1. by Sally Northmore .

    Farewell, Paul Herron!

    It's a wistful day today at SHOWstudio when one of our longest standing members and Back-end Developer, Paul Herron, moves on after nearly five years impeccable service on our technical team. 

    During his tenure, Paul has contributed to and helped steer some of the major technical feats at SHOWstudio, including the landmark Alexander McQueen live stream, the 2012 Webby winning redevelopment of, and the successful Mirror Mirror project at TopShop, among countless others.

    Paul has been one of those teammates who consistently inject a wonderful balance of genuine enthusiasm and sound reasoning into anything he's done. Not to metion, he's always ready with a tool to pry open a goofing laptop, or help debug a mysterious wifi outtage... Paul, we've relied on you heavily and you've always come through.

    His will be big boots to fill and he will undoubtedly be missed.  Despite this glum, we wish him every success pursuing his freelance venture and take comfort we'll see him here and there. He has been a pleasure to work with.

    The fondest farewell and thank you, Paul Herron.

    To your bright future ahead.

    Love from the SHOWstudio team.


    1. tor.hopkins
      10:26 1 May 2014
      You will be sorely missed Paul Herron. Come back and visit us soon! (With the Odel mug!) xx
  2. by Paul Herron .

    Leaving SHOWstudio

    Today's the day I've been excited about and dreading for a couple of months now. It's my last day as a full-time employee at SHOWstudio. Today I'm SHOWstudio's Back End Developer; tomorrow I'll simply be a freelance web developer. It's brand new territory for me but something I'm very excited about and have always wanted to try.

    Being at SHOWstudio these past five years has given me so many wonderful experiences. The people I've met and the challenging things I've been able to work on: I wouldn't change any of it.

    It's strange to be leaving now as something of a veteran. People like Ross Phillips, Alex Fury and Harry Hanrahan were the veterans when I got here. They were smart and kind and knowledgable, but they eventually moved on to other things, and without realising it I became an old-timer just like them. I'm surrounded by other old-timers though, and I'm grateful to have worked with these wonderful and talented people for so long. Sally Northmore, Front End Developer and my closest colleague – Ross paired us up in the beginning and we've had this incredibly productive working dynamic ever since. Jon Emmony came in like many of us as a junior and has quickly flourished into our Art Director, and an awe-inspiring creative force. Marie Schuller, Carrie Scott, Niamh White, Lauren Juska – every one of them someone I'd want to employ myself in my imaginary dream company. Tor, Lou, Liam, Sarah, Charlotte Spencer and so many others I haven't mentioned – every person here is impressive and I'll be impoverished for not being exposed to their ideas daily.

    At the centre of all this has been Nick Knight himself, never wavering in his total commitment to what he does. It's truly inspirational to have someone like this running the show, and it's thanks to him and Charlotte that this uniquely creative environment is possible.

    I'll look back with the utmost pride on the work we did. The highlight of it all would be the website rebuild, launched in 2012. It was a long slog and we put our all into it. We pulled everything down and then we built it all back up again from scratch. It was a huge task but I'm so grateful to have had the chance to work on it. Since then we've worked on many other exctiting things: building the new collections, working on our live streaming setup, and so much more.

    Thankfully it's not so much "goodbye" from me as "see you in a few weeks". I'll continue to work with SHOWstudio as a freelancer. I'm glad about that, because when you've worked in a place this special, the last thing you want to do is leave it behind completely.

    Recent comments

    1. niamh.white
      10:27 1 May 2014
      Miss you already Paul..
    2. tor.hopkins
      10:28 1 May 2014
      Even though you forgot me I will still miss you!!! :( x
    3. sally.northmore
      10:45 1 May 2014
      Congrats Paul, it's been really special working with you!
    4. Carrie
      11:20 1 May 2014
      You're a class act Paul Herron. A class act. And you will be sorely missed.
    5. jon.emmony
      10:46 2 May 2014
      We miss you already X
    6. sally.northmore
      17:34 2 May 2014
      Is that a Google Doc open on your screen? Class act!
  3. by SHOWstudio .

    MACHINE-A shares a Fashion Mix!
    Listen to MACHINE-A's fashion mix

    To sit alongside the incredible SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A project, the latest in our Fashion Mix series is a MACHINE-A playlist. Featuring 10 of the most played tracks from the Brewer Street boutique, MACHINE-A's Fashion Mix is an audible interpretation of the laid-back, creative vibe of the physical store. Mirroring the team's eye for 'the most interesting and current collections from a blend of standout emerging and established brands', the selection of songs features the fresh sounds of rising stars such as Ella Eyre and Rejjie Snow building up to Beyonce's Drunk in Love.

    Listen to London concept store MACHINE-A's most played tracks now, whilst browsing our interactive rendering of the boutique!

  4. by SHOWstudio .

    Dropping today! SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A exclusive products
    Shop the extremely limited pieces now!

    The SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A collaboration is finally here! And with it, the exclusive products by designers including Raf Simons, Ashley Williams, Beth Postle, Alex Matteson, Shaun Samson and Sibling.

