1. by Neal Bryant .

    Golden Tiger by Le3 Paris
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    Golden Tiger is a really interesting projection mapping project by Le3 Paris. Driving through the streets of Paris the artists projected a running tiger on walls and vehicles from the back of their car. The projection software was linked to sensors on the wheels of the car so that the tiger would speed up as the car did. As you can see in this video, which contains no post-production, the results were great.

  2. by Neal Bryant .

    Downloadable 3D Data
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    SHOWstudio have long been experimenting with the idea of 3D scanning and printing ranging from projects such as Sweet in 2000 through to current exploits like Visions Couture. This is an area of  technology that has seen a rapid growth in popularity and development. As with most technology it has begun to filter down into the consumer market, which is apparent with the release of devices such as the Replicator and Thing-o-Matic (3D printers), which have attempted to bring the possibilities of 3D printing into the homes of the consumer.

    The Pirate Bay have recently added a new category to the site that they are calling "Physibles", which will contain digital files for objects that can be physically created using a 3D printer, which goes some way to imagining how this technology could work in the future. Instead of shipping products around the world a user would be able to download the code and print it using their very own printer. Such possibilities are obviously quite a few years away (in some cases still a concept), but it's incredibly exciting to see the technology develop further.

  3. by Neal Bryant .

    Canon 5D Mark III
    SHOWstudio Tech Updates

    We have long been fans of the Canon 5D Mark II and it is often Nick's camera of choice. So the news that Canon have just released an upgrade to the camera is very exciting. The EOS 5D Mark III offers improved performance for both stills and video. The Mark III can now shoot at 60 fps (albeit in 720p rather than 1080p), has the addition of a headphone jack and external monitor jack, increased maximum clip time to 30 minutes and easier controls for quick recording, all of which make it an exciting prospect especially considering how fond we are of the Mark II.

    Hopefully we'll be able to test it out soon and will report back with our feedback. For the full list of specifications please visit Canon.

  4. by Neal Bryant .

    Revealing the Technical Side of SHOWstudio

    Technology has consistently been a key component within SHOWstudio projects and the desire to utilise it in innovative and exciting ways has helped to shape us into the site that we are today. As an attempt to share this passion with our users we will now be sharing an increased insight into the technological processes that we employ behind the camera. This will also be supported by weekly "SHOWstudio Tech Update" blogs about what is exciting us within the world of technology and its uses within the industry.

    In this week's first set of blogs we will share developments in equipment, interesting apps, and innovative uses of technology. As always we welcome comments and discussion on anything posted.

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