1. Kennedy
      02:24 3 Sep 2013
      One of my sons bought R2D2 mouse ears when we went to WDW. The csvrsooer stuff is pretty fun!I need to replay this when my kid isn't blasting her kid show app like an air horn, so forgive me if I missed this do you guys like indie comics at all? And how do you feel about comic anthologies?

    1. Amy
      21:59 2 Sep 2013
      it, because I tuhgoht that I was alone. Friends and people I know from my LCS praise this piece of crap like It is the event of the year our something. Since issue 3 I have stopped picking it up. If marvel now wasn't coming soon I was about to stop picking up Marvel all together.Topic Suggestion: The suggestion is what if you had a title, any title from any publisher, and you got to tell the story for yourselves what would it be? Me i've always wanted to see a story with batman and him being broke, like working at mikey D's kind of broke. Could bruce be batman without his infinite resources? Also I want to see some team ups with jason todd and any batgirls, it's just some thing that never comes up that should.
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