1. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: Testing testing

    Make-up colours to be decided for Monique Lhuillier show on Monday looking good with Mary Katrantzou bracelet, thank you Mary ...!

  2. by Val Garland .


    7.30am in morning ... Chilly fast cab ride to lincoln centre for Catherine Malandrino show ....after yesterdays high Marni clogs, today I will mostly be wearing Lanvin converse with fleecy shearling lining .... Heaven is a happy foot ...


    1. Guddu
      10:17 10 May 2013
      You are SO right. It's ridiculously hard at times (but gintetg easier every day!) but watching Audrey watch Maggie is so much fun. She has really started noticing her jumping around the living room like a goofball, dancing in her fancy dresses, etc and she will just stare at her, taking it all in. And then of course grin at her a bunch of times :) Maggie gets a big kick out of that. It's amazing to watch.

    1. Eli
      07:16 12 May 2013
      They DO have drastically drfeeifnt hair! I forgot how completely bald Maggie was as a baby- her hair looked painted on, it was so thin. Audrey's is so long, she has bed head sometimes! ha I just wonder how it will grow out, if it will be curly or turn lighter (it's gotten a little lighter already, but definitely not blond) Fun to watch :)

    1. Minku
      11:54 10 May 2013
      I have you added as a friend- I'm seajo. I've been redinag for such a long time, which feels like a very weird thing to say, but it's true. I think I've been redinag since right around when you & Dan got married! By the way, the cheerleaders? TOO CUTE.
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