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    Tune in tomorrow for David Downton's In Fashion interview at 14:30 GMT

    Tomorrow at 14:30 GMT fashion illustrator David Downton will be in the studio. The acclaimed illustrator will be the latest fashion great to feature in our rolling In Fashion interview series. Tune in to watch him speak to our editor Lou Stoppard live about his fashionable life, from years of attending Paris’ haute couture shows to drawing the world’s most beautiful women.

    While you wait, watch his long-time collaborator British supermodel Erin O’Connor speak to Nick Knight about Downton’s working practice and extraordinary ability to ‘capture the essence of a person in three lines’.

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    It's day five of Michel Gaubert’s Tumblr takeover

    It’s day five of Michel Gaubert’s Tumblr takeover and it just gets better and better.

    Famed for creating sounds to serenade Chanel, Celine and J.W. Anderson's shows (and latterly, his unmissable Instagram), Gaubert has been sharing some visual treats over the past five days. From wise words, digital nostalgia and glam pin-ups to tales of his earliest collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe - ‘how candid and spontaneous fashion could be’ - Gaubert rings in the New Year in his light-hearted but ever precise style.

    Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr now to feast on Gaubert’s latest posts and while you’re at it, be sure to revisit past Tumblr takeovers by esteemed guest curators Alexander Fury, Alistair O’Neill and Liberty Ross.

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    DJ Michel Gaubert's Tumblr Takeover
    Happy New Year!

    Ring in the New Year with a Tumblr guest curation by acclaimed sound artist Michel Gaubert. He's the man behind the music at Celine, Chanel, J.W. Anderson and more!

    In our tradition of handing over the reins of our Tumblr to one of our favourite creatives for the first week of every new month, we called up Gaubert and asked him to kick off 2015 in the most stylish way possible. Gaubert's Instagram is celebrated as one of the best out there - if you're not following him, you must - so we're sure to be in for some visual treats.

    Check out his posts so far (or revisit past takeovers by Simon Foxton, Mary Katrantzou, Anna Trevelyan and Ellie Grace Cumming). Happy 2015!

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    Merry Christmas from SHOWstudio

    Along with our fondest Christmas wishes to our viewers, SHOWstudio is delighted to announce a very exciting upcoming project for 2015 - Unseen McQueen

    In conjunction with the opening of Savage Beauty at the V&A on 14 March 2015, SHOWstudio will celebrate the life of the late Lee McQueen and his fruitful relationship with Nick Knight. Knight has filmed all of his photo-shoots since the late eighties and, for the first time, will reveal hidden gems from his archive to the public. One piece of unseen McQueen footage will be revealed each day from 13 - 20 March.

    Knight's relationship with McQueen, who passed away in February 2010, began formally in 1996, when the two collaborated on a series of images for the Florence Biennale, though the pair had met previously at events and McQueen had begun to send Knight an annual Christmas fax.

    Footage to be released as part of Unseen McQueen includes a candid interview with McQueen, filmed at the early stages of his career in 1997, footage of Knight shooting McQueen for the April 1998 cover of The Face - a now iconic image - and a video of Knight, Katy England, Michael Clark and McQueen collaborating on the unforgettable Blade of Light image featuring clothing from the They Shoot Horses, Don't They? collection from Spring/Summer 2004.

    While you wait for our week-long tribute to McQueen to begin, revisit some of our greatest archive McQueen projects including Plato's Atlantis, McQueen's final collection before his death live-streamed by SHOWstudio, Transformer, in which Lee himself turns a bridegroom to a bride in seconds, and of course our first ever In Fashion interview with the late designer. 

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    Send us your fashion films!

    We've just made it easier to submit fashion films to SHOWstudio. Since its inception, SHOWstudio has worked with the world's most sought-after filmmakers and acclaimed figures of contemporary fashion as well as supporting and nurturing emerging talent. We're continually seeks to offer a platform for new filmmakers to showcase their work.

    Submissions of fashion films for inclusion on SHOWstudio are encouraged and will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact us on or via this form with a detailed written outline of your submission, as well as a link to the film you are submitting and images where relevant.

