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    Denise displays Active Resistance at the Westwood press day!

    Inbetween arranging a forthcoming major Vivienne Westwood restrospective in Japan, manning the 'Free Leonard Peltier' campaign and not to mention running a madly busy press showroom, Head of Press Denise Zamaroni took a moment to detail Vivienne Westwood's current passion, which underpins the S/S '06 collection. Enraged and deeply concerned by the British government's attempts to suspend Habeas Corpus (allowing citizens to be detained by the police for ninety days without trial), Vivienne has issued an 'Active Resistance to Propaganda' manifesto (which Denise here sports). By wearing the 'AR' or 'I am not a terrorist: please don't arrest me' T-shirts, not only are you supporting the 'Vivenne Westwood for Liberty' campaign, you are also battling for a basic civil liberty, for which activists such as The Luddites, Machine-Breakers, Chartists and other nineteenth century libertarians were prepared to go to their death. How depressing that the extent of our contemporary activism stops at buying T-shirts.

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    Male model with a washboard stomach

    We've seen plenty moving apparel in this project so far, but no musical garments (that we are aware of). Trust Jonathan Kaye, then, to twist the 'fashion-in-motion' brief a little further, take advantage of a surreal moment of street entertainment sighted during the Paris shows and bring us 'the sound of clothes' as a result. As simple as that, it's how the idea for a shoot begins...

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    Rome Was Built in a Day

    In fact, Rome's PSP AMAZE ME section was built in just over a day and recently added to the project. As usual it caters for five different languages and gives you the opportunity to prepare your piece-to-camera before our micro-studio is installed on Monday. If you're in Rome between 7 NOV-1 DEC 2006 be sure to drop into Libreria del Cinema for your chance to win a handheld games console and the respect of your creative heroes.

    The Dublin section, which took a bit longer to build, has also been launched. Our Irish panellists include art director, Scott Burnett, self proclaimed 'Irish pop chancers', The Chalets, animators, D.A.D.D.Y, photographer and film maker, Perry Ogden, fashion designer, Pauric Sweeney and famous milliner, Philip Treacy. Get yourself down to the Project Arts Center between 14 NOV-9 DEC to take part.

    Remember, you can now compare you chances of winning with shortlisted London and Antwerp entries.

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    Antwerp Shortlist

    If you were one of the inspiring contestants who took part in PSP AMAZE ME (Antwerp) there is a chance you have been shortlisted for our panellists' final decisions. Click here to see if you made it. Please remember, only validated entries will make it through to the final round.

    Incidentally, thanks to the London entrants who validated their entries with such proficiency. If you missed our previous announcement the validation window is still open. Shortlisted London entries can be accessed here until 25 NOV 2006.

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    'Dior Shoes'

    It is art director, Shona Heath who draws a close to the third week of fashion film with her thirty-second short entitled Dior Shoes. The film was inspired and created by a series of coloured illustrations that feature in the current Christian Dior window displays.

  6. by Penny Martin .

    The Missing Link

    Clocked an additional link in the running chain trend at the Chanel press day today. Whereas the links were large at Gucci and Jessica Ogden's Spring/Summer '06 shows, creating big, loopy necklaces and bracelets, the Chanel ones are finer and well, more metallic. As with next season's jewellery at Margiela, the links are frozen into stiffened strips in parts, here spelling out the letters of the brassy, big brand logo. Class!

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    Film Forum

    It's all kicking off on the forum, with everyone dying to have their say about the thirty-second film shorts. Who knew we had such opinionated viewers?!

    Have your say about this week's five films by art directors Fabien Baron and Shona Heath, stylists Katy England and Jonathan Kaye, and photographer Jason Evans, all of which are being collectively screened in this weekend's review (5-6 November).

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    Today, we play host to hair stylist Oribe's enigmatic contribution to our MOVING FASHION series. Oribe has also agreed to answer any questions you may have about the film (brave man!). Visit our forum, fire away and we'll do our very best to make sure he receives them!

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    All Hart!

    Our 'secret ways and means' (ok, our old fashion editor, Michelle Duguid, now at Vogue) have located another shot of a 'Bring & Buy' winner wearing the garment sent to them by the eBay Oxfam shop. Well done to Todd Hart of London for securing this fantastic Bodymap-alike catsuit, donated by Blur from their 'Music is my Radar' video. I very much doubt Damon Albarn ever imagined it would come to this. Nice work, Todd!

