1. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    Sadly not a day off for the lovely Laura (the bestest assistant eva) ... She is washing brushes, cleaning, organising kit, customising eyelashes for 25 models for JS show, packing kit to leave tomorrow night ... All this in two hours then mama Valicious will be back ... Probably with another set of instructions ...

  2. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week Coverage

    It's a day off today for me, sun shining ... I will mostly be spending my time uptown at the local precinct with a detective assigned to my case ... Feels a bit like NYPD .... My detective is very thorough ... Have to laugh though .... It is only a bag, albeit Chanel ... He couldn't get his head round 'make up artist'. What is that? Hope I get a ride in a police car!

  3. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    Just finished the Jeremy Scott show fitting, and the wonderful Jeremy felt so bad about my bag being stolen that he gave me this Longchamp bag ... How nice is that? Fab Fran the stylist from legendary Love mag and my nearest neighbour is styling the show along with hugEneneous on hair ... So excited ... Bring on Wednesday!!! Off to sleep now it's been a long day ...


    1. CarrieScott
      14:16 14 Sep 2010
      Val? Do say more. I am bewildered by your Penn debutantes? Wasn't that Beaton? Is there a Penn history too? Spill the beans?
  5. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    Okay, a thought. ... Why is there not CCTV backstage at The Lincoln Centre? They have security staff ... Well, that's working really well ... The reception staff at hotel asked how was I enjoying my stay in NYC so far ... IT'S FINE ! Was my reply, rather hysterically .... A fire the other day and now robbed!! Oh so fashion ....

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    1. la
      14:26 14 Sep 2010
      What did you have stolen Val?
    2. la
      14:31 14 Sep 2010
      Sorry, I have just come across your earlier blog and that is very a poor show!
      Theft is always such an injustice.
      When I was burgled I just felt so angry at the basic fact that it is wrong.
      You have all my sympathy.
  6. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    James Cochrane Vogue UK photographer seen at every backstage, currently loving 'This is England 86'. On BBC 4 .... As am I .... Okay, I was going to rattle on about backstage beauty BUT THERE IS A FASHION DRAMA !!! All hair and make up beware!!! There are thieves backstage at the lincoln centre!!! When I went into line up some sodding ****ard stole my Chanel handbag!!! CHANEL ! Credit cards, money, Hermes wallet, Chanel make up bag and make up, Chanel Sunglasses .... My book I was reading this morning ' The History Of Love'. Well I definitely do not have patience now! How can I be taken seriously as a 'Fashion' person without de rigueur shades? How can I shop without plastic ... How will I survive? Seriously ... the most important thing in my bag was a photograph of me and my mother taken a couple of years ago just before she passed away ...

  7. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: More from NYC

    Michael Arthur, archival artist illustrating behind the scenes at New York fashion shows for Vanity Fair. Incredibly fast, amazing, caught up with him yesterday at Malandrino presentation.

  8. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: More from LFW

    Next fitting with Mary Katrantzou at 2pm: just a little minute to squeeze in a perusal at two of my favourite shops in London. Dover Street 1st - Comme and get it, I am in the mood, loving the school girl vibe, sensible shoes, very plain teacher look, so me! Came out with school satchel from labour and wait .... Overalls ... And bright red Comme blouse ... Going back for school marm skirt , quite taken with the brown brogues but fear its a shoe to far for me being rather thick of hoof .... Dashed into Acne .... Not a name I would personally think about calling a brand but I love the clothes ... Got my winter slouchy jumpers ... Contemplating a three quarter bobbly coat ... But I must wait ... Just heard my clothes I ordered from Roland Mouret have arrived .... Can't remember exactly or how much I have ordered .... Oh dear ....

  9. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: Is it just me?

    Strangers always strike up a conversation with me, even if my head is buried in a book or I have my 'frosty face' on. I am waiting outside OhNoGrunge for my car to Monique show and I have just been told 'The definition of love' by a passing man. Apparently, it's patience, something I am not very good at. It might have something to do with the book my head is buried in, 'The History Of Love' by Nicole Krauss, which of course is a bestseller on a lot of lists - I think I am over it already. At least he didn't give me a blow by blow of his latest operation...

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