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19:00 - 23:00 on May 26 2016 BST


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    Day two of our Faustine Steinmetz live studio is over

    Day two of our Sculpting Denim live studio with Faustine Steinmetz is over!

    Steinmetz is now two-thirds of the way through her weaving process, and her assistant Anne has started piecing the one-of-a-kind denim jacket together. The up-and-coming designer also answered questions from the audience in two Q&A sessions; 'For me, I'm not interested in doing womenswear and menswear, unisex is much more attractive' she explained.

    Tune in again on Friday 5 June at 11:00 to watch as Steinmetz finalises the garment, which will be photographed by Nick Knight in a live photo shoot tomorrow afternoon. While you wait, submit more questions for the final Q&A session! 

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    Mimi Wade at Graduate Fashion Week

    I am so pleased to see the exceptionally talented SHOWStudio contributor, Mimi Wade, being acknowledged for her work at Graduate Fashion Week by Suzy Menkes, OBE.  Mimi's green dress at the Central Saint Martins Show caught the eye of Vogue's International Fashion Editor among many other remarkable designs featured on the catwalk.  Mimi joined us for a live panel discussion on Christian Dior's show in January 2013- to watch the discussion and hear the opinions of this upcoming young designer, follow the link here.  

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    Day one of our Faustine Steinmetz live studio is over

    The first part of our three-day Sculpting Denim live studio with designer Faustine Steinmetz has come to a close.

    So far Steinmetz has begun crafting her one-off garment live on camera, weaving and making bobbins under the watchful eye of her dog Buzz. The LVMH prize nominee also answered questions from the audience in two Q&A sessions; 'One of the problems with working in denim is that you need to educate your customer somehow. Even though it looks like it, what I make is not a pair of jeans!' she says of her signature fabric.

    Tune in again on Thursday 4 June at 11:00 BST to watch Steinmetz's progress. In the meantime, submit more questions for tomorrow's Q&A sessions! 



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    Subjective: Kristen McMenamy on Richard Avedon

    Our model interview series, Subjective, returns! This week, Kristen McMenamy reminisces about working with photographer Richard Avedon on Versace's Spring 1995 advertising campaign alongside Nadja Auermann. 

    The American supermodel sat down with Nick Knight to candidly discuss the campaign’s iconic imagery (‘There was something about the chemistry - it was one of those shoots that was just on fire’), her relationship with Avedon - ‘He was like this little mad scientist’ - and the pre-digital challenges of holding a pose: ‘I was probably there for twenty minutes with shaky legs. It had to be perfect because there wasn’t all the digital re-touching.’ 

    Watch the exclusive interview now and don’t forget to browse the Subjective archive!

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    Live now: Faustine Steinmetz crafts a garment in the studio!

    And we're live! Today we kick off our three-day Sculpting Denim live studio with LVMH prize nominee Faustine Steinmetz. Tune in now to see Steinmetz construct a one-off garment in her signature denim live on camera from our London studio. As part of this unique opportunity to witness the designer's creative process, viewers can submit questions to be answered in live Q&A sessions each day at 12:30 BST and 16:30 BST.

    Send us your questions now and watch the process unfold! 

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    RCA Graduate Fashion Show live stream 2015

    We are delighted to announce that SHOWstudio will be live streaming the Royal College of Art's renowned MA fashion show for the third year running. Founded by former Vogue editor Madge Garland in 1948, the highly acclaimed programme has helped train creatives including Philip Treacy, Christopher Bailey, Erdem and Peter Copping. Forty six young designers will graduate from the course this year (the first cohort to do so under new head of programme Zowie Broach), spanning menswear, womenswear, knitwear, footwear, accessories and millinery. Unlike previous years, the 2015 graduates will show their collections as a non-linear performance that promises to be a catwalk show unlike any other.

    Tune in on Wednesday 3 June at 19:30 BST to see the presentation as it happens. Can't wait until then? Revisit last year's show! 

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    Dont Miss Faustine Steinmetz: Sculpting Denim

    Following in the footsteps of the likes of Mary KatrantzouStephen JonesGareth Pugh and Iris van Herpen, up-and-coming denim doyenne, Faustine Steinmetz will be taking up residence in our London studio from the 3 to 5 June 2015 at 11:00 BST. Over the three days, Steinmetz will be elevating the most humble wardrobe staple and creating a unique, one-off denim garment live on camera. Opening her creative process to global viewers, Steinmetz will be taking questions on her approach and ideals during the three-day process. Ask a question via Sculpting Denim.

    Can't wait till then? Watch Claire Barrow showcase her iconic hand-painting technique for the LiveStudio segment of Flora

  8. by Lou Stoppard .

    Liberty McAnena Tumblr Takeover
    1 - 7 June 2015

    Here at SHOWstudio, we've been thinking lots about time and the interplay between the past and the future. Tumblr's a great springboard when considering these ideas - old imagery has a new life on there and work that can feel outdated and ordinary to some is considered fresh and exciting to a whole new generation. When working on our Unseen McQueen and The London Years series, we've been struck by the enthusiasm for archive footage and the popularity of early nineties and noughties editorials on social media. We're also in the midst of preparing to launch a new series, Print, which will look at the lasting influence of certain key music and fashion magazines on creatives working today. It will consider how the success and impact of a magazine can be measured by a lot more than its print run.

