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    Fractal Inventions - a fashion film by Laura Falconer

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    We're proud to launch Fractal Inventions, a fashion film by Laura Falconer showcasing the work of jewellery designer Silvia Weidenbach. Combining new technologies with traditional artisan skills, Weidenbach explores and experiments with ideas of beauty, preciousness and ugliness. Her art-cum-jewellery pieces are 3-D printed and created using a haptic arm, a tool that enables her to to draw the shapes as though sculpting in clay, an exercise she describes as 'a digital craft'.

    Falconer's film reflects Weidenbach's themes and processes, exploring 'the self similar, repeating patterns, beauty and form.' Watch the kaleidoscopic film, starring the beautiful Symara now. 

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    1. sigi schwab
      11:40 2 Apr 2014
      great work of all of you!
      sent more!
    2. ingrid bohlender
      10:53 8 Apr 2014
      what a really brilliant video. a am waiting for the next one !! go on ! this is the future.
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    #SomethingAboutMary; Karlie Kloss in the most recent Mary K collection!

    After a lunch break and a set change, #SomethingAboutMary is back in action with looks from Mary Katrantzou's most recent collection, only seen last month at London Fashion Week. With the A/W 14 show, Katrantzou took a step away from her trademark digital prints. Almost every piece in the show was intricately embellished, embroidered or otherwise beautifully laboured, taking her widely-loved label into new territory. Intellectually, the designer was inspired by signs and symbols, paving the way for a plethora of references, from languages through uniform to military medals. Tune in now to watch the shoot!

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    #SomethingAboutMary first look!

    Our #SomethingAboutMary shoot is getting started with the first look from Katrantzou's A/W 12 collection. For the collection four seasons ago, Katrantzou took her inspiration from things you would find in every day life, even working the ubiquitous yellow pencil into the hem of a dress alongside extravagant digital prints of spoons, watches and the now iconic typewriter. This dress is a hero piece from her digital print era, one of the signature components her label became known for early on in her career.

    Stay tuned as we shoot more looks from Mary Katrantzou's five year archive!

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    Watch #SomethingAboutMary live!

    It's finally here! Stay with us all day as we live stream the #SomethingAboutMary fashion film shoot from the Park Royal Studios. You can watch the entire process, from hair and make-up to the final shots!

    SHOWstudio has championed the work of Greece-born, London-based designer Mary Katrantzou since her earliest collections, and we're continuing in the same spirit with a celebration of the brand's five year anniversary.

    Our own Nick Knight is collaborating with Katrantzou on a fashion film to show off iconic pieces from her archive and to promote her famed skill with print and texture. The film will star the equally iconic Karlie Kloss, watch the live stream to see her and creations from the Katrantzou archive in motion and stay tuned on social media for sneak peaks from the film!

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    Lucinda Chambers In Fashion final edit

    Over the years we have been building our In Fashion series to bring you rare, candid insights into the mind of some of fashions finest. The project now spans over fifty names - from designers and editors to photographers and stylists.

    The latest edit is a truly extraordinary glimpse into the world of Lucinda Chambers, revered fashion director at British Vogue. Chambers, in conversation with our editor Lou Stoppard, offers captivating anecdotes, letting us in on everything from applying to art school and fearlessly calling up Vogue for a job, to her relationship with Grace Coddington and so much more!

    An interview not to miss, watch it now and re-visit others in the series! 


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    Blood Rose - a punk film by Amanda Harlech and Marie Schuller

    Our Punk project isn't over! We're delving back into the theme through the eyes of none other than Lady Amanda Harlech! Harlech teamed up with our head of fashion film Marie Schuller to capture her visions of punk...

    The piece, entitled Blood Rose plays with connotations of death, using a spot of blood seeping through fabric to create organicically abstract shapes, which are, at points, reminiscent of a rose.

    Harlech explains, 'The idea for the film began from pain as expression. That emotional truth has to be voiced. Punk for me was about being heard and understood. I began with an image of a baby chewing a razor blade and moved through a red rose blossoming as a heart with petals of blades. The blood became a flowering. The beauty of truth is that blossoming - the Blood Rose - to say what we mean.'

    Overall the piece is a serenely surreal two minutes, set off by a soundtrack from Leslie Winer. Watch now or purchase a framed fabric piece made during the filming process. 

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    Our William S. Burroughs interview series continues

    In tandem with our exhibition of portraits of William Burroughs, SHOWstudio has compiled a series of interviews with Kate Simon to shed some light on each of the photographs in the show. In the latest sound bite, Simon discusses a head shot of Burroughs from 1979. The image captures the writer standing in the front entrance of The Bunker, which Simon describes as a softbox where you could bounce light across and around the space. She gives specific details of the type of camera and lighting equipment she used at that time and shares some insights into the atmosphere of this quite surreal space. The interview touches upon Simon's experience and memory of the bunker space and is available to listen to now! Don't miss out! 


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