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    Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech live shoot!
    S/S 14 haute couture

    Nick Knight and couture doyenne Lady Amanda Harlech unite with model and physics scholar Alexia Wight, make-up artist Peter Philips, nail guru Marian Newman and haute coiffeur Sam McKnight for a live shoot that explores the mathematics of beauty. With Knight on camera and Harlech on styling, the editorial - which will appear in V magazine - celebrates the science and skill behind S/S 14's greatest haute couture and draws on Wight's interest in Calabi–Yau manifold. Kev Stenning will add to the scientific tone of the shoot by 3D scanning the fashionable works of art.

    Tune in on Saturday 1 February and Sunday 2 February 2014 to watch Knight and Harlech create a stunning, mathematical universe out of each individual piece of couture.

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    On-demand footage from our The Deep Web live shoot is now available!

    Earlier this week, 27 January, we live streamed Nick Knight's The Deep Web shoot. Showcasing the fresh new collaboration between streetwear rulers KTZ and #BEENTRILL#, Knight shot the whole film on his iPhone and brought the garments to life with the likes of UV lights and green screens, thoroughly elevating the notion of 'Anything is possible online and anything's possible in the fantasies of your mind!'  

    You can now delve into The Deep Web again and again with on-demand footage from the shoot now available! Stay tuned for the final images and fashion film! 

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    William S. Burroughs Portraits by Kate Simon at SHOWstudio Shop

    SHOWstudio Shop will host a solo exhibition of portraits of William S. Burroughs by Kate Simon to celebrate the occasion of his centenary. The exhibition will mark the debut release of Simon’s Cibachrome Edition portfolio, which is comprised of 11 iconic shots of the literary master printed in the now extinct cibachrome medium. These rare photographs will be displayed alongside a selection of black and white limited edition prints. Taken over a 20 year period, Simon has amassed a critical body of work that is widely unseen and captures the many faces of one of the most important American writers of the twentieth century.

    Merging the formality of high literature with the allure of the low brow detective novel, Burroughs unapologetically addressed controversial subjects of narcotic abuse, erotic sexuality, criminality and excess in his work. The legendary persona of the author has also garnered unbridled fascination. Purposefully weaving elements of his autobiography into his fiction, Burroughs obscured readings of his own character and rendered himself inextricable from his writing. He also appears in the literature of his contemporaries in a number of contradictory guises, most notably as Jack Kerouac’s Will Dennison and Old Bull Lee. At one moment, he is a grey, anonymous spook with the capability to cast a manipulative spell over his peers, and the next he is warm, mannerly, adored, even kind.

    While Simon’s portraits capture the familiar image of Burroughs with his glasses perched on his hollow cheeks, his suit, his trilby hat and often a gun in tow, they also reveal the many facets of the man. But to try and identify the secret of Burroughs’ persona would be as futile as seeking out a fixed narrative within his literature. Here, Simon’s candid portraiture embraces these various copies, simulations and projections of the writer in a show that reflects Burroughs’ own presentation of himself.

    The exhibition opens on 14 March and will run through until 9 May at our Motcomb Street gallery in London. Don't miss it!


    Image copyright Kate Simon

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    Matthew Williams live In Fashion interview, Friday 31 January

    Earlier this week Matthew Williams was in the studio, working on an exciting up-coming fashion film with Nick Knight featuring the new #BEENTRILL# X KTZ collaboration. Williams is a member of the cult collective #BEENTRILL# and also no stranger to SHOWstudio, having worked on projects such as #ScreenTests - a short film with A$AP Rocky who is a regualr collaborator and friend of Williams - and a powerful film for Hood By Air's S/S 13 collection

    We are extrememly pleased to announce Williams' next venture with SHOWstudio will be a live streamed, in-depth interview with our editor Lou Stoppard, in contribution to our rolling In Fashion series. 

    The interview will take place this Friday, 31 January at 13:30 GMT. Don't miss it! 

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    Round-up panels available on demand!

    Yesterday we said goodbye to the menswear A/W 14 season in signature SHOWstudio style with three live panel discussions rounding up the collections from London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. The round-up panels saw industry experts such as GQ's Nick Carvell, The Independent's Alex Fury and Dazed and Confused's Elizabeth Fraser-Bell dissecting the key shows and veering off onto the topics of racial diversity on the runway, definitions of opulence, the particular point of view of women designing for men and so much more! 

    If you missed the live broadcast, catch up now, and stay tuned for the Couture round-up panels on Monday 3 February 2014!

