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    SHOWstudio's interview series 'In Your Face' kicks off at EDITION Hotel

    This week, SHOWstudio has taken up residence at EDITION's new hotel in Miami to continue our interview series In Your Face. With the art world descending on Miami Beach for Art Basel, we're putting creative visionaries under the spotlight in a series of challenging conversations that reveal the intricacies of their respective practices. Visually conceived by Nick Knight, each subject is captured in a beautifully composed but intensely cropped frame that focuses directly on the face. Every expression, blink, twitch, thought and recoil will be revealed in what Knight describes as a 'living portrait.'

    The interviews began this morning with a candid talk with EDITIONS' own Ian Schrager. He spoke about his tumultuous career path from comparing his first venture Studio 54 as 'Frankenstein's monster', to describing his ethos for creating lived in space saying, 'Our agenda does not start with design, it starts with social science'. He also reveals the advice he would give to his younger self. The interview will go up on SHOWstudio tomorrow, Thursday 4 December and the series continues throughout the week with luminaries such as Marina Abramovic, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Martin Creed. In the meantime, you can watch our other In Your Face interviews with Vito Acconci, Dinos Chapman and Bernard Henri Levi.

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    Vaults' Vultures music video exclusive

    We’re proud to launch Vultures, Vaults’ new music video directed by rising talent Rei Nadal, exclusive to SHOWstudio until 15:00 GMT on Friday 5 December 2014!

    On working with the London-based trio to create the exquisitely eerie music video, Nadal explains ‘I was very lucky with Vaults as they offered me the project giving me total creative freedom, which is rare.’ Taking inspiration from the song itself, ‘a dark lullaby’, the film sees a group of women dancing together, but singled out in turn: ‘woman chanting to each other and to themselves, not to sleep but to comfort each other, telling their story and what hurts them but also sharing their love and joy...I just want to remind myself how lucky I am to be a woman,’ Nadal concludes. The resulting video, complete with styling by Ellie Grace Cumming and compelling choreography by Aaron Sillis embodies the artist's signature use of romantic and unsettling imagery in constant juxtaposition.

    Watch the phantasmagoric video now and be sure to revisit Nadal’s earlier explorations into music film for Reptile Youth and Primal Scream.

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    It’s day 3 of Lucy Moore’s Tumblr takeover

    It’s day 3 of Lucy Moore’s Tumblr takeover! Following on from her exploration of the language of the advert and the power of the caption, today the director of Claire de Rouen will be sharing the best five signed books on the shelves of her Soho bookshop. Moore says, Diffracted through the autograph’s prism, the repeated becomes singular.’

    Follow the SHOWstudio Tumblr now to discover more, and keep checking back for new content every day this week!

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    Subjective: Alek Wek on Victoria's Secret

    Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek is the latest interviewee in our rolling Subjective series, speaking to Nick Knight about her mother’s wisdom, her relationship with her family and walking the runway for lingerie brand Victoria's Secret.

    Growing up in south Sudan as one of nine children, Wek reveals the challenges of leaving her close-knit family for frequent international modelling assignments and speaks frankly about the destabilising influence of money. However, despite its difficulties she also acknowledges the positivites of her profession: ‘It’s a meaningful career I got to realise for myself, it’s not something that I have to do just because it’s going to pay my bills. It’s way beyond that... I think I showed them that Dinka Dinka women can be beautiful as well,’ she explains.

    Wek also discusses working with with American lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, asserting that ‘I think it’s very important to let women be comfortable in how they feel, to let women own their own sexuality instead of telling them how to be.’

    Watch the exclusive interview now and explore the rest of the Subjective series, including more stories from Wek on creating iconic images with Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle and our very own Nick Knight

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    It's day 2 of Lucy Moore's Tumblr takeover!

    Lucy Moore’s Tumblr takeover is underway! The second day of the Claire de Rouen director's curation sees her explore the power of the caption. Moore questions how captions can be made to perform for an image: ’Adding detail, nuance, a subjective voice or making a stand by their absence, captions are glorious and today I pay homage to them!’
    Head to the SHOWstudio Tumblr now to discover her thought-provoking posts, and keep checking back for more posts on exceptional publications over the next five days! 
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    The Pin-ups shoot is over.

    After five days shooting, twelve 'Angels', a bath of milk, copious glitter and a lot of 3D scanning our epic Pin-ups shoot has finally come to an end. Keep an eye on the project for footage from this eventful shoot, and be sure to snap up the upcoming spring issue of 10 magazine for the finished editorial!

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    SHOWstudio x Miami Beach EDITION: In Your Face interviews

    SHOWstudio is proud to announce a new series of In Your Face interviews hosted on location at the Miami EDITION Hotel to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach!

    Twisting the notion of the coaxing, cajoling and coercive interview that has become the mainstay of art and fashion journalism, the series seeks to gracefully provoke and capture leading figures in contemporary culture. SHOWstudio's own Carrie Scott will be speaking to some of the most exciting people in fine art including Marc Quinn and Marina Abramovic, with each interview acting as a living portrait carefully framed by Nick Knight. Knight explains, 'The camera is focused in so close that the face fills the screen, revealing every passing thought, every change of emotion and every blink of the eye. It will be a beautiful, but intense living portrait of people who hold strong opinions and challenging thoughts.'

