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    Revisit our 'A Beautiful Darkness' Halloween experience

    For Halloween 2015, Veuve Clicquot partnered with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio on the first installment of The Widow Series

    Knight commissioned designers, illustrators and performance artists to create bespoke work revolving around the theme, A Beautiful Darkness. The event, held on 28 October 2015 in the former Central Saint Martins building, came alive with creative energy from the many guests and contributors including Gareth Pugh, Scott Campbell and Lady Amanda Harlech

    In keeping with SHOWstudio’s inclusive nature, Knight asked fellow fashion filmmakers - both established and upcoming - to create a series of horror fashion films. The five works are now available to view. Jeff Vash traced the search for sin and pleasure in a film inspired by Dutch artist, Hieronymus Bosch, while Rei Nadal and Ellie Grace Cumming reflected our childhood fears in a classic horror short. Long-time SHOWstudio collaborator, Ruth Hogben, worked with designer Gareth Pugh to create a film exploring the internal conflict that is chaos versus control. Knight also responded to his own brief with the help of stylist Charlotte Stockdale, referencing cult horrors and snippets of folklore on the bodies of Ruth Bell, Binx Walton and more. 

    Knight also continued his commitment to fashion illustration by asking 22 artists to depict key S/S 16 looks as chosen by Ellie Grace Cumming. View the exclusive macabre artworks from the likes of Unskilled Worker, Ozabu and Laura Laine in our illustration gallery. Each illustration is available to purchase in our online shop.   

    The entire list of creatives and their corresponding work can also be viewed. See how guests were greeted by Thom Browne-clad mourners and take a look at Gareth Pugh’s clown-like creations. Get an inside look at the Cinema Room and Veuve Clicquot Tasting Room as well as spaces designed by the likes of Amanda Harlech, Claire Barrow and taxidermist Rose Robson.

    Don’t miss the chance to see all the imagery from the night including IMMA/MESS’ liberating performance, Russian clairvoyant Pavel’s psychic readings and Craig K. Talbot’s chilling reading of Edgar Allen Poe. 

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    There's still time to enter our Fashion Film Award

    Our Fashion Film Award is still open for submissions.

    Nick Knight and QIC Global Real Estate have invited aspiring filmmakers to apply for our Fashion Film Award.  By creating a short fashion film, entrants have the chance to win £10,000 to create a film for SHOWstudio with mentoring from Nick Knight, RED Digital Cinema’s latest professional camera, RED Raven Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens and a trip to Australia to attend an exclusive screening of the winning film. 

    If you are in need of some inspiration, peruse the work of one of our judges, the acclaimed filmmaker, Ruth Hogben. Her iconic film for Alexander McQueen's last show, Plato's Atlantis, for S/S 10 might just get the creative juices flowing.

    Submissions close on Monday, January 4, 2016. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and make sure you enter! 

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    Zoe Bleu Tumblr Take-over

    In keeping with our tradition of handing the reins of SHOWstudio's Tumblr over to a different contributor for the first week of every month, artist Zoe Bleu will be curating our Tumblr for the next week.  

    Zoe Bleu is an artist based between Los Angeles and New York City. Bleu possesses an array of talents, but is most recognized for her eccentric fashion sense. Stay tuned to explore Bleu's visual interpretations and costumed looks. 

    Head over to SHOWstudio's Tumblr to follow Zoe Bleu’s takeover.




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    Milk Jagger

    I'm excited to announce that my first show and artist zine, Milk Jagger has opened this week at the Doomed Gallery.
    Milk Jagger is a zine based on the fantasy character created by Viet Cong drummer Michael B. Wallace. Milk Jagger is a corrupt LA cop. Both alluring and repulsive, he can and will abuse his power. Inspired equally by the action film 'Lethal Weapon' and A.A. Bronson’s 'Queer Zines.'
    Milk Jagger is a vision of eighties American male machismo warped into a hazy queer fantasy.
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    Exclusive! Gosha Rubchinskiy 'In Fashion'

    Our 'In Fashion' project is a series of in-depth, exclusive interviews featuring a myriad of individuals who help shape the ever-changing landscape of contemporary fashion.

    The latest installment sees Lou Stoppard chat with the artist Gosha Rubchinskiy, who opens up about his childhood, influences and ambitions. Rubchinskiy's work is known for the romance of youth, Russian religious roots and the clash between the Russian post-soviet mentality and growing up in a country undergoing huge political, economical and cultural change after dissolution of the USSR in 1991. 

    His multidisciplinary, multi-media approach is Rubchinskiy's way of building his own world and ideology. He designs his collections, photographs them, casts models, produces his lookbooks and seasonal fanzines, as well as producing films and albums. He has recently published a book titled 'Youth Hotel.'

