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October 4 2015 18:30 - October 14 2015 20:30 BST


  1. by Iain R. Webb .

    Fashion on tour

    NEW YORK, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS badges I have designed as part of a new FASHION ON TOUR collaboration with Jigsaw. Available at Duke Street Emporium.

    Photo: Liz Eggleston

  2. by SHOWstudio .

    Introducing our LFW A/W 15 Illustrator: Neza Agnes Momirski

    Taking over from our New York collections artist, One Eye GirlNeza Agnes Momirski will be illustrating the key London Fashion Week A/W 15 womenswear shows and moments in her unique style!

    In 2012 Momirski graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and subsequently from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2014. She has exhibited internationally at institutions such as Museum De Pont, Kunstpodium T Gallery, Picture-This Bristol and Tent Rotterdam. Her work was chosen as a part of the Saatchi Online collection curated by Leslie Jones (100 days 100 curators). Momirski has also exhibited at SHOWstudio as part of the Maison Martin Margiela: SHOWcabinet.

    Living and working between London and Rotterdam, Momirski explores the influence of language, visual aesthetics, and cinematic narrative structures on perception of reality and self-identity. Her work takes the form of film narratives, installations, drawings and sculptures.

    Momirski has already captured the J. JS. Lee show, keep an eye out for more of her works popping up on our Tumblr and Collections pages as London Fashion Week proceeds.

  3. by Kiki Georgiou .

    Miu Miu's De Djess

    There is a scene right at the end of Alice Rohrwacher’s sweet and funny film for Miu Miu’s ninth instalment of their Women’s Tales project that will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever, half-heartedly, faced a wall of cameras or even a single culprit. I won’t give it away but, “it’s the dream!” according to Rohrwacher. The power of a good dress!

    The Italian director and writer, whose second feature film, The Wonders, was awarded the Grand Prix at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, told me over cappuccinos in New York how the collaboration with the brand came to be. She asked Miu Miu – 'the right choice because of the irony, this offbeat elegance they have' - to dress her for Cannes, 'I knew I wanted to go to like a circus ringmaster or the person that trains lions! It’s a very fragile moment, no? And they imagined something for me that made me feel strong in that moment. That was the beginning.' In Venice, they asked her to make this film and while already in the Excelsior hotel that’s almost a supporting character in De Djess, she looked around and decided to make a fairy tale using what was in front of her; the paparazzi, the army of housekeepers, the dress. 'It’s completely autobiographical - I’m the dress!' she says and laughs. 'I didn’t want to tell a story and then hide the dresses inside it. I wanted to do a story with the dress and about the dress. Nothing too intellectual - we sometimes need a fairy tale in our lives.' And so the dress comes to life, like a newborn baby, and we see and, most importantly, hear everything from its perspective. 'When you’re born you don’t understand language, everything is just sound so we made up a language that’s all about sound, but it’s familiar enough like English.'

    So, what does one of the most exciting filmmakers in European cinema at the moment, make of the scarce attention being given to female directors and writers? This is Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales, after all. She is as direct and unswerving as you would hope. 'I would like it if somebody would do a series of films about male directors. People should start saying 'male' director: 'Let’s go see the last movie from this male director.' 'What do you think of this movie from this male director?' 'Do you know there is a new male director?' Words and names are important. We need to start concentrating on what’s being done instead of who’s doing it.' Well, this director, busy writing her next feature – 'ideas are like plants, you can’t completely abandon them but you can’t overwater them because they won’t grow either.' – has decided that for the screening party later that day she might just leave the circus whips behind, the lion having been tamed after all. 'Tonight', she says rather excitedly, 'I think I’ll wear a skirt!'

  4. by SHOWstudio .

    "Billie": A fashion film by Rei Nadal

    Alongside Marta Jakubowski's Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation at London Fashion Week, we're delighted to launch a fashion film featuring the collection, by rising director Rei Nadal.

    A proud recipient of the NEWGEN exhibition sponsorship, Polish-born fashion designer Marta Jakubowski is showcasing her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection at London Fashion Week today, 20 February. Entitled Cracks, and inspired by broken connections and emotional loss, the collection is presented in a fashion film, “Bille”, directed by artist Rei Nadal and produced by PRETTYBIRD. 

    Watch "Billie" now and revisit other films by Nadal, including the BFC sponsored collaboration with Nick Knight, Girl.

  5. by SHOWstudio .

