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    Performa 13 and the Malcolm McLaren Award

    Performa, the New York-based performance biennial, rounded up yesterday with it's Grand Finale and the presentation of the Malcolm Mclaren award. The winner of the $10,000 prize was Ryan McNamara for his work ME∆éM: A Story Ballet About the Internet. The award, which is now in its second year, was established in 2010 in honour of the late artist and iconoclast by Mark Beasley and McLaren's partner Young Kim, and is given to 'an artist aged up to forty years old, who demonstrates the most innovative and thought-provoking performance during the biennial.' 

    Sound artist Christian Marclay presented this year's award to McNarama, whose immersive piece explored themes around the online world and the 'proximity that different subjectivities and modes of spectacle now have to one another'. The inaugural award was presented by Lour Reed at Performa 11 went to Ragnar Kjartansson for his work Bliss. 

    The award also coincided with the 30th anniversary of McLaren's seminal 1983 LP Duck Rock, and so the ceremony paid special tribute to the award's namesake with a screening of a rare hour-long film of Duck Rock, alongside as performances inspired by the record and live remixes of the album. 

    Check out Performa 13 now, and explore some of McNamara's work on his website!

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    'RAPE' - A film by Joe Lally

    SHOWstudio are proud to bring you another film and gallery of still images by Joseph Lally. For his next cinematic venture, Lally presents the poignantly titled 'RAPE' featuring Hannelore Knuts.

    Surficially the film obeys the expected associations of rape in focusing on the relationship of a man and woman. However, the prevalent male gaze quite quickly takes us away from the alluring, romantic black and white shots of the woman - played flawlessly by Knuts - and onto a much more surreal, unnerving yet still absorbing journey. 

    The viewer becomes a potential participator or indeed victim as Lally employs a number of cinematic techniques such as the distortion of faces and flashing colour, which in combination with 'kill me' being repeatedly whispered and a modern Godard-esque use of film title sparadically appearing, leaves you with quite a potent visual experience. 

    Watch it now!

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    Jon Rafman

    My good friend Matthew Williams sent me a link to Jon Rafman's work.
    Just wanted to share it with you as I feel its an exciting example of a new aesthetic.

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    Punk: 'No Future Nomad' by Fred Butler, Kim Howells and Tom Ryling

    Fred Butler, Kim Howells and Tom Ryling join creative forces to bring you their contribution to our continuing Punk film series. The film is a candid portrayal of a certain loneliness that the punk movement has left behind; a mere reminiscence, something that is no longer tangible - a feeling perhaps reflected in the title 'No Future Nomad'. 

    The creative trio collaborate throughout the making of the film, 'starting with cross textiles denim from Fred and leather pieces from Tom, ending with Kim's canvas of casting and styling Jace - culminating in footage we shot together; to produce our combined interpretation of punk.' The end result is a DIY energy that is present beyond just the garments. 

    Watch the film now and shop the exclusive, one off hand-crafted pieces in our shop! 

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    Teaser for Stussy x Timberland Interactive

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    Exclusive to SHOWstudio and is an interactive celebrating the Stussy X Timberland footwear collaboration. Launching tomorrow, 22 November 2013, at 15:00 GMT this virtual 3-D interactive provides a unique look at the collaboration in a digital environment.

    The collaboration sees these iconic brands team up to re-image the classic Timberland 6 inch boot. Think Timberland's classic silhouette combined with a gold side-zip for easy access, and featuring the iconic Stussy No.4 logo branded onto the tongue and hangtags. 

    Check out the teaser trailer of the interactive above and be sure to check out the interactive here on SHOWstudio tomorrow at 15:00 GMT.

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    Knight and Foxton's #asif references revealed on our Tumblr

    Over 16 and 17 Novemeber Nick Knight and Simon Foxton live streamed their entire VMAN #asif shoot - more than a rare glimpse into quite an extraordinary process. However, there is still much more of their vision to reveal which, over the next two weeks, you can find on our Tumblr!

    So far we've seen the intial casting decisions and the garments to be styled, the next element being shared with you is the duo's reference images which play with internet gif culture in all it's bright, surreal glory. 

    Make sure you stay tuned for on-demand footage from the shoot up soon, in the meantime you can ask Knight and Foxton your own questions about the process.


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    Lou Stoppard in conversation with Jonathan Saunders available to watch now!

    On 6 November our Fashion Editor, Lou Stoppard was invited to the V&A to interview the very lovely Jonathan Saunders as part of their Talking Fashion series. 

    As this year marks the Scottish designer's ten year anniversary, the conversation offers a broad, candid insight into his decade of designing - from starting off working with furniture designs through to his MA experiences at Central Saint Martins and the path fromed after his first collection being sponsered by Lulu Kennedy and featured on the cover of Vogue. 

    Watch the discussion, on-demand, now as the next chapter in our continuing In Conversation series.

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    Jowy Maasdamme creates drawing for upcoming Margiela exhibition

    Our upcoming exhibition in collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela is beginning to take shape! Centred around memory and the way reminiscence can be triggered by scent, the exhibition will feature 21 original drawings of personal memories inspired by Margiela's Replica perfumes. Jowy Maasdamme is one of the artists invited to take part and was given Margiela's Promenade in the Garden fragrance to evoke a memory. You'll be able to see the finished drawing from 28 November when the exhibition opens at 19 Motcomb Street, London.

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    Sheila Rock talks SEX!

    Nick Knight has interviewed Sheila Rock for the latest in our Punk: Photography series.  The iconic punk image under discussion today is Rock's snap of the Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's SEX boutique on Kings Road. Taken before she really thought of herself as a photographer, the image exemplifies the DIY attitude shared by creatives at the time. 

