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    Eduardo Mata Icaza is our LC:M S/S 15 illustrator!

    Every season as part of our signature collections coverage, SHOWstudio invites an illustrator for each major fashion city to interpret their favourite looks. We're excited to be welcoming Eduardo Mata Icaza, who will be depicting key London shows in his beautifully painted style. 

    Born in Costa Rica in 1984, Eduardo Mata Icaza lives and works in Marseille, France. His art work looks at ideas of humanity and existence. Look out for his S/S 15 fashion illustrations on Tumblr and our Collections page over the next four days!

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    SHOWstudio and Craig Green host a lunch to celebrate London Menswear!

    We're excited to be teaming up with Craig Green to kick off London Collections: Men! Nick Knight and Green will be welcoming guests from the fashion industry at Ace Hotel's Hoi Polloi restaurant to celebrate London menswear and introduce the new summery lunch menu. 

    The menus at the event feature an illustration of a look from Craig Green's Spring/Summer 2014 collection interpreted by Fiona Gourlay, the original artwork of which will be available to purchase from SHOWstudio Shop!

    Stay tuned for news and photographs from the lunch! SHOWstudio's coverage of the upcoming mens collections will begin this Sunday 15 June. 

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    Menswear S/S 15 panels begin Sunday 15 June!

    We're kicking off our signature collections coverage this Sunday 15 June with the first of the LC:M Spring/Summer 2015 discussion panels. Over the coming weeks experts from every facet of the fashion industry will be sitting down with chair Daryoush Haj Najafi to unpick the key shows of the season live on camera.

    Tune in at 15:00 BST as writer Dean Kissick and blogger Larry B sit down with Haj-Najafi to review the MAN show. 

    Then, later on at 19:00 BST art director Rob Meyers, writer Bel Jacobs and blogger Steve Salter will be talking BFC/GQ designer menswear fund winner Christopher Shannon

    Stay glued to our Collections page from Sunday 15 June for up-to-the-minute coverage!

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    Erin O'Connor: Expecting

    We're excited to launch ExpectingNick Knight's photographs of model Erin O'Connor taken eight and a half months into her pregnancy. Shot with reference to her favourite photographer, Avedon, the photographs celebrate the naked pregnant form with elegant arched lines and composed poses.

    Our own editor Lou Stoppard also interviewed O'Connor on the day of the birth, in the early stages of labour, about her attitude to pregnancy and the way it affects body image and self-perception. 'To be able to grow a human is to shrink the ego,' O'Connor stated. 

    Head over to the gallery and interview now!

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    On butterflies: A Damien Hirst painting and a Shaun Leane brooch
    The inspirations of Shaun Leane!

    Now on display at 19 Motcomb Street, Shaun Leane’s SHOWstudio exhibition provides a unique insight into the jeweller’s many inspirations. Nine bespoke pieces, which Shaun Leane created especially for this show, are all presented next to the objects that inspired them, from incredible natural history specimens like the Medusa emerald to outstanding art works and fashion pieces.

    Perhaps one of the show’s most striking pieces is the Damien Hirst butterfly painting. PSALM 136: Confetimini, consisting of butterfly wings suspended in paint and arranged in a mandala-like pattern, served as the direct inspiration for Shaun Leane’s stunning butterfly brooch.

    The painting exudes the artist’s fascination with the possibility of finding beauty in death. 'I’ve got an obsession with death…  But I think it’s like a celebration of life rather than something morbid,' Hirst once said. In this work, he refers to the spiritual symbolism of the butterfly, used in Christian imagery to signify the resurrection.

    Shaun Leane’s butterfly brooch is a unique and stylized take on Damien Hirst’s butterflies. Powerful in its simplicity, it’s made using mexican fire opals and black and white diamonds. The handcrafted brooch provides a vibrant testament to Hirst’s celebration of life.

    We invite you to come and see these amazing works at SHOWstudio Shop at 19 Motcomb Street! The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 BST.

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    Alexander Fury offers an ode to the great Mrs Prada

    Following Rebecca Gonsalves’ Ugly essay exploring the impacts of social media and street style on the fashion industry, SHOWstudio’s Ugly series takes a turn back to its origins. The project was inspired by Miuccia Prada’s statement that, ‘ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer’ and this new essay is the natural product of its nexus. Prada obsessive and sharp tongued wordsmith Alexander Fury lucidly interprets Mrs Prada’s 'glorification of the anti, the counter and the ugly.'

    Fury explores Prada’s unique and ‘illogical’ approach to design, describing her signature as ‘psychological rather than physical’. 'Like the surrealists before her, she questions our subconscious desires. That sounds like heavy weight cant to throw around a frock-monger, but Prada’s glorification of the anti, the counter and the ugly, is fundamentally about making us desire what received opinion deems undesirable’, explains Fury.

    Read the essay now or explore the series as a whole!