    Need some inspiration? Browse through every fashion film on SHOWstudio for gems from pioneers of the medium including Nick Knight, Marie Schuller, Kathryn Ferguson and Ruth Hogben!

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    A Man Called Bones

    The latest film from director Nathaniel Brown pays homage to the jaw dropping abilities of flex dancer Bones The Machine. Taking Old West Americana films as a visual reference point, A Man Called Bones is a fusion of fashion, music and dance. As Brown explains; ‘ to tell the story of Bones, I wanted to do something about being a rebel, a cowboy and going against the grain. To carve your own path regardless of how or what or why, and to make weird waves! I think it's about a fusion - a musical fashion piece.’ 

    Taking inspiration from the Western influence of the film, stylist Prince Franco created a jacket in collaboration with Bones and Brown especially for the film. The one-off jacket is available for purchase only at SHOWstudio Shop. Watch the film and browse the jacket now.

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    Films from 2000 and 2001 now available on YouTube
    Explore our archive of earliest Fashion Film

    We're setting out to make all archive content created during the first ten years of SHOWstudio available on our YouTube channel over the course of the next year. So far we've uploaded our complete In Fashion interview series and as of today, all of our films from 2000 and 2001 will be available to browse at your leisure.

    Revisit our very first projects including Nick Knight's first foray into 3D scanning technology Sweet (2000) and the first ever global, live fashion shoot Sleep (2001) and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates as we make a whole load more fashion films and collaborations available to view. Next up: 2002!

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    Upcoming In Fashion interview with illustrator David Downton

    We’re very excited to announce that acclaimed fashion illustrator David Downton will be joining our editor Lou Stoppard for a live-streamed In Fashion interview on 6 January 2015 at 14.30 GMT. 

    A key figure in the revival of fashion illustration, Downton was first commissioned to draw the Paris haute couture shows in 1996 by a Sunday newspaper supplement. Capturing some of the world’s most beautiful women - including Cate Blanchett, Dita Von Teese, Catherine Deneuve and Paloma Picasso - in the most striking fashion, his work has been featured in highly revered publications from V to Vogue and Vanity Fair, and in projects for the V&A, Chanel and Tiffanys. Downton is also Claridge’s fashion artist in residence, a position which has seen him commissioned to draw the hotel’s most illustrious guests, always with spectacular results. Downton's acclaimed publication Masters of Fashion Illustration will be followed by his long-awaited monograph in 2015.

    Tune in on 6 January 2015 to watch Downton talk about his career and tell tales of his work in the world of couture. While you wait, revisit the rest of the In Fashion series and Nick Knight’s Subjective interview with Downton’s muse, British supermodel Erin O’Connor to hear her talk about their long-time collaboration.

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    Subjective: Erin O'Connor on Steven Meisel

    Erin O’Connor continues our rolling model interview series, Subjective. She opens up about the experience of creating some of fashion’s most famous imagery, in this case, with photographer Steven Meisel. 

    Setting the scene for Theatre of Fashion, one of Meisel’s many editorials for Vogue Italia, O’Connor recalls that, ‘there were no words, there was no guidance, there was no script. We were just given very very evocative music and it became so hypnotic over a 3-day period that we never stopped moving. It was incredibly emotional.’ Talking to Nick Knight about modelling as a performance - ‘I come alive as a model when I am able to take on some responsibility’ - the supermodel describes the process of metamorphosing into that day’s character. In this case she was helped by famed make-up artist Pat McGrath: ‘You never really know who you’re going to be on the day. And I respond well to that. … I’ve been a man. I’ve been a woman. I’ve been a creature. I’ve been living. I’ve sort of been reincarnated.’ O’Connor emphasises how privileged she felt to be a part of such a shoot, declaring, 'those days are so important just for self development and confidence and liberation and [Meisel] gave me that.’

    Watch the impassioned interview now and review the whole series to hear more about the conversations between photographers and their subjects and the making of a truly great image. In Erin O’Connor’s words: ‘there’s no greater feeling.’

