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    Younji Ku reinterprets Nick Knight's archive footage of Kate Moss

    To celebrate the lasting influence of Kate Moss - undoubtedly one of the world's most photographed women - Nick Knight launched Editing Kate in 2010. This dynamic fashion film series sees SHOWstudio invite a selection of contemporary video editors to 'interpret' Kate Moss' iconic image, crafting their own fashion films from footage captured during Knight's editorial for the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia. Just a few month's after the project launched, we released Jamie Harley's take on the footage, alongside an interview with the filmmaker about his approach. Today, 8 June, we're excited to revive the project with a beautiful new edit by SHOWstudio's own Younji Ku. The film, titled That's How Much I Loved Him, explores dark romance and unhealthy love. Watch it now for a new view of Kate.

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    SHOWstudio in Georgia
    Be Next Int. Art and Fashion Festival

    After recent trips to Helsinki and San Sebastian, this week SHOWstudio visits Georgia at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Invited to hold a lecture about fashion film at Tbilisi's beautiful Writer's House, Marie Schuller spoke about the development of fashion in motion, discussing films as early as Blumenfeld's and Bourdin's early experiments, Gareth Pugh and Ruth Hogben's famed collaborations and Nick Knight's most recent SHOWstudio film The Elegant Universe. The lecture also discussed the impact of advancing technology onto fashion imagery, as well as the artistic benefits of sharing the creative process with the audience. 

    Our one day stop-over in beautiful Tbilisi also took us to the famed academy of the arts in the city centre, which is a beautiful 140-year-old palace boasting opulent Persian interiors. Sadly, the stunning function rooms have not been used for lectures or events in 15 years as the building is in structural decline. The stunning reception room now serves as a storage place for students' work.

    Tomorrow awates a journey to the seaside town of Batumi where the yearly Be Next International Art and Fashion Festival takes place. Founded 9 years ago by Sofia Tchkonia, the event aims to create a cultural exchange between Georgian and International fashion designers and experts and is centred around a design contest, that will award various scholarships, financial and educational prizes. 




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    1. Michealangelo
      09:56 6 Jun 2014
      How beautiful!
      What a stunning room .
      How appropriate that it is amongst these amazing works of art that SHOWstudio is telling us about the new aesthetic.
      A new time has arrived.
      I love SHOWstudio .
    2. Anna
      16:24 6 Jun 2014
      This looks insane. couldn't find much pictures online about the academy so thank you for this!
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    Iphigenia Gras’ Tumblr takeover ends June 7

    This month Iphigenia Gras joins the ranks of guest curators who have taken over SHOWstudio’s Tumblr. We're now midway through her week in the spotlight, which will end on 7 June. The last few days have seen her move through a series of insightful perspectives on what it is to be a woman. Gras’ often tender notions are tempered with fierce disavowal’s of common misconceptions of feminism. Her choice of imagery follows a theme of explicit sexuality, bondage and females in various stances of power. She strongly advocates, ‘maintaining dignity and confidence’ at all times but also encourages visitors to broaden their minds to what being a female and a feminist can mean.

    The guest curation times with the urgent #YesAllWomen campaign. Head to Tumblr this week - 1 to 7 June 14 - to see more!

  5. by SHOWstudio .

    Erin O'Connor talks Richard Avedon
    Watch the latest Subjective interview

    Nick Knight continues to form a history of contemporary fashion photography from the point of view of models with Subjective. In this week's segment he speaks to Erin O'Connor about a Versace campaign shot by Richard Avedon. 

    O'Connor describes her impressions of the legendary photographer, both as an artist and as a man. 'In real life he was sort of like a playful naughty little boy. He must have been in his seventies when i first met him and I developed a huge crush on him,' she confesses. Delve into the interview to uncover a new side of the famous image, including O'Connor's memories of the process of working with 10 by 8, the references Avedon compared her to and his fixation with her nose -  'I've been following that nose of yours all season,' he reportedly said to her on their second meeting. 

    Check out Subjective now for this and other interviews in the series.

  6. by SHOWstudio .

    SHOWstudio at Graduate Fashion Week

    SHOWstudio is at Graduate Fashion Week 2014 today creating a fashion film live!

    Today, 3 June, is the last day of Graduate Fashion Week and we are occupying the Fashion Forward space to showcase the creation of a fashion film with digital effects created live by the SHOWstudio team. 
    The film features the winning piece from our J.W. Anderson Design Download competition. The winning designer, Ryan Rodriguez, reinterpreted the A/W 14 pattern using chinese silk and thread. The gorgeous Harmony Boucher is modelling the piece, while SHOWstudio's own head of fashion film Marie Schuller and digital art director Jon Emmony are building a layered landscape using projections and 3D scans as a backdrop.
    Drop in and see us in the Fashion Forward space at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, and stay tuned for the final film!
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    Ugly: Ana Kinsella on the uncanny
    Read the new essay now!