    Each designer was asked to specially create an exclusive product inspired by SHOWstudio's signature black and white hues. The pieces are only available to purchase online through SHOWstudio Shop or from MACHINE-A's store in London. The extremely limited edition products include a signature, tongue-in-cheek Ashley Williams bag reworked for the project as a monochrome killer whale, Beth Postle's neoprene top and shorts combo, Sibling's famous knitwear in the form of an intricately patterned scarf, Shaun Samson's raunchy 'Blow Me' towel, Alex Mattson's 'strictly high grade' socks and beanie, and last but definitely not least Raf Simon's trainers, breaking the boundaries of black and white with a flash of hot pink! 

    Dive into the interactive store now to browse and buy before they go!

  5. by SHOWstudio .

    SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A is here!
    The exclusive collaboration launches today!

    SHOWstudio is excited to launch our long-awaited collaboration with Soho-based cult concept store MACHINE-A!

    Alongside the highly anticipated clothing collaboration, SHOWstudio offers viewers the chance to explore a pioneering, interactive model of the Brewer Street shop, complete with shoppable products and interviews with MACHINE-A's key contributors. The virtual store, 3D-scanned and created by our own digital art director Jon Emmony, is a symbol of SHOWstudio's tradition of exploring cutting-edge technologies and was inspired by the concept of iconic spaces and shops.

    Visit the virtual space now to shop the specially designed, limited edition SHOWstudio x MACHINE-A products by Raf Simons, Ashley Williams, Beth Postle, Alex Matteson, Shaun Samson and Sibling. While you're there experience the vibe of the cult space in full by listening to the likes of Stavros Karelis, Anna Trevelyan, Susie Bubble and more discuss the story, ethos and unwaning popularity of MACHINE-A!

    The fun doesn't stop there! As part of the project, viewers can take a selfie in the physical space of MACHINE-A, which will then feature in the interactive. The most creative selfie will be selected by SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight and stylist Anna Trevelyan, and the winner will recieve either a day at SHOWstudio or MACHINE-A, or two tickets to Sibling's Spring/Summer 2015 menswear show.

    What are you waiting for? Dive in to the immersive, interactive project!

  6. by SHOWstudio .

    Missed our Craig Green and Sarah Mower interviews? Watch on demand!

    If you missed last week's in-depth interviews with two stars of the fashion world, designer Craig Green and fashion critic and advocate of emerging talent Sarah Mower, you can now catch up with the on-demand footage!

    With a decade of experience as a fashion critic for, not to mention her position as the first Ambassador for Emerging Talent for the British Fashion Council, Sarah Mower's interview makes for absorbing viewing. During the candid chat with Lou Stoppard, Mower spoke of her support for London designers, her discovery of the city's most exciting talent, including Christopher Kane, as well as her approach to critcising fashion; 'I wish that the fashion critic was taken as seriously as the art, movie and theatre critics', 

    Mower's interview nicely segued into Green's as he spoke of his experience as an emerging designer, from graduate show to Fashion East - 'My CSM BA collection was an assortment of things I could afford to put together'. Watch his interview to hear about his earliest memories of fashion, his conceptual approach to design and his plans for the future. 

    Watch the interviews now!

  7. by SHOWstudio .

    Kate Simon talks William Burroughs on the Porch
    Listen to the latest conversation now!

    'I'd like to think my pictures of William are very unmasked and unguarded' begins Kate Simon in the latest soundbite to accompany the exhibition of her portraits of the notorious William S. Burroughs.

    Discussing the photographer's picture William on the Porch, Lawrence, Kansas, curator Niamh White and Simon delve into the ideas of photographing a subject over a long period of time, Burroughs' brand-like awareness of his own identity, and the surprising use of one of Simon's portraits in a Nike ad campaign! Listen now!

    Image copyright Kate Simon

  8. by SHOWstudio .

    Kate Simon on William by the barn
    Listen to the latest soundbite!

    The latest interview in our Photographing William S. Burroughs series is now live to listen to! This time Kate Simon focuses on her portrait William by the barn, Lawrence, Kansas.

    In this short soundbite, Simon continues to add to the story of her relationship with the man behind the myths, and his part in the construction of his image - 'He always seemed to know what I needed to get the job done. That was very generous of him' she muses.

    Listen now for the latest insights in the absorbing series.

    Image copyright Kate Simon

  9. by SHOWstudio .

    It's Fashion Revolution Day! Catch up with our sustainability panel on demand.

    Last week SHOWstudio and Somerset House teamed up to bring you a live discussion panel on the topic of sustainable fashion. The panel featured a plethora of ethical fashion experts, including Dilys Williams and Renee Cuoco from Centre for Sustainable Fashion, The North Circular's Katherine Poulton, jeweler Michelle Lowe-Holder and Abigail Murray of Designer Jumble and was chaired by our own Lou Stoppard. In honour of today's Fashion Revolution cause, the panel discussed the issues around sustainable fashion, from production to consumption, in an inspiring and passionate debate. 'Fashion is political. Every time we get dressed we are making a political expression of our place in this world' Dilys Williams emphasized.

