time Square-worthy self portraits, captured by our very own Nick Knight. Aptly the gang were clad in gold, including a very fetching Christopher Kane Metal mesh and Swarovski crystal trouser suit (worn by Stella) and two Alexander McQueen showstoppers (on Kate and Naomi).

    To see Nick Knight's Oscar-worthy imagery - titled Midas Touch - up close pick up a copy of British Vogue's September issue.

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