1. by Neal Bryant .

    Digital Drawing - Paper and Inkling
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    Paper by FiftyThree is an application for the iPad that allows users to draw sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or doodles and instantly share them across the web. Although we have seen drawing apps before, Paper seems to take the next step towards digital applications becoming more realistic to sketching on paper. Designed to be used with a stylus the app provides a variery of pens (at an additional cost, which is a slight downside to the app), which are designed to provide the user with an authentic representation of the pens that they are based on.

    If the thought of moving away from real paper doesn't appeal another option is the Wacom Inkling. The inkling is a device that you can attach to any paper and all strokes are recorded electronically which can then be imported as a vector artwork. There is no need to scan and redraw your sketches. Using the button on the ballpoint provided you can click to record layers, which will be retained after import.

  2. by Neal Bryant .

    Google Augmented Reality Glasses
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

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    As much as these glasses may look like a slightly delayed April fools joke, this is in fact a real concept that Google are currently pursuing. As you can see in the above video the device will power a small screen, which will be used to transmit information to the user. Although the selection of applications shown in the video are more of a 'what if', the device is likely to incorporate some of the features of a smartphone including maps and video calls. The device which is being developed on as part of Project Glass is quite far from release but Google X, which is a lab dedicated to projects pertaining to future technologies, have released the design now as they would like input and feedback from the public. Although the concept device is slightly lacking in appearance its exciting to see that Google are experimenting with this and other projects as part of their Google X project.

  3. by Neal Bryant .

    Interactive Shop-able Music Video
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    Over the last decade companies have been looking at interesting methods of linking exciting content (imagery, videos etc) to products with a view of making a more enticing method of shopping for consumers. This is something that has become popular within the fashion industry with an increased desire to see clothes moving and the ability to buy instantly.

    Burberry's attempts at selling directly from the catwalk during a livestream of the show received mixed reviews and interactive videos, that allow the customer buy outfits as they see the latest models move in the items, have also received the same scrutiny. This is stil something that is being experimented with and may be a while before the idea is refined properly, but its something that music videos have now also attempted.

    The video for "I Think She Ready" featuring FKi, Iggy Azalea and Diplo, the producer of Express Yourself, includes the ability to shop the looks that the artists are wearing. Selecting the floating S's on the different outfits takes you through to where you are able to buy the items. The video has potential to become relatively popular due to the artists involved, but whether or not the interaction is enough to convince people to shop is yet to be seen.

  4. by Neal Bryant .

    Google Play - Android Developments
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    Android is now the best selling operating system for mobile phones and there have been some interesting developments with android applications this week. Google have released Google Play which is a new digital content platform where users can download apps, songs, books and films. In many ways it delivers a similar service to the iTunes store, which caters for iOS users. The new release from Google also includes a cloud service, which similarly to Apple's iCloud allows users to store data remotely and access it on any of their devices. Google play is an online service so users won't need to download software to enjoy the benefits as well as avoiding wires and syncing. It will be interesting to see how popular Google Play becomes considering the size of the android market and the easy to use interface.

    It is due to the popularity and huge sales of Android devices that iOS developers often produce two versions of the same application for both platforms. Fortunately a SHOWstudio favourite is also soon to become available. Instagram have announced that the app will soon be available on Android, which means the 27millions users will soon be joined by many more. Remember you can follow Nick with the user name @showstudio_nick_knight.


    1. sameer
      13:17 16 Jul 2013

  5. by Neal Bryant .

    Customisable 3D Objects
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    As mentioned before here at SHOWstudio we are extremely interested in 3D scanning and printing. One of most appealing potentials of 3D printing is the ability to recreate, personalize and customise products to the users specifications. This is an idea that has been explored by n-e-r-v-o-u-s with their range of customisable rings. Users are able to adapt and play with the standard design of the ring changing the structure, sizing, style, and finish until they are happy with their individual product. Once satisfied the user can have the object printed with a 3D printer and shipped to them within 3 weeks.

    That is something that HeroDesign have touched upon with their prototype for a new online and downloadable app that allows people to generate their own Voronoi bookshelf. Users are able to specify the dimensions and material of the shelves, and the code generates a series of downloadable files that could go right to a laser cutter or CNC router.

    The possibilities of this are pretty incredible. Imagine a point at which you can customise any product to your own needs and simply have it printed, It may be quite a while until this is a realisation, but considering the rate at which the technology is developing it may be sooner than we think.

