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    Ugly continues with odd shapes and uncanny silhouettes!

    This morning, the team working on our Ugly fashion film shoot have focused on awkwardness in silhouette and shape. Celebrated stylist Robbie Spencer has put Saskia de Brauw in Autumn/Winter 2014 looks from acclaimed designers such as Junya WantanabeJ.W. Anderson and Rick Owens. Later today, we'll look at odd accessories, sickly palettes and androgynous forms. Stay glued to the live stream to watch as Ugly continues!

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    Ugly: Day one is now over!
    Tune in tomorrow for the final day

    We've reached the half-way mark in our epic two day Ugly fashion film shoot. Today, 8 May, we've shot the stunning Saskia de Brauw in sick synthetic pieces from Miu Miu, an oddly shapen Stephen Jones for Schiaparelli hat and a creepy cellophane creation from Gareth Pugh. All the fashion was set off to maximum effect by the Hitchcockian sets. Join us again tomorrow, 9 May, as we futher explore fashion's treatment of 'ugliness'. Psst, we'll be shooting some Prada! 

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    LIVE NOW - Ugly begins!
    Tune in to the live stream!

    Our Ugly project is kicking off with a two day LIVE fashion film shoot envisioned by filmmaker Ruth Hogben, stylist Robbie Spencer and SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard! Tune in to watch as we shoot fabulously frightful fashion from A/W 14. From Meadham Kirchhoff's clumpy shoes to Hussein's Chalayan's nail dress, Spencer's pulled together some wonderfully awkward, difficult and vulgar looks fresh from the catwalk. The film itself will draw on Hitchcock aesthetics to explore the subtlety and oddness that can surround high fashion's treatment of ugliness. Check out the amazing set built especially for us by the talented Andrew Tomlinson! Tune in now to see the shoot unfold.


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    Kate Simon's final interview is up

    As the William S. Burroughs Portraits 1975-1995 exhibition at SHOWstudio draws to a close, we release our last interview with Kate Simon. The photographer discusses her final sitting with the writer and muses on the implications of working with a subject for such a long period of time.

    All the interviews are now live on SHOWstudio as part of the Photographing William S. Burroughs series so listen to them now, and catch the exhibition at 19 Motcomb Street, London before it closes on Friday 9 May.

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    'Subjective' - supermodels speak out!

    Kicking off this month is Subjectivea landmark new interview series on SHOWstudio. The project, instigated by Nick Knight's desire to empower and celebrate the knowledge of top models, will see candid interviews about iconic fashion images with supermodels such as Kate Moss, Alek Wek, Liberty Ross, Lily Cole, Kristen McMenamy, Raquel Zimmermann and Tatjana Patitz.

    Today, the series launches with an interview with the famously guarded Kate Moss. She discusses her infamous The Face cover shot by Corinne Day in 1990. You can expect more conversations with the icon on some of her most iconic images, as selected by Knight, over the coming month. How did she feel when the photo was taken? What was the mood of the shoot? Does she like the final picture? Moss and other acclaimed models will open up about being in front of the lens - enter the Subjective side of things now.


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    The SHOWstudio x Heron Preston tee has dropped!

    Today, 6 May 2014, we dropped our highly anticipated clothing collaboration with #BEENTRILL# boy Heron Preston! Preston has created an exclusive t-shirt and turtle neck for SHOWstudio Shop. The t-shirt features a strong graphic inspired by John Hamilton Mortimer's 'Death of a Pale Horse', and the cuffs and neck of the undergarment are adorned with Russian lettering.
    Preston shares his viewpoint on the creation of the garment; 'Stylistically it was the foreignness of the letters and their shapes that intrigued me. I also found a certain beauty in the aggressiveness and style of artwork on death metal t-shirts. This exploded into the Russian phrase ПЛАМЯ ВОЛНЫ (english translation: FLAMES WAVES), an artistic expression and commentary on a personal vibe. It's purely style lust for me, and because of that, the word "style" in russian, СТИЛЬ, appears embroidered on the turtle neck & screen printed on the t-shirt.'
    These extremely covetable streetwear items come as a pair for just £120 and can be worn individually or together. The 'FLAMES WAVES' combo is a limited edition and already selling out fast so don't miss out on getting yours now! 
  7. by Calum Knight .

