1. by Ross Phillips .

    Barcelona begins

    We got back from Barcelona last night after a successful installation of the AMAZE ME Pod in the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. We set up everything on Sunday night only to come back on Monday morning to find that the sun was shining directly on the monitor, making it unusable. We moved the pod behind a pillar, upped the brightness on the camera and all was well. If you'd like me to go into more detail regarding the specifics of this particular installation then feel free to drop me a line; I have a particularly amusing anecdote about connecting a firewire cable to the mini mac.

  2. by Christabel Stewart .

    Golden imperative

    Whilst this weekends premiere London art frenzy -the Frieze Art Fair- promised event culture that spanned deconstructed tours of its very infrastructure to fashion luminaries Peter Saville and Isabella Blow commenting on what you were wearing, there was of course a glittering party in honour of every major artist in town with an exhibition to their name. My personal favourite emcompassed a tight collision of exhibition, performance and party at 'White Cubicle', a ladies toilet in the noisily celebrated and itself recently exhibited George and Dragon pub that is occasionally co-opted by Pablo Leon de la Barra for an irreverently-toned programme of claustrophobic exhibitions. Hastily corrected but otherwise pristine gold-lettered cards announced Terence Koh's "temple of the golden piss", a lavish latrine anti-shrine (denoted by an inverted crucifix door-piece) that was strangely compelling as a beacon of both the freedoms and absurdities emcompassed by the art world right now. Warhol's Piss Paintings come to seamy life?

    Click the image above for a video clip.

  3. Posted .

    'Eva on Fire'

    When the fashion community was asked to make 'thirty seconds of moving fashion' it stood to reason that most image-makers would create a moving spectacle in front of the camera. But clever Sølve Sundsbø is the first in the Moving Fashion series to twist the brief, depart from reality film-making and show how movement might equally be created through image. So do not fret, Eva was not actually set alight during the making of this film! The flames that stream from her hair as she moves are the result of a study of 'motion-in-post-production'.

  4. by Penny Martin .


    Being a website and all, when you get something wrong, the temptation is to just amend it in the 'CMS' and pretend it never happened. However, given our commitment to 'open process' and such, I should fall upon my sword with regard to Sølve Sundsbø's film, admit our error and blog it. When we received the disc in the studio, I summoned the design and interactive department (one of whom is on the panel for the BAFTA's, I might add!) to view the film and decide how it was done. 'No, no, no, not underwater, Penny, in post' was the consensus. Apologies, we got it wrong! Eva's presumably been submerged in a tank to put the fire out. So the challenge for the first Moving Fashion film to create motion-in-post-production remains...

  5. Posted .

    Nick Knight Interview

    You may remember a reference to an interview conducted with Nick Knight in a blog entry a couple of weeks ago. This has now been launched (scroll down a bit), both in original, uncut audio and also edited transcript versions. Have a listen/read to acquaint yourself with Nick Knight's intentions for this project, which he personally has curated and commissioned, and his hopes for the motion fashion image genre in general.

  6. Posted .

    'Paloma Would Love This Dress'

    The second week of our MOVING FASHION series comes to a close with a seductive thirty-second short from fashion photographer Alice Hawkins. In contrast to her signature audacious, lo-fi imagery, Hawkins has chosen to indulge SHOWstudio viewers with an intimate display of a garment in motion, featuring the burlesque performance artist, Paloma Faith. Remember that all of this week's films, including those by David Bailey, Lily Cole, Alister Mackie and Sølve Sundsbø, will be rescreened in our weekend review.

  7. Posted .

    London Shortlist

    The London entrants for PSP AMAZE ME deemed amazing enough to be shortlisted have been posted here. If you're among the hopefuls, including famous milliner Stephen Jones (pictured here), you will need to validate your entry by following the appropriate links. Unvalidated entries won't, unfortunately, be considered for a winner's spot. Good luck!

  8. by Penny Martin .


    Stuck for a Halloween surprise for that special someone? Check out the filigree cobwebs on this 'Black Widow' Madwagon push bike we spotted at FourMarketing's press day yesterday: spooky!! Squint your eyes and you can practically see Margaret Hamilton as 'Miss Gulch', pedalling furiously from Kansas to Oz on board this beauty. Our new Editorial Assistant Laura looked particularly keen but then, she's just had her bike nicked from outside SHOWstudio towers...

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    Weekend Revue

    The many viewers mailing us to find out when there will be repeat screenings of this week's thirty-second film shorts by photographers David Bailey, Solve Sundsbo and Alice Hawkins, model Lily Cole and stylist Alister Mackie will be relieved to hear they have a second chance this weekend, ahead of the completion of the project in December, when all films will be available to view. You have from now until midnight on Sunday to catch this week's, before art director Fabien Baron takes up his requested Halloween slot on Monday.

  10. Posted .

    Fabien's Tricksy Treat

    When designer Fabien Baron was keen to secure the Halloween slot for screening his Moving Fashion submission, we were curious. Was his film short a reworking of Thriller, perhaps? A seasonal comment on the Galliano Spring/Summer extravaganza, featuring an old witch? The piece we received, in eventuality, was less trick and more treat. The only 'ghoulish' aspect of Fabien's short is achieved at the level of manipulation (yes, reader, through post-production at last!), as solarisation and mirroring are used to distort and energise this simple walking sequence featuring model Natalia Vodianova.

  11. by Penny Martin .

    Philip Treacy's Studio

    We dropped by Philip Treacy's Battersea HQ this afternoon, to get a tour of his studio. What you can't see here is the intriguing spectacle of assistants torturing goose feathers with curling tongs. He was adamant that this wasn't 'milinery' we were witnessing, however. That's a rather dowdy subset of 'haberdashery' for maiden aunts, apparently.


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  12. by Christabel Stewart .


    Once a bordello itself the Parlour in West Hollywood became celebrated for its Friday night Bricktops club run by notorious hostess and drag performance artist Vaginal Cream Davis. Closing its doors in 2005, Transmissions posts a posthumous video clip of prime Parlour footage as part of assume vivid astro focus latest cheapcream. Watch Vaginal play a lively dancing tribute to Louise Brooks and Weimar Berlin era entertainment that celebrates the gender-play of underground cabaret culture.

  13. by Penny Martin .

    Retracing old steps

    You can halt your crusade to find vintage Biba on eBay and in grotty thrift shops. A display of reissued Biba accessories at Naihala Lasharie's press showroom this afternoon demonstrated how the legendary label is doing its bit to reduce the athlete's foot and malformed feet caused by secondhand footwear. Either that or they just thought the time to introduce a new generation to its sturdy Mary-Jane shapes and graphic prints was nigh. As we left for our next appointment, we caught one respected UK Vogue fashion features editor clinging to a particularly gorgeous, red suede and patent wedge, suggesting they'll be 'hot to trot' come Spring.

  14. by Penny Martin .

    More Than A Feeling!

    Photographer Jason Evans spreads more of the 'enthusiasm for looking and being' evinced by his unstoppable Daily Nice website in these thirty-four seconds of unbridled menswear-in-landscape joy. The keen-eyed among you will notice that we have lopped off the 'Moving Fashion' end card from Jason's film at his request. Paul Hetherington will be reporting on more of that later...

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