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    Ozabu is our couture A/W 15 illustrator!

    Haute couture Autumn/Winter 2015 approaches and our extensive coverage of the shows continues!

    We are delighted to announce that self-taught artist Ozabu will be illustrating and interpreting a some of the most exciting couture collections. Working largely in pencil and graphite, Ozabu’s unique, ghostly world is inspired by the culture, mythology and the essence of Japan where she grew up. 

    While you wait for Ozabu's first couture illustration, look back at the artworks from Menswear S/S 16 on our Tumblr and shop them at SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A now!

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    Subjective: Naomi Campbell on Nick Knight

    Watch the latest instalment of our ongoing Subjective series, in which Nick Knight reflects on the history of fashion photography from the perspective of the models. This week he speaks to British supermodel Naomi Campbell about collaborating on ‘Untitled’, a Political Fashion film tackling the taboo subject of racism in the fashion industry.

    Campbell sat down with Knight to candidly discuss racism in casting (‘We are not a trend - I didn’t work 28 years for it to be a trend’), the powerful nature of the film - ‘I loved how you stood up for us, how you told the truth because many don’t’ - and her working relationship with Knight: ‘It’s not your normal 9 to 5 photoshoot - it’s always something different, it’s always something creative, it’s always something new and innovative that we’ve never done before’. 

    Watch the exclusive interview now and don’t forget to browse the ever-growing Subjective archive!

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    Coming up: couture coverage

    Menswear might be over but haute couture A/W 15 has arrived!

    Our live panel discussions return on Monday 6 July when we'll be pondering Christian Dior and Schiaparelli. On Wednesday 8th July, we'll be unpicking Maison Margiela and the hotly anticipated debut Fendi couture show.  

    As well as our signature live panels we will also be posting show reports, catwalk images and a selection of curated social media. Follow here

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    Live shoot with Nick Knight, Amanda Harlech and Molly Bair

    Inspired by the image of a blackened sunflower head, Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech unite on a live shoot featuring model-of-the-moment Molly Bair in a selection of Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garcons. Entitled Amor, the project explores the parallels between creativity and love - both all-encompasing, yet transient. Tune in and watch the shoot unfold live from the studio on Sunday 27 June and Monday 28 June from 11:00 BST! 

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    Transformative: Val Garland on Gareth Pugh and Ruth Hogben

    Our Transformative series returns! This running series of exclusive interviews with stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers continues as influential makeup artist Val Garland shares her experiences of working with designer Gareth Pugh, filmmaker Ruth Hogben and M.A.C cosmetics. 

    Recalling Hogben’s fashion film to celebrate M.A.C’s collaboration with Pugh, Garland sat down with Nick Knight to discuss the difference between doing makeup for still images and films: ‘With photography, you have more time to make sure that what’s on your canvas is perfect from that angle- there’s more work involved for film because it’s got to look good from every angle, even the back.’ 

    Garland also talks about creative freedom- ‘Gareth said do what you want and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear’- and capturing Pugh’s distinctive aesthetic through the medium of makeup: ‘It’s mysterious, it’s quite gothic and dark, like Gareth, so I think it was a good collaboration.’ 

    Watch the interview now and don’t forget to revisit Garland in conversation with Terry Barber and SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard to hear the trio discuss Alexander McQueen show makeup as part of the 'V&A Connects' series. 

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    Subjective: Karen Elson on Mert & Marcus

    Our model interview series, Subjective, is back! This week, Karen Elson reminisces about working with dynamic photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and stylist Katie Grand on a daring editorial shoot for POP magazine’s Spring/Summer 2005 issue. 

    The British supermodel sat down with Nick Knight to candidly discuss the image’s nudity (‘I was like oh shit, I’m naked in Ibiza, people are beeping their horns- it was just such a spectacle’), the perils of over-production- ‘You can’t take away spontaneity from a photograph’- and the excitement of posing for Mert & Marcus: ‘As a model, sometimes knowing less is best- you’re thrown into it and it’s like an instinctual reaction happens.’

    Watch the exclusive interview now and don’t forget to browse the ever-growing Subjective archive!

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    Richard Kilroy is our Paris menswear S/S 16 illustrator

    Our coverage of Spring/Summer 2016 menswear continues, and we are excited to announce that illustrator Richard Kilroy will be interpreting the key collections from Paris! 

    In the meantime, take a look back at Joshua Osborn’s eye-catching illustrations of the most salient collections from Milan or Clément Louis’ striking artworks interpreting the LC:M S/S 16 shows. All are available to peruse on Tumblr and shop at SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A

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    In Conversation: V&A Connects with M.A.C.

