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    Richard Gray photographs Liberty Ross for Margiela exhibition

    Illustrator Richard Gray photographed the very beautiful Liberty Ross at SHOWstudio today in preparation for our upcoming exhibition curated by Maison Martin Margiela. The exhibition is built around memory and will feature an installation custom made by the house. Twenty two artists and fashion illustrators have been asked to smell one of Margiela's Replica perfumes and create an original drawing of a memory evoked by the scent. Nick Knight asked Richard Gray to feature Liberty Ross in his art work and the pair spent the afternoon in the studio together discussing the project and finally Gray took a series of reference images of his muse for his composition.

    The exhibition also features a selection of some of Margiela's most intricately made haute couture pieces that were inspired by the act of reminiscence. These will be accompanied by a range of Line 13 products hand picked by the house that also reflect the theme. Opening to the public on 28 November, the exhibition will be hard to forget.

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    Lady Amanda Harlech on Isabella Blow

    In the second of today's Isabella Blow interviews creative director Amanda Harlech remembers Blow as both a friend and collaborator. The touching interview sees Harlech recall her late friend's creative vision and the sense of romance and authenticity she brought to everything she did. 

    'I think powerful people are vulnerable and I think that was Issy's strength, that she felt so much, so passionately.'

    Watch the candid conversation and the previous interviews in the series now. 

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    Celestine Cooney's new Punk film

    Stylist Celestine Cooney has contributed a new film to our Punk series which features a psychological approach to the theme, focussing on ideas of human relationships and empathy. 

    'I think it’s hard to understand anything until you learn empathy and after that you begin to experience the world that exists outside of yourself. Punk is always portrayed in such an aggressive way and for me it actually represents freedom and standing up for what you believe in. I wanted to make something that was really pure and about human relationship with nature and how it reflects our relationship with everything and everyone.' 

    Featuring scenes from the Disney film Bambie, a reference which will take many of us straight back to our early childhood experiences, Cooney's film is entitled Loveliness. Watch it now and revisit our enormous archive of punk films.

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    Philip Treacy on Isabella Blow

    Our beautiful Isabella Blow series continues today as we launch two more interviews with individuals who knew the late fashion editor. The first conversation with Philip Treacy is now live. The hat-maker speaks about meeting Isabella and designing her wedding headdress, as well as her role as an early supporter of his work, even going so far as moving him into the basement of her house so he would have a place to work.  

    'Her passion for young creative people was amazing, and her belief in you was what carried us. She felt after she met Alexander that she had discovered the next Yves Saint Laurent which was a big statement at that moment… and she was right!'

    The Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore exhibition at Somerset House is open to the public on Wednesday, 20 November. In the mean time watch Treacy's emotional interview now and stay tuned for Amanda Harlech's launching later today. 

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    Manflu performing at their debut album launch

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    My 3 word review.

    Visceral. Sexual. Intoxicating. 


    Aza is wearing Pam Hogg while performing their song 'Holes'

    Their website -


    1. nick knight
      19:16 17 Nov 2013
      Totally wonderful.
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    Follow the #asif process on our Tumblr

    Over the next two weeks Nick Knight will be posting up on the SHOWstudio Tumblr all the steps he is taking with Simon Foxton on their #asif shoot.

    'This time we are excited by the notions of copyright and ownership, new realities, screen language, new imagery, high density decoration, latent image and fashion film. How those desires come together in a new coherent and exciting way is the journey I am about to start.'

    As they continue to shoot whilst being live streamed this weekend we share with you the incredible garments from the latest collections including Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Craig Green and Hood By Air - to name just a few - being styled by Simon Foxton. 


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    Tune in for part two of #asif tomorrow, 11AM GMT

    Today saw part one of Nick Knight and Simon Foxton's exciting collaborative #asif shoot for VMAN magazine.

    The entire shoot was live streamed capturing the four male models in action, catching rubber chickens whilst wearing some incredible pieces from the likes of Nasir Mazhar, Givenchy, Raf Simons and Hood By Air. 

    Make sure you tune in tomorrow, 17 November 11AM GMT, where we will be live broadcasting the second part of the shoot featuring more amazing garments and street-cast models.

    In the meantime check out our Tumblr to follow the process so far and even have your questions for Knight and Foxton answered!

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    25 present 'Persona'

    For their third issue 25 Magazine, the exclusive biannual edited by SHOWstudio contributor Anja Rubik, has taken on the theme of 'narcissism'. Amongst contributions from talents such as Inez & Vinoodh, Hedi Slimane and Eniko, the publication also commissioned a fashion film by NYC based fimmaker Gordon von Steiner. He explores the issue's theme of 'narcissim' with the help of his starring lady Edita Vilkevičiūtė who comfortably plays the part of the female protagonist. The result is a surreal, haunting portrayal of female strength and beauty, captured delicately in Von Steiner's film Persona, presented exclusively on SHOWstudio. Watch it now!

