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    palmer//harding A/W 14 film
    Watch the film exclusively on SHOWstudio

    We are pleased to present palmer//harding's A/W 2014 film! For their A/W 2014 collection, shirt doyens Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding set out to contrast the perceived formality of the garment by injecting the ease of a t-shirt. This concept of movement and comfort is brought to life in a short film, shot by Cecilie Harris, and stars Anders Hayward whom not only models the collection but choreographed his own mesmerisingly fluid movements.

    Watch the film now!

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    Revisit the Nasir Mazhar and Christopher Shannon live panels now!
    On demand footage is now available

    Our final live panels from London Collections: Men were Christopher Shannon and Nasir Mazhar. Both are key names on the London menswear schedule with respective cult followings and whilst their aesthetics do differ, both designers collections conjured up exciting debates of the role of sportswear, Internet culture and the importance of staying true to your roots. 

    Chaired by Daryoush Haj-Najafi a breadth of exciting individuals within the industry shared their opinions, including stylist Soki Mak, journalist Katie Baron, Adidas' creative consultant Gary Aspden and deisgner Henry Holland

    Delve into the absorbing discussions any time you like with on demand footage now available. 


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    Hormazd Narielwalla collages available from SHOWstudio Shop
    Browse these beautiful artworks now

    To coincide with menswear collections, SHOWstudio Shop is delighted to be able to make artworks by Hormazd Narielwalla available for sale. Narielwalla uses bespoke tailoring patterns from a variety of sources to create these intricate collages. Reading each pattern's web of lines, dots and numbers as complex traces of the human body, Narielwalla is heavily influenced by cubism and abstraction.

    The works at SHOWstudio are composed from the tailoring patterns featured in Le Petit Echo de la Mode, a popular domestic fashion magazine published in Paris between 1897 and 1983.  For efficiency’s sake, the publication layered life-sized templates of entire garments onto a single sheet of paper. Predating Futurism and prefiguring Cubism, these patterns abstracted the body to a degree more radical and precise than the highest aspirations of the 1912 manifetso Du Cubisme. It is the precise relationship of these patterns to their human counterpart that so fascinates Narielwalla and forms the fundamental basis of his work.

    Discover these unique artworks now.


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    J.W. Anderson and Alexander McQueen panels now available!
    Revisit our L:CM live panel discussions

    If you missed this weeks live discussion panels on the Alexander McQueen and J.W. Anderson shows, or simply want to go over the finer points again, you can now watch them on demand.

    The absorbing debate on McQueen covered the legacy of the design house, the idea of darkness as a selling point and the idea of recession proof luxury. Listen as these topics and more are discussed by our expert panelists including photographer Jez Tozer and McQueen's previous DJ Jeffrey Hinton, with this being the first show Hinton has seen since Lee McQueen's passing. 

    For our J.W. Anderson live panel chairperson Daryoush Haj-Najafi was joined by Hettie JudahMatthew HensonDan Thawley and Maarten van der Horst. Watch the panel discussion on demand now to hear our guests debate what makes the designer so sucsessful, his domesticated aesthetic and the ideas around adrogony as a marketing tool. 

    Join in the debate and watch the on demand footage now!

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    New Jowy Maasdamme Illustration
    Featuring in our Margiela exhibition!

    Jowy Maasdamme has given us a beautiful new illustration for our current Maison Martin Margiela exhibition! The exhibition is centred around memory and the pivotal role of scent in triggering reminiscence and this drawing is inspired by one of the house's Replica perfumes. Maasdamme used charcoal, graphite and ink to capture this incredible image and is offering it for sale through SHOWstudio Shop. Make sure you visit us at 19 Motcomb Street in London to see this brand new addition to the exhibition.

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    Exclusive Marie Schuller fashion film launching tomorrow

    We are thrilled to be commencing Pitti Uomo with a new film from our own Marie Schuller!

    Pitti Uomo's A/W 14 guest womenswear designer Barbara Casasola collaborates with SHOWstudio and cult muse Jamie Bochert on a series of film pieces to compliment her 'Menswear for Women' capsule collection. Schuller produced sixteen looping mini films to be projected around Casasola's presentation in Florence, as well as one beautiful fashion film, which can be viewed exclusively on SHOWstudio.

    The projections and film channel the intimate aesesthic of screen tests, and focus not on showing off Casasola's clothes but rather on capturing the independent spirit and playful attitude of celebrated model Bochert, who is the perfect example of the independent Barbara Casasola woman. Many of the projections explore nudity or the naked body getting dressed, offering a sensual nod to Casasola's obsession with the unclothed female form when designing.

    Tune in tomorrow when we will be launching this captivating piece!

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    It's Artaksiniya's final day illustrating LC:M
    See Artaksiniya's stunning L:CM artworks

    Over the past three days, our LC:M illustrator Artaksaniya has been drawing her heart out covering key looks from the shows. So far the Moscow-based artist has covered Astrid Anderson in her beautifully expressive style, stay tuned on Tumblr for her take on Bobby Abley's cartoonish collection, McQueen momochrome, Agi and Sam's much buzzed about show and more! Check out her work now on Tumblr or head over to the Collections page to see it in context. 