    Watch the interview here and shop Gosha Rubchinskiy pieces in our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A online store.

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    A Beautiful Darkness exhibition: Three days to go

    On Wednesday, October 28, Veuve Clicquot will host their first event for The Widow Series initiative, an annual Halloween happening designed exclusively by their creative partners. Their first collaboration is with Nick Knight who has created an evening inspired by fear, death and the senses. 

    Knight has asked artists, designers and filmmakers to create unique and interactive exhibtition pieces, including the likes of designer Gareth Pugh, illustrator Unskilled Worker, filmmaker Rei Nadal, tattoo artist Scott Campbell and model Tessa Kuragi.The exclusive pieces of art will be showcased in an immersive exhibition correlating to the theme of All Hallows' Eve. 

    The event and exhibition will include a further revolutionary feature. By using the hashtag #TheWidowSeries on Instagram and Twitter when taking a photograph of the event, the imagery will be projected onto our unique 3D interactive floorplan, allowing everyone to experience the space and the exhibition in real time. So if you're not there for the opening event, or can't make it to our free public exhibition the next day, you can still see all the happenings live on SHOWstudio. 

    Mark your calendars and join the Halloween fun on October 28 and 29 on SHOWstudio! While you wait, check out Isamaya Ffrench's downloadable masks and submit images of you wearing them to be in for the chance of being featured in our Submission Gallery. 

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    Colour your way through 50s fashion with Vogue

    Ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Or live in the 1950s? Now, with the help of longtime SHOWstudio collaborator and respected writer, Iain R. Webb, you can design your own glamorous wardrobe of ballgowns, suits and cocktail dresses. 

    Inspired by images found in British Vogue issues from the fifties, Webb has released the Vogue Colouring Book, accompanied by fashion and style tips captions from the original pages of Vogue.  Readers can colour their way through iconic garments and redesign them in their own colour palettes. 

    Get your hands on this exclusive book on November 5th. While you wait, watch our Vogue On books discussion in 'Book Club.'

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    Watch Melissa Tofton S/S 16 fashion film 'Leather'

    The designer Melissa Tofton cut her teeth at Middlesex University, Savile Row's Henry Rose and at a specialist leather bondage store in Berlin. Influenced by these experiences, her clothing fuses bondage with tailoring and craftsanship.

    For her S/S 16 collection, Tofton has teamed up with photographer Katja Mayer, set designer Miguel Bento and Feast Films, creating a fashion film titled 'Leather.' Featuring Stoya, the adult film actress, 'Leather' is intensely sensual and passionate, with entwining bodies battling with the juxtaposition between restriction and movement.

    With a sci-fi soundtrack by Yasmina Dexter, the film captures the tactile conversation between textures and bodies, clad in Tofton's pices for the spring/summer season which utilises pony skin, hand-rippled chiffon silks, horse hair and cashmere wools.

    Watch the film here and explore the rest of our fashion film exclusives


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    Watch the haunting 'Amor' fashion film

    Nick Knight has taken his Amor shoot for V Magazine one step further, championing the medium of fashion film once again. 

    The original shoot first took inspiration from Anselm Kiefer’s blackened sunflower heads and set out to explore the many parallels between love and creativity. With the help of Amanda Harlech, Knight further embraced the concept in this fashion film, choosing to set the final images of model Molly Bair ablaze. The film begins with a haunting look through the imagery then sees Bair's fire-lit face melt before being pieced back together again.  

    Watch the entire film and don’t forget to take a look at the corresponding image gallery and behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot.   

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    Enter SHOWstudio's first Fashion Film Award!

    SHOWstudio’s first Fashion Film Award is now open for entries!

    In collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate, the award continues SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight’s passion for the medium and aims to finds a filmmaker who shows innovation and creativity.

    Knight has set the brief and now, aspiring filmmakers are invited to create a short fashion film for the chance to win a set of incredible prizes.    

    The winner will receive £10,000 to create a film for SHOWstudio with mentoring from Nick Knight. They will also receive RED Digital Cinema’s latest professional camera, RED Raven Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens and a trip to Australia to attend an exclusive screening of their film. 

    Entries will be judged by Nick Knight and QIC’s Director of Investment Management, Stuart Miller, along with a panel of respected industry figures comprised of designer Gareth Pugh, filmmaker Ruth Hogben, icon Daphne Guinness and artistic director of DIESEL and founder of Nicopanda, Nicola Formichetti

    Finalists will be invited to a London-based screening of their films at the QIC Fashion Film Award ceremony in February 2016 where the overall winner will be announced.  