    This is the first Fashion Revolution Day to be celebrated, in recognition of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex.

    'On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue. Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.'

    Get involved, and find out more about the issues with the on demand footage from the panel!

  10. by SHOWstudio .

    Joseph Lally's Soap Opera continues with Episode #10
    Watch 'Objectification of a Male Model' now!

    Joseph Lally takes us into the bittersweet territory of obsession with the tenth episode of his rolling Soap Opera series, in a fetishistic film unambiguously titled Objectification of a Male Model.

    Veering from romantic soft focus to invasive exploration, Lally's ode to male beauty and his investigation of the subject as object of desire steers the viewer from fascination to discomfort. This eerie feeling is helped by the filmaker's use of emotive classical music, as well as his choice of actor, emerging male model Dakota Taylor, an unknown face that immediately feels familiar thanks to the forced intimacy of Lally's filmic style.

    Watch Episode#10: Objectification of a Male Model now for this week's dose of Lally's signature sensual short films.

  11. by SHOWstudio .

    Kate Simon on Keith Haring at William's home

    Continuing to revisit the photographs taken at William Burroughs' home during the River City Reunion festival, Kate Simon's latest soundbite is a brief insight into her portrait of Burroughs and the artist Keith Haring. Just one of the 'notables' that came to the writer's house at that time, the words on Haring's t-shirt embodies some of the major themes of his work; activism, death and sexuality. The portrait is one of several in Simon's series of photographs that features text, combining the mediums of the photographer and her subject.

    Listen to the interview now, and stay tuned for more to come later this week!

    Image copyright Kate Simon

  12. by SHOWstudio Shop .

    SHOWstudio x Heron Preston

    SHOWstudio is excited to anounce that we are teaming up with BEEN TRILL boy Heron Preston! Preston is a founding member of BEEN TRILL, a D.J. and art collective that releases mixtapes, hosts parties and designs a coveted streetwear line. Other members include Virgil Abloh and Matthew Williams. Heron is also a global digital producer for Nike. 

    Heron has created a t-shirt and turtle neck for SHOWstudio, which can be worn individually or together. The combo is extremely limited run and will be sold exclusively through SHOWstudio Shop! The tees will drop in May, so keep an eye on SHOWstudio Shop, or sign up to our newsletter for more information!

  13. by SHOWstudio .

    Tomorrow, we'll be talking sustainable fashion, Sarah Mower and Craig Green

    Tomorrow, 17 April, is a busy day in the studio as we're hosting a series of highly anticipated fashion talks. 

    Tune in at 10:30 BST for a live panel discussion in honour Fashion Revolution Day. Dilys Williams and Renee Cuoco from Centre for Sustainable Fashion join Katherine Poulton from ethical knitwear company The North Circular, jeweller Michelle Lowe-Holder and Abigail Murray of Designer Jumble to talk sustainable fashion.

    Later on, at 12:30 BST, we'll be kicking off our newest In Fashion sessions with Vogue's internationally acclaimed contributor and fashion critic Sarah Mower. Our second live interview will take place at 14:30 BST with menswear designer Craig Green.

    Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, 17 April, for all the conversational action! 

  14. by SHOWstudio .

    Kate Simon talks William, his gun and his front porch

    Our Photographing William S. Burroughs soundbite series continues with Kate Simon discussing two portraits from a session on the notorious writer's front porch. In both photographs Burroughs poses with guns, a motif that has come to be strongly associated with the man and the myths surrounding him. Simon revisited the story behind the shoot;

    'There's a story in this because he art-directed the whole shot. He pulled that 'burr rose' head stone from the foyer of his house and said 'well how do you like that?' Then he pulled out his rifle and I thought 'now this is a good shot'.' 

    The photographer also recalls other details of her visit to Burrough's home in Lawrence, Kansas, including photographing him throwing knives against a tree out in the garden. Listen to the interview now!

    Image copyright Kate Simon

  15. by SHOWstudio .

    Aza Shade stars in The Misfortune of Desire
    Watch the film by Sarah Piantadosi.

    SHOWstudio are excited to launch The Misfortune of Desire, a film by Sarah Piantadosi, starring artist and Manflu front woman Aza Shade. Created during an editorial shoot for Under the Influence, the film features styling by AnOther magazine's Ellie Grace Cumming and a soundtrack of spoken word by Lydia Lunch, on which the title of the piece is based. Grace Cumming described the concept behind the shoot- 'Aza has a variety of different 'guises' when she performs in her band, and we wanted to reflect that.' On the combination of soundtrack and casting for she film, she explained, 'it felt very appropriate to use Lydia Lunch with Aza are they are both such powerful and spirited characters.

    Accompanying The Misfortune of Desire are screenshots of an email exchange between Shade and our own Nick Knight. Visit the project now to watch the fashion film and read the creative exchange between Knight and Shade!



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