    #BEENTRILL# x Harvey Nichols

    So excited to see that Harvey Nichols has teamed up with the art collective and DJ crew, #BEENTRILL# to create an exclusive collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Enlisting the design of their favourite British brands, Harvey Nichols has brought in Kim Jones, Hardy Amies, Gareth Pugh, Shaun Samson and A. Sauvage to work with #BEENTRILL# on the collection. The collection will consist of fifteen looks with footwear brand Mr Hare designing a range of shoes and accessories brand Linda Farrow producing a range of sunglasses. This will be unveiled during LC:M S/S15 

    Cant wait to see the final outcome!



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    Ugly - live shoot this Thursday and Friday!
    Tune into the two day live stream.

    SHOWstudio is excited to embark on a landmark new series exploring fashion's fascination with ugliness. 'Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer,' says Miuccia Prada. We're aiming to investigate the deliberate use of awkwardness and vulgarity visible on high fashion runways, and the ways in which designers and tastemakers are upturning our ideas of beauty. 

    Envisaged by filmmaker Ruth Hogben and SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, the project will kick off with a live fashion film shoot with Hogben and Dazed & Confused fashion director Robbie Spencer, which will draw on Hitchcock aesthetics to explore the subtlety and oddness that can surround high fashion's treatment of ugliness. The shoot will start at 10:30 BST on Thursday 8 May 2014 and continue for two days!

    The project will also feature mini films which focus in on the key 'ugly pieces', from clumpy shoes to single earrings, as well as essays unpicking to topic further by acclaimed writers such as A Magazine's Dan Thawley to The Independent's Alex Fury and's Harriet Walker

    Watch the shoot live on Thursday, and stay tuned as the series unravells!

  9. by Marie Schuller .

    San Sebastian Fashion Film Festival
    Featuring a screening of SHOWstudio films

    Today saw the closing screening of the Donostia San Sebastián Fashion Film Festival. 

    The city's Teatro Principal, which is also home to the famous yearly film festival, proved the perfect setting for a review of fashion films and documentaries this weekend. The festival gave a vibrant platform for films by both International and local talent, and hosted a workshop that resulted in the production of four fashion films featuring local designers and filmamkers. These works were entered into a competition, with the winning film being awarded a financial prize aimed at allowing the opportunity to develop the genre of fashion film further.

    SHOWstudio was present, screening films from our Fashion Body and Fashion Fetish series, as well as other archive pieces like Dice Kayek's Noir and Asian Couture Week 2013

    This is DSSFFF's first edition, giving fashion film a unique and important platform in the Basque Country. May the festival continue its successful run for many years to come!

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    A fashion film starring Chantelle Winnie

    Love our 3D virtual MACHINE-A shop and clothing collaboration? You can now watch a fashion film starring Chantelle Winnie in pieces from the range. Winnie was shot by Nick Knight and styled by Anna Trevelyan in piece by Raf Simons, Sibling, Ashley Williams, Alex Mattsson, Shaun Samson and Beth Postle (all of which are available to buy from SHOWstudio Shop).

    Check out the film now or, if you haven't already, immerse yourself in our pioneering virtual shop experience.

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    Kate Moss month!
    Nick Knight opens up his Moss archive

    Nick Knight will be releasing a curation of imagery gathered from his decades-long working relationship with Kate Moss!

    Following our monthly tradition of SHOWstudio Tumblr curations, where content surrounding a specific theme or chosen by a guest contributor is posted, we're excited to announce a very special Kate Moss curation by our own Nick Knight! Throughout both their careers the photographer and model have worked together on countless creative pieces, from covers, editorials, sculptures and advertising campaigns to SHOWstudio projects from Editing Kate to the voyeristic Diamonds. Over the next month Knight will be posting Kate-centric content that is largely unseen, or seen in an entirely new way! The project times with the launch of Moss' new Topshop collection, the campaign for which was shot by Knight.

    Through revisiting the work currently inside a stack of archive boxes in the SHOWstudio office, Knight seeks to recontextualise our view of the iconic model and consider the idea of the image as object. Continuing his preoccupation with demystifying and revealing the world of fashion, the content he releases through-out May will take a step away from the finialised and glossy photographs of Kate, looking instead at the imagery in situ, whether as a test polaroid carefully stored or a billboard out in the real world. In a wider sense, Knight will examine his and Moss' work in relation to the way it is recieved by its viewers. 

