1. by Penny Martin .

    'Deer Robbie' by Willy Vanderperre

    For me, the very best of the Moving Fashion shorts are ones where the style or aesthetic of a photographer whose stills you love seemingly 'comes to life'. Opening up each new 30 second short holds the same mixture of anticipation, slight dread and wonderment as experienced prior to a blind date or meeting someone you've previously admired: what if they let you down?

    Thank the Lord, then, that Willy Vanderperre, a photographer I have longed to have on SHOWstudio for ages, stays true to form. These thirty-eight seconds depicting a 'living centrefold' of Raf Simons' right-hand-muse Robbie remain extremely close to the meticulous, classical stills we most associate with Vanderperre. Concentrating on the narrow distance between definitive still and 'time-based portrait', everything is left to nuance.

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    Gemma Ward: LIVE!!

    We've just heard that we're being joined in the studio by the lovely Gemma Ward later this afternoon. All Gemma-lovers (and we know you are LEGION) should tune in around 16:30hrs onwards for a surprise appearance. More later...

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    Server Wobbles

    Due to a huge amount of interest in our site of late the server just buckled under the load - though I've bought it back now.

    I'm doing my best to keep it under control, but to all your regulars : please bear with us.

  4. by Christabel Stewart .

    Between the Bandshell and the Sheep Meadow.

    Central Park on a spring day. An inviting graphic catwalk that is assume vivid astro focus' skate park intervention. The graphic might outshine some of the fashion in motion here, but the energetic flow isn't diminished.

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    Pre-shoot tea party

    Nick Knight and team have arrived at SHOWstudio to shoot the final section of the film footage that will form the second half of the MOVING FASHION project. For this, we will be offering a full hour of extraordinary, exclusive fashion rushes for you to edit into your very own film. Now, don't say we don't spoil you!

    For this last part, Nick is just about to film Gemma in a recreation of/response to her outfit and persona from the controversial John Galliano Spring/Summer '06 show. The mirrored hallway designed by Paul Hetherington (that most of you will recognise from the SHOWstudio webcam imagery) is being used as a setting. Dorian's currently working on a live stream so that you don't miss out on tonight's action.

    First things first, though. Gemma's taking tea with stylist Jonathan Kaye, make-up artist Macky and nails technician Marian Newman whilst Nick, Jez and Eisuke sort out the lighting with the Pauls. Quite right.

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    Gemma Ward LIVE!; Update

    The first part of this evenings shoot (in the mirrored room with coloured lights and neon signs) is over, and we're onto the second part: Gemma dances whilst a film is projected over her.

    Those of you who experienced difficulty viewing the live stream may find this next, slightly less optically perplexing session a little more trouble free. The complexity of the infinite reflections in the mirrored room, means that the temperamental video streaming codec (bear with us) has too much information to process. Hence it will 'crash' from time to time.

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    Gemma Ward LIVE!; Blink and you missed it

    In two 3 minute takes, gyrating to the sixties rock soundtrack of Velvet's film projected over her body, Gemma Ward completes this evenings entertainment almost before it began. You'll come to see more of Velvet and the film we made tonight, in the 'Viewer's Cut' stage of our Moving Fashion project.

    Movie clips will be posted in due course for those that missed tonight's live broadcast. The Viewer's Cut, is, as they say in the Movie Theatre... Coming Soon! Until then, eat your popcorn.

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    'The Honeymoon Song'

    Today we play host a romantic thirty-second short by the Japanese photographer Hiromix, who is the first contributor in our MOVING FASHION series so far who has chosen not to add a soundtrack to the film. Clearly, Hiromix's actions speak louder than her words!

  9. by Penny Martin .

    It could be yours!

    It's the fashion equivalent to one of Charlie Bucket's golden tickets. A sort of 'sampler piece', featuring every one of the esteemed fashion house's stock materials and construction techniques, this bag (showcased at the Louis Vuitton press day at The Dorchester today) costs a staggering 10,000GBP. No small wonder then that only 6 will be made.

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    'London Loves'

    Sometimes it's just a case of putting yourself in the way of potential content. Take today's short by fabulous young stylist Miss Francesca Burns. There she was, enjoying the entertainment at Selfish Cunt's halloween party, and suddenly Martin rips the dress off Beatrice, leaving her bare breasted and everything!!

    Now, that's what we call a 'moment of moving fashion'! Good job Fran's camera was opportunistically set to 'on'.

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    Antwerp Shortlist

    Antwerpiens, there are only two days remaining for you to validate your shortlisted PSP AMAZE ME entries. What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to increase your chances of winning one of these and a meeting with your favourite creative.

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    Antony and the Johnsons!!

    Stop Press: Unique opportunity to take part in a Nick Knight photo shoot with Mercury Music Prize winners Antony and the Johnsons this Thursday, 1st December 2005. As part of the concept for the portrait shoot, Nick Knight will be using a selection of visual imagery as projections to inspire a musical performance that he will photograph for a leading fashion magazine. To have your photographs/artwork considered for this selection, send them in before Thursday using the form provided HERE. Details of the published shoot to be revealed in due course!!

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    Weekend Review, 26-27 November

    This week five more members of the international fashion community offered their take on 'Moving Fashion' with a thirty-second short featuring a moving garment. Take this opportunity to see the diverse interpretations of this enigmatic brief by photographers Toyin, Willy Vanderperre and Hiromix, shoe designer Christian Louboutin and stylist Francesca Burns once more in the weekend review starting midnight tonight and lasting until Sunday 27th.

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    '14th-19th November 2005: A Week of Art Revelry'

    It is members Tara Grant and Adaham Faraway of the South London art collective, !WOWOW! who begin another exciting week of our 'Moving Fashion' series with their alternative interpretation of the brief. Click here for an insight into a wonderful week with the children of the !WOWOW!.

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