    Our Ugly project continues with a new essay by fashion writer and junior editor at Bon magazine Ana Kinsella. Exploring the idea of the uncanny - 'that strange feeling that arises when we encounter something that is both familiar and unfamiliar at once' - Kinsella investigates the work of designers such as Christopher Kane and J.W Anderson, unpicking their use of misleading, 'look-again' textures and constructions. 

    'Pure ugliness is difficult to pin down, harder for us to form a general consensus on, but the uncanny is a little more universal, perhaps because at a fundamental level, it works by simple juxtaposition. While ugliness can involve issues of taste and opinion and morals, the uncanny hits us on a gut level.' she explains.

    Delve into the 'allure of the off-kilter' and read Kinsella's essay now!

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    Fashion film! RCA womenswear 2014
    Watch the fashion film now!

    We're excited to launch another fashion film showcasing pieces from the RCA MA 2014 show! The film by Bunker London features garments from the talented womenswear graduates, and follows on from the menswear fashion film by Manny Bonett, premiered on SHOWstudio last week.

    Watch the film now for a closer look at some of this year's most creative fashion school offerings and stay tuned for footage of the full show coming soon!

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    Iphigenia Gras Tumblr takeover

    Each month, SHOWstudio invites a different creative to take over our Tumblr, giving them free reign to post images, words and videos that excite or inspire them. Previous 'guest curators' include Simon Foxton, Anna Trevelyan and Rei Nadal. Today, 1 June, we're welcoming Iphigenia Gras to the Tumblr. Gras is, in her owns words, 'a freelance designer, feminist, musician (and maybe a witch) with a dark and twisted edge.' Known as 'Foie' online, she has gathered a following for her music, witty writing and art.

    The guest curation times with the urgent #YesAllWomen campaign and will see Gras post content inspired by women, the feminist movement and sexuality. Head to Tumblr this week - 1 to 7 June 14 - to see more!

  10. by Calum Knight .

    Uzi - Money

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    Kate Moss Month is wrapping up soon
    See the latest from Nick Knight's archive

    All month long, Nick Knight has been revisiting the extensive archive from his two decades-long working relationship with Kate Moss, exploring the idea of recontextualising the image of the iconic model. He has revisited some of the most memorable imagery of his career, from Kate in David Bowie's pale blue suit, to the second fashion film he ever made in 1995!

    The latest set of images revolve around White Wedding, an Agent Provocateur campaign shot from 2008, during Joe Corré's time at the helm. The elaborate shoot, featuring projections, props, people, animals and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, has been unravelled by film editor Younji Ku and transformed into imagery that reveals the 'previously unseen building blocks.' Knight says, 'out of all the imagery I created, somehow the vision of Jake Chapman ramming chocolate eclairs into his eye sockets will remain with me forever'.

    Keep following the Tumblr curation, and revisit White Wedding to see the final campaign and fashion films!

  12. by SHOWstudio .

    Liberty Ross talks to Nick Knight about modelling with Kate Moss

    Continuing our Subjective series, Nick Knight sat down with Liberty Ross to discuss shooting with Mario Testino alongside Kate Moss. The series sees Knight interview top models in an attempt to create a history of contemporary fashion photography from a new perspective.

    Recalling Testino's 2001 Burberry campaign, shot while still very early on in her career, Ross describes the busy atmosphere of the Burberry shoots and her feelings about working alongside Kate Moss. 'I was very fresh on the scene, and I'd been a huge admirer of Kate for years, it was really a dream to work with her,' she explains. On being shot by Testino, she explains, 'I was learning. I remember Mario said to me, 'when you walk into the room in the morning Liberty, make sure you say hello to the photographer.' Because I was still like, 'oh I don't know, where do I go!' and I would go to the hairdresser and get my hair done just so I could be doing something!'

    Watch the interview now, and stay glued to the series as it continues!

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    The coolest new tees on the web

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    I've just found out about these amazing tees through TUMBLR. They are super rare and to get one you'll have to trawl through ebay and try win the bid. But i think they are totally worth it. 

    The designer, Sehtab Ahmad, also releases amazing visuals on YOUtube to acompany the tees. All round, it's an amazing, futuristic shopping experince, which I'm really loving. 


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    1. L
      22:04 28 May 2014
    2. treHUNNA
      01:52 29 May 2014
      ma whole squad need future2070
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    Exclusive collaboration with Cav Empt!

    SHOWstudio are collaborating with C.E! Japanese brand CavEmpt have designed a new limited run capsule collection that includes tees and jumpers! We'll be dropping an interview with Sk8thing, an exclusive video by C.E and the clothing collab very shortly! 

    Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN) have designed the graphic on the tees, which will be sold through SHOWstudio Shop from June 10! The garments are extremely limited run so don't miss out. GET READY!

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