    Head to Head

    Tune in tomorrow for a brand new format in our expanding range of fashion week reportage. SHOWstudio regulars, creative consultant Mimma Viglezio and fashion writer Colin McDowell, will go 'head to head' in a forthright discussion of the Marc Jacobs Womenswear A/W 15 show.

    Off-setting the educational, analytical nature of our panel discussions, Head to Head provides a more hard-hitting, confrontational style of fashion reportage. Two industry insiders sit face to face in a pared back studio setting, engaging in a fast paced deabte on a selected show - one per fashion week.

    Tune in tomorrow, 20 February to watch Viglezio and McDowell debate the Marc Jacobs show live on camera at 11:00 GMT.


  6. by SHOWstudio .

    McQueen: The London Years

    Stylist Katy England invited fellow McQueen friend and collaborator Nick Knight to shoot a cover story featuring rare, archive Alexander McQueen pieces for AnOther Magazine. The images are now available to a admire in our editorial gallery, and the S/S 15 issue of the magazine. Rising talent Stella Lucia (described by Knight as having ‘an incredible mixture of strength and vulnerability, a child with the power of an army’) stars on the cover sporting the exact shade of gunmetal grey skin that McQueen himself was obsessed with achieving in his and Knight's imagery.  

    Focusing primarily on pieces from the height of her close working relationship with the late designer - the ‘London years’  - England’s styling includes archive pieces from the nineties, some of which had never before been photographed for a magazine. Recognising that the clothes themselves were imbued with narrative, Knight took a simple approach to photographing them, shooting in a stripped back studio that recalled McQueen's esoteric references as well as in an empty parking lot as a nod to his East End urban roots. 

    View McQueen: The London Years now, and stay tuned for a series of films that will show off each outfit in movement and give further details about their provenence through audio commentary.

  7. by SHOWstudio .

    Watch the LCF MA show live tomorrow

    On the eve of London Fashion Week early, SHOWstudio will be live streaming the London College of Fashion’s first stand-alone MA womenswear show. The catwalk show, part of MA15 graduate season will take place at the Wallace Collection and feature collections from twelve selected students from the MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear course.

    ‘By separating our MA catwalks it allows us to profile the Womenswear course at a time when the fashion industry’s eyes are on London. The standalone show gives LCF an excellent opportunity to showcase the wealth of exciting, creative and commercially savvy talent that our Graduate school produces.’ said Professor Frances Corner OBE, Pro-Vice Chancellor of UAL and Head of London College of Fashion.

    Tune in to watch LCF’s debut MA Womenswear collections live tomorrow, 19 February at 19:00 GMT

  8. by SHOWstudio .

    Boom Town Slickers

    In celebration of its 25th anniversary, street-wear retailer Slam Jam joined forces with American diffusion brand Carhartt WIP on a special collection. Designed under the creative direction of British designer Andrew Bunney, the range consists of five classic Carhartt WIP looks reinterpreted alongside new designs. The collection is showcased in Boom Town Slickers, a fashion film by SHOWstudio’s contributing head of fashion film Marie Schuller. Starring five diversely different male models, the short film makes a feature of their idiosyncrasies as each one poses for the camera and delivers an anecdote. 

    Watch Schuller's witty fashion film now, and revisit her past works including The Masters for Selfridges.

  9. by SHOWstudio .

    Subjective: Kristen McMenamy on Peter Lindbergh

    The latest instalment in our Subjective model interviews, a series exploring the history of contemporary fashion photography from the model's perspective, features Kristen McMenamy recalling her experience working with photographer Peter Lindbergh on a 1993, Russian Ballet inspired editorial for Harpers Bazaar.

    In candid conversation with Nick Knight, the model covers her status as a cult model, separating her family life from her modelling career - ‘as a model I’m not going to say ‘I’m a mum, I can’t do that anymore,’’ - and being shot by Lindbergh. ‘Peter’s very good training for a model because he doesn’t tell you anything.’ McMenamy explains, ‘He just waits to take the picture until he sees it. When he sees the image he likes he’s so excited, he’s shaking.’  

    Watch the revealing interview now, and stay tuned for the next in the ongoing series.

  10. by SHOWstudio .

    Peruse One Eye Girl's NYFW Illustrations
    Now up on Tumblr

    Take a look at One Eye Girl's simplistic and elegant take on New York Fashion Week's A/W 15 show. So far in his residency as our collections artist Jason WuOhne Titel, Alexander Wang and more. 