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    'Chain Nail' by Marian Newman

    Queen of manicures Marian Newman proves there is much more to her repertoire than a quick french polish. In this film short we see Marian's dark side at last: she used to be a forensic scientist, after all. Why else the obsession with poking around under peoples' nails?

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    'Metamorphosis' by Val Garland

    In thirty-six seconds flat, make-up artist Val Garland warns SHOWstudio favourite Gemma Ward how it will all turn out if she insists on playing around with cosmetics!

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    AMAZE ME Rome was launched yesterday, the competition is running for 4 weeks at the lovely Libreria del Cinema based in Rome's bohemian Trastevere neighbourhood the Roman panel consists of Massimo Torrigiani the Editor-in-chief of Italian complimentary style magazine Rodeo and also Boiler magazine, fashion designer Sergio Zambon, Fabrizio Russo partner and Chief Creative officer of TBWA Italy, Fillipo La Mantia is a renowned Sicilian chef and owner of Trattoria restaurant in Rome, DJ and producer Luca Agnelli and Giorgio De Mitri is the Creative Director for advertising company Satoria Communication.

  13. by Penny Martin .

    Westwood Statement

    Given that that the Key Detention Vote is scheduled to take place in British parliament this afternoon at 16:30 hrs, allowing subjects to be detained for 90 days without charge (not to mention the 'emergency powers' sanctioned by the French Government, apparently allowing a house to be entered this morning without a warrant) Vivienne Westwood has asked us to post the following statement, together with the above pictue by Cindy Palmano:

    Statement from Vivienne Westwood:

    Habeas Corpus, the fundamental law, the very key to democracy has been taken away from the British people. Arbitrary arrest happened in Stalin's Russia and was once the prerogative of kings, which in England led to Charles I having his head cut off: it is the mark of tyranny.

    We are all at risk from Government. Anyone can be picked up and punished with an indefinite control order, without trial, never having the chance, adequately, to defend themself. Now the Government proposes yet more powers to detain suspects, for up to three months, without even charging them with a criminal offence.

    We ask the British people to imagine how they would feel if this happened to them or to an innocent person dear to them. It is happening now and can happen in the future.

    This is being done because our Government says it is good for us; they know best and we must trust them. They are managing to do this under constant, new, anti-terror laws, relying on our understandable fears and the continuing spin of confusion.

    Why can't people suspected of terrorism be charged and given a fair trial? It is in our interest that they should be; one thing is clear, those people at present detained without trial were innocent of the London bombings.

    In addition, the Government is now trying to take away another of our basic freedoms, the independence of the judiciary.

    Vivienne Westwood

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    Today's MOVING FASHION film comes courtesy of Emma Reeves featuring video footage from Another Magazine's recent 'Babelogue' shoot starring actress and model Tilda Swinton, photographed in the north of Scotland by Craig McDean.

  15. by Christabel Stewart .

    Elegant labours

    The exuberant South American artist duo Los Super Elegantes bootleg their own music and plays for a recently presented digest of their performance output over the last decade. Catch them emerging from underneath painted banners to a soundtrack expressing issues about the value of labour. They jump up to perform a jaunty song routine whilst trailing their dancing shoes through buckets of paint, resulting in a gold and black splattered canvas diptych. Artistic labour indeed.

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    One Last Chance

    We have just received an update from Oxfam who are dealing with dispatch of all items from our BRING & BUY project. To everyone's frustration, the three highest bidders of the Bjork swan dress pulled out in the final moments of the auction, and then the final winner, with a bid of 5350GBP, refused to pay. Outrageous behaviour! Honestly, what's a gentleman's word worth these days?

    The iconic white chiffon and beaded dress, which was selected by stylists Katy England and Alister Mackie to dress Royal Ballet principle dancer Ivan Putrov for our 'Bring and Buy' fashion shoot, was undoubtedly the star of the show. It received a total of 54 bids and at one point was placed on the 'Ebay Pulse' section of the site that lists the most watched items at that point. Oxfam has made the decision to sell the dress next month through 'Cooper Owen', an auction house that specialises in music memorabilia. Bids can be left prior to the auction on their website and the actual sale will take place at the Proud Galleries in Camden on Wednesday 7th December. All items will be on view to the public between 12-2pm and the auction will commence at 3pm. The auction will also be listed on eBay where you will be able to leave commission bids or bid in real-time on the day of the auction. Fingers crossed that this time, the dress will (finally) go to a good home! So go get that bargain, bidders.

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