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    Ray Stevenson on the Bromley Contingent

    In the latest Punk: Photography interview, Ray Stevenson spoke to Nick Knight about his photograph of three members of the notorious Bromley Contingent - Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin and Debbie Juvenile at a Sex Pistols concert at the Screen on the Green. The group came to form bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and Generation X. Stevenson recalled the circumstances surrounding the shot, and shared his opinion of his subjects.

    'Trapped in Bromley, all the houses are the same, everybody's going to those schools in those uniforms, so the rebellion is just to be different and kind of shock the neighbours, who aren't really worth shocking in the first place. Sticking your tits out in the street would be quite an example of that.'

    Listen to Stevenson's punk memories now!

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    The Photography of Punk closes Friday
    Final Week of the Exhibition

    It's your final chance to see our current exhibition at SHOWstudio Shop, The Photography of Punk. Closing on 22 November, the show sets out to debunk the caricature of punk and trace the images and objects that honed its legacy. Focusing specifically on fine art and reportage photography, the show compiles a series of images that capture both this explosive moment, and the various elements that informed it.

    Bruno Barbey's iconic shot of the 1968 student riots in Paris is one of the central photographs of the show. Inspired by the writings of Guy Debord's Situationists and their assertion that the misery of social alienation and commodity fetishism had spread itself into all aspects of every day life, the students instigated a volatile series of demonstrations that lead to a nation wide general strike. Both their actions and the Situationists' engagement with the idea of the 'spectacle' were crucial in the establishment of punk values and its aesthetic. In this striking composition the spirit of insurrection is almost palpable. One figure hurls a rock while another swings a bat; the image captures a moment that has descended into chaos and rebellion.

    It is this spirit that is so present in the selection of images displayed in the exhibition. From Bob Gruen's shot of Sid Vicious with the words 'GIVE ME A FIX' scratched into his chest and covered in blood during a gig in Dallas on the Sex Pistols' American tour to Jonh Ingham's photograph of a frantic performance by The Clash during their Night of Treason gig at the RCA, the imagery captures the energy the punks embodied. Soo Catwoman's cat attire and fierce stare down Ray Stevenson's lens, and the latex bondage garb worn by Siouxsie Sioux also reveal the important role of fashion in creating a visual language to deliberately shock and outrage.

    From the scandalous and aggressive to the experimental and politically confrontational, the exhibition showcases the many facets of a movement that went on the infiltrate nearly all aspects of life and culture. View important works by Jim French, Jon Savage, Robert Mapplethorpe and more before the show closes on Friday.


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    Live shoot this weekend featuring HBA, Been Trill and KTZ

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    This weekend, 16 and 17 November 2013, SHOWstudio will be live streaming the menswear shoot for VMAN magazine. Photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Simon Foxton the shoot will feature exciting new collections from Been Trill, Hood by Air and KTZ.

    Watch the shoot live this weekend on

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    Rei Nadal's erotic new project
    Buy Rei Nadal's illustrations now

    We're very excited to announce the latest SHOWstudio venture with contributor, friend and artist Rei Nadal. She has produced a series of original illustrations, under the title Nudes with Shoes, which explore female desire by featuring detailed depictions of S/S 14's most covetable footwear - a play on that old cliché that women are shoe-obsessed - and a striking, almost androgynous view of the female body that goes against typical notions of what it means to be a sensual woman in the eyes of men. Excitingly all her drawings are available to buy from SHOWstudio Shop!

    Fantasise the day away with these exclusive nude studies online and in our shop now.

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    Fraser Hamilton jewellery
    Featured Shop product!

    Fraser Hamilton has launched a stunning new range of jewellery which is available through SHOWstuido Shop. The collection includes his broken obelisk pendants alongside a series of rings hosting his signature heads, reclining women and intricately carved diamond gems. Hamilton has said of the collection, 'This miniaturisation of the monstrous is what I currently follow. I'm re imagining statues of power or seduction and carving them as personal obelisks or totems.’ Why not browse through Hamilton's statement pieces here.

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    Nick Knight talks creativity and mental health

    In celebration of Somerset House's Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition, we continue to honour the life and legacy of the late, great Blow.

    The next captivating piece in this project is a moving interview between Lou Stoppard and Nick Knight. The film provides an incredibly candid insight into his experiences shooting the catalogue for the exhibition and also offers an exploration into the intrinsic links between creativity and mental illness. Watch the conversation now.

    Stay tuned for more conversations with those who knew and loved her, including the likes of Phillip Treacy and Amanda Harlech

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