    With their signature single eye, One Eye Girl's girls are dainty and delicate. His minimal interpreation of an Ohne Titel runway look removes all elements of detail, emphising a black collar, in contrast with a 'paint splotched' take on Suno's florals and Jason Wu's deatailed furs.

    Head over to over Tumblr to view more illustrations and keep checking the Collections pages for more live coverage and behind-the-scenes action.

  11. by SHOWstudio .


    Reflecting the pagan influences seen in the Spring/Summer 2015 collections, Nick Knight and Charlotte Stockdale set out to create a strange, mystical fashion story set in sacred woodlands near Stockdale's home in Basingstoke and depicting fictional satanist rituals. Playing with the believability of the still versus film, Knight shot series of photographs and put them together to create choppy, unnerving short films

    Named Aquelarre, after the place where witches held their meetings with the devil, the editorial features in the special 'artificial reality' S/S 15 issue of Garage Magazine, in which the covers and much of the content is brought to life by viewing the print magazine through the Garage Mag app. Seen through the virtual reality of a phone screen, Knight's desolate, scene-of-the-crime style photographs become nightmarish, horror movie vignettes. 

    'I liked the idea that we go to the cinema to be scared, that human beings need to be, or enjoy feeling anxiety or fear, and they'll actually pay for that. Isn't it strange that photography never really does that? It's fairly bad at delivering any emotional punch, where-as the poorest film or TV can easily reduce you to tears. I wanted this series to create fear and discomfort rather than the usual objective of a fashion editorial, which is to make you say 'Oh how beautiful,'' Knight stated.

    To further emphasise the anxiety producing viewing experience and furnish the horror with a particularly contemporary slant, SHOWstudio's digital art director Jon Emmony added fake 'malware' to two of the films. Finally artist and frequent SHOWstudio collaborator Rei Nadal matched up each film to Wikipedia links featuring urban legends and shocking true stories, blurring even more the lines between fiction and reality. This final touch cites the mass panic caused by H.G Wells' 1968 War of the Worlds broadcast, as Knight points out, 'in those days people believed the radio, now they believe Wikipedia'.

    Explore Aquelarre to experience Knight's unsettling stories, and be sure to grab your copy of Garage Magazine, available in the SHOWstudio Shop.

  12. by SHOWstudio .

    10 years of Gareth Pugh: the editorial is out now

    The Sunday Times Style tapped Nick Knight to pay tribute the 10-year anniversary of Gareth Pugh's eponymous label and the designer's return to London Fashion Week with a stunning editorial featuring the best of his archive. The shoot marks another step in Knight and Pugh's long-term collaborative working relationship. 

    The full fashion story is now available to peruse in our editorial gallery, alongside footage showing the entire shoot from beginning to end. Be sure to snap up your copy of The Sunday Times Style today to see the editorial in print! 

  13. by SHOWstudio .

    Gareth Pugh celebrates 10 years

    To celebrate the tenth birthday of Gareth Pugh's eponymous label Nick Knight has produced a series of images featuring the designer's most striking archive pieces for The Sunday Times Style magazine. 

    In advance of the publication of the magazine on 15 February (keep your eyes peeled for a special silver cover featuring S/S 11), we are proud to release footage of the entire shoot allowing you the chance to go behind the scenes. Watch girls spinning in Pugh's arresting black plastic ballgowns from A/W 13 - causing slithers of gold leaf lining the studio to fly - and see if you can spot the designer himself nestled in amongst four models sporting his cage-like S/S 12 creations. Watch the shoot now!

    While you're at it, why not revisit our numerous past projects with Pugh, from fashion films by his long-term collaborator Ruth Hogben - such as S/S 11 featuring Kristen McMenamy - to his exhilarating series of art-meets-fashion performances Fash-Off from 2006?


  14. by SHOWstudio .

    Introducing our NYFW A/W 15 illustrator: One Eye Girl

    Each season as part of our collections coverage we invite an artist to illustrate the key shows. For womenswear A/W 15, we're thrilled to have Stephan Beaumont, who works under the name One Eye Girl, translating his favourite runway moments from the New York catwalks into his delicate signature style.

    A self-taught illustrator living between Barcelona and Marrakech, One Eye Girl recently turned to illustration after years of working in the worlds of fashion and advertising. Instagram has been the chosen platform to showcase his art to a worldwide audience through his 'one eye girls', a project that defines his particular style and philosophy: feminine imperfection as a source of beauty.

    His first illustration - inspired by Ohne Titel's latest offering - is already live on our Tumblr and Collections page. Stay tuned for more as New York Fashion Week continues!

