1. by Andrew Tomlinson .


    Walked through Angel today, passed the same sculpture I've seen loads of times but today it captured my imagination. Love how perfect the scale seems today, I always thought it was far too overt before, today it's perfect.

  2. by SHOWstudio .

    Ugly: Why are women wearing odd earrings?

    The second mini film in our Ugly series is here! Listen to Lou Stoppard unpick the culture, history and meaning behind the wearing of single or mismatched earrings. 

    Stoppard's audio exploration weaves the story of the Odd Earring, citing its presence in examples as diverse as 1950 film All About Eve, Ukrainian cossacks and secret gay codes right up to the emergence of the trend on the A/W 14 Celine runway and the fine jewellery offering of Net-A-Porter. 

    Examining the recent popularity of stand-out single jewels like the Delfina Delettrez piece seen in the film, Stoppard suggests, 'You could see this as a comment on luxury. Before, jewellery was all about showing wealth or social status - 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' and all those cliches. Now we're more inclined towards gems that show personality. And what shouts of individuality and gumption more than the confidence to throw caution to the wind and wear one giant earring?'

    Listen to Odd Earring now, and keep and eye on the Ugly project, we'll be releasing more audio clips next week.

  3. by SHOWstudio .

    Ugly! Lou Stoppard explores Fun Fur

    Following the release of Ruth Hogben's Hitchcockian fashion film, Beyong the Glass, our rolling Ugly project continues with a new series of informative mini films. Key pieces - from clumpy shoes to odd prints - will be studied in short looping films with audio analysis that examines the recurring motifs found in 'ugly' fashion. The analysis is penned by SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, who recruited the V&A's esteemed fashion curator Oriole Cullen to help with the research.

    We begin with a look at Fun Fur. At once luxurious and feral, fur appears throughout history as something strange or even silly, from its use in surrealist art to last year's Fendi frazzles. As Stoppard says, 'On one hand fur is lofty, elegant, refined, a symbol of feminine decorum, on the other it's wild, sexual, raw. Though soft to touch, almost cuddly, there is a prickliness to fur - it is strong, powerful, even intimidating. In a much quoted phrase from Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch once called a women in fur a 'great cat, a powerful electric battery.'

    Watch the Fun Fur film now, and stay tuned for more, including explorations of clumpy shoes, awkward silhouettes, shocking prints and more!

  4. by Nick Knight .

    Mark Wardel's Bowie mask

    A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of interviewing Steve Strange, a joy and a revelation in itself, but after the interview Steve introduced me to his friend, the artist Mark Wardel. Mark had a cast of David Bowie's face from the seventies from which he had created this beautiful and extremely lifelike mask of the Aladdin Sane Bowie image. To my delight and total surprise a week later, a box appeared on my desk that contained the 'Pin-Ups' version. Life is wonderful at times. Thank you Mark.

    Recent comments

    1. Amy Ireland
      22:39 18 Aug 2014
      This is wonderful, bravo!
    2. Kay
      17:49 19 Aug 2014
      Amazing, love it.
  5. by SHOWstudio Shop .

    SHOWstudio x Nasir Mazhar

    We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with London based designer - and SHOWstudio contributor - Nasir Mazhar. Since being awarded NewGEN sponsorship in 2008, Mazhar’s brand has grown from strength to strength. Having started as a milliner, he has gone on to show full ready to wear collections as part of both LC:M and London Fashion Week. His designs draw inspiration from British sportswear cultures and represent his prominent interest in British grime music, having previously collaborated with artists Shystie and Skepta on soundtracks for his shows. 

    Nasir Mazhar has designed a collection of hats exclusively for SHOWstudio Shop. As well as this limited run of original hats, we will also be selling pieces from his A/W 14 collection.

  6. by Iain R. Webb .

    Broken Noses

    I’m a tad obsessed with Alan Crocetti’s silver jewellery for Spring/Summer 2015, especially his nose clips inspired by a boxer’s plaster. It reminded me of a photograph I styled for The Times Magazine back in October 1994 taken by the legendary Buffalo sharp shooter Roger Charity. The model’s name is Mackie Alcantara Hair by Thomas Dunkin.

  7. by SHOWstudio .

    Edited footage of Sibling’s interview now live!

    In Fashion is a collection of interviews with fashion’s luminaries, including designers, editors, stylists, art directors and more. Today, 15 August, we are launching the edited footage of our interview with the design trio behind Sibling. Watch our own Lou Stoppard sit down with Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery to discuss the formation of the brand, the importance of knitwear and position of London on the interantional fashion schedule.

    Browse through our current collection of interviews, and stay tuned for more intriguing interviews with fashion’s elite in In Fashion

  8. by Jon Emmony .


    A new iPhone app released today by the creators of Glitché (a SHOWstudio favourite, used by Nick Knight himself to create the #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign) called SLMMSK promotes itself as a ‘free antiselfie app’, distorting and obscuring its users using real-time facial recognition in a very 21st century way, producing user-created imagery akin to that of terrorism and the dark web.

    We’ve been trying it out at SHOWstudio on our iPhones this afternoon, which all, of course, have Tigran’s ‘CENSORED’ case on. Fitting.

  9. by SHOWstudio .

    Alek Wek talks David LaChapelle!

    Today, 13 August, we are launching the next segment of Subjective, a series of interviews conducted by Nick Knight to unravel the history of contemporary fashion photography from the perspective of models. This week’s interview is with Alek Wek, who sits down with Knight to discuss working with David LaChapelle for Vogue Paris.

    ‘I knew I was beautiful, as a woman, because that's how I was raised,' she says.

    Watch this candid interview now, and stay tuned for more, rare Subjective interviews!




    1. amenart
      17:25 13 Aug 2014
      I've been playing the song on repeat since I heard it this morning!
  11. by SHOWstudio .

    Daphne Guinness' new music video

    Daphne Guinness consolidates her move into music with a theatrical, mesmerising new music video directed by acclaimed image-maker David LaChapelle. Evening in Space was produced by Tony Visconti and is the first single from Guinness' upcoming debut album, which is billed for release in September 2014. The video features custom fashion by many of Guinness' favourite houses, including Iris van Herpen and Noritaka Tatehana, alongside pieces from her own celebrated clothing collection. Watch now!

    Recent comments

    1. amenart
      11:00 13 Aug 2014
      the song's amazing!
    2. nasa
      11:23 13 Aug 2014
      Brave and beautiful and just brilliant
    3. amenart
      15:31 13 Aug 2014
      will the song be on itunes?
    4. ali
      21:02 15 Aug 2014
      Thanks was inspiration of the dayXx
  12. by SHOWstudio .

    Evening in Space

    Tomorrow, 13 August, at 10.01 BST Daphne Guinness' Evening in Space music video, directed by David LaChapelle and produced by Tony Visconti, will launch on SHOWstudio. Watch this space...

  13. by Nick Knight .

    Steven Meisel's Miu Miu book

    Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

    I often get really lovely things sent to me at SHOWstudio.
    Today's lovely object was Steven Meisel's Miu Miu campaign catalogue.
    I will post the wonderful things I get sent on the blog to share them with you.

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