  6. by Neal Bryant .

    Galileo iOS Device
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    The Galileo is an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with an infinite spherical rotation capability. The device can be connected to your iPad or other iOS devices, which can then act as a controller for Galileo to move the attached iPhone or iPod. As well as providing increased control for video chat this device could be extremely useful in any remote controlled photography or cinematography. It is capable of infinite 360° pan-and-tilt at speeds up to 200° per second in any orientation, which makes it more than an exciting new toy. The Galileo project is currently listed on the kickstarter site, as the firm needed funding in order to progress, but fortunately they have surpassed there initial target and we can look forward to seeing the first batch released around June 2012.

  7. by Neal Bryant .

    Augmented Reality Gift Cards
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    The use of augmented reality in mainstream media has been steadily growing since it began to service many years ago. Although it hasn't taken off to the levels that were initially forecast, the technology is still making inroads into our everyday lives. Moonpig, one of the leading greeting card manufacturers, have just announced a new range of cards called Video Cards. Similarly to Hallmark's attempt, the new cards allow users to incorporate video clips into the design of a card and using the Moonpig app the recipient can play back the video on a card by holding their phone in front of the card. The video clip can then also be saved to your phone. I can see this service becoming very popular for personalisation reasons and its great to see a technology like this be incorporated into something as everyday as a greeting card.

  8. by Neal Bryant .

    Instagram: Follow Nick Knight
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    Instagram is an app for iOS that allows users to quickly take pictures, add a filter and share with friends. It is a wonderfully simple app to use and is a quick way of sharing beautiful imagery. Regular SHOWstudio users may have noticed that Nick Knight is now a registered user and has begun posting images and sharing them through our Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. You can follow Nick's Instagram feed within the application via the username @showstudio_nick_knight for an insight into his day to day life.

    Instagram have also just announced that Hipstamatic (another popular photography application) users can now share to instagram so the userbase and amount of exciting photos is set to further expand. We're always interested to see exciting images, so add #showstudio to your image caption and we'll be more likely to see them.

  9. by Neal Bryant .

    Unnamed Soundsculpture
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    Produced by onformative and chopchop the “unnamed soundsculpture” is a project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer. For the piece the artists asked a dancer to interpret a musical piece (Kreukeltape by Machinenfabriek) and recorded her motion using 3 Kinect cameras and Processing. The images were then combined to produce a 3D point cloud, which the artists used to create a digital body that is made up of 22,000 points. The resulting representation of the 'sand soundsculpture' is truly stunning.

  10. by Neal Bryant .

    Intel: What about me?
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    We all spend significant amounts of time (possibly too much) on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Following on from last year's Museum of Me, Intel have now created What About Me? which feeds into a nicely designed infographic. The vizualisation provides information such as status updates and photos, but also more interesting behaviour such as your most popular photo posted on Facebook (in terms of 'likes'); what time of day you're most likely to log on; the subjects your posts cover most often; and how you found the information that you share.

  11. by Neal Bryant .

    Geometric Porn App
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    Our latest exhibition 'Selling Sex' opens today, which focuses on sex, as seen exclusively from a female perspective. Although 'Geometric Porn' is produced by a man its an interesting take on sexual imagery. Luciano Foglia's app which contains circles, triangles, rectangles and other geometric shapes in order to recreate sexual scenes has recently been rejected by Apple. Apple stated that "Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected. We found that many audiences would find your app concept objectionable, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines." Foglia argues that as the app does not contain any actual pornography it shouldn't be considered in the same vein as apps that contain explicit imagery. Apple's reasoning is understandable, but maybe a warning for user discretion would be better suited in this case.


    1. Ujwal
      12:24 17 Jul 2012
      Yes! That we're still trying to hold onto any sytesm based on faith/beliefs as a rely-gion is quite revealing of the absolute brainwashing of the human at the moment, where we have rendered ourselves blind to the basic point that Life is the only value that has substance, as it doesn't rely on insubstantial beliefs to prop it up' it is time to push ourselves beyond the threshold of sytesm that were built to keep us contained/enslaved, and to stand for a sytesm that meets our potential as Life
  12. by Neal Bryant .