  15. by SHOWstudio .

    Get ready for our live fashion week discussions

    The Autumn/Winter 2015 womenswear collections begin tonight with New York Fashion Week! As usual we’ll be covering the shows with our signature selection of live social media feeds, runway shots, show reports and illustrations as well as our live panel discussions. 

    Lou Stoppard and a host of industry insiders will be discussing some of the season’s most noteworthy shows as well as the wider subjects surrounding the state of contemporary fashion. Here’s what you can expect from SHOWstudio in the coming month:

    Sunday 15 February at 11:00 GMT: Alexander Wang panel discussion

    The experts explore the identity of New York Fashion Week and the growing interplay between sportswear and high fashion. In the wake of Wang's H&M collection, they'll also discuss high street / designer collaborations - when they work well and why?

    Wednesday 18 February at 11:00 GMT: Oscar de la Renta panel discussion

    Tune in for a discussion of the late Oscar de la Renta’s influence and iconic moments, the appointment of Peter Copping at the helm of the label and his past work, plus a look at the complex subject of new appointments at old houses. The panel will also debate the question of evening dressing - is dressing up over?

    Friday 20 February at 20:30 GMT: Central Saint Martins MA panel discussion

    Lou Stoppard will be leading a conversation on fashion education. Why is London the centre for fashion schools, how likely is this to change, and how are tuition fees and arts cuts damaging fashion education? The experts will also talk about the influence of the late Louise Wilson.

    Saturday 21 February at 21:00 GMT: Gareth Pugh panel discussion

    This live panel will see the industry insiders examine London as the fashion city of showmanship as well as the influence of club culture on the fashion world and the pros and cons of licensing for Pugh and other designers.

    Monday 23 February at 16:00 GMT: Christopher Kane panel discussion

    Industry insiders will debate London’s key shopping streets and the ways they are changing, citing Kane’s Mount Street store as an example. They will also question whether London’s designers have failed to produce an ‘it’ bag and if so, why? Similarly they'll look at Kering’s investment in Christopher Kane and the potential young upstarts likely to gain financial backing in the future.  

    Wednesday 25 February at 14:00 GMT: Gucci panel discussion

    We'll begin our examination of the Milan shows with an in-depth look at the recent changes at the house of Gucci; the appointment of Alessandro Michele and his work so far and Frida Giannini’s legacy. The panel will also chat about the death of the star designer and why we’re seeing appointments from ‘behind-the-scenes’, as well as the future of traditional leather goods in the age of technology.

    Thursday 26 February at 17:00 GMT: Prada panel discussion

    Our panel discussion on THE show of Milan fashion week will include conversations on gender and whether menswear and womenswear should be shown together, the issue of approaching the Chinese market intelligently and the question of which young designers could eventually replace Miuccia Prada.

    Tuesday 3 March at 20:30 GMT: Anthony Vaccarello panel discussion

    A group of industry experts will talk Vaccarello’s appointment at Versus, the identity of Paris Fashion Week and the relevance of ‘sexy’ dressing. 

    Friday 6 March at 09:30 GMT: Loewe panel discussion

    Topics of discussion in our Loewe panel will include the ingredients for a successful rebrand, the importance of advertising and imagery and the modern ‘it’ bag.

    Friday 6 March at 18:30 GMT: Maison Margiela panel discussion

    Our panelists will discuss the highly anticipated womenswear show under the creative direction of John Galliano and the response to his appointment so far, as well as the wider issues of media focus on designers and the relevance of the deconstructionist aesthetic. 

    Monday 9 March at 20:00 GMT - Saint Laurent panel discussion

    Continuing our tradition of inviting a selection of students from London's finest art and fashion colleges into the studio to give us their thoughts on the contemporary fashion landscape, this livestream will see bright young things give their verdict on Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent. They'll discuss their hopes and ambitions within the fashion industry, the brands that feel relevant and exciting to them and the A/W 15 season as a whole. They'll also give the definitive verdict on whether Saint Laurent is actually cool in the eyes of the kids!

    Tuesday 10 March at 19:30 GMT: Alexander McQueen panel discussion

    We’ll be wrapping things up with a discussion of the upcoming Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A and exhibiting fashion in general and the tricky topic of designer biographies and the blurred lines of fashion reportage and gossip. The panel will also explore the McQueen brand now and the imprint of Sarah Burton. 

    Mark your diaries and be sure to tune in to watch each of these absorbing live chats.

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