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    1. 09:46 25 Jan 2012
      Thanks for sharing - these images are amazing!
    2. sally.northmore
      10:29 25 Jan 2012
      This is beautiful. The first image looks like a photograph of a submerged painting.
    3. jon.emmony
      10:31 25 Jan 2012
      These are so beautiful

    4. 01:06 2 Feb 2012
  2. by Nick Knight .

    Lil Darling's Souldies

    I found these fantastic illustrations on a incredible old soul music channel on Youtube run by someone called Lil Darling.
    Love the music 100% and love the art.
    If anybody know more about these I would love to find out who did them.
    Nick Knight

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    1. sylviapereira
      13:58 18 Nov 2011
      Ah, yes. You've got the answer, Sylvia Ji. Such beautiful work.
    2. N
      19:11 19 Nov 2011
      Thank you. I have gone to her website and even watched the video.
      Fantastic work.

    3. 18:20 23 Nov 2011
      I'm pretty sure silvia ji did some of these.
  3. by Nick Knight .

    A word to our fans...

    Dear Little Monsters,

    We will be releasing one last film on SHOWstudio from the Monster Ball tour, which will be announced soon.

    For the other songs what we created are often just loops of film that are repeated for the chorus or verse and therefore sadly are not complete films.

    The animated GIFs on the SHOWstudio Tumblr are a way of getting you something to remember from those songs and something to keep from the fantastic Monster Ball.

    I wish I could help more.

    Kindest regards,

    Nick Knight

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    1. E
      22:06 16 Nov 2011
      Please release all the loops in one only video!!! It will be amazing!!!
    2. AdamFearon
      22:32 16 Nov 2011
      Dear Nick, I know this may sounded remarkly rude.. but please could you release the just dance and the raven forest ? i know they are loops but ive waited 3 years to see that backdrop. The colours and creativeness are just too important to me not to see. I know by this point your probally already uploading the videos, but Nick im begging please can you upload the loops.. even if it just dance and the raven.. there so hard to recreate and i havent got the time to do it.. over the last couple of years i have progressed my skills further since you came onto the gaga scene. Please continue to inspire little monsters to find there creative freedom.. release more including just dance and the raven forest..

      Kind Regards your fan, Adam Fearon 17
    3. Cam
      22:49 16 Nov 2011
      Honestly, these films are so beautiful, so artistic, you're a genius, I must say. There aren't many people like you with such a creative gift. I know you may not understand it but these films are just simply incredible and being a fan. this is the ultimate thing to posses, because the visuals and imagery are just breathe taking, and you may not be in control of what is released or not, but I have to tell you on behalf on everyone, anything we can get from you guys (even if it's small loops or whatever) is just so exciting to have and we would all be absolutely if you could share with us all of these amazing creations. I respect you're work so much and what you have already given us has left me awake many nights watching them over and over again. Thank you so much SHOWstudio.
    4. AdamFearon
      23:17 16 Nov 2011
      Nick, could you please release this one.. i am begging :) This And Just Dance
      thankyou :)

    5. 03:10 5 Dec 2011
      Nick Knight Please, oh Please would you release the backdrop for money honey? I have been waiting for TWO YEARS for it, when do you think you would release them?!

    6. 04:37 7 Jan 2012
      Big please, release everything you have from lady gaga, like the puke film 3.0
      money honey backdrop
      just dance backdrop
      alejandro backdrop
      tattoo film
      if possible the mannifesto of little monsters with the audio from the monsterball (that instrument on the back)

    7. 19:05 16 Jan 2012
      Please, Nick, release The Fame Backdrop from the first version of The Monster Ball Tour as the final film!!
      It's your best creation of The Monster Ball Project!!!! And Lady Gaga's so gorgeous as a "kitty cat" in this film!!
      Think about it...
    8. Roman Sukdolák
      11:11 9 Sep 2012
      Please, I must see "Gaga eating heart" all version!! Please
  4. by Nick Knight .

    Gareth Pugh 'Frieze' project re-launched!

    Gareth Pugh's 'Frieze' is our latest digitally remastered augmented archive project.
    See Ruth Hogben and Nick Knight's fashion film documenting a 2006 shoot with British designer Gareth Pugh, styled by Nicola Formichetti and featuring a one-off selection of 'garments' created entirely out of balloons -and experience a brand new interactive feature.


  5. by Nick Knight .

    JamieXX remix of Amy Winehouse

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    I was so in love with Amy's music. So sad. Such a waste.


