1. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    A riotous collage of chaos, Marilyn morphs into Sara Stockbridge to a Blondie Beat .... This was the inspiration at Jeremy Scott today ...
    Lashings of lash and a painterly brow teamed with a stonking laquered lip ....
    Product that pulled it all together - Mac airbrush pillar box red liquid , a fast and furious lip service ...

  2. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

    Jeremy was my last show in this fine city ... In cab, on my way to Blighty via JFK ... Traffic appalling and my feet are killing me ... Next stop London ...


    1. missmojorisin
      19:27 20 Sep 2010
      love this, feels so cinematic
  3. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: Mary Katrantzou

    Just finished Mary Katrantzou fitting ... Five hours later ... High Marni clogs today so trotters are killing me .... Marys clothes, jewellery and shoes ...AMAZING ... More about that on Sunday ... Just found out we have 9 extra girls for Daks tomorrow ... 6am call time ...OUCH !!!

  4. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: LFW Backstage

    Neil Young make up artist extraordinaire, who currently looks after, kelly and Sharon Osborne and Helen Mirren .... Indulging in make up artist breakfast ...


    1. Zachary
      03:34 21 Oct 2012
      I was lucky enough to meet Hannah when she shweod at On Off over 4 yrs ago and got her to design my wedding bands. Have followed her ever since, think her work is brilliant and modern. Just need to save the pennies and make more investments in her work.
  6. by Val Garland .


    Angus and Noah from AM casting .... Brilliant casting guys .... 1930's schoolgirls with flushblushed Camber sands cheeks, courtesy of Mac - see through cheek colour ... Bring back this product, it works .....

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