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    Alek Wek on Herb Ritts

    Alek Wek is the latest supermodel to share her experience of creating an iconic image as part of our Subjective interview series. 

    Revisiting a Herb Ritts image taken very early on in her career in the late nineties, Wek goes into depth on the importance of knowing oneself, trusting the team around her and having a moral code, as well as the details of the shoot itself. Having emigrated from South Sudan only years earlier, Wek was unaware of Ritts' work and the industry in general. 'It was very overwhelming at the beginning with all of those circumstances… but the one thing I said to myself is if, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this because I want to be accepted for the woman I am… and not as somebody else!'' she explains to Nick Knight.

    Watch Wek's interview now!

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    A new Ugly essay by Rebecca Gonsalves

    Over the past few weeks, acclaimed writers have been investigating various facets of 'ugly' fashion as part of our Ugly project. This time round The Independent's assistant fashion editor Rebecca Gonsalves explored the impact of social media, street style and the fast pace of the industry on dress and design.

    Reflecting on ideas of peacocking and conspicuous consumption, Gonsalves looks at the way we approach fashion post-recession. 'It seems that flattery is the furthest thing from many designers’ minds, as they push the boundaries of classical taste. But fashion ugly isn’t just the antithesis of traditional ideas of beauty – its current incarnation alludes to intelligence and social comment heavily laced with irony,' she conjectures. 

    Read Gonsalves' essay now and explore the rest of the series!

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    Men's collections begin this weekend!

    The London Collections: Men begin on Sunday 15 June! To whet your appetite for the upcoming fashion weeks check out Charles Jeffrey's illustrations of London-based menswear designer Sebastiaan Pieter's A/W 14 collection! Last season was Pieter's LC:M debut, which made quite an impression on the fashion crowd (remember Charlie Porter waxing lyrical about the collection in the London round-up panel?) Jeffrey's illustrations perfectly encapsulate the way Pieter's designs play with typical notions of gender and masculinity. You can buy similar one-off drawings by Jeffrey at SHOWstudio Shop!

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    SHOWstudio x C.E is here!
    Shop the collection now

    You can now browse the SHOWstudio x C.E collaboration on SHOWstudio Shop! The long awaited capsule collection features t-shirts and a sweatshirt with bespoke graphics designed by musician Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN). 

    Fans of the Japanese streetwear label will also love this exclusive video by C.E, Chloe Feinberg and OPN, and should stay tuned for an absorbing interview with designer Sk8thing.

    Shop the collaboration now!

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    Be Next Festival comes to a close
    Lara Quint takes home 'Best Collection' prize

    After four days of workshops, talks, fashion showrooms and presentations on the beautiful Georgian coastline, the Be Next International Art and Fashion Festival comes to a close. 

    An international jury featuring amongst others, designer Josephus Thimister and fashion photographer Jean-Daniel Lorieux,  had the chance to meet all 23 participating designers and observe their work in a showroom presentation. But it was the final fashion show at the beautiful Batumi Opera that singled out the winner.

    Finally, it was Ukrainien Lara Quint who took home the prize of 'Best Collection'. Her collection convinced with a strong overall direction and concept - watch her work here!



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    Exclusive film by C.E!

    Get ready! SHOWstudio’s exciting collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand CavEmpt drops tomorrow! C.E, a label launched in 2012 by Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell, have designed a new limited run capsule collection that includes t-shirts and jumpers. Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN) designed the graphic on the t-shirts, which you can purchase through SHOWstudio Shop from tomorrow!

    We'll also be dropping an interview with Sk8thing very shortly! While you wait, check out this exclusive video by C.E! The film by Chloe Feinberg features an animated version of the OPN graphic. Watch it now and be sure to visit SHOWstudio Shop tomorrow to shop the collection!

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    A new fashion film featuring RCA footwear and accessories

    For the second year running SHOWstudio teamed up with The Royal College of Art to celebrate their MA graduate fashion show, which features work by menswear, womenswear, knitwear, accessories, footwear and millinery graduates. We streamed the show live on 29 May 14, and have since been releasing films that celebrate the fashion on show. The third and final film, Flâneries, was directed by Angelo van de Wiel and produced by Rémy-Alban Valton and features footwear, accessories and millinery. Watch the piece now, or catch up on this panel discussion on the future of fashion education featuring the RCA's outgoing professor Wendy Dagworthy, fashion journalist Iain R. Webb, and designers and RCA alumni Matthew Miller and Holly Fulton.

    Check out Flâneries!

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    The last Warhol Superstar

    The soundtrack to our latest fashion film, That's How Much I Loved Him by Younji Ku is very very special! Created by Danish musician, songwriter and producer Jeppe, it features vocals from actress Holly Woodlawn who is the last surviving of Andy Warhol's famous Warhol Superstars. The film was created from footage captured during Nick Knight's editorial for the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia and is the latest addition to our rolling Editing Kate series. Watch now!

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