    1. jay
      20:11 9 Nov 2011
      yo that is not jamie xx. it's ifan dafydd.
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  7. by Nick Knight .


    This is a photograph by a young French photographer who I particularly like called Marianne Maric. Her work is a mixture of the brutal, the sensual and the surreal.

    Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more from her soon...

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    1. Pharme409
      09:37 25 Jan 2013
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      09:39 25 Jan 2013
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  8. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE. Sissel Tolaas response to questions about pheromones.


    Dear Nick, yes the topic pheromones is of great importance!!!!!


    The word "pheromone" comes from the Greek words perein=transmit and

    hormon=stimulate. A pheromone is a messenger of stimulation that tells us

    when and where we should gather and then separate. It tells us how we should

    behave toward the other sex and how we should know whether it is in fact the

    other sex. Pheromones tell us how to organize the members of a society in a

    structure befitting their dominance; they mark the exact borders of a

    territory. They also tell us how we can be sure beyond a doubt that we are


    Pheromones regulate power relationships, association and above all - SEX.

    Pheromones provide unconscious data from an arsenal of information that can

    be decisive for the course of human communication.

    Considering the flood of pheromone communication that reaches us directly,

    it is no wonder that  Western society, cut off from smell perception and

    over-deodorized as it is, tries to stimulate sexual attractiveness and

    activity with the help of artificial pheromones. This is doomed to failure

    because it is like cutting down the forest in order to plant trees.


    As human beings (men and women) we have the ability to sense certain

    chemical signals emitted by people around us—without being aware of it? We

    use a separate set of sensory receptor cells in our nose to receive social

    and sexual information from members of our own species.


    Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in men's testes. The adrenal

    glands of both men and women also produce small amounts of testosterone.

    In men, testosterone produces sperm, facial and body hair, deep voices, and

    muscle mass and strength.

    Testosterone is associated with two behaviors in males: aggressive dominance

    of other males, and sexual activity. E.g., male red deer live peacefully

    together for most of the year. But in October their testosterone increases

    five-fold. They fight for territory. Female red deer select land that has

    sufficient food for raising fawns. The males that control the best

    territories mate with the most females.

    Testosterone is an anti-depressant, in men and women. It increases

    friendliness. It reduces anger, depression, fatigue, confusion, nervousness,

    and irritability.

    That may seem contradictory-testosterone makes males fight, yet makes them

    friendly. Testosterone makes males want to mate. If fighting precedes

    mating--e.g., gorillas--testosterone makes males fight. But if mating

    requires friendship e.g., baboons- testosterone makes males friendly.

    Testosterone varies between men more than four times. Football players have

    the most testosterone. Ministers have the least.


    Bacteria and fungi live on your skin and in your clothes. These organisms

    drink your sweat and digest your discarded skin cells. Their excretions make

    you smell . That's body odour.

    Body odour can provide be interesting signs of a specific state of mind as

    well as or of a more serious medical condition.


    When our "fighters" fight and sweat, we smell these molecules that live on

    their skin, mixed with their sweat. Each human body have a body smell as

    unique as their fingerprint - in sweat this is what we smell underneath the

    external molecules that live on the surface of the skin.


    New research has shown that some individuals are highly sensitive to

    smelling a component of body odour which is called androstenone.

    Furthermore, if the person can easily smell androstenone then he will decide

    whether or not he likes the person based on the smell. What is androstenone?

    It is a human pheromone which is a chemical attractant that is found in body

    secretions like perspiration. Men release large quantities of androstenone

    while women omit small amounts. So men are more likely to be judged by their

    smell than women. According to the study, fifty percent of people the

    population cannot smell androstenone at all and one half of them can only

    catch a whiff and enjoy the scent. Those who can smell androstenone, on the

    other hand, do not like the smell and compare it to urine or perspiration.

    The study went on to show that there was a correlation between the ability

    to smell androstenone and the androstenone-smeller's judgment of the person.

    In other words, if someone can smell androstenone on someone else and finds

    the smell unpleasant then he will dislike the person, or may be not……….


    Attached acouple of artickle on the topic!


    SORRY I DID NOT MEAN TO WRITE A BOKK........but the topic is what it is all




    Speak soon!


    Love SisselXXX

  9. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE. Reciept of second scent prototype

    Dear Sissel,

    The Violence 2 is a lot more interesting than the first prototype.

    My first impression was that there was something more animal about it. It smelt more menacing/ dangerous and I wondered if it was my desire to feel this or wether there was the beginning of a instinctive reaction to the smell.