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    Our coverage of Asian Couture Week 2013 is up!

    After documenting Asian Couture week 2012 in such a beautiful way, Marie Schuller and Sue-Wen Quek re-visited Singapore for Asian Couture Week 2013. The result is a striking fashion film in which Schuller captures work of designers such as Keita Maruyama and Sebastian Gunawan, alongside reportage from Quek and a poignant essay on Chinese fashion by Elizabeth L.Peng. 

    Immerse yourself in this stunning couture series now!

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    Menswear A/W 14 live round-up discussions

    Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 28 January, for a full round up session of menswear A/W 14. Tune in for three back to back live panels, chaired by our editor Lou Stoppard featuring a selection of industry experts lined up to dissect the happenings of each of the main cities, London, Milan and Paris.

    Kicking off the discussions at 12:30 GMT with London Collections: Men will be The Independent's Alexander Fury, writer Charlie Porter, design and development director of Topman Gordon Richardson and District MTV's William Oliver.

    Fully indulge and reflect on the menswear season later that day with Milan and Paris round-ups. At 15:30 GMT GQ's Nick Carvell, Kilgour's creative director Ben Leaver, creative consultant Mimma Viglezio and writer Tom Stubbs, who is known for his work for the FT's How to Spend It, will unpick the Milan shows. And for our final stream of the day, PR guru Mandi Lennard, Dazed's fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell and iD's Steve Salter and Jack Borkett will talk Paris at 17:30 GMT.

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    Tune in to our #BEENTRILL# X KTZ live stream today!

    Be sure to tune into SHOWstudio over the course of today for a very exciting live-streamed fashion shoot!

    Anything's possible online and anything's possible in the fantasies of your mind! #BEENTRILL# and KTZ team with Nick Knight on a shoot to celebrate their new collaboration. The shoot and resultant film explore the links between the limitless possibilities of the unconscious mind and the limitless possibilities of the deep web. Models include rising young rap duo BLADEE and ECCO2K of GRAVITY BOYS.

    The action commences at 12:00 GMT - don't miss it!

    Also! Stay tuned for an exciting KTZ x SHOWstudio collaboration, coming to SHOWstudio Shop very soon! While you wait shop #BEENTRILL#...

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    30 years of Mac - Apple celebrate Nick Knight

    Apple introduced the Macintosh thirty years ago, launching a generation of innovators who, in their words, 'continue to change the world.' Individuals who pioneer the creative power of technology were selected to be celebrated on their timeline. We are extremely proud to say that SHOWstudio director, Nick Knight, is one of them. 

    'Nick Knight is responsible for some of the most memorable fashion images of the past 20 years. In 2000, he created and changed how people saw fashion. Literally. Using the Mac to bring motion and interactivity to a traditionally 2D world, he took the idea of a fashion show — typically seen by about 300 people — and broadcast it live to more than 6 million viewers. The catwalk has never been the same.'

    Watch the short film in which Knight features, here at work in our studio, and read his interview on how, with the help of Apple, he began 'Bringing Fashion to Life'

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    Eckhaus Latta x SHOWstudio collaboration

    For our first exciting collaboration of 2014, design duo Eckhaus Latta have designed this multi-directional cardigan for SHOWstudio!  The cardigan is being released in tandem with their fashion film Friend on 4 February. The piece is constructed using a double sided PolarTec Polar Fleece and has been branded with the SHOWstudio logo.

    The camel coloured cardigan is designed to be unisex; designers Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus have both sported the elegant fleeces and conflict as to the best way to wear it - Zoe likes forwards and Mike likes backwards!

    As part of the collaboration, we're releasing a selection of Q+A's with the designers. Eckhaus Latta have mentioned that they are as excited about this upcoming project as we are! 'Its awesome how multi-faceted SHOWstudio is and how it progresses fashion content for the digital future, the digital now.'

    Also coming up in 2014 SHOWstudio Shop has some other exciting collaborations to announce, including ones with Tigran Avetisiyan, Heron Preston and AMBUSH jewellery!

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    Exclusive Phoebe English S/S 14 film!

    We're proud to bring you an exclusive Phoebe English fashion film, alongside a pertinent interview with the designer and a piece from her recent collection! 

    Continuing her work with fashion film, Phoebe English asked acclaimed young image-maker George Harvey to offer a new take on her S/S 14 collection using film. The stripped-back work focuses solely on textures and structural details, exploring the way each of English's garments interact with the body. The footage is complimented by a soundtrack by English's long-standing collaborator Gabriel Bruce.

