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    On demand Sinking the Pink footage is now live!

    Just before Christmas, Nick Knight, Alister Mackie and Katie England came together to create Sinking the Pink, a crazily colourful shoot starring boys, girls and drag queens scouted at the East End's infamous Sink The Pink nights. Each subject in this homage to club kids had their portrait taken with an aesthetic inspired by sixties portraiture, but injected with Knight's tech-loving twist. They were dressed up to the nines in a mixture of their own clothes, contempory design from the likes of Craig Green and Raf Simons and items from the clubland archive. The entire shoot was streamed live, but if you missed it you can now watch it on demand! The editorial will be published in AnOther Man's London issue, out later this year - in the mean time watch the footage to see how the shoot developed.

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    It's day two of Danielle Neu's Tumblr curation!

    The latest Tumblr curation, a leather-centric exploration by artist Danielle Neu is into its second day. Packed with visual references from The Beatles early rough-around-the-edges aesthetic to stills from British kitchen sink dramas, alongside documentary snaps and portraits by the likes of Bill Ray, Danny Lyon and Karlheinz Weinberger, the curation gathers together a perfect picture of youth, rebellion and freedom. Follow the SHOWstudio to see what Neu unearths over the rest of her week-long Tumblr takeover!

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    Artist Danielle Neu curates the SHOWstudio Tumblr
    1 - 7 January 2014

    For the first week of every month SHOWstudio hands over the reigns of its Tumblr to one of our brilliant contributors, giving them complete freedom to post whatever they want, whether images, videos or pictures. Previous guest curators include stylists Anna Trevelyan and Simon Foxton, model Liberty Ross and artist Rei Nadal.

    To ring in 2014, we've handed the page over to LA-based artist Danielle Neu. Neu will be using the page to explore one of fashion's favourite staples, the black leather jacket. Drawing on her research background - she worked on the Met's acclaimed Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition - she will post everything from vintage imagery to text and film clips, tracking the ideas and preconceptions associated with the jacket. Speaking on her curation she explains:

    Hey, Johnny, What are you rebelling against?

    He taps out a solid beat on the top of the jukebox, and spits out,

    Whaddaya got?

    The Wild One (1953)

    My piece is about the leather jacket; a uniform, for every kin and group that has ever wanted to construct their own law. An emblem of rebellion made out of black leather, it fades into the background to levitate the heavy chains, embroidered patches, and flamboyant attitude of freedom. It is the symbolic cloak of the American ideal: of going westward, toward something else, further.  Running through the night into the grand openness.  

    The pull of not knowing where, going far is alright.

    Check back from 1 January to see her curation unfold. Happy New Year!

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    Finally with my blast of internet rappers, ECCO2K. HE IS INCREDIBLE

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    Glass Popcorn

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    Amazingly, Glasspopcorn, at the tender age of 14 has acived more in the rap world than many twice his age. Dubbed the Justin Beiber of the art world, Glasspopcorn has already had a show in PS1 in Brooklyn. He is another one to watch out for in the coming year.

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    Yung Lean - Sad Boys

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    Yung Lean, from Stockholm and his crew, Sad Boys have all become famous through the internet. His new aesthetic excting and fresh. Look out for him during 2014

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    Happy Christmas - The J.W. Anderson Design Download is here!

    It's the moment you've all been waiting for - besides the presents, the turkey and the Queen's speech obviously! The J.W Anderson Design Download is live and ready to interpret in your choice of fabric and colour! Once you've downloaded the patterns and constructed your own J-Dubs look, be sure to enter the competition for the chance to feature in our gallery of submissions! Simply submit images of your creation to SHOWstudio via Twitter (@SHOWstudio #DesignDownload) and/or email ( Download the pattern now. Merry Christmas and happy stitching! 

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    New Isabella Blow essays by Lou Stoppard and P.M Dixon!