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    Tweet us your questions using #askSHOWstudio

    Here at SHOWstudio we're into democratising and demystifying the fashion process. That's why this season we've decided to give you the opportunity to have your questions answered by the amazing fashion experts on our panels, such as stylist Soki Mak, journalist Katie Baron or designer Henry Holland. Or perhaps you want engage Daryoush Haj-Najafi in a friendly debate. It's a fantastic way to access some of the busiest people in fashion, and your questions could be answered live on our panel discussions.

    Get your questions in for today's live panel discussions starting with Christopher Shannon at 17:00 GMT or Nasir Mazhar at 19:15 GMT. Simply tweet us your questions using the hashtag #askSHOWstudio!


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    LC:M Panels Day Three: Christopher Shannon and Nasir Mazhar

    Today we're rounding off our coverage of LC:M with what are sure to be two brilliant panels, chock-a-block with exceptional panelists. The first at 17.00 GMT will be on the subject of the Christopher Shannon show, and will feature on the panel creative consultants Mimma Viglezio and Gary Aspden as well as designers Patrick Grant and Henry Holland

    Next at 19.15 GMT journalist Katie Baron, stylist Soki Mak, and once again Gary Aspden will be unpicking Nasir Mazhar's collection. Both panels, of course will also feature our resident chair Daryoush Haj-Najafi! Be sure to tune in for these in for these in-depth discussions!

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    It's Danielle Neu's final day on Tumblr!

    It's been a week since artist Danielle Neu took control of the SHOWstudio Tumblr, and in that time she has collated a brilliant collection of leather-clad references, from the Hells Angels to The Cramps. Highlights of Neu's takeover included an entire day of the cut-and-paste imagery of gay sex-symbol Peter Berlin, stills from cult exploitation films and hypnotic gifs of Arthur Brown. Head over to our Tumblr to see what she's got in store for her final day!

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    LC:M Panels Day Two - J.W. Anderson and Alexander McQueen

    It's day two of LC:M and over here at SHOWstudio we are covering arguably a couple of the most anticipated shows of today with our live panels!

    First up is J.W. Anderson at 09:45 GMT, set to be an absorbing discussion between acclaimed writer Hettie Judah, Fashion Editor of Complex Media, Matthew Henson, designer Maarten van der Horst and editor-in-chief of A Magazine Curated By Dan Thawley.  

    Be sure to re-join our panelist chair of the season, Daryoush Haj-Najafi, at 17:00 GMT who will be leading a live discussion on the Alexander McQueen A/W 14 show with photographer Jez Tozer, DJ legend and curator Jeffrey Hinton, writer Dal Chodha and The Independent writer Rebecca Gonsalves


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    Kilgour: The relaunch

    Collaborators of old Carlo Brandelli and Nick Knight have teamed up on a new fashion film to celebrate the former's return to Savile Row's Kilgour. The modern and minimalist film is inspired by Brandelli's design approach, as well as his passions and preoccupations, from architectural installation to the original concept of bespoke. The glass set symbolises the theme of reflection, suggesting contemplation and consideration of artist references, as well as highlighting Brandelli's skill with silhouette.

    Take a look at the fashion film now!

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    Our LC:M illustrator is Artaksiniya!

    Introducing our new illustrator for LC:M A/W 13; Artaksiniya is a Moscow-based artist and illustrator with a special interest in fashion illustration. She will be producing one off illustrations based on key looks from the collections in her signature haunting style, her considered and conceptual approach the result of six years study in journalim and literature. 

    Artaksiniya is already off to a dynamic start with her bold take on the Astrid Andersen show. 'My credo is to have no limits in my work' the artist explains, 'I want people to be delighted by seeing things from my point of view'. Stay tuned for more stunning drawings, as Artaksiniya covers the rest of the shows. 

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    Our new menswear panel chair is Daryoush Haj-Najafi!

    We're thrilled to have freelance writer and editor Daryoush Haj-Najafi chairing our menswear panels this season, filling the illustrious shoes of Colin McDowell and of course Showstudio's editor Lou Stoppard. Daryoush kicked off today with the first panel of the season, leading Soki Mac, Dean Kissick, Chris Sutton and Tremaine Emory in an absorbing discussion on the subject of Astrid Anderson's A/W 14 collection, touching on themes of sportwear, luxury and tribes. 

    Previously employed at The Face, Pop and most recently VICE UK as Fashion Editor and Style Editor, Daryoush has written for publications including AnotherMan, Arena Homme Plus, GQ Style, Dazed & Confused, Fantastic Man, i-D and The New York Times. He'll be back in the studio bright and early tomorrow at 9.45 GMT to chair the J.W. Anderson panel, be sure to tune in!

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    First Panel of the menswear season - Astrid Andersen at 12:00 GMT

    Tune in today at 12:00 GMT for our first live panel of the menswear A/W 2014 season, as our expert panel reviews the Astrid Andersen collection. Esteemed journalist Daryoush Haj-Najafi will be chairing the discussion with fashion consultant Tremaine Emory, stylist Soki Mak, i-D's Dean Kissick and designer Chris Sutton

    Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 7 January 2014, to hear our expert panelists review the J.W.Anderson show at 09:45 GMT and the Alexander McQueen show at 17:00 GMT.

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