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    Shop exclusive Cottweiler S/S 16 on SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A

    SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A are excited to announce the launch of Cottweiler S/S 16 collection exclusively in store and online. 

    Reacting to the increasing speed of life in the 21st Century, The Cottweiler duo re-appropriate popular sportswear and streetwear designs, infusing them with the calm sensibilities that remind us of a visit to a Buddhist temple. Maintaining the minimalistic style synonymous with the brand, the S/S 16 pieces embrace nature and spirituality while remaining masculine and functional. 
    Make sure you get your hands on your favourite pieces before anyone else! Head over to SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A now to shop or pre-order. While you're there, why not check out our other products by the likes of Raf Simons, Joyrich or Hood By Air
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    Revisit Sarah Shikama's Tumblr take-over

    The first week of December has passed and with it Sarah Shikama's Tumblr take-over.

    Revisit Skihama's vivid imagery focused on the portrayal and explorations of female aesthetics in fashion and peruse the gallery of works and photographs by the likes of Peter Lindbergh, Antonio Lopez and Oliviero Toscani. 

    Head over to tumblr to see Shikama's take-over now and review past curations by Michel Gaubert, Alistair O'Neill or Liberty Ross.

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    New 'Love, Money, God' with Rad Hourani

    A new instalment of 'Love, Money, God' is launching today.

    The series sees the journalist Sofia Tchkonia interviewing influential figures of the twentieth and twenty-first century fashion and culture, a source for an ongoing research for her 'Icons and Muses' project. As an exclusive for SHOWstudio, Tchkonia allowed our team to edit the uncut footage and release it on our site. 

    In the fourth interview, the journalist asks the Jordanian designer, Rad Hourani about his relationships, religion and business, the three main themes of the project. In this intimate discussion, Hourani looks back at his life and career, reminiscing about his journey to fashion and reconciling the gender, age and culture distinctions in his all-encompassing, unisex designs. He says of his ethos: 'there's no limit to what you can do to this garment. You just have to have your own style and imagination.'

    Head over to the project to watch the interview, and revisit the previous instalments with Michele Lamy, Betty Catroux or Jean-Paul Goude.  

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    COTTWEILER S/S 16 exclusive launch!

    Tuesday 8 December, SHOWstudio and MACHINE-A are hosting an event to launch COTTWEILER's S/S 16 collection! The night will begin with a 'meet the designers' in-store from 6-8pm and will be followed by an afterparty.
    From Tuesday, COTTWEILER's S/S 16 collection will be available to buy exclusively in-store and online at our SHOWstudio / MACHINE-A e-store.
    Can't wait for the new collection? Check out the COTTWEILER we have available now!
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    Check out Sarah Shikama's Tumblr Take-over

    The American, multi-disciplinary artist and designer Sarah Shikama has taken over our Tumblr page for the first week of December.

    Exploring female form as portrayed in the media and explored in fashion through the years, Shikama makes use of her Instagram as a digital mood board, which has now been extended over on the SHOWstudio Tumblr page. 

    Her image curation is halfway through now, so make sure you explore the contributions so far and stay tuned for the second half of the artist's favourite images.  

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    Our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A sale is here!

    Get your hands on your favourite SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A products in our sale, starting today!

    Stuck for Christmas ideas? Do you need a new winter wardrobe or do you just fancy a treat for yourself? Make sure you check out our online store for menswear, womenswear and accessories now with 20% off!

    Browse the shop for one of Ryan Lo's fake fur collars to get you through the cold months, a Hyein Seo dress to see you through the New Year's Eve party, or sparkle in Ashish. You can also snap up a pair of ripped HBA jeans, a Joyrich Coke t-shirt and a Roundel bomber jacket, teamed with Xander Zhou ankle boots as a new look for the new year. 

    Don't miss out and head over to SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A now!


    NB: Raf Simons and J.W. Anderson products are not included. 

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    Introducing Ruins magazine

    The first issue of Ruins magazine has arrived.

    Ruins is a magazine created by Christos Petritzis in an effort to produce a publication for the now rather than being nostalgic about the past, for a post-market euphoria generation.

    Entitled 'Growth Euphoria Crisis,' the first issue focuses on fashion visuals mixed with political essays and writings on culture. Made between London and Athens, Ruins provides a unique, international take on fashion and how it is influenced by, as well as how it influences the wider society.

    SHOWstudio is launching an exclusive film in conjunction with the launch of the first issue of Ruins, a teaser showcasing the magazine. The film is filmed and narrated by Christos Petritzis and soundtracked by Uli-K.  

    Watch the film here and check out our other Fashion Film Exclusives, such as Balenciaga's Une Incroyable Excuse or 25 Magazine's 'The Visitor.'