    The first interview premiers on SHOWstudio 4 December 2014. In the meantime, revisit past In Your Face interviews and our sister series' In Conversation and In Fashion.

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    Live today! Nick Knight's Pin-ups shoot

    Tune in to SHOWstudio today to watch Nick Knight shoot live! It's part three of his Pin-ups shoot for 10 magazine. The editorial features the Victoria's Secret 'Angels' and explores and subverts traditional erotic tropes. Watch behind-the-scenes as Knight photographs the final two of twelve angelic models - Joan Smalls and Candice Swanepoel - with the help of 3D scanning technology, sensational sets and some striking lingerie.

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    It’s Day 1 of Lucy Moore’s Tumblr take-over!

    Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr for guest curator Lucy Moore’s first day at the helm!

    In keeping with SHOWstudio's 'guest curator' tradition, the director of specialist fashion and photography bookshop Claire de Rouen will be sharing images from both de Rouen’s and her own personal collection over the next seven days on our Tumblr. Each day will have a theme, beginning today with ‘Arcade’, an exploration of the language of commercial photography. From commissioned editorials to images that reappropriate, and on occasion subvert, the language of the advert, Moore's posts will be both thought-provoking and visually striking. Follow her progress throughout today and all this week (1-7 December).

    Between posts, be sure to explore past curations of the SHOWstudio Tumblr by web-artist Claudia Maté, stylist Anna Trevelyan and our very own Nick Knight.

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    Lucy Moore's Tumblr Takeover begins next week!

    Continuing SHOWstudio's tradition of inviting a different guest each month to take the reigns of our Tumblr, 1-7 December will see Lucy Moore, director of specialist fashion and photography bookshop Claire de Rouen, share some of the things she finds on her bookish travels. 

    Trained as an artist at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, Moore went on to run Claire de Rouen Books with her friend, model Lily Cole, after de Rouen’s death in 2012. A long-established hub for students, photographers and designers including Giles Deacon and Jonathan Saunders, the Soho store continues to support both established and upcoming photographers in fashion, documentary and fine art, with everyone from de Rouen’s friends David Bailey and Bruce Weber to Tyrone Lebon on the shelves. In addition to staging small projects, installations and events in store, Moore writes widely and recently published Lily Cole’s first book Gabriel Orozco: Impossible Utopias.

    Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr from the Monday, 1 December to view Moore’s first posts and in the meanwhile, revisit past takeovers by Alistair O’Neill, Alexander Fury, Simon Foxton, Liberty Ross and many others.

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    Pin-ups resumes!

    In just over 11 days the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show extravaganza will take place. Tap into the excitement by watching ‘Angels’ Joan Smalls and Candice Swanepoel in Part 3 of our Pin-ups live streamed shoot on Monday, 1 December. 

    Tune in at 11:00 GMT to watch image maker Nick Knight and editor-in-chief of 10 Magazine Sophia Neophitou as they reinterpret traditional erotic tropes with the help of 3D scanning technology, sensational sets and super styling.

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    Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

    We had a wonderful night this Wednesday, 26 November, at the opening of Somerset House’s major Guy Bourdin: Image Maker exhibition. Curated by SHOWstudio favourite Alistair O’Neill with Shelly Verthime, Image Maker is the largest ever UK exhibition of the enigmatic fashion photographer's work.

    Showcasing over 100 works and previously unseen material by the influential fashion photographer - whose famed collaborations with Vogue Paris and Charles Jourdan make up just a small proportion of his creative output - the exhibition also highlights Bourdin’s grasp of editing processes in a pre-digital age, as well as his interest in the moving image. Super-8 films from his fashion shoots feature alongside sketches and notebooks, collectively revealing the care and precision with which Bourdin approached every aspect of image-making, right down to the models’ hair and make-up.

    Dont miss this impressive retrospective, which runs until the 15th of March. You can also revisit our project Compulsive Viewing: The Films Of Guy Bourdin, featuring eleven unique fashion films edited in 2002-2003 from never-before-seen archival film recorded by the photographer.

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    Happy Birthday to us!

    It’s fourteen years to the day since SHOWstudio launched on the 27th of December 2000 at 19:27 GMT with ‘Diamond Blues’, a film showing Kate Moss, Bobby Gillespie and friends singing on a summer’s afternoon, shot on a Super-8 camera. 

    Ever since then SHOWstudio has striven to produce visionary online content, pioneering fashion film, opening up the creative process and working with some of contemporary fashion’s most influential and acclaimed figures. 

    Revisit our milestones - including the world’s first Instagram shoot with Cara Delevingne, a downloadable pattern by Lee McQueen, Nick Knight’s first foray into 3D scanning technology with ‘Sweet’ as well as the many, many more projects worth celebrating.

    To be continued...

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