    To enter, submit a film of no more than 5 minutes long to Each entry will then be reviewed and added to SHOWstudio’s online submissions gallery. 

    Full terms of entry and more on how to enter can be found on the award page. While you're brainstorming, why not revisit our fashion film archive for some inspiration? 

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    Cav Empt's Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell are live on SHOWstudio at 11:30 BST

    'Untitled Project' is a new form of broadcast where an image-driven conversation is set up over split-screens, showcasing the image curation of the stream. Our first conversation, Stage One, chaired by Daryoush Haj-Najafi, centres on the idea of youth. Haj-Najafi is joined by Nick Knight and the design duo behind the Japanese brand Cav EmptSk8thing and Toby Feltwell

    Tune in at 11:30 BST to watch this pioneering presentation and shop Cav Empt pieces in our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A online store.

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    SHOWstudio and Veuve Clicquot are hosting an exhibition entitled 'A Beautiful Darkness'

    SHOWstudio and Veuve Clicquot are proud to introduce 'A Beautiful Darkness,' in collaboration with Clicquot's new annual 'Widow Series'. 

    SHOWstudio's investigation into death and the macabre began with Katherine Zarella's essay on death and fashion. The investigation continues later this month with a collaborative event and exhibition exploring the traditional themes of Halloween. 

    Showcasing over fifteen artists' work, the event will play host to a series of curated rooms by pioneering artists, filmmakers, and designers, including work from taxidermist Rose Robson and designer Gareth Pugh

    Stay tuned for further information and while you wait, watch Rose Robson at work.

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    COMING SOON: SHOWstudio’s Fashion Film Award in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate

    SHOWstudio are pleased to anounce their first ever Fashion Film Award in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate

    Check back Wednesday 21 October to learn more about this opportunity for filmmakers across the globe. Apply for the chance to showcase your skills, ideas and creativity.

    While you wait, why not revisit SHOWstudio's fashion film archive? Pieces like Girly, The Elegant Universe, #asif, Dynamic Blooms, Perfect and Tom Ford S/S 16 are all so different and show the diverse ways of embracing this medium. 

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    Nicopanda has a new e-commerce platform!

    Nicola Formichetti's Nicopanda brand now has a new e-commerce platform, Having previously been able to purchase a selection of Nicopanda products from SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A's e-store, Nicopanda is now more widely available than ever.

    Formichetti has filmed a special Nicopanda film to mark the launch. 'We are thrilled to bring our edit of this collection to our global community, offering a seamless, uncluttered presentation inspired by and designed with Nicopanda attitude. Nicola Formichetti is well known for his love of online technology and social media and our online store complements and reinforces this philosophy,' said Kevin Kollenda, CEO of Nicopanda.  


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    'The Visitor' fashion film by 25 Magazine is here

    For their Issue 04, 25 Magazine collaborated with director Gordon Von Steiner on a fashion film. Entitled The Visitor, the film sees Guinevere Van Seenus, Josephine Le Tutour and Roberto Sipos in an intensely dramatic relationship laden with suspense. 

    Styled by Karen Kaiser, the eerie country house setting rendered in monochrome alludes to the issue's themes of sensuality, power and sensations. 

    Watch the film exclusively on SHOWstudio.

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    Stay tuned for our round-up panels

    The S/S 16 season is over which means it’s time for our round-up panels to begin!

    Don’t miss industry experts poring over the shows from each city to see what they really think. Chaired by SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, each discussion is bound to be an interesting one.      


    New York Round-Up: Thursday 15 October at 10:30 BST

    Panelists include:

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor

    Alex Fury, fashion editor of The Independent

    Susanna Lau, fashion blogger and writer (otherwise known as Susie Bubble)

    Dan Thawley, editor of A Magazine Curated By

    Stavros Karelis, founder and buying director of MACHIINE-A


    London Round-Up: Thursday 15 October at 15:00 BST

    Panelists include:

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor

    Frances Corner, head of London College of Fashion

    Gianluca Longo, contributing editor of W Magazine

    Sasha Wilkins, style journalist and founder of

    Tom Rasmussen, freelance writer and contributing writer of Wondlerland magazine


    Milan Round-Up: Friday 16 October at 10:30 BST

    Panelists include: 

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor

    Jo Ellison, fashion editor at the Financial Times

    Andrew Davis, men’s fashion director at Wonderland magazine

    Julia Hobbs, junior fashion features associate at British Vogue


    Paris Round-Up: Friday 16 October at 15:30 BST 

    Panelists include:

    Lou Stoppard, SHOWstudio editor

    Lucy Norris, fashion historian and lecturer

    Harriet Quick, style writer and author

    Jane McFarland, fashion features editor at MATCHESFASHION.COM

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