    In a new addition to our In Conversation interview project, make-up artists Val Garland and Terry Barber sat down with Lou Stoppard to discuss Alexander McQueen as part of the 'V&A Connects' series.

    'Lee wanted his woman to be different… it was the other side of aspirational beauty' says Barber of McQueen's unconventional aesthetic. The pair reminisce about their involvement in some of the late designer's most celebrated shows, from Voss ('It was botox beauty') to No 13 ('The only time I saw Lee cry'). Garland summarises: 'He gave me some of the most fantastic moments in my career that will always live with me. Wasn’t I lucky to be a part of it?'

    Watch the complete conversation now and don't forget to revsit our Unseen McQueen project for more insights from McQueen's closest collaborators.

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    V&A Connects with M.A.C

    Last night SHOWstudio had the pleasure of attending V&A Connects with M.A.C. Make-up artists Val Garland and Terry Barber sat down with our own Lou Stoppard to dicuss creating some of Alexander McQueen's most iconic looks, from the 'botox beauty' of Voss to the macabre clowns of What a Merry Go Round. Stay tuned for complete footage of the panel and audience Q&A, coming soon to SHOWstudio! 

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    County of Milan: A fashion film by Marcelo Burlon

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    SHOWstudio presents a new fashion film created by Marcelo Burlon for his brand County of Milan. Released in tandem with the A/W 15 collection, the film is a celebration of bravery and passion.

    The collection plays with the esoteric dualism between the black and the red, inspired by gauchos from Burlon’s homeland, Patagonia. ‘Its core mood is a contemporary reinterpretation of gaucho apparel with a hint of intergalactic futurism - a space gaucho’ Burlon explains. The concept of the film is ignited by legendary dancer and choreographer, Maurice Bejart's 1961 Ravel Boero, which too used black and red as a leitmotif, yet the feeling differs completely. 

    Directed by Daniel Sannwald, alongside creative director Heiko Keinath and with make-up by Isamaya Ffrench, the idea is brought to life by dancers Louis McMiller, Kukiko Takase and Karen Bengo.

    Watch County of Milan’s film exclusively on SHOWstudio!

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    Marques'Almeida S/S 15 competition winner announced!

    SHOWstudio is excited to announce Ronan Mckenzie as the winner of our Marques’Almeida S/S 15 campaign competition!

    Mckenzie was born and raised in Walthamstow, North East London. The twenty year old stylist and photographer’s work is based around her local London, inspired by interesting clothes and people that capture a certain nonchalance.

    Mckenzie’s submission consisted of a playful short film and stills shot on an old JVC tape recorder, which was then plugged into a TV and filmed again on her iPhone. From the exuberant performances of models Jessie Keegan and Ellen Rose Christophers to the nostalgic filming process, the film captures Marques’Almeida’s undone aesthetic perfectly.

    Explore the piece now and look back through the rest of the submissions alongside Marques'Almeida's S/S 15 effortless campaign.

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    Our Voicemail interviews are back!

    Our Voicemail interviews are back for S/S 16! In phone calls with SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, industry creatives including designers, stylists, make-up artists and casting directors chat about the shows they’ve worked on and seen.

    This season's series kicks off with designer Henry Holland’s call in which he discusses his debut menswear collection, his decision to make it immediately available for sale and his collaboration with photographer Martin Parr.

    Explore Holland's collection and stay tuned for more LC:M behind-the-scenes perspectives from the likes of Isamaya Ffrench, Judy Blame, Anna Trevelyan and Jess Hallet. Next up: Milan and Paris! 

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    Siobhan Bell
    Anthony Spector
    Acyde (TheDarkCyde)
    The Scotch Of St James
    13 Masons Yard
    St James
    SW1Y 6BU
    June 19th
    11PM -  5AM
    RSVP essential:
    First come first serve
    (Art by @w.ezby)
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    Subjective: Liberty Ross on Nick Knight

    British supermodel Liberty Ross speaks again with Nick Knight for this weeks Subjective interview, this time discussing working together on a shoot for the Sunday Times and collaborating on a story for British Vogue

    Ross and Knight talked over topics including modelling post motherhood, performativity and the sensual shoot the pair created for British Vogue; ‘What I loved is that you really put it back on me and said to me ‘I’m only going to do it if it comes from you’, which to me was so exciting.’ Ross explains. ‘I love this image because I really think it speaks for itself... I wanted to capture eroticism’.

    The pair also touched upon Ross’ participation in SHOWstudio’s More Beautiful Women project in 2002. Why not take a look back at the project which pays homage to Andy Warhol’s screen tests.

    Watch the candid interview and explore the rest of the Subjective series!

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