1. by Nick Knight .

    Be@rbrick in Shanghai!

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    If you happened to be in Shanghai this weekend, you might have caught YOHOOD2014 - the exhibition dedicated to the cult Be@rbrick toy, curated by my friend the actor, producer and entrepreneur Edison Chen

    He asked me to customise the Be@rbrick, so inspired by Edison's Instagram where he posts pictures of clouds from his long and very frequent airplane journeys I decided to make my Be@rbrick out of the time-lapse clouds I photographed this summer, suggesting a world free of national boundaries, one people, no divisions.


  2. by Nick Knight .

    Ice Bucket Challenge

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    I accept Kat Davey's ALS ice bucket challenge and nominate my beautiful children Emily, Ella and Calum Knight. Please donate at

  3. by Nick Knight .

    Personalised Sneakers

    More in the series of 'lovely things I get sent'. I was incredibly surprised and very flattered to get these personalised Stan Smiths Beats monogrammed slippers. Thank you Adidas.


    1. Rodshirkvdaile
      16:57 30 Aug 2014
      Love these!
  4. by Nick Knight .

    Mark Wardel's Bowie mask

    A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of interviewing Steve Strange, a joy and a revelation in itself, but after the interview Steve introduced me to his friend, the artist Mark Wardel. Mark had a cast of David Bowie's face from the seventies from which he had created this beautiful and extremely lifelike mask of the Aladdin Sane Bowie image. To my delight and total surprise a week later, a box appeared on my desk that contained the 'Pin-Ups' version. Life is wonderful at times. Thank you Mark.

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    1. Amy Ireland
      22:39 18 Aug 2014
      This is wonderful, bravo!
    2. Kay
      17:49 19 Aug 2014
      Amazing, love it.
  5. by Nick Knight .

    Steven Meisel's Miu Miu book

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    I often get really lovely things sent to me at SHOWstudio.
    Today's lovely object was Steven Meisel's Miu Miu campaign catalogue.
    I will post the wonderful things I get sent on the blog to share them with you.

  6. by Nick Knight .


    Our Lou prays that we can have a SHOWstudio office pet

  7. by Nick Knight .

    Terry Jones, a diamond geezer!

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    Terry Jones, a diamond geezer!

    Back in the late 1970s and in direct response to Punk, Terry Jones, then the art director of British Vogue realised that the most exciting fashion was actually happening on the streets of London and not on the catwalk, bravely he resigned and started a magazine called i-D.

    Terry invested his time, his passion and his money into creating a magazine that reflected simply and clearly fashion at its most pure, the fashion of the street. In the late 1970s and early 1980s London streets were vibrant and bursting with fashions way more extreme, inspiring and audacious than anything in the mainstream of fashion. They were the catwalk of the world.

    Terry Jones saw this and through i-D allowed the rest of the world to see it too. A gesture so clever, insightful and altruistic which in many ways reflects Terry's whole attitude to life. His clear love and devotion to and of his wife Trish is also the love he expressed for all of us, making us all feel part of their family and is in part the reason they are loved back by so many people.

    In i-D they created a platform for a totally new generation of fashion image makers, designers, stylists, journalists and models, who they encouraged and championed. In so doing creating the one of the most important magazines ever.

    NB: Yesterday, The British Fashion Council gave Terry and Tricia Jones the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards

  8. by Nick Knight .

    Jon Rafman

    My good friend Matthew Williams sent me a link to Jon Rafman's work.
    Just wanted to share it with you as I feel its an exciting example of a new aesthetic.

  9. by Nick Knight .

    Ruth Hogben's editing process for the Met's Punk films

    I have asked the wonderful Ruth Hogben to work on the films for the Met show Punk, Chaos to Couture. At 1.30 in the morning Ruth sent me this, the many different layers on her Final Cut Pro time line, which shows the complexity of some of the films she is putting together.

    Impressive, beautiful and exciting.

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    1. noirtribe
      01:41 28 Apr 2013
      It reminds me of one of my timelines. I can't wait to see the final piece!
  10. by Nick Knight .