    With all this in mind, it feels apt to dedicate some time to revelling in nostalgia. So, in keeping with our tradition of handing the reins of our Tumblr over to a different contributor for the first week of every month, we've asked fashion history and theory graduate and active Tumblr-er Liberty McAnena to consider that theme over on our page. You'll know McAnena from her brilliant page Witches and Slippers and Hoods, which combined archive editorial imagery with poignant film stills and photography loosely tied around themes of youth, femininity and sensuality. Head to Tumblr from 1 to 7 June to watch her take-over our page.

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    Subjective: Kate Moss on Mario Sorrenti

    Watch the latest instalment of our ongoing Subjective series, in which Nick Knight reflects on the history of fashion photography from the perspective of the models. This week he speaks to British supermodel Kate Moss, who candidly discusses shooting Calvin Klein's Obsession campaign with her then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti.

    Moss recalls the initial inspiration for the shoot: 'Calvin was really clever. He saw Mario's book and it was all pictures of me on holiday - it was obsession! I'd wake up in the morning and he'd be taking pictures. I'd be like, fuck off!' She also talks about moving to New York, the perils of dating a photographer and staying grounded: 'I was never like, 'Wow, look at me on the bus!' I'm from Croydon and if you get above your station, somebody will fucking knock you down!'

    Watch the exclusive interview now and don't forget to peruse the Subjective archive.

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    2015's Aalto Arts Fashion Seminar

    Last weekend, I was invited to Helsinki to participate in the Aalto Arts Fashion Seminar for the second time. The discussion forms part of the Pre Helsinki program, which allows press and buyers the chance to get to know the work of Finnish creatives past and present.

    This year’s conference was titled Building Brands 3.0, following on from last year’s For Fashion’s Sake discussion, which can be watched here. It was chaired by A Magazine editor-in-chief Dan Thawley and featured fashion designer Damir Doma, consultant and fashion designer Susanne Deeken, Maria Luisa buying director Robin Schulie and consultant and SHOWstudio regular Mimma Viglezio. I also sat on the panel as co-chair.

    The talk was refreshingly honest - we debated the troubles and choices facing young fashion designers and professionals in today’s global climate, painting a realistic picture of the fashion industry as a complex mechanism, with many alternate routes to success. Specific themes discussed included the merits of international competitions like the LVMH Prize, ANDAM and Hyères Festival, ways of navigating the transition from school to internships and the problems with the current fashion show schedule and pace.

    The talk was a much-watch for young creatives, and aptly preceded the Aalto Arts 2015 graduate fashion show, which featured outstanding collections by Maria Suomalainen, Rolf Ekroth and Reea Peltola, to name a few. Us panelists were tasked with awarding the Naytos Prize, which we gave to Timo Helin for his quietly sensual collection, which perfectly united classic sports shapes with formalwear and showed off a real talent for colour. Luckily, the discussion was filmed and we’re thrilled to be able to release the footage on SHOWstudio - it will launch in the coming few days, so stay tuned. While you wait, revisit last year’s lengthy conversation featuring the likes of DJ Michel Gaubert and hatter Stephen Jones.

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    Central Saint Martins Fine Art Live Stream 2015

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    It was nearly three years ago that SHOWstudio began running panel discussions as part of their collections coverage. When the idea first emerged, it seemed near impossible, but with a great push from a dedicated team, I saw the impossible become a reality in only a few short weeks. It wasn’t long after witnessing this feat that I started my BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. We also had a live stream dream, but our first live stream by contrast, was a shoddy affair: MacBooks scattered around the studio, aimed vaguely in the direction of some spectacle or other. The number of views reached a grand total of about three, two of which were probably us checking the stream was still running, leaving us to assume that the remaining viewer was someone’s mum who had successfully followed the link their child sent to them.

    Hopefully the CSM Fine Art Degree Show Live Stream 2015 is a far cry from that first broadcast.  In three years of art school, you see people grow immeasurably, and hopefully tonight, we will see our impossible become real. To mark the occasion, LaBeouf, Rönnkö & Turner will present their new work #INTRODUCTIONS as part of the live stream. The work is a collaboration with nearly forty of the graduating students in the show. So tune in today, 26 May, from 18:00 BST to enjoy the eclectic mix of visuals which offer a glimpse into CSM Fine Art 2015.

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    Watch the final edit of Terry Jones' In Fashion interview

    Edited footage of Terry Jones' In Fashion interview is now available! The i-D magazine founder sat down with SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard to discuss fanzines, breaking the rules at British Vogue and i-D's enduring success: 'The ethos was to break down categories so you couldn't be defined exactly... I think there was a purity in the idea. Identity is something that kind of goes on forever.'

    Watch the condensed coversation now and stay tuned for our next In Fashion interview with Oscar de la Renta creative director Peter Copping

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