1. by Val Garland .

    Milan: Angelo Marani

    Angelo Marani show , first show of Milan and the day ... Breakfast today is parmesan cheese? Grapes and some weird-looking processed ham, is it really ham? ... Will not be indulging ... Two brazil nuts in car will have to do...


    1. restopesto
      17:39 23 Sep 2010
      love the dress in the first picture.
  2. by Val Garland .

    Moschino Cheap and Chic

    Moschino Cheap and Chic today, call time 5pm ... Sam McKnight on hair , Val on make up .... The make up takes its inspiration from a flirtatious fifties lolita, doe-eyed innocence achieved with a white pencil rimming the inner eye, a hint of a fine line to define the lash line in soft black then lots of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to really make the eyes 'pop'. A little Egyptian magic on the lids give a gorgeous gleam to the lids ... Skin is peachy perfect , blush makes a statement in either apricot or rose flush ... Lips are 'mattastic', sometimes in hot fushia or tangerine dream ....

    All colours courtesy of Mac cosmetics ....

    Backstage, the floor is wonderfully wobbly, great! Oh for a steady hand ... It's still three hours till show time and there is much banging, drilling and thrashing all around the little island that represents 'Back Stage' ...


    1. vperryfashion
      23:20 11 Sep 2011
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