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    Charles Jeffrey's LiveStudio Playlist Now Available!

    If you enjoyed the music from our Charles Jeffrey Boy Meets Wool Live Stream, have a listen to the fashion designer and regular DJ's playlist of his favourite tracks.

    Jeffrey curated a selection of songs that soundtracked his LiveStudio, referencing the sounds of LOVERBOY, his club night at Vogue Fabrics Dalston. Artists include; Diana Ross, T-Rex, Outkast and Raffaella Carrà. 

    Listen to the full playlist exclusively at SHOWstudio! 

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    Our fashion illustration Tumblr take-over is halfway through!

    We have reached the halfway point of our Fashion Illustration Tumblr Take-over

    This month the SHOWstudio team delved into our extensive archive of fashion illustrations to showcase the talented artists that we have collaborated with over the years. Fashion illustrations have become a prominent component of SHOWstudio's collections coverage and projects such as Illustrating McQueen, A Beautiful Darkness and David Bowie: Oooh Fashion! To celebrate this and look back at some of the amazing work, each day we will be curating some of our favourite illustrations into themes. 

    Take a look at our Tumblr to see our curations so far. We've covered themes of flowers, headwear and shoes. Keep checking back to see more of our exclusive illustrations and if you like what you see, head over to our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A store where all works are available for purchase. 

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    Fashion Illustration Tumblr Take-over

    Eshewing SHOWstudio's tradition of inviting a guest creative to curate our Tumblr page each month, this time, from 1-7 May 2016, the SHOWstudio team will be sharing a selection of exclusive fashion illustrations

    Fashion illustrations have become a prominent component of SHOWstudio's collections coverage, as well as featuring in projects such as Illustrating McQueen and A Beautiful Darkness.

    Throughout this month's Tumblr take-over, the team will be showcasing illustrations in a unique format, curating the artworks into daily themes such as red-haired girls, flowers, girls in glasses and stripes. 

    Be sure to check out the curation from 1 May 2016, in the mean time head to our Tumblr to peruse previous curations by the likes of Hari Nef, Lucy Moore and Anna Trevelyan.

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    The Hell is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here fashion film is here!

    The Hell is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here fashion film is here!

    In collaboration with Daphne Guinness and Simon Foxton, and sitting between the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth in 2014 and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death in 2016, 2015 saw Nick Knight reimagine ‘The Tempest’.

    Accompanying Knight's editorial for W Magazine’s October issue, Hell Is Empty. And All The Devils Are Here, Knight's fashion film sees Guinness in looks by GivenchyGilesVivienne WestwoodGareth Pugh and more, embodying Prospero, Shakespeare's male protagonist. The RIDDLES transform into the storm itself, while models IMMA/MESS and Alex Farnworth embody the spirit and style of Shakespeare’s characters. 

    Be sure to check out the fashion film and revisit the editorial while you're there

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    Our BoyMeetsWool: LiveStudio with Charles Jeffrey and Woolmark is over.

    Our Boy Meets Wool LiveStudio in collaboration with The Woolmark Company and designer Charles Jeffrey has come to an end. 

    Over the three days Jeffrey and his team crafted a one-off garment unique garment, a dead horse and an entire theatrical stage for the LiveStudio finale performance. 

    Jeffrey was also joined by several guests, including writer Charlie Porter, DJ and writer Princess Julia and writer and author Judith Watt

    Nick Knight photographed the final garment, modelled by Kevin Le Grand Bailor in an elaborate performance.

    Revisit the action with our Q+A's and stay tuned for on-demand footage

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    Boy Meets Wool: Day 3 of the LiveStudio with Charles Jeffrey is about to begin!

    Our final day of Boy Meets Wool, our Live Studio in collaboration with The Woolmark Company and designer Charles Jeffrey has just begun. 

    Join us on the last day as Jeffrey puts the final touches to the garments and set before Kevin Le Grand Bailor performs live in the studio, with Nick Knight dropping by to photograph the proceedings. 

    Be sure to submit your questions to Jeffrey for his final Q&A session.  




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    Boy Meets Wool: Day 2 of our LiveStudio with Charles Jeffrey is over!

    Our second day of the LiveStudio Boy Meets Wool in collaboration with The Woolmark Company and designer Charles Jeffrey has come to a close. 

    Jeffrey and his team have been hard at work crafting the one-off garments, creating a dead horse and painting the set for tomorrow's performance. 

    Jeffrey was also joined by several guests, including writer Charlie Porter who discussed Jeffrey's silhouette and stylings and DJ and writer Princess Julia stopped by to chat about gender fluidity, club nights and performance theatre

    Tune in again tomorrow at 11:00 BST to see Nick Knight photograph the final garment and watch Kevin Le Grand Bailor's performance. Don't forget to submit questions for tomorrow's Q&A!

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    Boy Meets Wool: Day 2 of our LiveStudio with Charles Jeffrey is live!

    Day two of our three-day Boy Meets Wool LiveStudio with designer Charles Jeffrey, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, is now live! 

    Charles Jeffrey continues creating a Merino wool garment live on camera, with new set additions arriving throughout the day! Stay tuned, fashion critic Charlie Porter and dj and writer Princess Julia will be dropping in for a chat later today! Be sure to watch as he answers your questions on camera. 

