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    Always & Forever live stream day two!

    Nick Knight's Always & Forever editorial for Garage is set to challenge fashion's fleeting nature by creating an editorial built around a permanent form of art. Yesterday saw Knight shoot Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Marina Nery and Liya Kebede in some incredible looks styled by Charlotte Stockdale, inspired in part by incredible tattooists such as Mark Mahoney, Scott Campbell and Angelique.

    With other amazing creatives collaborating on this vision - Sam McKnight, Val Garland and Marian Newman - this shoot is proving to be breathtaking. 

    Make sure you tune in today for the second half, to catch Knight shooting supermodels Karlie Kloss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

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    Check out the last steps of the #asif process on our Tumblr!

    Over the last two weeks, including a two day live stream, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton have shared their collaborative vision for their #asif shoot for V MAN magazine. 

    Our Tumblr has been taken over with the initial casting process through to the digitally inspired looks, some internet references, glitchy behind the scenes images and today we bring you the final step - early tests created of the selection images using various techniques from 3-D animations to the classic cut and paste. 

    Head over to our Tumblr for the full #asif vision as it unfolded.

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    Always & Forever begins tomorrow!

    SHOWstudio kicks off its exploration into tattoos by teaming with Garage magazine to create the world's first permanent fashion editorial, using actual bodies as our canvas. The two day live broadcast - streamed across 30 November and 1 December 2013 - draws inspiration from the rebellious roots of body art, and its usual association with subcultures and tribes. Additionally, it challenges fashion's fleeting nature by creating an editorial built around an indeliable form of personal expression.

    The stream will see Nick Knight shoot six models - Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Liya Kebede, Marina Nery and Karlie Kloss - in looks styled by fashion director Charlotte Stockdale. Six acclaimed tattooists, including Scott Campbell, Angelique and Madame Chän, will then dream up their own interpretion of Knight's images to create real tattoos on six willing body art fans.

    Don't miss the beginnings of the Always & Forever vision as it unfolds tomorrow, 29 November, from 10:00 GMT. 

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    Vuvuvultures live in Hoxton.

    One of my favorite models also happens to be a rather talented lead singer in a band.


    The model is Harmony Boucher and the band is Vuvuvultures. 

    They sound as slick as they look and their brand of music appealed to me so much that ive even created costumes for a recent music video.


    I went to their gig in Hoxton last night to capture the moment.

    Harmony wears custom harness by me.


    More info at

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    Punk through the eyes of Aza Shade

    Aza Shade of Manflu fame presents Punkiflee as the latest contribution to our Punk film series. Shade captures the modern world through the rose tinted perspective of a girl who growingly becomes obsessed with original punk ideals. Through four stages, she transforms herself from a shy girl on the outside looking into a Siouxsie Sioux inspired, DIY vixen with bare nipples.

    Watch this raw narrative now or snap up the Come Fuck Me dress worn in the final transformation, created exclusively by Paul Joyce.

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    SHOWstudio Shop's Maison Martin Margiela opening!

    The Maison Martin Margiela exhibition went off with a bang on Wednesday evening as London’s most fashionable gathered at SHOWstudio Shop for the opening of the new SHOWcabinet. Margiela's Replica perfumes floated in the air whilst the gallery was adorned with fashion illustrationsLine 13 products and Margiela haute-couture, as well as the Maison's innovative signature masks.

    As part of the exhibition, a collection of illustrators - including Richard Gray, Tobie Giddio and Rei Nadal - were asked to create an original drawing that depicts a personal memory, prompted by one of the Maison's Replica perfumes. Our guests - including GQ Style's Luke Day, AnOther's Ellie Grace Cumming, designer Claire Barrow, latex doyenne Atsuko Kudo and our very own Nick Knight - crowded around the striking illustrations, deciphering the relationship between memories, scent and art, as well as reminiscing over their own bits of nostalgia. The artworks are exhibited in a bespoke display case mimicking the installation of relics in museums. Instead of tracing a history through tangible objects, these drawings are ethereal traces of moments past. Accompanying the drawings is a perfume bar to sample the scents, a selection of haute couture pieces and objects from the Maison's Line 13 range - including an Embroidered Clock and an Hourglass, associated with the concept of memory.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on the SHOWstudio x Margiela experience. Come visit us at 19 Motcomb Street, or browse the exhibition online.

  7. by Lou Stoppard .

    You're Ugly and Your Mother Dresses You Funny

    Today, 27 November, the brilliant Iain R Webb gave us a guided tour of his new exhibition at Paul Smith's Albemarle Street store. From 1982 to 1987 Iain was fashion editor of BLITZ magazine (founded in 1980 by Carey Labovitch and Simon Teller). The title, which was known for challenging the establishment and championing diversity, helped kick off the careers of a range of creative stars, including Pete Moss, David Hiscock, David LaChapelle, our own Nick Knight and Iain himself - aptly all of whom have work on show in the exhibition.