    The curation begins today, stay tuned to see Kate Moss from a new perspective!

  12. by Sally Northmore .

    Farewell, Paul Herron!

    It's a wistful day today at SHOWstudio when one of our longest standing members and Back-end Developer, Paul Herron, moves on after nearly five years impeccable service on our technical team. 

    During his tenure, Paul has contributed to and helped steer some of the major technical feats at SHOWstudio, including the landmark Alexander McQueen live stream, the 2012 Webby winning redevelopment of, and the successful Mirror Mirror project at TopShop, among countless others.

    Paul has been one of those teammates who consistently inject a wonderful balance of genuine enthusiasm and sound reasoning into anything he's done. Not to metion, he's always ready with a tool to pry open a goofing laptop, or help debug a mysterious wifi outtage... Paul, we've relied on you heavily and you've always come through.

    His will be big boots to fill and he will undoubtedly be missed.  Despite this glum, we wish him every success pursuing his freelance venture and take comfort we'll see him here and there. He has been a pleasure to work with.

    The fondest farewell and thank you, Paul Herron.

    To your bright future ahead.

    Love from the SHOWstudio team.


    1. tor.hopkins
      10:26 1 May 2014
      You will be sorely missed Paul Herron. Come back and visit us soon! (With the Odel mug!) xx
  13. by Paul Herron .

    Leaving SHOWstudio

    Today's the day I've been excited about and dreading for a couple of months now. It's my last day as a full-time employee at SHOWstudio. Today I'm SHOWstudio's Back End Developer; tomorrow I'll simply be a freelance web developer. It's brand new territory for me but something I'm very excited about and have always wanted to try.

    Being at SHOWstudio these past five years has given me so many wonderful experiences. The people I've met and the challenging things I've been able to work on: I wouldn't change any of it.

    It's strange to be leaving now as something of a veteran. People like Ross Phillips, Alex Fury and Harry Hanrahan were the veterans when I got here. They were smart and kind and knowledgable, but they eventually moved on to other things, and without realising it I became an old-timer just like them. I'm surrounded by other old-timers though, and I'm grateful to have worked with these wonderful and talented people for so long. Sally Northmore, Front End Developer and my closest colleague – Ross paired us up in the beginning and we've had this incredibly productive working dynamic ever since. Jon Emmony came in like many of us as a junior and has quickly flourished into our Art Director, and an awe-inspiring creative force. Marie Schuller, Carrie Scott, Niamh White, Lauren Juska – every one of them someone I'd want to employ myself in my imaginary dream company. Tor, Lou, Liam, Sarah, Charlotte Spencer and so many others I haven't mentioned – every person here is impressive and I'll be impoverished for not being exposed to their ideas daily.

    At the centre of all this has been Nick Knight himself, never wavering in his total commitment to what he does. It's truly inspirational to have someone like this running the show, and it's thanks to him and Charlotte that this uniquely creative environment is possible.

    I'll look back with the utmost pride on the work we did. The highlight of it all would be the website rebuild, launched in 2012. It was a long slog and we put our all into it. We pulled everything down and then we built it all back up again from scratch. It was a huge task but I'm so grateful to have had the chance to work on it. Since then we've worked on many other exctiting things: building the new collections, working on our live streaming setup, and so much more.

    Thankfully it's not so much "goodbye" from me as "see you in a few weeks". I'll continue to work with SHOWstudio as a freelancer. I'm glad about that, because when you've worked in a place this special, the last thing you want to do is leave it behind completely.

    Recent comments

    1. niamh.white
      10:27 1 May 2014
      Miss you already Paul..
    2. tor.hopkins
      10:28 1 May 2014
      Even though you forgot me I will still miss you!!! :( x
    3. sally.northmore
      10:45 1 May 2014
      Congrats Paul, it's been really special working with you!
    4. Carrie
      11:20 1 May 2014
      You're a class act Paul Herron. A class act. And you will be sorely missed.
    5. jon.emmony
      10:46 2 May 2014
      We miss you already X
    6. sally.northmore
      17:34 2 May 2014
      Is that a Google Doc open on your screen? Class act!
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