    Aerial Photography - OMCOPTER - Flying RED Epic
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    There have been several attempts at attaching cameras to remote controlled helicopters over the past couple of years. This has mainly come out of a desire to capture great aerial shots, but at a percentage of the price of a large crane or actual helicopter, and the rapid development of remote controlled equipment. This experimentation has resulted in the mixture of success, and has often been the end of many cameras and RC helicopters.

    However, last year OMSTUDIOS introduced a drone, which allows the RED Epic to be attached to a small helicopter known as an octocopter, which has had some great results. The OMCOPTER allows the RED Epic to reach heights of up to 150 meters without the limitations of a crane or the costs and space implications of an actual helicopter. Due to its movability it is also usable in close range to the subject and provides an agile option to follow a moving subject from all angles. In order to achieve the shots achieved in this video you need to use a highly trained pilot (extremely brave as well considering the costs of the RED Epic), who will have cost implications, but in comparison to the costs of hiring an actual helicopter this becomes far more manageable.

    As you can see in both videos the results are very impressive, especially when you consider that there are only two cuts in the second film.


    1. Angus Girvan
      22:51 19 Feb 2013
      I love stuff like this, it is what makes working in the visual creation industry so interesting.

      Show studio delivers
  13. by Neal Bryant .

    Ice Angel
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    “Ice Angel” is an interactive piece by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio that allows users to be depicted in angelic form. The piece that was inspired by how children produce snow angels allows the user to become both the performer and the portrait subject of the piece. Similarly to Daniel Brown's set of interactive pieces currently installed in Le Printemps, as part of Visions Couture, the piece relies on the movement of the user. In this instance, however, as the user moves their arms a wing shape appears on the screen behind them, mimicking the users movements. Each set of wings are created dynamically and are linked to the individual participant, playing with the idea that the artwork is revealing the participants 'inner angel'. The piece also 'remembers' the individual and their angel wings will remain theirs in any future interactions.

    The simplicity and playfulness of the piece make it wonderfully effective and the artist has taken every care to make sure that the experience remains simple and enjoyable, for example choosing to mount the camera overhead instead of front facing (which would have been much easier to implement) so that the angels remain the uninterrupted focal point.


    1. Laticia
      11:19 10 Apr 2013
      It's a joy to find soemnoe who can think like that
  14. by Neal Bryant .

    Fashion Week GIFs
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    Following the launch of the SHOWstudio Tumblr we have been experimenting with animated gifs, so its always interesting to see them implemented in creative ways. The New York fashion week gifs available on are a great example of how adding a small section of animation to a still can bring it to life and deliver a greater insight into the atmosphere of the occasion.

  15. by Neal Bryant .

    Neiman Marcus Personal Shopping App
    SHOWstudio Tech Update

    Neiman Marcus, the luxury retail department store based in the US, have just released an app aimed at enriching customer personal shopping experiences. If the app is active as the user enters the store, sensors automatically prompt the service to engage. Once running the app will allow customers to find new arrivals on the floor, and learn about the line, the designers and fabrics. Users will also be able to automatically alert a sales associate that you have entered the store, who will be provided with a Facebook photograph and your shopping history, so that they can easily identify you and recommend items. Using the app the user can also book sales appointments in advance, ask questions about products and scan QR codes so that the assistant knows what to bring to the appointment.

    This is a service that is likely divide people, some may see it as a helpful resource when looking to make new purchases, others may see it more as a intrusive tool to sell, but as its something the user has to first download, this remains their choice. If you would like to test the service, the app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store. In order to get the full experience you will need to visit one of the stores.

  16. by Neal Bryant .

    'Invisible' Mercedes-Benz
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

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    As part of Mercedes-Benz' advertising for their upcoming F-cell hydrogen fuel cell technology, they decided to highlight the 0.0 emissions by playing on the idea that it will be invisible to the environment.  Using a Canon 5D MKII and a panel of LEDs, Mercedes set about to make their new car 'invisible' within its environment. The reactions from passers-by make you wish every car was this inspiring.


    1. 03:10 29 Apr 2012
      Ich wollte mit mein Kommentar nicht eine beinseewe Tatsache hinstellen, aber meine Meinung- und der nach ist das ein sehr e4hnliche beat nur ne andere Tonart. Hf6rt es euch einfach im Vergleich an. Trotzdem der Clip von Mercedes ist sehr gut, und die he4tten es eig. nicht nf6tig? einen beat zu leihen. Aber warum machen die dann so einen Auftsand mit Label kontaktieren und so .
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