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    J'aime Jean Paul Gaultier

    This week I've been hanging out in my local library monopolising the photo copier machine (again!), armed with scissors and glue stick, pasting together a special limited edition fanzine that will accompany an informal talk I'll be giving at the Barbican next week celebrating the marvellous Monsieur Jean Paul Gaultier. The fanzine will include this picture I styled inspired by JPG's Autumn/Winter 1987 Rock Stars collection. It was photographed by Pete Moss at the old Town and Country Club in Kentish Town and features models Jean Luc and Andre Van Noord. It originally appeared in BLITZ magazine, June 1987. J'adore...


    1. petemoss
      16:37 8 Aug 2014
      oh that was eons ago , way ahead of the curve , superb choice !!
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    Our Lou prays that we can have a SHOWstudio office pet

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    Coming Soon: Gosha Rubchinskiy's A/W 14 collection

    Gosha Rubichinskiy’s A/W 14 collection will be available to purchase from SHOWstudio Shop this week! The collection, which features logoed sweatshirts, sweatpants and beanies, is entitled Epic Aces and pays tribute to Moscow’s skate community.

    Also known as a stylist and photographer, Russian designer Rubichinskiy made his fashion debut in 2008 with the release of his first collection. Since then he has been presenting Moscow youth culture to the fashion world.

    Also coming soon: Off-White, CavEmpt and Nasir Mazhar!

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    The last day of Ruth Hogben and Lou Stoppard's Tumblr takeover!

    It’s the last day of Ruth Hogben and Lou Stoppard’s Tumblr takeover!

    The fashion filmmaker and SHOWstudio’s editor have taken over our Tumblr account to create a special Ugly themed curation to show all of their reference imagery and inspirations behind the project. Hitchcock, freaky fashion and grotesque figures all feature in this fascinating exploration of Ugly. And if you haven't already, read through our intriguing essays to pair with Hogben's incredible fashion film, 'Beyond the Glass'.

    Head over to Tumblr now to see the final day of the special curation!  

  5. by SHOWstudio .

    Edited footage of Carlo Brandelli's interview now live!

    Our In Fashion series continues! 

    In Fashion is a collection of interviews with fashion’s luminaries, including designers, editors, stylists, art directors, and more. Today, 7 August, we are launching the edited footage of our interview with designer and tailor extraordinaire Carlo Brandelli. Watch our own Lou Stoppard sit down with Brandelli to discuss his return to Kilgour, the idea of fashion as communication, and how his childhood has influenced his work. 

    Browse through our current collection of interviews, and be sure to tune in for our next two interviews this September, starting with The Gentlewoman’s Penny Martin and designer Nasir Mazhar!

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    New Fiona Gourlay illustrations!

    Fiona Gourlay has created six brand new illustrations exclusively for SHOWstudio Shop. Gourlay has had works featured in SHOWstudio's Maison Martin Margiela exhibition, as well as in the V&A Shop alongside The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition. She has also made contributions to i-D and Volt Cafe magazines.

    Her new series of works were created as part of her final major project before graduating from the London College of Fashion. In these works, Gourlay explores how fashion can be utilised to construct personal identities and self-representations.

    Browse through Fiona Gourlay's illustrations now at SHOWstudio Shop!


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    Erin O'Connor talks Alexander McQueen!

    Today we are launching the next segment of Subjective, a series of interviews conducted by Nick Knight to unravel the history of contemporary fashion photography from the perspective of models. This week’s interview is with Erin O’Connor, who sits down with Knight to discuss walking for Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection, entitled Voss

    Right before she went out, McQueen told O’Connor to rip apart her dress, resulting in an iconic clip: ‘I was worried that it looked like I was victimised, and actually, it was the complete opposite. It was stripping away the pain, and the armour, and going ‘Here I am’. He pushed me, and I’m glad’. 

    Watch this candid interview now, and stay tuned for more, rare Subjective interviews! 

  8. by SHOWstudio .

    U.G.L.Y! The latest Tumblr takeover is almost over

    Our week-long Tumblr curation of Ugly inspirations is nearly over!

    Both Lou Stoppard and Ruth Hogben have been sharing imagery that formed the basis of their work on SHOWstudio's wonderful Ugly project. For Stoppard these consist of runway looks from recent seasons and iconic archive shows and quotes on the theme by the likes of Uberto Echo and Judith Clark, while Hogben continues to show Hitchcock stills, uncanny artworks and close ups of make-up looks from Galliano shows. Their references also converge, with both guest curators citing Leigh Bowery as an emblem of Ugliness. 

    Catch up on the Ugly curation now!

  9. by SHOWstudio .

    It's day four of the Ugly Tumblr takeover
    Lou Stoppard and Ruth Hogben explore Ugly

    It's day four of the Ugly Tumblr takeover, curated by our own Lou Stoppard and filmmaker Ruth Hogben

    In keeping with our tradition of Tumblr takeovers, where a guest contributor curates seven days of content around a specific theme, Stoppard and Hogben are posting the references behind the recent, acclaimed Ugly project. 

    So far these include runway imagery from the likes of Meadham Kirchhoff, Alexander McQueen, J.W. Anderson and of course the doyen of ugly fashion, Prada, interspersed with quotes from the essays and articles in the series. These sit alongside the inspiration from Hogben's film Beyond the Glass - stills and gifs from the classic Hitchcock horror The Birds and unnerving artworks by Alexandra Engelfreit, Bart Hess and John Stezaker. 