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    Menswear Illustration by Richard Kilroy

    We were thrilled to find so many of SHOWstudio’s resident artists in the pages of Richard Kilroy’s new book, a survey of contemporary menswear illustration to be published by Thames & Hudson on 23 February 2015.

    Celebrating the rise of men’s fashion and the increased visual attention it has been afforded of late, Kilroy champions the new wave of contemporary designers and illustrators reassessing the hitherto pretty traditional rules of men’s dress. Bringing together forty of the industry’s talents, the book showcases private sketches by designers, delicate pencil renderings, sketchbook tears and digitally manipulated images by illustrators including SHOWstudio contributor and Central Saint Martins lecturer Helen Bullock.

    Pop along to the preview exhibition, running from 9-12 January 2015 at The Hospital Club during London Collections: Men, and while you wait peruse original artworks by Helen Bullock amongst others over at the SHOWstudio Shop.

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    Folktron - a new fashion film

    SHOWstudio is proud to launch Folktron, a new fashion film showcasing the debut collection from emerging menswear label Wan Hung Cheung. Directed by Au Matt and shot on location in Poland, FOLKTRON presents Wan Hung Cheung's S/S 15 collection in a unique juxtaposition of Chinese design sensibility, traditional Eastern European folk imagery and futuristic lasers.

    Combing the pastoral with the digital and the old with the new, Matt set out to create 'a soft collision of seemingly opposite worlds' to complement Cheung's mesmirising menswear. The first part of the film (currently showing in various locations around the world as part of an interactive installation), features a traditional Polish church choir, while the second part is given a new soundtrack by a local artist in each city the video is screened at.

    Watch the fashion film now!

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    Gallerist Bill Powers speaks to us for In Your Face at EDITION Hotel

    In our latest In Your Face interview, gallerist Bill Powers speaks frankly about trying to disrupt what he feels is a general dumbing down of culture: 'Everything produced now is aimed towards the mentality of a 15 year old boy... There is a widespread lack of the patience that you need to develop appreciation for things that might be an acquired taste. There's a mentality that if you don't have an immediate number one hit, that you're washed up. And that bleeds over into all arenas of culture.' Which seems odd, when you consider the same man was on the bill of judges in Bravo's recent show Work of Art - a two season series that could be described as the art world's answer to the X Factor. It would be very easy to condemn him at this point. If he's searching for a means to encourage meaningful thought on a large scale, then why engage with a television programme that reduces artistic practice to a series of challenges, rejections and finally a grand prize short cut to celebrity. Yet, I wonder if his effort to 'make everything elitist' is tied up with more of a general respect for the masses and an effort to elevate the language of mainstream culture. 'The winner's work was inspired by Ai Wei Wei's imprisonment, that fact that you see a political dissident in China on a channel that also shows the New House Wives of New Jersey felt fun, like you were sneaking something past the network.'

    He's aggressive in his opinion that the art world is not inherently intimidating and steadfast in putting the onus of the individual to engage with it, 'it's more that people lack the drive, curiosity or proactive spirit to engage. It is a false narrative to say that the art world is impenetrable.'

    You can watch the interview now on SHOWstudio alongside conversations with Hans Ulrich Obrist, John Pawson, Marc Quinn and Aaron Young all recorded at EDITION Hotel at Miami Beach.

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    Subscribe to our YouTube!

    Over the course of 2015, we'll make all archive content created between 2000 and 2010 available to view on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for fashion films, exclusive interviews, music videos and panel discussions from the first ten years of SHOWstudio.

    Subscribe now and get in the mood with this handy playlist of every In Fashion interview featuring chats with luminaries such as photographer Tim Walker, British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and the late Louise Wilson!


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    Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY

    Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY has become the new favourite soirée for all the cool fashion kids in London. For the last party of 2014, LOVERBOY is hosting a night with HUN at the Arcola Theatre Bar. Only £5 to enter the gates of a firing atmosphere with a Studio 54 flair. This night signs the apotheosis of Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY and his Angels.

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