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    Mrs B's Christmas Speech

    We're thrilled to present Mrs B's Christmas speech, a film created by Browns and SHOWstudio in the tradition of the Queen's annual Christmas message. The Queen of Fashion and Browns founder reviewed the fashionable happenings of 2013, from the achievements of London designers to key developments at Browns itself. Watch the tongue in cheek broadcast now!

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    Put your hands up for Sam McKnight!

    Yesterday, 10 December, Chanel payed a visit to Dallas for their annual Metiers d'Art show. Karl Lagerfeld's Western vision was brought to life with the hair handywork of frequent (and recent) SHOWstudio contributor, Sam McKnight! From bows created out of hair that exactly matched each models shade, to low pony-tails embellished with mini Chanel guns, each look was fierce and fabulous!

    Check out McKnight's fine creations on his Instagram feed - with the witty cowgirl hair captions like 'Annie Get Your Bun' it's just genius all round. Well done Sam! 

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    Read Niamh White's essay on Isabella Blow and the 'muse' label

    SHOWstudio's own Niamh White has written a wonderful essay to sit within our Isabella Blow series. Exploring the 'muse' label (one often applied to Blow) White recalls female artists whose work and achievements have been overshadowed by their role as a source of inspiration to their male counterparts; notably Rossetti's model Lizzie Siddal and the photographer Lee Miller. White also discusses the emphasis placed on the melodramatic aspects of these women's personalities; their depressions and addictions as opposed to their creative powers. 

    'The problem with labelling Isabella Blow as a muse is that this preconceived idea of an emotionally charged woman casually lounging around the artist, lingers on. Blow, in fact, can bat away every cliche attached to the role,' she explains.

    Read White's astute essay in full, and stay tuned for the next in the series!

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    Gilded Birds interview Nick Knight!

    SHOWstudio's Nick Knight was interviewed by Gilded Birds, an online platform that looks at contemporary ideals of beauty. Knight was in good company alongside Marina Abramovic, Simon Foxton, Thom Yorke and a wealth of other highly respected creatives, all tasked with choosing and talking about an object of beauty. The result is a fascinating conversation about beauty and its role in the work of the artists we admire.

    Knight's chosen object was a sculpture by Edward Griffith, which led on to discussions on the difficultly of divorcing the artist from the work and the idea of beauty as a catalyst that causes a reassessment of values. It's interesting stuff! Read Nick's interview and then browse through the rest!

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    Bryan Ferry on Isabella Blow!

    Bryan Ferry visited us last week to talk to Lou Stoppard about his friend, the late fashion editor Issy Blow. In the brief but moving interview, he recalls the last time he saw Isabella at a show of his in Oxford; 'My last memory of her is me driving off on the rest of my tour, and her running behind the car and waving in some kind of Indian sari,'

    The interview also touches on what is what that made their friendship last; 'she loved talking and I loved listening, so it was a great combination really.' As well as his encouragement of her fashion career, and his overall impression of her as an exuberant and positive spirit. 

    Listen to the full interview now and revisit the other insightful conversations in the series. 

  6. by Calum Knight .

    TheWhiteShow 2013 -

    I spent thursday modelling at the Central Saint Martins 'White Show'. The first year fashion design students face this project every year, the breif being they have to make an outfit out of white felt or cotton. My designer, Oyvind, researched crystals and how they could clone themselves exsactly so they are all geomoetrically the same. (The outcome is the outfit I'm wearing on the right, if you cant tell.)

    The show was beautiful, well done to everyone involved. 

    Images from 1Granary.

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    New Hood By Air available now

    SHOWstudio Shop has now restocked the streetwear brand Hood by Air! Championed by the likes of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, the brand sold out fast when it first arrived. HBA's Target Sweatshirt is a favourite amongst streetwear fans, as are the Radar Multi Tee and Radioactive Sweatshirt. All are necessary additions to all Been Trill, HBA or Pyrex fans' clothing collections.

    With only limited stock available be sure to place your order now to avoid being disappointed! 

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    SHOWstudio Shop's Illustrations
    Original drawings for sale now

    SHOWstudio Shop has championed 21 illustrators to feature in our new exhibition at 19 Motcomb Street.  The illustrations are affordable, ranging in price from just £120 to £2,000. The Gardener by Laura Laine is an intricately drawn illustration, which evokes a fantastical dream-like feel.  Laine used the Replica scent Promenade in the Gardens to construct her detailed drawing.  The illustration can be purchased exclusively through SHOWstudio Shop. 