    Stay glued to Tumblr to follow the Ugly takeover as it unfolds. 

  10. by SHOWstudio .

    Our Sans Couture shoot is complete

    Yesterday and today, 1 and 2 August, Nick Knight has been shooting breathtaking haute couture pieces by by houses such as Chanel, Dior, Margiela and Schiaparelli. The looks were selected by Amanda Harlech who styled model Model Elena Sudakova, a Russian famed for her flexibility and contortion abilities, and dancer Olivia Cowley, a soloist with The Royal Ballet, in pieces that wrapped and enveloped the body. The editorial, which will go on to appear in The Independent, focuses on using garments to make abstract marks on the page, nodding to the movement in ballet and written music. Stay tuned to see the final images, and brace yourself for a beautiful fashion film. While you wait visit our coverage of the A/W 14 couture collections. 

  11. by SHOWstudio .

    Sans Couture resumes tomorrow, 2 August

    Today, 1 August, Nick Knight, Amanda Harlech and Alexander Fury teamed up on a live haute couture shoot. The editorial, which will appear in The Independent, focuses on veiling, wrapping and unwrapping the body and using garments to make abstract marks on the page, nodding to the movement in ballet and written music. Ballet dancer Olivia Cowley, who is a soloist with The Royal Ballet, and model Elena Sudakova have been styled in A/W 14 haute looks by the likes of Chanel, Dior and Gaultier, along with accessories by Philip Treacy and Piers Atkinson. Tune back in tomorrow, 2 August, as we continue to make music with fashion.

  12. by SHOWstudio .

    A new fashion film by Ruth Hogben!

    We are thrilled to launch a new fashion film by Ruth Hogben! Beyond the Glass stars model Saskia de Brauw styled by Robbie Spencer and forms part of our rolling Ugly series. The work is an exploration of fashion's fascination with deliberate awkwardness and vulgarity and draws on the iconic work of Alfred Hitchcock. It features fashion by the likes of Prada, Meadham Kirchhoff, Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen.

    To accompany the film, we asked historians, curators and writers to compose essays on the theme of 'ugly'. Soon, we will also be releasing mini films that unpick and explain key 'ugly pieces', from clumpy shoes to odd prints with audio analysis.

    Watch Hogben's piece now and experience that 'ugly feeling'!

  13. by SHOWstudio .

    Tumblr takeover by Ruth Hogben and Lou Stoppard
    An exploration of Ugly. 1 - 7 August

    We’ve got an exciting new guest curation on Tumblr! Fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben and our own Lou Stoppard will be teaming up to create a special Ugly curation in celebration of our rolling series.

    Stoppard explains:

    'At SHOWstudio, we host live panel discussions to review the fashion week collections each season. During our debates and chats around the A/W 14 womenswear collections I found myself and my fellow panelists saying the word 'ugly' constantly. We talked about deliberate ugliness, kitsch, pointed awkwardness and witty bad-taste, citing everyone from Christopher Kane to J.W Anderson, Marni and the doyen of ugliness Miuccia Prada. I decided this vogue for 'ugly' and the seeming enthusiasm fashionable woman have for wearing odd, awkward or even downright hideous clothes was something worth exploring and investigating. Were they doing it in the sad hope of becoming a street style star? Or was it more complex, something to do with rejecting the male gaze? Around the same time Nick Knight was speaking to his friend the filmmaker Ruth Hogben, who'd got this wonderfully sinister and unsettling film concept in her mind that channelled Hitchcock. Nick thought that sounded pretty ugly so got the two of us talking and the Ugly series was born. We'd both wanted to work with stylist Robbie Spencer so we looped him in to select the fashion - the most wonderfully awful pieces from the likes of Meadham Kirchhoff, Dior, Prada. I set about commissioning brilliant writers to explore the topic. My friend and writing hero Alex Fury penned a great ode to Prada, while talented female writers like Lucy Norris, Ana Kinsella, Rebecca Gonsalves, Sarah K. Cleaver and Harriet Walker wrote about the way 'ugly' dressing is infusing every woman's wardrobe. Curator Judith Clark got in touch as she's long had an interest in all things ugly and offered up a brilliant article that drew on the writings of cultural theorist Mark Cousins. I also rang up Valerie Steele, possibly the most intelligent person working in fashion, to quiz her on the history of 'ugly' fashion. The transcript of our conversation can be read in the Ugly project on SHOWstudio. On Tumblr, we're revealing the inspirations and ideas that go behind that series, from Ruth Hogben's film references to past catwalk looks that helped me understand the history and development of the 'ugly' movement. Enjoy and remember, to quote Mrs Prada, 'Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer.'

    Read more about the Ugly project and be sure to head over to Tumblr to see what Stoppard and Hogben are posting!

  14. by SHOWstudio .

    The final essay in our Ugly project

    On the brink of our Ugly film launch, we are releasing the last (but certainly not the least!) essay in Ugly, written by A Magazine Curated By editor-in-chief Dan Thawley!

    His piece offers an interesting glimpse into the menswear world, exploring how new technologies, fabric innovations and changing social norms have killed off the traditional peacock. ‘Beauty has bounds, and in the last century the ideal of the perfect male has been muddied by the ever-changing, liberalised attitudes of society that has embraced a wide, new set of norms’, writes Thawley. 

    Read this intriguing essay on Ugly, and be sure to watch the incredible fashion film by Ruth Hogben, coming later today, 1 August.

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