    The exhibition is made up of a variety of elements including original photography styled by Iain, which helpfully gives a wonderful insight into how BLITZ magazine was put together, as well as collages fashioned using Iain's signature Xerox technique! Additionally, a key part of the exhibition is a set of Paul Smith denim jackets that have been customised by Iain in his usual idiosyncratic style using tulle and bright sequins that he has collected over the years. The jackets reference BLITZ's 1986 Designer Denim Jacket competition, which saw Iain ask 22 designers - including Smith himself, and Vivienne Westwood, Leigh Bowery and Bodymap - to re-imagine a Levi's denim jacket. Iain's new customised Paul Smith jackets feature denim patches made from swatches of Levi's fabric supplied for the 86 event! On a side note - if you're keen to see footage of the amazing BLITZ Designer Denim Jacket show head down to the V&A's Club to Catwalk exhibition. While you're there you'll also see some of Iain's old House of Beauty and Culture shoes that feature in one of the images above.

    In a wonderful nod to eighties icons and a playful celebration of the passage of time, Iain has designed some new pieces for Smith that feature collage portraits of BLITZ cover girl Scarlett Cannon, who famously graced the magazine clad in an Hermes headscarf. Aptly, one of the pieces on offer by Iain and Smith is a head square that features Xerox images of this shot. Additionally, Scarlett has been rephotographed by Pete Moss specially for the exhibition wearing the new headscarf! You can also buy a one-off knitted balaclava inspired by one of Iain's favourite, and most acclaimed, fashion stories, No Nukes is Good News.

    Today, Webb told us that it was essential that the exhibition, whilst being a celebration of the rebellious spirit of the eighties, didn't feel nostalgic. Indeed, a strength of the exhibition is how strongly the imagery stands up in its own right even today. This is - as the images on show prove - down to BLITZ magazine's core focus on putting across ideas and artistic messages rather than merely documenting trends.

    So, be sure to take a trip down to Albemarle Street to see the wonderful exhibition in the flesh. It runs until 13 December 2013. Additionally you can buy Iain's As seen in BLITZ book - which features all the images on show in the exhibition from our Shop!

    For more from Iain check out his blog Hope and Glitter!

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    A new Isabella Blow essay by Alex Fury

    Our latest Isabella Blow essay is here! The Independent's fashion editor Alex Fury offers up Spinning Yarns, a brilliant exploration of British designers' obsession with telling stories through fashion.

    ''Who she is, where she lived, how she lived,' is how John Galliano summarised his approach. It’s about play-acting. And, in story-telling terms, our job, as the fashion journalists in the audience, is not to 'see' but to 'read.'' Read more now.

    While you're at it, check out other essays in the project. Psychiatrist Simon Kyaga discusses the link between creative genius and madness, while Kiki Georgiou looks at icons. Additionally hat addict Katharine Zarrella muses on Blow's obsession with headwear! Also, stay tuned for more essays - Niamh White will write on muses, while Lou Stoppard will address English eccentricity.


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    Violent Fun: A new film by Joseph Lally

    We're excited to launch a new film by avant-garde filmmaker and regular SHOWstudio contributor Joseph Lally. The film, Violent Fun, gives a darkly surreal twist to the concept of sibling rivalry, examining the violence and power struggles that often characterise close relationships. Using twin models and Dolce e Gabbana garments, Lally nods to the ongoing occurrence of twins and twin-like couples in fashion editorial and the narcissistic fantasy of interacting with a mirror image of oneself, whether in an act of love or violence. Violent Fun is available to watch now, along with a gallery of editorial images.

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    Ku Khanh talks girls on leads

    In the last of Nick Knight's Punk: Photography interviews, Ku Khanh discusses his shot of two punk fans in boiler suits outside a concert at the Notting Hill Gate, one holding the other on a lead. One of the definining images of punk fashion, like so many of the straight-up street snaps from that time, it was the result of just one quick shot. Khanh describes living in World's End just behind Vivienne and Malcolm's boutique during the seventies, and the way he approached his photograph of the two girls.

    'It was so fast, and so quick. They were just asking what they should do, or whatever. And for me, no matter what, it was fine with me. It was their attitude I was looking for.'

    Listen to the final interview and revisit the others in this in-depth series!

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    Judy Blame's visions of punk

    In contribution to our on-going Punk film series, Judy Blame brings forward his signature punk aesthetic, keen visual precision and a tongue in all the right cheeks. 

    Blame continues to embody the punk DIY, cut it up, pin it back together, paint a swastika on it rituals in a sketchbook that consists of original imagery from the movement - like that of Siouxsie Sioux and Sid Vicious - reappropriated alongside more recent references. These striking collages are then brought to life with the 3-D expertise and distorting, animated techniques of SHOWstudio's own, Jon Emmony and the soundtrack, Cocaine In My Brain by Dillinger

    Watch the film now and revisit others in our series!

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    Isabella Blow interview with Daphne Guinness

    Daphne Guinness and Isabella Blow are both rare creatures, known for their creativity and eccentricity within the fashion world. Having known Blow since she was sixteen, Guinness founded the Isabella Blow Foundation and instigated the Somerset House exhibition celebrating Blow's life and work in 'Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!'

    Watch as Guinness explains how she purchased Blow's entire wardrobe and her thought provoking musings on the importance of creativity and the arts in the latest interview from Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!.

    You can also watch other interviews within the series featuring Philip Treacy, Nick Knight, Harriet Verney, Alex Fury and Jeremy Langmead. Remember to stay tuned later this week for more essays on the late Blow and the elements which made her unforgettable.


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