    We're adding two insightful essays to our Isabella Blow series to go alongside others by the likes of Alex Fury and Katharine Zarella. The first essay by SHOWstudio's own Lou Stoppard delves into the idea of the English eccentric, and the romantic perception of its connection with creative genius. Stoppard examines elements of British madness from Noel Coward to some of Alexander McQueen's more controversial shows, drawing together an amusing picture of this nation of quirks and perversions.

    The second essay by P.M Dixon celebrates Blow's role as a nurturer, showing the ways in which this intrinsic trait went hand in hand with her ability to discover and promote talent. 'What is important is that this impulse to nurture was as much a part of her as was her celebrated eye for beauty. It was a characteristic from which creative minds benefitted significantly.'

    Read these wonderful pieces of writing, and if you haven't yet, check out the others in the series!

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    Greg Kadel's new Punk film!

    We are very pleased to bring you the next punk film with in our series from acclaimed photographer and filmmaker, Greg Kadel! Titled Sex Dress, the film inspiration from iconic model Natasa Vojnovic, who stars in the film wearing a dress created by stylist Bill Mullen, available exclusively in our SHOWstudio Shop. This short film brings the garment to new punk heights through Kadel's consideration for colour and composition, with the perfect juxtaposition of soft lighting versus harsh, quick cuts. From the close ups on Vojnovic smoking a cigarette to tight crops of safety pins penetrating her fishnet hold-ups, the footage echoes home video tapes - a seductive piece indeed! Speaking on the film Kadel explains, 'Natasa is as punk as it gets for me.  She was the inspiration for our film.  And Bill Mullen was the perfect person to create a punk design that embodies her spirit.'

    Join us in 2014 for more filmic explorations of punk and enjoy Kadel's piece and past contributions over the festive period! 

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    Always & Forever makes its next mark

    On the 30 and 31 November 2013 we live streamed Always & Forever, a very exciting shoot which saw Nick Knight photograph the likes of Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss for Garage magazine with the rebellious roots of body art as focal inspiration. However, the vision didn't stop there, and nor did the exploration of tattoos… Over the weekend, the SHOWstudio team visited the studio of acclaimed tattooist Maxime Buchi who took the first steps towards making this fashion editorial permanent! 

    Buchi was given an image from the shoot of Georgia May Jagger in an incredible Patrick Ian Hartley PVC neck piece to interpret directly onto flesh, the willing body of Chris Sutton

    Make sure you stay tuned to watch footage of Buchi's process and how he re-imagined Knight's photograph. In anticipation, check out our un-cut footage from the Always & Forever live shoot to start picturing which model in which look will be transformed onto skin next! 

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    Elena Crehan - CSM Graduate

    LOVE these jumpers by young designer Elena Crehan! They are incredible mix of lace and fur. Wish i could get my hands on for christmas but alas they are nowhere to be found! This is the second time this week these incredible garments have graced the SHOWstudio Blog, as they were used in the Sinking The Pink shoot on Friday. I cannot wait to see what Crehan goes on to create, as she is evidently an incredible designer.

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    Our 'Sinking the Pink' shoot is complete!

    We've had a riotous time here at SHOWstudio today! Nick Knight's been shooting all of East London's coolest clubkids, who were scouted at the infamous Sink the Pink nights. The boys, girls and drag queens were dressed in fabulous fashion by Katy England and Alister Mackie, including pieces by London favourites Craig Green and J.W. Anderson. The shoot is now complete, but stay tuned for more content coming soon to Sinking the Pink!

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    Watch Sinking the Pink live!

    The studio is like a tin of sardines this morning, full to the brim with club kids in all their finery, three fashion visionaries and numerous hard-working cogs of the photoshoot machine! Nick Knight is teaming up with Alister Mackie and Katie England to celebrate the new wave of club kids for AnOther Man magazine. The beautiful boys, girls and drag queens spotted at the East End's infamous Sink The Pink nights are all here to have their portraits shot by Knight, who today is marrying the inspiration of traditional portraiture with the haphazard, psychedelic aesthetics of today's selfie-loving clubbers. 

    Tune in to our live cam to watch every step of the amazing shoot live!

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