    3D Scanning

    3D scanning has been a central theme of SHOWstudio's content and vision.
    I have been creating sculpture from 3D scans for at least the last decade and working with an amazing man, Kev Stenning, from Rapido 3D who can push the parameters of this new medium further than one could imagine.
    I have scanned, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, Liberty Ross, and Daphne Guinness to name just a few.
    Our second project to ever launch on the fledgling SHOWstudio was called Sweet and was 3D scans of Jane Hows recreation of her favourite pieces from the collections recreated completely from sweet wrappers.
    I fell in love with this new way of creating imagery, that combined scanning and photography, but looked like nothing I had ever seen before.
    The 3D scan showed the model as a surface as if they were egg shells delicate and precise.
    What I loved most was that the scanner could not tell if a reflection was a solid object and wether that object was coming towards it or receding away from it.
    Confusing the computer became a game and I indulge in as often as I can, and confusing this one made it create forms that followed a logic unknown to anything I had seen.
    The result is beautiful.
    Models that fragment and tear, twist like the metal of a tin can and inhabit space in an entirely new way.
    All glorious.
    The next project on the new SHOWstudio was JWalk,  a project investigating Motion capture.
    Mo Cap as it is referred to, involves putting a person in a special suit where every articulating part of the body is attributed a small reflective disk and the information from those disks is captured and used to create lifelike human movement. Often used to represent lifelike fighting in video games.
    However, I put J Alexander in a motion capture suit and captured his "Naomi Campbell walk".
    J Alexander , for those who don't know, is the go-to man to teach the latest 'just discovered working behind the tills in a supermarket' and now Stephen Meisel's latest Vogue Italia favorite, girl to glide and not stomp down the Paris runways.
    He is also the wonderful cross dressing presenter in Americas Next Top model.
    And at the time it was my desire to combine both the 3D scans from Sweet and the motion capture of JWalk to create a virtual model.
    SHOWstudio is the laboratory for new ideas, however some ideas take longer than others to come into reality and not just stay in my mind.
    13 years later and many, many 3D scanning projects later, I have at last managed to create my first virtual model.
    She is, in fact, the wonderful Ming Xi, one of the most brilliant models I have worked with, and the campaign is for the Chinese Store Lane Crawford.

  11. Recent comments

    1. Thadeus Tobin
      02:01 9 Jan 2013
    2. Tychoon
      12:02 1 Feb 2013
      can't wait to see this studio being used live,
      keep up the good work!
  12. by Nick Knight .

    SHOWstudio is moving

    At the end of January SHOWstudio is moving from Mayfair to Belgravia. Here is the new space. We just need to build a beautiful cove and paint everything white. Very exciting.

  13. by Nick Knight .

    John O

    John O was a lovely man.
    John O was a lovely man and my black and white printer in the 1980s.
    There were two brilliant printers then, John O Driscol and Brian Dowling.  John O printed black and white and Brian colour.
    I worked with John O on all the early Yohji Yamamoto campaigns and then on Martine Sitbon and then Jil Sander and on all my portraits.
    John O could print in ways that no other printer could or had ever attempted.  Using hand cut masks he managed to create prints that looked so beautiful and complex you would think they could only have been possible in Photoshop, 10 years before Photoshop was invented!
     He had the patience of a saint and an unflinching determination that would mean all night printing sessions were a regular occurrence.

    There is something magical about an old fashioned darkroom, everything bathed in the red light, the trays of chemicals and just watching the image appear from nowhere on the wet paper.  Magical and in John O's lab totally wondrous even awe inspiring.
    To allow us to view and discuss the images he would rest the wet prints on an angled viewing board where they glistened and sparkled as the water ran off them.
    The deepest of blacks, jutted right up against delicate smooth dove greys.  Wood smoke and jet.
    Depth of tone that made your head spin.
    He created prints that felt like that could knock you clean over, they had such powerful visual impact.

    It is a sign of any great artist and craftsman, that his or her work physically reminds you of that person, and John O's prints certainly did.
    Physically John O was big man, bearded with curly light brown hair and a big strong frame.
    He was easy to smile and his eyes twinkled with mischief and delight.  In all those years I can never remember him being sad or cross.
    I can remember his singing and I remember his laugh.

    He had a huge O. Winston Link print hanging in his darkroom, which he loved. It's the picture of the train at night, caught and rendered motionless by O Winston Links 100s of carefully positioned flash bulbs.  Maybe it was the huge amount of effort and care this photographer had put into his work that touched John O, as it was exactly the effort and care he would put into creating one of his stunning prints.

    John O always wanted to work for the best photographers and in the 1990s he moved to New York and printed for one of the greatest photographers of all time, Irving Penn.  I know he would have made his new client really happy.
    John O was a lovely man.

    John Driscol passed away last week from lung cancer.

    Recent comments

    1. 03:55 25 May 2012
    2. ericesquire
      11:18 25 May 2012
      the great one [s] go first.

      with respect

      eric esquire
    3. M
      14:31 28 May 2012
      John O was a friend of mine always first at the bar buying drinks for everyone, he was generous in spirit it was his nature. Also he had a preternatural sense of what the negative you gave him should become. I have many a print he made for me that I cherish , the residue of the man always on them. We will all miss him too much.

      The cemeteries are full of people the world could not do without.
    4. thenameisalicianelson
      06:07 20 Feb 2013
      so beautiful
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