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    i-D interactive cover

    The new issue of i-D magazine is just out, and is well worth the cover price - just for the cover alone.

    SHOWstudio's BRING & BUY shoot is featured, as part of the entire issue guest edited by Nick Knight. Gemma Ward features on the most striking cover seen on the newstands this month, created using a 3D scanner.

    You can experience Gemma as a 3D interactive image, created by Kevin Stenning at Rapido3D, but you will require the 'Cult 3D' plug-in to enable it to work in your browser. Most of you won't have this plug-in, but it's a very quick and easy installation if go to

  2. by Penny Martin .

    Has Left The Building

    No doubt you will have seen Eisuke Negishi and Paul H's fantastic photographs of all 180+ lots in the Auction section of the BRING & BUY project by now. What you won't be aware of is the neo-Fordist production line we had to put in place to get the clothes photographed, described, condition-checked, measured and packed over the past fortnight (honestly! It was like working in a museum again).

    Last Tuesday night, we enlisted the help of our contributor Jane Audas, who famously has a lucrative sideline in eBay sales (£180 for a £2.50 teapot last week, apparently) to work on our descriptions and create the 50 character titles that will grace our entries on Oxfam's site, where the actual auction will take place from Sunday night.

    We had a 'beat the clock' situation this morning when Viking stationery supplies let us down and there were no boxes at 8.30am. SuperIntern Laura Bradley and Eisuke triumphed nonetheless and all your donations were safely packed by 11 when the lovely Victor from Oxfam showed up with his van (and a good look!) to ship them up to Oxford for final processing before the Sale of the Century beginneth.

  3. by Paul Hetherington .

    Tunnel Vision

    The AMAZE ME microstudio is now installed and running in Antwerp, in the futuristic basement of quirky urbanwear store Fish and Chips.

    Residents and visitors to this stylish Belgian city, arguably the most fashionable city in the world at present –designers Martin Margiela, Véronique Branquinho, Bruno Pieters, AF Vandervorst, Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester, Véronique Leroy, Dries Van Noten, Bernhard Willhelm and Walter Van Beirendonck all hail from Antwerp– (so argue with that!) can take part between now and October 7.

    Our designer panel participating in the Belgian leg of project is equally impressive, and includes designer Bruno Pieters together with Droog, 2 Many DJs, Linda Loppa, Inge Grognard and Marcel Wanders. If you do go down to Fish and Chips, take the amusing shortcut in the form of a slide chute from the ground floor to the basement.

    Don't forget London is still running until the end of this month, and Berlin in next on the list, starting October 17.

  4. by Penny Martin .

    And so it all begins (again)

    The fashion press may have its eye on New York (the lighting rig crashing down on top of you at Diane Von Fursternberg's show on Sunday would tend to grab your attention!), but things are starting up in London already. SHOW contributor Ebru Ercon stages her off-schedule presentation today, a full five days before London Fashion Week starts. Laura and I are popping down for a look later.

    Interestingly, instead of the classic runway show, Ebru will also showcase her collection live on the web next Monday (we approve!), in collaboration with perhaps the finest catwalk photographer, Chris Moore. At 9am on the 19th, make a brew, put your feet up, log on to Moore's site and avoid the queues, waiting, pushing and bitching that must be endured when attending in person.

  5. by Christabel Stewart .

    Vogue Balls

    The microscope of forum opinion has turned its attention briefly to our offshoot 'Sideshow Bob' project Transmissions this week. Additional biographical and factual information has been added about assume vivid astro focus today, which should shed extra light on the artist. However, it may be that until more of the clips are posted the full joy of cheapcream will be shrouded in my obfuscating words. I'm pleased to see one forum-goer recognises potential sources for avaf's use of the phrase 'butch realness'. I can't verify the figure in the Ladytron crowd without checking, but as a category in the NYC vogueing balls (the subject of forthcoming footage,) it does indeed all relate.

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    Nothing with a face

    Pete Orrey, who is organising next week's auction at Oxfam's end, has just been in touch to let us know that some of the donations to the sale contravene company policy. Jung-Won Vark's 'Semen Wiper' shirt (Lot 19) violates their policy on selling soiled items (really, what did you expect, Jung-Won?!). The Yves Saint Laurent skirt with fur trim (Lot 69), the blue patent leather boots with blue fur trim by Gucci (Lot 95) and the snakeskin bag by Christain Lacroix (Lot 93.3) meanwhile, are all unacceptable because, understandably, Oxfam aren't that big on fur.

    These items will still be sold in aid of charity, but not via the Oxfam section of eBay. All garments in our Auction section of the Bring & Buy section of the project will have direct links to the eBay entry when the sale goes live on Sunday night, so you will still be able to access the items and shock 'em all with your controversial, new 'organic' booty! You'd better be quick, though: we've had word that a prestigious American fashion collection is posed to bag some of the loot.

  7. by Ross Phillips .

    New Entries

    Another crop of videos have been added to the London entries in our AMAZE ME project. I'd recommend searching out the one above. Paul Bruty asked me to let you know that Italian and German have been added to the list of available languages, allora vai a vederlo!

  8. by Penny Martin .

