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    Joe Lally's latest Soap Opera episode is here!

    Joseph Lally's Soap Opera series has offered a gripping visual experience each week, and the next segment - Episode#7: Breathless, which shares its name with a Jean-Luc Godard film by no coincidence - continues to shock and delight.

    Lally has previously cited Godard's cinematic values in his work - including films for SHOWstudio such as The Murder of Jean Seberg and RAPE - and his latest piece is a re-make of French visionary's first feature Breathless.

    Lally employs his signature playful editing techinques and mixes his signature taboo themes with Godard's vision. Watch the film now and immerse yourself in the series as it continues to unfold.


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    Marie Schuller's HBA film is here!

    During New York Fashion Week we dispatched our head of fashion film Marie Schuller out to the big apple to capture the making of Hood By Air A/W 14. She filmed Shayne Oliver and his team getting ready for the catwalk display and putting the final touches to their acclaimed collection. You can also see the team finalising the running order for the show. Watch the film now to get a insider view of the process behind Oliver's vision.

    We're spoiling you with HBA content day as we've also released catwalk footage from the show into our Collections page.

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    Mrs B In Fashion final edit!

    The final edit of Lou Stoppard's In Fashion interview with the brilliant retailer Joan Burstein, known in fashion circles as Mrs B, is now available. The Browns Fashion founder discussed her fascinating life, from her earliest recollection of falling in love with fashion (buying a Dior toile at Liberty) to losing and re-building her business. 'Retail is detail!' she explained, summarising her approach to her work. Watch the interview now!

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    Simon Costin's Museum of British Folklore
    A Case for Support

    This week, SHOWstudio hosted a very special event in support of Simon Costin's Museum of British Folklore. Costin is a long term SHOWstudio collaborator and world renowned art director whose fascination with folk traditions has lead him to embark on the mission of preserving and cultivating them. At present, there is no museum dedicated to British folklore in the UK, and within an increasingly globalised and digitised world, Costin feels that it is ever more urgent to engage with and educate in these particular heritages. For the past 2 years, he has been touring the country in a specially customised caravan staging events and exhibitions that celebrate various folk customs, but now is ready to set down firm roots for this very important project. Architect Adam Richards has designed a wonderful and environmentally friendly building that could house the museum. Set amongst a grove of trees, it has been conceived as a cluster of interlinked buildings that embrace the shapes and patterns associated with the seasons. The museum's programme will engage directly with its content and encourage the people and communities involved with these traditions to shape and mould its development, switching the conventional museum model on its head.

    The project now needs an influx of funding to realise this next step and is now seeking support. On Wednesday night, guests were invited to pledge to the cause, and now you can too by becoming a friend of the museum through the website. This is a wonderful cause and a unique opportunity to help initiate the preservation and investigation of these important traditions and customs.

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    Alex Bilmes and Jefferson Hack's interviews are up on-demand now!

    You can now watch our two most recent In Fashion interviews on-demand. Last week Lou Stoppard interviewed two giants in the world of publishing, Esquire editor Alex Bilmes and founder of Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazine Jefferson Hack

    Stoppard put both men through their paces, bringing up some challenging topics, which for Alex Bilmes includes 'ornament-gate' - Bilmes infamously once declared, 'the women in our magazine are ornamental' - and Esquire's attitude to women. 'We interview a lot of famous women and I feel Esquire takes them more seriously than anyone else does,' he declared.

    Hack's conversation centred around ideas of creative community and collaboration, including his memories of workng with Lee McQueen. 'It was apparent from the moment I met him that he was an absolute fucking genius. That's rare,' he said.

    Re-live the interviews with our on-demand footage, available for a limited time only!

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    Sibling and Olivier Zahm interviews are up on-demand now!

    Two of last week's fascinating In Fashion interviews are now available to watch on-demand! Lou Stoppard sat down first with Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery of Sibling, who covered everything from their process of working together to run Sibling - 'If two are on the floor crying there's always one left standing who can take the helm!' - to their experiences early on in their individual careers. 

    The second interview with Olivier Zahm took an equally sincere direction, with the Purple founder touching on seventies pornography as an early creative influence and discussing the sexual nature of his photographs - 'Maybe the nudity in Purple is more shocking because we don't protect ourselves with artificial fashion imagery'.

    Catch up on the interviews and stay tuned for uncut footage of chats with Jefferson Hack and Alex Bilmes!


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    A fashion film for Area's debut collection

    We're proud to launch a new fashion film for the debut collection by Area, a NY based design studio set up by Parson's graduates Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg. The collection, which launched during the NYFW Autumn/Winter 2014 shows, is the result of an exploration of novel garment production techniques. The film by Charlotte Wales Eric Wrenn is a visual translation of the ideas of 'flatness' within the garments and features a new edit of a track by John Roberts of Dial Records. Watch it now!

