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    Studio Shift

    The studio is in a bit of a meltdown as we gear up towards a) leaving for the Easter Break and b) returning to get the new site rebuild up for the end of next week. Paul Bruty, Dorian Moore and Ross Phillips have moved their desks town to the 'cove' end of the studio to start what will become the supertable. Nick Knight's assistants, Jez, Charney and Eisuke are in to mop up some of the aftermath this leaves.

    The 'natural daylight' end of the studio is thus cleared in preparation for SITTINGS, which is scheduled to begin on Friday 1st. Assistants are being appointed to look after the models and Simon Foxton continues to send in diary images to show how the fashion prep is going. Meanwhile, everyone's trying to get their head around the new content management system and tempers are fraying.

  2. by Penny Martin .

    Frauke's CD Wildlife

    The graphic designer Frauke Stegmann sent me these pictures of the new CD covers she's been working on (she's keeping us up-to-date since she's decamped from London to South Africa 'to think about wildlife'). My eyesight's not quite strong enough to discern the band, but who cares with wrappers like these? We particularly love the vole-like one, though Frauke would no doubt correct me to its zoological specificity.

    I believe they can be seen close-up at the Design Museum's Design Biennale in May.

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    Lighting Test

    Simon Foxton has just been in with the photographer Ben Dunbar-Brunton to go through how the lighting will look for the portraits project and to have a look at his mood board to agree upon the treatment. They looked at how it will look captured purely by a webcam and also via video and Simon prefers the video. There is talk of a using a filter to soften the resultant video still, but Paul Hetherington is not convinced that a film-like aesthetic will be appropriate.

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    New Project Launched

    At last the day is upon us and the first sitting is live. Henry is our first model, all dressed in Alexander McQueen Homme. In a twist on our standard live shoot, Henry is gamely accepting calls. You can ring him on +44 (0)20 7253 4351 and ask him what passes through his mind as he poses. Quentin Crisp used to pin The Times crossword on the wall of his life-drawing class and fill it in during lunch break. Even better, listen in on everyone else's calls, as the studio is now broadcasting live sound from within the 'Living Portrait' section of the SITTINGS project.

  5. by Christabel Stewart .

    Write On

    "The most adroitly gifted writer of his generation" according to Morrissey, Michael Bracewell has contributed enormously to the cultural commentary of the last two decades. SHOWstudio are delighted that Bracewell has agreed to contribute to 'SITTINGS' with a contextual piece tackling issues of maleness and the 'vacant gaze' brought-up by the living portraits. Confirmed, too is an interview between Simon Foxton and design and culture writer Caroline Roux, who will investigate all aspects of Simon's creative practice. Noted for what she refers to as her 'imperviousness' and what we call withering perspicacity, we expect her to get straight to the core of exactly what moves Mr Foxton.

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    Model no show

    After the surprising calm of this weekend's sittings, the studio has reconvened to find out that today's model has mixed up their booking. Simon Foxton has his agency, Katy Barker, frantically on the case of chasing up those scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. Will a SHOWstudio tech be required to enter the breech(es)?

  7. by Penny Martin .

    Model II

    In London, they say you are never more than three metres away from a model (don't they?) and to prove the point, sweet Oliver rushed in just after one o'clock to spare our blushes. Patiently he sat for us, in deadpan, manly, Hussein Chalayan, as he thought about his forthcoming A-Levels and took some of your phonecalls. We've come to notice with what trepidation they are made and after phone discussion with Nick Knight this afternoon, we are wondering if we should offer some text option in addition to the calls for Liberty's dress-up project that we're staging next month. If it's making you all self-concious to ring in and ask an attentive model how he's feeling/what he's been up to, how will it feel to say to Liberty 'could you remove the Dries Van Noten golden skirt and put on the Ann-Sofie Back travel rug skirt' (or worse)? Besides, every time a call comes in, the entire studio seizes up in case you should embarrass the poor boy with something lewd or licentious.

  8. by Dorian Moore .

    Liberty Ross Pre Production Meeting LIVE!

    Nick Knight, Penny Martin and Paul Hetherington are having a meeting with Liberty Ross to discuss her forthcoming project and iron out some of the details.