    Peter's Pod

    After visiting Ebru's presentation last night (which turned out to double up as a look book shoot for her very desirable summer linen/denim-cross garments that will be unleashed on on Monday morning), I joined the 'friends of Peter Jensen' to witness the Danish designer's participation in the VH1 Fashion Showcase event aboard the London Eye ferris wheel. Peter, along with designers including Vivenne Westwood, Preen and Eley Kishimoto, was given a pod to decorate and then invite friends and colleagues (along with an industry and celebrity audience) to join him on an hour-long 'fashion cruise' of the London skyline inside his creation. Luckily for us, the photographer Robert Wyatt was among our party and agreed to share the view from the pod with this beautiful panoramic shot. The keen-sighted among you may have noticed that Peter's installation was executed by the talented Andy Hillman, who also created our Oxfam window display.

  9. by Penny Martin .

    Best in SHOW

    The run up to Fashion Week is an ecologist's nightmare; tons and tons of quality paper coming in the door, advertising events, catwalk shows and parties sporting the latest die-cut, foil-blocked, laser-cut and spot-varnish graphic design flourishes. Credit is due to Jessica Ogden, then, for not only the most beautiful invite we have seen yet, but also for 'customising' what was already to hand - book four of F. H Pritchard's 'At Home And Abroad'- with her striking, early Modernist graphics.

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    Only Two Days To Go!!


    You've been familiarising yourself with the 180+ fantastic donations to the Bring & Buy project for over six weeks now since the live shoot, both through the AUCTION section of the project and via Nick Knight's shots in the current issue of i-D. Your chance to bag them is only 49 hours and 17 minutes away!

    At eight o'clock UK time this Sunday night, the auction will go live on Oxfam's designated shop section of the eBay site. The sale will run for exactly one week, throughout which we will be keeping you updated with the prices of lots via the SHOWstudio BLOG.

    There is no reserve on any of the items, so this is a genuine opportunity to own: Björk's swan dress, Patti Smith's customised T-shirt, Yoko Ono's signed sunglasses, genuine BLUR memorabilia, items from Tom Ford's last collection for Gucci, Tilda Swinton's Viktor & Rolf gown that she wore to Cannes, Dita Von Teese's seamed (worn!) stockings and countless other one-off archive items that will delight fashion collectors and fans alike. Go get those bargains, viewers!!

  11. by Penny Martin .

    Sow This Season

    Like the slave employed to sit behind the Roman Emperor on his Imperial processions and whisper in his ear 'remember, you are mortal', some elements of London Fashion Week (which started today) prevent you from getting carried away with the sheer fabulousness of it all. Such as sitting behind an animatronic pig that has been 'sent' by Pop magazine to report on the collections. Most of the surrounding press at Julien Macdonald's show this morning, however, appeared too diverted by the free champagne -at 11am, people- the canary yellow gowns, bulging Swarovski-encrusted Speedos and mandatory fur protesters (on a fur-free runway?) to take much notice of Miss Piggy, sat on the front row, warning them that their work might equally be done by a celebrity muppet.

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    Swan Flies High on Day One

    Only twenty fours hours after the auction start, the highest bid on Björk's swan dress stands at £4300 ($7700) which is as amazing as the dress itself! For those on a more modest budget there are still plenty of bargains –McQueen, Boudicca, YSL, Margiela, Blur– all cheap as chips (or should that be frites?).

  13. by Christabel Stewart .

    24 Short Videos

    Without trying to steal cheapcream's fire, Transmission's latest addition is a bumper set of 24 short, looped videos by (avaf recommended artist film-maker) Paul, Marc & Raymond that documents the recent Rirkrit Tirivanija 'Retrospective' at London's Serpentine Gallery in August. The multiple views provide a sense of the many ways that this exhibition could be encountered, and show how the audience that inhabited and altered it became its most important element. Next up will be a few more avaf films, but in the meantime there are frying sausages and jokes in the telling to soak up.

  14. by Penny Martin .

    London Fashion Week, Looking Up

    There is one thing you can say for London Fashion Week, it has some choice venues. Take Sunday night's excursion into the dark and opulent world of the Freemason's Hall for Giles' immaculate show of 60s couture shapes revised with an almost Aesthetic Movement hand. So rarely is the building open to the female half of the public, that there was no official ladies' toilet (so where do the Eastern Star go?). Earlier today (well, now yesterday), designers at Aquascutum, Graeme Fidler and Michael Hertz, showed their second collection for the British institution at the spectacular, early seventeenth century Banqueting House, built by the genius Neo-Palladian architect, Inigo Jones. Above our heads was this marvellous contrast of the minimalist, helium-filled balloons required to light a space in which you are allowed to attach no fixings against Ruben's landmark, propagandist ceiling cycle. A brilliant paradigm for the collection itself: a beautiful re-working of all the staple elements of the Aquascutum lexicon (checked linings, trench-coats, light cottons), all envigorated with modern touches (puckered or exposed seams, panelled belts remininscent of underwear, daring cutting). Watch two brands using their London connections to think internationally.

  15. by Penny Martin .

    On|Off Symposium

    Dashing off to speak at the On|Off 'London as a Fashion Capital' symposium at The Royal Academy this afternoon, on a panel convened by the cultural studies writer Angela McRobbie and featuring SHOW contributor Zowie Broach from BOUDICCA, among others. It's difficult to switch gears when in shows mode, to distance yourself from the specificity of individual designers and think about the overarching meaning and direction of it all! If you are attending, though, introduce yourself! It's no good writing to us afterwards and saying you were there...

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