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    Get Frank in our new 'Print' instalment

    'Print' is a series challenging the notion that print is dead, reviving discontinued fashion magazines which have had a siginificant influence on the industry today.

    In the new instalment, Lou Stoppard interviews Harriet Quick about Frank, an outspoken and strong magazine about the modern woman. Doing away with the traditional style and topics of women's magazines, Frank featured pieces about the best lipstick next to political articles, writings about female sexuality and car reviews. 

    Quick talks about the hardships and mixed receptions of publishing such a provocative magazine in the late nineties, the state of the industry at the time, as well as working with contributors ranging from Caitlin Moran to Sølve Sundsbø and Frances Howell, George Osborne's wife. 

    Read the interview and flick through the magazine for yourself, and check out the rest of the series featuring Paul Gorman's archive, Scott King's Sleazenation and Bay Garnett's Cheap Date.

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    Only a month left to submit your Fashion Film Award films!

    Nick Knight has announced the first Fashion Film Award, a competition which seeks out the most innovative and aspiring fashion film makers in the world, to win incredible prizes and to continue the development of the medium. Today marks the last month of the competition before the winner is announced. 

    Collaborating with QIC Global Real Estate and working alongside Ruth Hogben, Gareth Pugh, Daphne Guiness and Nicola Formichetti who will be among the judges, Knight set a brief of creating a short fashion film to be submitted to SHOWstudio. You can be in for a chance to snap up £10,000 budget to create a film for SHOWstudio with mentoring by Nick Knight himself, RED Digital Cinema’s latest professional camera, RED RAVEN™, a Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens and a trip to Australia to attend an exclusive screening of your film.

    Submit your creations by Monday, January 4 2016, to make sure you do not miss out on this incredible opportunity!

    Stuck for ideas? Check out Ruth Hogben's 'Fan Club,' celebrating Marc Jacobs' fourteen-year tenure at Louis Vuitton in a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic film.


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    Sarah Shikama is our Tumblr curator!

    Continuing SHOWstudio's tradition of inviting a guest creative to curate our Tumblr page each month, 1 to 7 December 2015 will see  designer and visual artist Sarah Shikama exploring the trans aesthetic as it has appeared in fashion over the years.

    Utilising her Instagram account She Comes In Technicolour, Shikama's posts seek to embody a digital mood board with a strong emphasis on fashion and design from the 1960-90s. 

    Check out her first posts from today, Tuesday 1 December!

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    More discounts coming your way

    Black Friday is over, but our discounts continue!

    Missed yesterday's Black Friday discounts on SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A? Don't despair! Our exclusive sale continues this weekend. There is still time to get your hands on your favourites from the likes of Liam Hodges, Christopher Shannon, Cottweiler, Louise Alsop, Caitlin Price and more with 15% off!

    Make sure you grab your favourites while you can. Just use the code SHOPINBED at checkout!


    Shop Menswear

    Shop Womenswear


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    Check out Caitlin Price's S/S 16 fashion films

    Check out Caitlin Price's S/S 16 fashion films!

    The South London designer's collections of sportswear silhouettes inspired by the 90s club scene  have taken London Fashion Week by storm for the past two seasons. 

    For S/S 16, image-maker Benjamin Bowe-Carter created two films to showcase Price's collection. The first film showcases the inspirations for her designs, compiling imagery of rave club nights. The second film is of Price's presentation. Overlaid with rave music, the film shows the final garments, setting the scene for the pieces and alluding to their context.

    Watch the films exclusively on SHOWstudio now, and check out the SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A e-store for Price's A/W 15 products!

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    Get ready for Black Friday!

    Brace yourselves! Black Friday sales are hitting our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A online store this week.

    To celebrate Thanksgiving and to prepare you for Christmas, we are offering amazing discounts on all our womenswear, menswear and accessories. 

    The exclusive offer starts today with 10% off, just use the promocode DROP10OFFNOW. Don't miss out!

    Check out our SHOWstudio/MACHINE-A store now to pick your favourites from the likes of Nasir Mazhar, Xander Zhou, Sibling, Hood by Air, Gosha Rubchinskiy and much more.


    Shop Mens

    Shop Womens

    NB: Raf Simons and J.W. Anderson products are not included in the sale. 

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    New 'North' essay launches today!

    'North' is a project exploring the various ways the North of England has been portrayed and stereotyped in media and fashion, pondering whether the place where someone has grown up influences their aesthetic.

    The next instalment in the series is an essay by Durham University history professor, Adrian Green. Entitled 'The North Country in History,' Green discovers the origins of the North and South divide and explains why these ideas have remained pertinent today. 

    Green stresses the significance of regional accents, forms of dress and distinct cultural practices in creating the distinct divide between the North and South today.

    Make sure you read the essay and check out the rest of the 'North' series, featuring an essay by Adam Murray as well as an interview with stylist Simon Foxton

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