    Be sure to also listen to English and Rose Easton, her creative director, who offer a rare perspective on what fashion film brings to garments from a design point of view, as well as their working relationship and how they see the brand developing. 

    To submerse yourself even more in the delights of Phoebe English, you can also purchase an incredibly crafted headpiece for yourself, a great contemporary crowned statement that featured on Cara Delevingne in Nick Knight's recent shoot for Garage Magazine!

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    Menswear illustrations now available to buy at SHOWstudio Shop!

    To mark the end of the menswear collections, revisit of some of the best looks illustrated by our A/W 14 menswear illustrators Artaksiniya, Derek Gores and Josie Hall.

    Derek Gores' collages are created from recycled materials, such as photographs and magazine cuttings, that are pieced together to represent the Milan menswear shows including Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo.

    Budding fashion illustrator Josie Hall elegantly captured Paris' collections in fine detail.  She has drawn Thom Browne, Yohji Yamamoto and Raf Simons' menswear among others.

    Artaksiniya injects block colour into her illustrations, adding vibrancy and expression into the London collections.  Her depiction of Agi & Sam's clothing and Astrid Andersen's collection are two of SHOWstudio Shop's favourites!

    All of their incredible works are now available to buy at SHOWstudio Shop. With such distinctive and differentiating styles, there is certainly something for everyone! 

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    Joseph Lally's new Soap Opera

    We're excited to present the first in a series of films by filmmaker and SHOWstudio favourite Joseph Lally, under the overarching title of Soap Opera. Lally describes the series as 'a Warholian epic of people of the worst morals under going a breakdown, as if Andy Warhol had his own soap operas.'

    The first film, entitled Episode#1: Miss America Commits Suicide, stars actress Lauren Foster. To sit alongside it, Chris Sutton chatted with Foster on Skype on the subject of fame, betrayal and some of her story so far. 

    'Lauren herself is a reality TV star, put in Joseph's rather bleak fashion film.. so it seemed apt to have her on Skype in a sort of Warholian filmed chat,' Sutton explained. 

    Watch Episode#1: Miss America Commits Suicide, and Sutton and Foster's Skype interview now!

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    Watch the Schiaparelli round table discussion on demand now!

    The Personal Collection of Elsa Schiaparelli will go under the hammer today at Christie's auction house in Paris. The announcement of the sale caused quite a stir in the worlds of fashion, fine art and design as it presents an unprecedented opportunity to access the belongings of one of the 20th century's most avante garde creatives. In celebration of this landmark event, Christie's hosted a remarkable round table discussion that featured Hubert de Givenchy and Elsa Schiaparelli's granddaughter, Marisa Schiaparelli Berenson. We had the privilege of capturing this insightful and rare conversation on film, and have now posted it on SHOWstudio to view on demand.

    For non-French speakers amongst our viewers, there will be a translation of the conversation up shortly! Watch this insightful conversation now!


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    Chanel and Christian Dior panels now available on demand

    Our editor, Lou Stoppard, has been joined by a host of fashion powerhouses - from fashion historian Lucy Norris to Central Saint Martins design lecturer Heather Sproat - to share their personal perspective on the S/S 14 haute couture collections.

    If you missed them, or simply want to delve into the finer details again, you can watch the discussions anytime with on-demand footage from the Chanel and Christian Dior panels, available now.

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    Men in Motion returns to London

    Ivan Putrov will once again celebrate the majesty of the male dancer in the latest iteration of his Men in Motion ballet. Billed for only two performances in London on 30 and 31 January, Putrov compresses 100 years of beguiling choreography for men into a concise 100 minutes. From L'Apres-midi d'un Faune by Vaslav Nijinsky to Russell Maliphant's duet Two x Two, Putrov has selected an array of classic to contemporary choreography to showcase both the relevance and beauty of male dance and the talents of the best performers of the day. Putrov pays particular homage to Le Spectre de la Rose, the first ballet to present a man in the starring role. The piece, which has its central character dressed completely in rose petals, made a controversial statement in 1911 when it premiered.

    Putrov performed in London to great acclaim last year for the Pet Shop Boy's ballet The Most Incredible Thing- a Hans Christian Andersen fairy story told to the back drop of film maker Tal Rosner's wonderful psychedelic video works. He has also collaborated with SHOWstudio on a number of projects including Bring and Buy and Score.

    Men in Motion is set to be a dazzling show that presents a rare opportunity to see a pivotal collection of choreography that has contributed to elevation of the male dancer throughout the last century. The performance takes place at the London Coliseum and you can book tickets now.

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