    Our theory is that when men (or indeed women,but that is part two of this project) fight they release pheromones that are only released when the "fight or flight"response is activated. Furthermore the pheromones we are trying to isolate are the one that would be released if the individual opts for the "fight" option rather than the "flight" option.

    Now, are we supposing that these pheromones will have a smell and it is that that our scent would predominantly smell of? Or are they an ingredient within the overall scent and that we create a "pleasing" scent that may smell mainly of pleasing  but appropriate smells, such as leather or brick dust for example and that the pheromones that we isolate are undetectable and are there to trigger a behavioral response in the wearer or the people that the wearer comes into contact with?

    I am talking to a fighter and friend of mine about organizing a two day shoot in London at my studio. We would have 4 bouts , with eight contestants all different forms of combat.

    The shoot would be broadcast live on SHOWstudio and would I will film it and photograph it as-well .It would be crucial to have you there so we can be sure of getting the pheromones extracted immediately after the fight has taken place. Also you can stipulate exactly how you want the fighters prepared for each fight. For example should they be freshly showered and with no other scents on them at all?

    I am looking at dates around the beginning of March, probably the first week.

    Can you tell me when you would be free to come to London around then and also can you bring the "Headspace " technology to London or will the Tshirts have to go back to Berlin?

    Anyway there are lots of other exciting ideas i have about the shoot but I will talk to you later.

    Look forward to hearing from you.




    SORRRYYYY for the late respond! I was travelling.

     First I wanted to discuss dates in London,

    the rest will come today on a separate mail :-)

     The ONLY time I could possibly make it to London could be 7th,8th,9th of

    March and may be the 6th. Then only after Eastern ( mid April).

    In case I manage to get the possibility to bring headspace, this also would

    need time and organization,

    So PLEASE give me some potential dates from your side ASAP11

    All the very best!



  10. by Nick Knight .

    violence.The first test arrives.

    Dear Sissel,

    yes I received it this morning as I was leaving the house.I had a quick smell. Interesting.A lot of chemical smell which I guess is some sort of solvent.

    Under that was a bit sweaty man. Old and a bit unpleasant and musty.I didn't detect anything dangerous yet.Do you think the fighters should be clean before they start?

    Tell me what did you think? What did you think I should smell.




    Dear Nick, 

    Let me describe how  I precented the first sweat:

    I think the person who "fought" - " " meaning I think he was too

    programmed/too intellectual prepared for the fight. He was TOO clean

    beforehand, kind of fresh from the shower. I could hardly smell ANY sweat,

    and the headspace hardly able to identify any molecules. I could kind of

    smell some chemical, which I identified as having to do with clothes worn

    before fighting. These cloths were rather synthetic......

    Also I think he was fighting without passion - producing no adrenaline.

    The small amount of smell that came over was pretty dull and contained very

    little/hardly any information!

    I think the second one is already much process these days!!

    It is VERY important that the "fighters" do not "overclean" themselves

    before fighting. Also I think that the more professional they get the less

    "REAL" sweat they produce.

    Nick I do not know on behalf of which criteria you choose the fighters, and

    what kind of "rules" you are able to give them in advance?!

    I think we seriously have to discuss these topis before the next fights

    otherwise we might end up with very littel - for our intentions -

    information = smells to work with.

    I am sure we will find a way, this is just the beginning.

    The impossible is nothing!

    Headspace Images will take time, due to IFF Crises!!! SORRRYYYY! But we will

    have them in the end, I HOPE!!!!

    All the very best





    1. oliverpoon
      18:35 8 Jan 2009
      Hi, Sissel and Nick,
      is it possible to get the clothes from the prison? I've watched those TV programmes about the prison. It seems violence appears everywhere everyday. Those people live in danger. Maybe it could get more chemicals about violence. Just a little thought about it.
  11. by Nick Knight .

    VIOLENCE. .Subject: Fragrance Violence - wholesale inquiry


    Subject: Fragrance Violence - wholesale inquiry
    Hi Nick
    I am inquiring about your upcoming Fragrance, Violence.
    Are you offering it for wholesale?
    We are a specialy boutique in Hollywood, specializing in rare, artisan
    perfumes from around the world. Our store, Scent Bar, has been open for 3
    years, in response to our popular website,, now going on 8
    I would love to learn more and see if you can perhaps send a sample for
    Also, I can help organize a shipment with our shipping company.
    Best regards,
    Franco Wright
    Co founder



    1. eleutherius
      11:12 13 Feb 2012
      HELLO! GREETINGS!!!!!!
      NEW STORIES ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!
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