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    Watch Sinking the Pink live!

    The studio is like a tin of sardines this morning, full to the brim with club kids in all their finery, three fashion visionaries and numerous hard-working cogs of the photoshoot machine! Nick Knight is teaming up with Alister Mackie and Katie England to celebrate the new wave of club kids for AnOther Man magazine. The beautiful boys, girls and drag queens spotted at the East End's infamous Sink The Pink nights are all here to have their portraits shot by Knight, who today is marrying the inspiration of traditional portraiture with the haphazard, psychedelic aesthetics of today's selfie-loving clubbers. 

    Tune in to our live cam to watch every step of the amazing shoot live!

  2. by Calum Knight .

    Off White S/S 14
    Virgil Abloh

    As we all know SHOWstudio SHOP and OFF WHITE colaborated on some exclusive jumpers a few months ago. Today Abloh has released images of his new collection. I love them, and connot wait to jump into my new OFF WHITE threads as soon as I can get my hands on them!


    1. ManYickHong
      05:13 6 Feb 2014
      Pls kindly let me know once you have any re-stock of any OFF-WHITE item.

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    Marie Schuller is shooting for Barbara Casasola today!

    Today and tomorrow SHOWstudio's head of fashion film Marie Schuller is shooting scenes for Brazillian born designer Barbara Casasola! The films, starring the fantastic Jamie Bochert, are due to be projected as part of a presentation at the next Pitti Immagine on 9 Januray 2014 in Florence, where Casasola has been selected as guest womenswear designer. Stay tuned to see the finished film!

  4. by Niamh White .

    Fashion illustration is championed by Christies this week

    Historically, fashion illustration is a medium that has been continually undervalued and trivialised. Potentially due to its attachment to commercial enterprise and potentially because its subject is fashion, the work of fantastic draughtsmen and women are consistently undervalued in the market. It's an oversight that makes the medium a great collecting opportunity. If you study the work of Rene Gruau, Antonio Lopez or Erte, or more recently Mats Gustafson and Francois Berthoud, it's clear they are examples of important contributions to art history. The situation was discussed at length during a panel discussion hosted by the Fashion Illustration Gallery, Issa London and Christie's South Kensington this week. Featuring Tim Blanks and David Downton, the panel discussed the changing role of fashion illustration and the importance of instilling value in these works as original drawings, rather than constantly reducing them to the confines of printed reproduction.

    SHOWstudio has been slowly building a repertoire of the most exciting up and coming fashion illustrators for the past 2 years, and we're encouraging this very interaction with the craft. We ask these artists to cover the collections as they happen, and then share their drawings immediately on SHOWstudio's Tumblr page. Even more excitingly, we are fully dedicated to championing the medium as a collectable art form and have been making the original drawings available through the Shop at affordable prices. From the gestural sketches of emerging talent Fiona Gourlay starting at £50, to the refined silhouette's of Piet Paris at £1,600, we accommodate every budget and encourage the activity of investing in this widely underestimated medium.

    With the eye of the art world shifting onto these illustrators, the pieces are a perfect entry  into collecting art and are set to gain attention more and more swiftly. Have a browse through these important works now and keep an eye out for the new round of drawing coming in during A/W 14 collections early next year.

  5. by SHOWstudio Shop .

    Christmas gift ideas from SHOWstudio Shop

    The countdown to Christmas is upon us, so SHOWstudio Shop has gathered up our most covetable and creative gifts to inspire you for the season of giving. You can order up until Friday 20 December at noon to guarantee delivery before the big day!

    Having recently opened our SHOWcabinet exhibition with Maison Martin Margiela, we now stock an array of wonderful interiors from the house. Brighten up your winter evenings in the build up to Christmas with this beautiful wax candle holder or while away the hours watching their stunning giant souvenier snowball. All the products from the Line 13 collection are wonderfully festive and make for meaningful and stylish gifts.

    The exhibition also showcases a selection of original drawings from the most exciting fashion illustrators of the moment. Accommodating every price range, the pieces are all stunning collectors items. Stephen Doherty's illustration Untitled was inspired by one of the house's Replica perfumes. Doherty used print on nylon and polyester to capture this striking image. The festive illustration A/W 13 #7 by artist Fiona Gourlay is another great gift. A one of a kind and at just £50, it's the perfect start to becoming a fashion illustration collector.

    We also have an array of jewellery in stock. Fraser Hamilton's hand crafted Head Pendant in sterling silver is just one example of his beautiful designs. Transforming monumental archetypes into wearable totems, Hamilton's sculptural approach to jewellery is truly unique.

