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    'Cameron' by Liz Collins

    The second installment of our MOVING FASHION series is from fashion photographer Liz Collins. Her beautiful, balloon-popping, thirty second response offers another pleasing take on a garment in motion. This film, along with those by four other SHOWstudio contributors, will be re-screened in the weekend review on 22nd and 23rd October.

  2. by Paul Bruty .

    Penny For 'em

    The Forum regulars amongst you can now channel your critical energy into our new MOVING FASHION forum and, who knows, you might gain feedback from one of our star-studded film makers. Indeed, everyone's invited to discuss, review or respond to today's film.
    If you aren't already, you will need to register with us before you can take part. If you are, enter the project and scroll down untill you see the Forum link.

  3. by Penny Martin .

    Lovely Rita and a colourful day

    I found the wonderful artist Rita Ackermann yesterday, waiting outside the TOKION conference for her friend from Gang Gang Dance. Why, we could have staged a piece of content for Transmissions while we were there, had Christabel been in New York! It was the start of a pretty stellar day: artist Richard Prince gave his first public talk since 1986 and this was followed by the glorious sight of photographers William Eggleston and Stephen Shore reminiscing about their transition from black and white to colour at the end of the 1960s, who else was doing it and why it mattered so much. It felt momentous. Antony and the Johnsons finished the day with a colour-visualising sing-along. What more could you ask for? Well done TOKION!

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    Fashion Rocks

    Tonight at Swarovski Fashion Rocks 2005 for The Prince's Trust, fashion designers including Prada, Burberry and SHOWstudio contributors such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Viktor & Rolf will showcase their designs against live performances from artists including Skin, Blondie, Kasabian and The Kills. The event, nearly as spectacular as Nick Knight's specially commissioned images of Liberty Ross (one of which above), will be held at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco and broadcast on Channel Four television at 23:10 this Saturday, 22nd October.

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    'Turn' by Arthur Elgort

    Today's cinematic addition to MOVING FASHION arrives, with aplomb, courtesy of American photographer partly responsible for the 'plein air' aesthetic dominating the 1980s, Arthur Elgort. His photographic study of students at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, a clear head-start when dealing with the subject at hand.

  6. by Penny Martin .

    Fantastic Man II

    The launch party for the second issue of Fantastic Man was held at Black Frame last night and it was great to see what all the fuss is about. At first sight, the magazine has the feel of a grown-up men's title from the late 70s: something Norman Mailer and Charles Bukowski might have contributed to...were the tone not so devastatingly camp. The writing doesn't take itself too seriously and the photographers (Viviane Sassen, Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm (really excelling themselves), Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Jason Evans) are all well-chosen. The particular masculinity depicted is quite complex and interesting, without relentlessly pastiching the classic menswear photographers, which is so very, very rare. The trick, I believe, is the paper stock. It lends that nostalgic, faded tone, allowing the content to be mercifully free of retro. Find yourself a copy. I think you'll find it's very good.

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    'What's in Vogue?' by Tim Walker

    Life imitates art! The only thing fashionable publications can offer you that SHOWstudio can't is the fragrance strips. Oh, and Tim Walker's fantastical take on Trompe L'Oeil!

  8. by Paul Bruty .

    Bernhard's Slippers

    On the 26th September our BRING & BUY project came to a dramatic conclusion with a flurry of last minute eBay bids, raising nearly £19K for Oxfam. Each winning item has since been despatched to its respective new owner with the following request:

    To now complete the story of these clothes, we ask that you send a picture of yourself wearing or in possession of the garment, to be published on the SHOWstudio website. Please include your name and location.

    e-Mail your pictures to:

    Or post them to (but we cannot return your prints):

    Bring and Buy Pictures
    25-31 Ironmonger Row
    EC1V 3QN
    United Kingdom

    Our first piece of garment-closure arrived this morning. Thanks to Zarah from London, pictured here with her faithful friend Lucy, who managed to outbid six other Bernhard Willhelm fans into his crocheted slippers. Nice work!

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    'Lips' by David Bailey

    We kick-start the second week of MOVING FASHION with an impressive contribution from the highly acclaimed fashion photographer, David Bailey, featuring the beautiful Catherine Bailey as his subject.

  10. by Penny Martin .

    Customer Service - read it and weep!!

    It seems the team at Oxfam are doing a great job with the dispatch of clothing from the Bring & Buy project as they've received 100% positive eBay feedback. Not bad for a bunch of customised, spray-painted and distressed hand-me-downs!! Honestly, some of the testimonies would bring a tear to a glass eye!

    Not only that, we are starting to receive some of the 'customer's own' photographs to complete the cycle. Have a read of this message from Makoto, the proud (new) owner of a red, cord jacket, splashed with blue paint (Lot 105).

    Hello !!

    I sent this e-mail from japan.
    I won the Levis jacket donated by nick knight on ebay from japana.
    Then I revceived the jacket a week ago.
    I relly loved the jacket.
    I took the photo wearing on it by myself.
    So I sent this photo to you.
    I bided some other items on ebay.
    But I couldn`t won any other items.

    I really love nick kight artwork & SHOW STUDIO-web site !!

    Thank & Kind Regards from japan///

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    Lily Cole scaling new heights!

    She may spend most of her year holding a pose for the world's greatest fashion photographers, but our Lily Cole's no slouch when it comes to her summer holidays. This year's was spent in Botswana climbing mountains (literally!) in aid of SHOWstudio's Moving Fashion project. Click here to watch that girl go!


    1. vivienne
      15:14 12 Sep 2006
      I like her!
  12. by Paul Hetherington .

    Berlin begins

    Installed in the shadow of the Fernsehturm –the 1960s communist television tower– the AMAZE ME project reached Berlin last week. A stone's throw from Alexanderplatz, located in the empty ground floor space of uber-cool Mitte clothes store The Apartment, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we had the entire space to ourselves. Unsigned and totally invisible at street level, a small spiral staircase leads those in the know down to a secret plush basement, stocking Raf Simons and Bernhard Willhelm, among others.

    The proprietor Christof was more than happy to let us take over, and brand the exterior with our AMAZE ME graphics. A very interesting contrast to London, where retail space rents would not even allow such a store of this size, and the idea of giving over the entire ground floor to exhibitions is unimaginable.

  13. by Penny Martin .

    Press Days

    It's that time of year again: everyone's got their gear back at their showrooms from the shows so that the press can come in and plan their Spring/Summer '05-06 editorial. The last time I saw this colour combo (see Burberry's fabulous florida yellow straw hat and miami green driving gloves above) it was onboard Elvis Presley's private jet the Lisa Marie! Docked at Gracelands, I should add... All part of Christopher Bailey's new safari-inspired collection.

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