    Follow his progress at SHOWstudio and be sure to submit questions for the Q&A sessions.  

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    Boy Meets Wool: Day One of Our Charles Jeffrey LiveStudio Is Over

    The first day of our Boy Meets Wool LiveStudio, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, with designer Charles Jeffrey has come to a close. 

    So far Jeffrey has begun crafting his one-off garment live on camera with the assistance of knitwear designer Tracey Turbitt-Lewis, Lyall Hakaraia joined for a 'stitch and bitch' chat with Jeffrey and Jeffrey answered questions from the audience in Q&A sessions. 

    Tune in again tomorrow at 11:00 BST to watch Jeffrey's progress and to see guest Charlie Porter and Princess Julia stop by! Don't forget to submit questions for tomorrow's Q&A!

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    Day One of Boy Meets Wool: Charles Jeffrey LiveStudio has begun!

    The first part of our three-day Boy Meets Wool LiveStudio with designer Charles Jeffrey, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, has begun. 

    Watch as Charles Jeffrey and knitwear designer Tracey Turbitt-Lewis create a Merino wool garment live on camera. Replicating the community atmosphere of his studio and club-night LOVERBOY at Vogue Fabrics Dalston, Jeffrey will be revealing his working process whilst friends and collaborators drop in for a chat and he answers your questions on camera. 

    Follow his progress at SHOWstudio. In the meantime, submit more questions for tomorrow's Q&A sessions! 

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    New on SHOWstudio, Mastered: MACHINE-A's Behind-The-Scenes

    As part of Nick Knight's Mastered image-making program, Anna Trevelyan tasked aspiring creatives with pitching a photoshoot inspired by both their own unique location and the stock at MACHINE-A. Photographer Ross Laurence submitted the winning proposal, and was given the opportunity to bring his shoot to life, with the help of Trevelyan.

    The now defunct Lake Dolores Waterpark in Southern California - a location Laurence regularly passed while en route to Las Vegas - formed the backdrop. 

    Watch Trevelyan and Laurence behnd-the-scenes as they discuss the looks, location shots and overall aesthetic. 

    Watch the footage here, see the editorialhead to SHOWstudio to peruse the featured items

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    LIVE STUDIO - Charles Jeffrey's 'Boy Meets Wool' is coming soon!

    Over the years, numerous designers and makers have taken up residence at SHOWstudio for a set number of days to create a garment or artwork live on camera, while answering questions from viewers.

    Continuing this tradition, Charles Jeffrey will be in the studio from 19 to 21 April. He will replicate his studio environment, inviting friends and collaborators to join him for chats as he works.

    The pieces will be made with the help of knitwear design Tracey Turbitt-Lewis, who collaborates with Jeffrey regularly, and the final creation will be modelled by performance artist Kevin Le Grand Bailor. 

    The Woolmark Company team up with SHOWstudio for the first time to help provide Jeffrey with fabric expertise and special access to some of the UK’s best mills. In the weeks leading up to to the broadcast, Jeffrey visited the Laxtons and Bower Roebuck mills in Yorkshire; the former focuses on knitting craft, while the latter deals with making the fabrics themselves.

    Over three days, Jeffrey will create a wool item live on camera, discussing and revealing his working process, from conception to completion. He will take questions from viewers while he works.

    Submit a question now or revisit previous live studios such as Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones and Claire Barrow!

    Be sure to tune in on 19, 20 and 21 of April to watch the process unfold live on camera!

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    Designer Dozie Kanu creates 'Chair [ i ]'

    For the first of his self-produced projects, 22-year-old artist and designer Dozie Kanu created a pair of simple dining chairs; transforming the classic curved backrest into something more contemporary. 
    Fashioned from tubular steel, upholstered with a 'Klein blue' leather cushion and finished with brushed steel caps, the design is elegant and expressive, yet practical.  
    As a fine art student at the School of Visual Arts, Kanu splits his time working as an assistant in various furniture design studios and art studios across New York City. 'Chair [ i ]' is a work set to depict these combined interests. 
    'I find satisfaction when an objects form and materials align seamlessly or interestingly. I plan on continuing to make objects I want to live with. I’m definitely hazy about what the driving force behind my practice is exactly. I’m caught up in several different ideas and feel pressured to load work with meaning… it should happen organically. In that way designing functional objects is easier.'
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    New 'The Photoshoot': Tigran Avetisyan S/S 16

    Designer, Tigran Avetisyan is known for his irreverent, wryly political films.

    His new S/S 16 film, The Photoshoot, comments on ever-changing views of beauty and fashion. ‘I am fascinated how something that was 'cool' can fall out of favour within few seasons and be forgotten,’ explains Avetisyan, adding that his S/S 16 ‘Best Hits’ collection was dedicated to labels that are no longer relevant. 

    Watch the film on SHOWstudio and browse the collection on SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A!

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    Revisit REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED's Tumblr Take-over

    For the first seven days in April, REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED took over the SHOWstudio Tumblr.

    Revisit the multimedia designer's carefully curated images, including stills from Daniel Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, Jean-Luc Goddard's Ici et Ailleurs and Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66.

    Head over to Tumblr to see their take-over and review the past curations by the likes of Hari Nef, Michel Gaubert, and Lucy Norris

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