1. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: New York begins

    All day show fittings. Bed at 10.45 pm.

    At 2.45 am.... NY NY oh how I love you. Woke up to the sound of fire alarm and pungent smell of smoke. Loud speaker says there's a fire on the 11th floor, I was sleeping on the 11th floor....what did I save from the fire?? Only myself - what a mistake. All other occupants at were sporting Chanel handbags and crackberrys... hmmmmm, will I stay at 'oh no grunge' hotel next season????

    I have 1 show today it's the Ports show. Got to work on two of my favourite models, Freya and Siegrid. Look for the show is nomadic gypsy jetsetter....

    Product that pulled it together a great new MAC lipgloss called flesh and right now I'm prepping the skin with Sisley, Sisley, Sisley.....

    Did I say I love my hotel?...

    I couldn't get into my fav, the Crosby....

    ....NO I don't love my hotel.....

    LOL, val X

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    1. la
      13:57 11 Sep 2010
      who is the handsome young man??
    2. s.h.e
      16:13 11 Sep 2010
      Would love to see some backstage photographs of the models sporting the MAC and Sisley!!
    3. saint
      16:35 11 Sep 2010
      You haven't told the end of the story .... what was the pungent smell of smoke from??
      Classic paparazzi trick, just phone a trendy hotel and say there is a fire. All the celebs in the street in their pyjamas!
    4. 1cal1
      16:43 11 Sep 2010
      It is Orlando.(I think )
      And yes he is handsome.
    5. Jayvee
      07:50 10 May 2013
      At last! Sonmoee with the insight to solve the problem!
  2. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: Fashion's Night Out NYC

    Friday night is Fashion Night Out, went to Barney's after Port show just had to buy shoes, got three pairs, Marni, Lanvin-kind of converse for loads more than normal Converse - What was I thinking? Anyway, amazing work on display by Andrew Yang, especially loved his tribute to Lee. Five dolls, five shows and three of the dolls were from shows I had worked on, especially loved Erin O'Connor doll from Circus show.

    Recent comments

    1. la
      14:00 11 Sep 2010
      Aren't these dolls in the London SHOWstudio in Mayfair?
    2. la
      14:01 11 Sep 2010
      Can you photograph your new shoes Ms Garland?
    3. s.h.e
      14:49 11 Sep 2010
      Amazing...these dolls are in the newest SHOWstudio Shop exhibition.
    4. 1cal1
      16:40 11 Sep 2010
      So Jealous!!!!
      I love shopping in Barneys shoe store.
      I want to see what you bought too.
    5. CarrieScott
      13:46 17 Sep 2010
      Hi La! Wanted to let you know that yes, by amazing coincidence, Andrew Yang's dolls are in the gallery Shop until the 30th of October. So great that Val liked them in NYC. Hope you'll stop in to see our show Val!
  3. Recent comments

    1. saint
      16:30 11 Sep 2010
      Don't you love a dominant woman?
    2. 1cal1
      16:41 11 Sep 2010
      Bloody hairdressers!
  4. by Val Garland .

    VAL GARLAND: Cynthia Rowley

    Make-up inspiration is awkward innocence, a Tammy Faye Baker lower lash line on extremely young girls , a rush of blush and and a gorgeous crimson crushed lip .... Star products zoom lash mascara and strut your stuff lip lolly both MAC. Val's absolute make up must have ' Egyptian Magic' - get it at Liberty's London or NYC drugstore. Cheap as chips in New York. Use on eyelids for film noir sexiness, great cheekbone high lighter, fab on legs for ultra shine, chapped lips, a great do all product. Fat ankles from too high shoes. Basking in sun outside show now the hunt is on for a cab and perhaps lunch if we can fit it in before next show fitting for Monique L'Huillier.


    1. Minku
      11:54 10 May 2013
      I have you added as a friend- I'm seajo. I've been redinag for such a long time, which feels like a very weird thing to say, but it's true. I think I've been redinag since right around when you & Dan got married! By the way, the cheerleaders? TOO CUTE.

    1. Eli
      07:16 12 May 2013
      They DO have drastically drfeeifnt hair! I forgot how completely bald Maggie was as a baby- her hair looked painted on, it was so thin. Audrey's is so long, she has bed head sometimes! ha I just wonder how it will grow out, if it will be curly or turn lighter (it's gotten a little lighter already, but definitely not blond) Fun to watch :)
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