    Nick wanted to present live audio coverage on the site, but our audio broadcastng equipment is tied up on the 'Sittings' project. However we've hired in a video camera and microphones to record the meeting, so I've decided to try out doing a live video stream. We haven't got a huge amount of outgoing bandwidth here with cameras uploading and the current audio stream and all the general studio traffic, so it's gonna be a bit lo-fi. We're doing it more as a proof of concept.


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    Val Garland in the studio

    Following on from the shoot with Martin Parr on the 22nd, Val Garland has made it into the studio to continue work on the Pinpressions project. She and her assistant Makky will be decorating three 'impressions' of Erin O'Connor, one of Kate Moss and three casts of Liberty, the pressing of which Nick sneaked into the end of our pre-production meeting this morning. The luminous strands of the Pinpressions toys will be covered in every imaginable shade of Mac glitter, as well as shiny products from various theatrical stores.

  10. by Penny Martin .

    Press Day at Mandi Lennard's

    It's that time of year again when fashion PRs open up their showrooms for Press Days: an opportunity for journalists and stylists to see all the clothes close-up and decide which exact pieces they will be calling in for shoots for the oncoming season. Mandi Lennard's is not to be missed, so Christabel Stewart, Jonathan Kaye and I popped over to Hoxton this lunchtime to pay the ultimate cheerleader of the emerging brand a visit.

    A visit to Mandi is as much made to view the raft of clients she looks after (these range from designers Eley Kishimoto and Karen Walker, shops b Store and Hoxton Boutique, publications Pop, Le Book and Arena Hommes + or even the stylist Katie Grand) as to get a dose of the redoubtable PR herself. Always decked out in a montage of the fashions she represents, Mandi is tireless in her promotion of the new and edgy. Her events are noted for their innovative catering (this is the woman whose bon mots include 'You know, chocolate salamis are the new pineapple hedgehogs!') and particularly for her forceful presence at the fashion shows. We call it 'The Hand of Mandi', but I hear previous aliases have included 'Mandi Benetton' and 'Demandi' (she's gonna kill me!). Whenever you are stuck in a queue, have lost your tickets or someone has nicked your seat, Mandi will find you using some extra-sensory-fashion-perception and pluck you out of abject fashion week misery. In that ebullient trill, she will announce to some harrassed assistant 'you remember Penny Martin from SHOWstudio?? Make sure she gets our best seat!!' I bet she says that to all the girls...

    But of all the distinguishing characteristics that characterise the Hand of Mandi, it is the nails. Today, those acrylic talons were looking positively demure, embellished with pretty pink sparkles: other days have seen them in Hare Krishna orange, pierced with a tiny, gold ring, or sporting a jaunty rhinestone inset. She's famous for having composed a list of her favourite nailbars in London and New York, each with qualifying hints such as 'can get a bit aggressive' or 'no eye contact'. I'll look it out for you.

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    LIVING DOLL Project Brief

    Dorian Moore got the captured stream working yesterday (it's added to his post on Tuesday morning below). Here is a precis of the upshot of the meeting, which will act as a rough project brief for the project starring Liberty -pictured here on the left of Ozzy- and working title for now:

    LIVING DOLL Project Description

    Liberty Ross will feature in a live, interactive photo shoot that will be broadcast on SHOWstudio at the end of May. Inspired by the live, pornographic video chats widely available on the web, the model is the focus of a free ‘feature show’ for which there will be live video feed with real-time chat.

    Viewers will have a chance to dress and undress Liberty, acting as her ‘virtual stylist’ in turns. How viewers will book their ‘show’ is as yet undecided, but it could be based upon some sort of incentive or competition. Stylist Jonathan Kaye will select the clothing from the Autumn/Winter '05-06 collections and it is our plan to let viewers familiarise themselves with the chosen garments in advance of the event.

    The location is TBC. As it a SDSL connection will potentially be required to transmit our first major streamed video event reliably.

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    Saturday - Errant Model!

    Unfortunately we've had model no-show today (it happens), however this time is more problematic as, being Saturday, we can't get hold of the agency to find out what's happened. So there will be no sitting today.

  13. by Christabel Stewart .

    Foxton Towers Panopticon added

    Jez Tozer has been painstakingly 'sewing' together the digital stills shots of Simon Foxton's home interiors that he took last week. Now we can all go round for a virtual gaze at Simon's amazing things, and see what material finds get him so excited at the car boot sale and auction houses alike.

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