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    'Linda Evangelista'

    Time was when Peter Lindbergh was European fashion photography and Linda Evangelista was fashion. Today we can only marvel at their on-screen chemistry. We're thrilled, therefore, that Peter has contributed a historic clip from his 1991 film 'Models' that captures Linda -for some the all-time greatest supermodel- doing what she does best.

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    Estate of Peter Saville

    Peter Saville's solo exhibition opens at the Migros museum in Zurich tonight. A departure from the retrospective staged at the London Design Museum in 2003, the show employs a non-linear chronology to background the first public viewing of 'Estate': a collection of ephemera, artefacts and work-in-progress notebooks Saville has amassed over the years to complement, and ultimately, supersede commissioned work as his central practice. Swiss fans and international die-hards should flock to: LIMMATSTRASSE 270, 8005 ZURICH from 12 November 2005 - 8 January 2006.


    1. Jose
      02:12 24 Feb 2013
      Then let's move on to the heart of the defence. If you can give me names of world class deeredfns I would welcome it. I think in defence you must always have a good partnership between two players. If played alongside another they could look average or even poor, but when you sometimes put two players together they form a natural partnership and both look great. I think Vidic and Ferdinand are the most obvious example. Vidic was mostly unknown but he seemed to match with Ferdinand and they both formed a great defensive partnership in the last seasons.
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    Weekend Review

    This week's five moving image shorts come to us from the widest range of creatives yet -a hair stylist, a manicurist, a make-up artist, a photographic curator and a fashion photographer are all represented- and an array of approaches to the brief are manifest as a consequence. Take this opportunity to see contributions by Oribe, Marian Newman, Emma Reeves, Val Garland and Peter Lindbergh in the weekend review, featuring fashion muses including Linda Evangelista, Gemma Ward and Tilda Swinton before next week's submissions arrive.

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    The Ghost of Château Marmont

    We kick-start the fifth week of our MOVING FASHION series with a rather spooky contribution from hair stylist Julien D'Ys featuring five of his beautifully coiffured wigs. Julien has agreed to answer any questions, so visit the forum and we'll do our very best to make sure he answers them!

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    Karen In Love Again

    'A woman's never so beautiful as when she is loved' says the old adage and Karen Elson -newly married to Jack White of The White Stripes- certainly proves the rule. Wherever you turn, there is an image of her, positively blooming. In previous SHOWstudio projects, Karen has proved she is both an accomplished singer (Devil's Plaything) and reporter (Phonecarte). Now see her direct in her first short about love!

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    Dublin Amaze Me launched yesterday in the city's Project Arts Centre. For the AMAZE ME finale we have gathered together an exciting panel of Ireland's finest including Philip Treacy, Pauric Sweeney, D.A.D.D.Y, Scott Burnett, The Chalets and Perry Ogden. If you are a local or happen to be in town be sure to stop by and submit your entry! There are some great incentives to meet the panel and of course a PSP, which with Christmas approaching could make that perfect stocking-filler.

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    Yer 'avin' a bleedin' larf, ain't cha?

    Never one to take things too seriously, menswear superstylist and all-round darling of SHOWstudio Simon Foxton takes up the challenge to convert his special brand of colourful playfulness into 30 seconds of motion. Click here to have a good old hee-haw with Simon.

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    Me! Me! ME!

    Now, who'd like a pair of these darlings sighted yesterday at the Celine press day? It's the tiny, gold Celine crest (based on the links in the chain surrounding L'Arc de Triomphe, I believe) and the fact that they just skim the base of your trapezium that make these no ordinary summer gloves.

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    Lesage at first sight

    Of the many, truly wonderful creations I've seen on yet another round of press days today (Prada, Botega Veneta, Fendi, Top Shop, I've seen 'em all...) the collection at Yves Saint Laurent really took my breath away. Pom-poms in suede or raffia, puff-sleeved 'shrug' jackets with gorgeous brass eyelets, heavy gold shoes that need to be seen to be described and this showstopping dress with embroidery by the legendary Mr Lesage. Really, the pictures on don't do it justice. Monsieur Pilati: you're spoiling us!!

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    Karaoke Jocks

    Kim Gordon shows us how to perform karaoke and retain credential in this glimpse of her recent experiment with the alchemy of playing music, with collaborator Jutta Koether.

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    'Last Boy Standing'

    When she came in to drop off her film, Toyin explained that her 'Cult of Boys' project is drawing to a close; an end precipitated by a general shift away from the angular, pained-looking young male models she prefers. This swan song with Daniel T, then, marks a departure point from an incredible phase in the photographer/filmmaker's career and an important transition in the aesthetics of menswear. Anyone who has seen the full body of work and accompanying notebooks will argue it should be published. We hope you're listening, Miss Toyin!

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    Today's MOVING FASHION contribution comes courtesy of footwear designer Christian Louboutin and is the first film in the series so far to employ a narrative theme, based around a Yellow pair of Mr Louboutin's distinctive red-soled shoes.

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    Manuela Maid the Shop Window!

    Anthony Stephinson, the buyer at Two See boutique on Monmouth Street in London's Covent Garden, got in touch to let us know that he won Lot 14, Manuela Pavesi's maid's uniform in our Bring & Buy auction we did with Oxfam and i-D Magazine last September. As he explains in the message below, Two See are Manuela devotees (consider the lengths they went to to get it, even with a tear in the back!) and have used the uniform as the basis for a sort of Maneula Pavesi shrine which can be viewed in the front window of their shop:

    I was talking to a friend of mine today (Francesca Burns from i-D) and she said you were interested in our window! We have an homage to Manuela Pavesi. The window was installed by Jonathan Anderson who designs accessories exclusively for the store. He used to work for Manuela at Prada as a visual merchandiser before starting his own label. He has a borderline obsession with her and everything she does, and was more than ecstatic when she donated the maid's uniform dress to the bring and buy event at showstudio...

    The most hilarious bit about the whole story is that on the final day of the bidding on ebay, his boyfriend and francesca had a furious bidding war unaware that they were bidding against each other! His boyfriend (who works in the store) won the dress and consequently gave it to Jonathan (who was distressed at having not won the dress) for his 21st birthday...
    We have the dress on the female mannequin in the window, with a huge portrait of manuela next to it. The mannequin is draped in accessories by Jonathan, and the photo from ID is framed along with the letter from Manuela herself.
    It has raised many an eyebrow, not least because the dress is not for sale, and we have had countless attempts to explain the story to passers-by.. I hope you love it as much as we do.

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