    'I think generally if I look at my archive, or what I haven't thrown out, and the different things that I've done. It's very much me just being fly on the wall or being in the right place at the right time or meeting people.'

    Listen to the interview and revisit the others in the series now!

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    TOME screens fashion film at the Hayward Gallery

    This week saw a screening of a new fashion film by TOME at London's Hayward Gallery amongst their current exhibition of work by Ana Mendieta. The designers, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin were asked by the gallery to create a piece in response to the show after it was announced that their S/S14 collection was inspired by the artist.

    The importance of the exhibition should not be under estimated. Ana Mendieta is an artist whose life and work has been largely overshadowed by her death. In 1985, Mendieta died after falling from a window of the Manhattan apartment she shared with her husband Carl Andre. Andre was tried for her murder, but later acquitted due to a lack of evidence. While the case failed, the murder and scandal lingered on. With her death shrouded in mystery, Mendieta's story rather than artwork, became the focal point of remembrance. Jane Blocker in particular made her disappearance the subject of her 1994 publication Where is Ana Mendieta as a means to examine the emission of female artists from the art historical canon.

    In her life time, Ana Mendieta's continued aligning of the female body with the earth  garnered widespread criticism as being essentialist feminism. However, this exhibition re stages her work in a new light. Gender politics were of course central to Mendieta's practice and the show highlights her complex treatment of the subject. She used pagan and shamanistic imagery as an antidote to the male centred, industrially produced minimalist work she was surrounded by. She researched these subjects intensely and chose symbols specific to particular cultures; often the Cuban Taino culture from which she was removed when her family emigrated to the USA. Her inclusion of these subjects can be more closely linked to the French masters like Matisse and Gauguin than her feminist contemporaries, and address a number of additional political and formal concerns. Particularly evocative are her Blood Sign pieces for which she covered her arms in paint and dragged them down the surface of a canvas. The piece mocks the objectification of the female body in Yve's Klein's Anthropometries when he used naked women as paint brushes for his signature blue tone.

    It is amongst this seminal artwork that TOME screened their fashion film. Immersing their latest collection amongst the undergrowth on models wearing a palate of pinks and pale flesh tones, the designers pay tribute to the artist that influenced their designs. It's not the first time the team have drawn on 20th century feminist art for inspiration, they credited Georgia O'Keefe as the muse for their previous collection. By engaging with audacious, self assured and historically established female artists, TOME are creating the kinds of garments I'd like to wear. 


    1. pietro
      12:15 21 Nov 2013
      Really love this !
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    Buy Piet Paris Spring/Summer 14 Illustrations now
    Exclusively from SHOWstudio Shop

    Piet Paris dazzled us last month with his beautiful illustrations of the Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Nick Knight invited the artist to cover the Paris shows in his inimitable style as part of SHOWstudio's collections coverage, and the results were beautiful. Now his designs are available to buy exclusively through SHOWstudio Shop. The designers depicted include Comme des Garcons, Celine, Giambattista Valli and more.  Browse Piet Paris' illustrations here.

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    See all of Nick Knight's Isabella Blow catalogue images

    The Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House opened its doors last night. And as we continue unravelling our own Blow series - from interviews to essays - we are very excited to bring you the next part: you might have seen glimpses of Nick Knight's striking exhibition catalogue images across our social media platforms, now you can see them all!

    Knight shot the evoking Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! catalogue at her ancestral home Doddignton Hall. The result is far more than your ordinary catalogue - it offers a haunting celebration that captures not only Blow's incredible wardrobe but also her uplifting spirit.

    The full selection of credited images is available now exclusively on SHOWstudio, featuring models Alexia Wight, Liberty Ross, Xiao Wen Ju and Anais Mali. You get your own copy of the catalogue in our shop!

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    Pennie Smith talks Paul Simonon

    Today's Punk: Photography conversation between Nick Knight and Pennie Smith concerns the photograph Smith took of The Clash's Paul Simonon smashing his guitar, a shot that eventually became the cover of their London Calling album. Smith opens up about the moment the shot happened, the fact that it almost didn't (she nearly went to dinner with a friend instead) and the factors that fell into place to make an image so symbolic of an era. 

    'If Paul's face had been showing, if… all sorts of other things, I don't think it would have been. It's because it's impressionistic.'

    For the full story listen to the interview now. And for Clash fans still wanting more - check out Sound System, a limited edition box set released by The Clash in the SHOWstudio Shop!

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    Our Isabella Blow essays are here

    The fascinating insights into the late Isabella Blow's life, style and personality continue as we launch three new essays on different aspects of the fashion editor's creative influence and the things she is best remembered for. The essays are authored by experts including fashion writers Kiki Georgiou - who writes on the subject of icons - and Katharine K. Zarella - who draws on her own experiences of wearing a hat everyday to explore Blow's love of chapeaux. Additionally, consultant psychiatrist and researcher Simon Kyaga has contributed a fascinating essay on the link between creativity and mental illness. Read the three wonderful essays now and stay posted for more!

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    Ruth Hogben's Isabella Blow film premiers on SHOWstudio!

    Our Isabella Blow series is already in full swing, and today we're very excited to premier Ruth Hogben's fashion film, which will feature in Somerset House's Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore exhibition (opening tonight!). The beautiful film, which gives life to some of Blow's famous clothes, was shot at Doddington Hall at the same time as Nick Knight's images for the exhibition catalogue. Isabella's favourite song by Roxy Music is used as the soundtrack. Watch Hogben's moving film now and stay tuned for more exciting launches in the series as the countdown to the exhibition opening nears its last few hours!

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