    Tobie Giddio's Boys In The Trees is drawn in Giddio's signature fluid style, using charcoal. Giddio’s work is a firm favourite with SHOWstudio, as she has previously captured the New York S/S 14 collectionsScan 368 is a soft and dreamlike illustration by Amelie Hegardt, and makes a fantastic addition to our SHOWcabinet: Maison Martin Margiela exhibition. Hegardt's drawing was inspired by the scent Promenade in the Garden, and was made using collage on paper. 

    Helen Bullock uses mixed media to create Night Time Lilac. At the reasonable price of just £185, Bullock's illustration would make a great gift, or a fantastic addition to a fashion illustration collection.  Bullock's unusual dreamlike image bears a striking resemblance to Lara Stone. 

    All of the illustrations above are available at the SHOWstudio Shop along with many more illustrations exclusivley commissioned for the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition. 


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    PVNK: A Punk film by Carri Munden

    Today's new addition to our Punk film series is an innovative offering from Carri Munden, the fashion designer behind menswear label Cassette Playa. Entitled PVNK, the fashion film takes its cue from the movement's tradition of taking style from the streets - Munden cast the model in Hackney. She explains her concept as 'a vision of an extreme cyberpunk reality set to an industrial punk soundtrack by Sewn Leather. I wanted to explore the tribal aspect of Punk and subcultures by combining stylistic elements of Punk with tribal scarification and body modification'. Watch Munden's 3D film now!

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    Experience Alistair O'Neill's Tumblr curation in full!

    Review last week's Tumblr curation by fashion historian Alistair O'Neill; a candid tribute to the remarkable Issy Blow! Collating school pictures and snapshots, short clips of her speaking and other evocative artefacts from letters to receipts, O'Neill has assembled a stirring portrait of Blow.

    A lipstick kiss emblazoned onto an envelope is particularly powerful, as are the fleeting recordings of her voice, surprisingly soft and contained for a woman with a famously bold image. Become immersed in the world of Isabella Blow, and find out what it was that captivated everyone she met; revisit the touching curation now! 

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    The last day of Alistair O'Neil's Tumblr curation

    Today will, sadly, be the last day Alistair O'Neil shares a candid perspective of Blow on our Tumblr. Over the past week, our on-going Isabella Blow series has been filled some delicate memories and touching treasures uncovered by Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition curator, O'Neil.

    Though they have been just glimpses into Blow's world; from a torn photograph of her as a teenager, to instructions on the exact dimensions of a guillotine she desired for a Tatler shoot, this trail has affirmed the sheer creative drive and heart she graced the fashion industry, and world, with. 

    Witness the final Issy images and sound clips to be revealed over on our Tumblr and re-visit our other rare insights into the late icon, including interviews with her close friends.

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    SHOWstudio Shop's Jewellery
    Buy in time for Christmas!

    Struggling for Christmas goodies?  SHOWstudio Shop is host to some fabulous jewellery designers.  Dominic Jones, Shaun Leane and Fraser Hamilton have some key, stand-out pieces available online and at 19 Motcomb Street.

    Hamilton’s latest collection includes small scale monuments in a wearable jewelry form. His Gold Tower Pendant necklace embodies his signature style, whilst his Silver Lady Ring is delicately carved out of sterling silver. Hamilton’s ring would make the perfect gift for someone after a one-of-a-kind creation.  

    Shaun Leane’s recent 'Signature Tusk' collection highlights beautifully his ability to create work that is innovative, contemporary and polished yet still with a hint of ‘punk’. The tusk motif is prevalent through much of the collection.  Leane’s Silver Knife Edge Tusk Necklace and Silver Tusk Ring combine exquisite metalwork with cutting edge design which is perfect for those after a contemporary piece of jewellery.

    Renowned jewellery designer Dominic Jones is a firm favourite at SHOWstudio.  His debut collection titled 'Tooth and Nail' was an instant success amongst fashion designers and celebs like Miranda Kerr and Nicole Ritchie. Invest in a piece of his latest collection this christmas, with pieces like his Rose Gold Bija Ring.  Or for a more affordable alternative why not try his enamel and gold plated Fang Necklace from Jones' ‘DJ’ collection.

    Beat the Christmas rush and browse through some unique Gift Ideas on SHOWstudio Shop!

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