    The beautiful catalogue for the Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House was created by Nick Knight and we have signed copies available. The show celebrates the extraordinary life and wardrobe of the late Isabella Blow and set amongst the rooms of Doddington Hall.

    Get shopping on SHOWstudio Shop now in time for Christmas. There are only 24 hours left to order!

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    It's time to unveil the J.W Anderson Design Download!

    We're proud to unveil our new Design Download by one of our most adored young Bristish designers, J.W. Anderson! Photograhed to effortlessly cool effect by our own Jon Emmony and modelled by Storm's Alex O'Connor, the pieces are revealed to be a pivotal look from the J.W Anderson archive, a matching top and skirt, realised here in butter-soft leather.

    The pattern will be available to download on Christmas day, as a present from us to our viewers, along with an invitation to take the democratization of fashion into your own hands, and create your own take on the outfit. Submit the photographs of the finished result for the chance to be included in our submission gallery. While you wait, take inspiration from the editorial gallery of Emmony's pictures, and from J-Dubs himself in his In Fashion interview from 2012.

  7. by SHOWstudio .

    Iris van Herpens 'Splash!' process now on-demand

    We are thrilled to be revisiting Splash!, a project from earlier in 2013 which saw Nick Knight, Iris van Herpen and Daphne Guinness unite for a live broadcast and exhibition. The centre piece of van Herpens SHOWcabinet was her Crystallization dress, which was created live in SHOWstudio as part of a seven day broadcast.

    The initial process began with Knight filming water being thrown on Guinness. A still from the slow motion footage was used by van Herpen as the guide for the dress, which emulates that fleeting moment of a splash striking Gunniess' body.

    The footage from this innovative process is now available to watch on-demand, forming an outstanding insight into the combination of archaic crafts and futuristic technologies. Additionally you can also watch footage of van Herpen in conversation with Nick Knight and Niamh White across the week to hear van Herpen explain her approach to design. Enjoy!

  8. by SHOWstudio .

    Deborah Milner on Isabella Blow

    Our on-going interviews with some of the people who were close to Isabella Blow have been an incredibly insightful and moving element within this project. The next person to sit down with Lou Stoppard was Deborah Milner who fondly reminisces on her relationship - both working and personal - with Blow. 

    Milner, who graduated from Central Saint Martins with Philip Treacy, came onto Blow's radar as a young designer. Blow then swiftly began to commission the coutiurier to lend her exquisite eye and design talent for shoots. Milner takes us through her journey and reinforces just how supportive, both emotionally and practically, Blow was. 

    'You'd go round at nine in the morning and she'd be reading in a kimono wearing glasses with crystals all round the edge whilst making tea and porridge for Detmar,' explains Milner when discussing the authenticity of Blow's eccentricity. Don't miss this rare glimpse into the world of Isabella Blow

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    Our next 'In Fashion' interviewee is Carlo Brandelli!

    Looking ahead to the new year, we're thrilled to announce that our next In Fashion interview will be with designer Carlo Brandelli! On the 3 January 2014 at 12.00 GMT, Brandelli will be discussing his career and cutting skills with Lou Stoppard - the perfect kick off to the menswear season. Famous for his diverse approach to design, which emcompasses elements from art as well as fashion, and his traditional tailoring techniques, Brandelli is a true bespoke expert. Be sure to join us and watch the live stream.

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    Watch Nick Knight shoot Mick Jagger's clothes live!

    Nick Knight and stylist Alister Mackie unite for a live shoot featuring pieces from Mick Jagger's iconic wardrobe. The archive garments will be shot on a mannequin and then the images will be reworked by Knight using collage and assemblage to create new artworks that reflect the life and spirit of Jagger. The final editorial will appear in AnOther Man magazine.

    Watch the shoot unfold live on 18 and 19 December 2013.

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    Punk Love by Marcos Mello

    Punk Love by acclaimed director Marcos Mello is the latest work in our continuing film series. Mello adopts the technique of 'motion light painting' to tell 'the story of the cathartic encounter of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen's souls.' The work sees two of the most memorable punk figures transformed into a mesmerising, black and white short which juxtaposes the fluidity of the light against static, jolting models. 

    Watch his film now and re-visit others within our Punk project!

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    Phoebe English talks fashion film!

    The lovely Phoebe English popped by to SHOWstudio with her creative director and friend Rose Easton. They shot their upcoming fashion film just yesterday, and we're very excited to annouce that we will be launching in exclusively in January. Aptly the duo spent this morning being interviewed by Lou Stoppard about their use of film, as well as their experiences working together and the important of collaboration to their work. The interview will launch alongside the fashion film in the new year.

    Stay tuned for the full project to be released soon! In the meantime, why not warm up with English's A/W 12 film!  

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