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    Kate Simon recounts her first photograph of William Burroughs

    We are releasing a series of interviews with Kate Simon to accompany her current solo exhibition of portraits of William S. Burroughs at SHOWstudio Shop. Simon photographed Burroughs consistently over 20 years and many are being shown for the first time as fine art, limited edition prints. In this series, Simon speaks about each image to SHOWstudio Shop's associate director Niamh White and sheds some light on her relationship with her notorious subject. In the first interview, Simon recounts her first photograph of Burroughs in 1975. It was Patti Smith's 29th birthday and marked the start of the pair's friendship. Listen now!

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    A/W 14 Round-up Panels!

    We've had a post-fashion week break to reflect on all we've seen in the four major fashion cities, and now Lou Stoppard and a very impresive selection of panelists are back to round up the shows in our signature live panel format! 

    Tune in tomorrow 18 March at 11:00 GMT to watch Susanna Lau, Katherine Ormerod and Harriet Walker review New York, followed by a London discussion with Mandi LennardAlex Fury and Camilla Morton at 15:00 GMT. Then on Thursday 19 March prior to our Paris finale with Alex Fury, Harriet Walker, Susannah Frankel and Jo Ann-Furniss at 15:00, Mimma ViglezioHilary Alexander and Richard Gray will be dissecting Milan at 11:00 GMT. 

    Watch what are sure to be four extremely animated debates LIVE! 

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    Gareth Pugh talks A/W 14

    Earlier this month, Gareth Pugh talked Lou Stoppard through his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection look by look. The designer explained the influences behind the show and discussed his working relationship with stylist Katie Shillingford. He also revealed why this season was an important turning point for him - a chance to consider and consolidate his general approach as a designer. Watch the film now for an exclusive insight into Pugh's work.

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    William S. Burroughs Portraits by Kate Simon exhibition is now open

    SHOWstudio Shop hosted the private view of our new William S. Burroughs exhibition last night, which was attended by the likes of models Alek Wek and Alexia Wight as well as artists Robert Hawkins and Paul Fryer. The show features widely unseen photographs of the writer by Kate Simon taken between 1975 and 1995. In this show, Simon’s portraits capture the familiar image of Burroughs with his glasses perched on his hollow cheeks, his suit, his trilby hat and often a gun in tow, while also revealing the many facets of the man.

    The show is now open to the public at SHOWstudio Shop, 19 Motcomb Street, London from Monday to Friday, 11:00 to 18:00. It runs until 9 May 2014.

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    Check out the Sinking the Pink editorial gallery!

    Late last year Nick Knight, Katy England and Alister Mackie united on the Sinking the Pink project, paying homage to London's most exciting new club kids. The shoot featured beautiful boys, girls and drag queens spotted at the East End's infamous Sink The Pink nights, and fashion from contemporary designers, items from the subjects' own wardrobes and iconic clubland pieces from Leigh Bowery and Bodymap. You may have caught the footage live as it happened, as we streamed every minute of the vibrant shoot! If you missed it, you can still revisit it on-demand.

    After months of waiting, the shiny new London Blitz issue of AnOther Man is out, featuring the full editorial, entiled Millenium People. SHOWstudio have also launched the portraits in an editorial gallery. You can buy the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of AnoTher Man, and check out the rest of the London-centric content, in SHOWstudio Shop, along with a London Blitz poster featuring one of the striking images, in both a signed and unsigned version. Wow! 

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    William S. Burroughs exhibition opens tomorrow

    SHOWstudio Shop will open a solo exhibition of portraits of William S. Burroughs by Kate Simon tomorrow. The show celebrates the occasion of Burroughs' centenary and marks the debut release of Simon’s Cibachrome Edition portfolio, which is comprised of 11 iconic shots of the literary master printed in the now extinct cibachrome medium. These rare photographs will be displayed alongside a selection of black and white limited edition prints and a series of Burroughs' own File Folder paintings. Taken over a 20 year period, between 1975 - 1995, Simon has amassed a critical body of work that is widely unseen and captures the many faces of one of the most important American writers of the twentieth century.

Visit us at 19 Motcomb Street from Friday 14 March from 11:00 to see this wonderful body of work.

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    Design Download: Giles - a new fashion film!

    Here at SHOWstudio we thrive on collaboration, and one of our favourite projects we love to see you get involved with is our Design Download series! In December 2012, Giles generously offered up an exclusive pattern from his A/W 07 collection and crafty individuals from accross the world got involved and interpreted the dress into their own colours, textures and styles! 

    Nick Knight and Giles himself picked their favourite creation. The winner was Leanne Broadway, a latex specialist who put a brilliant, futuristic and sleek twist on the pattern. In her own words, she wanted, 'to create a garment that translated the observers experience to the physicality of the wearer; it needs to feel as powerful to wear as the original looked.'

    As we continue to champion fashion film, we rewarded Broadway's creative flair with a fashion film, featuring her garment and shot by our very own head of fashion film Marie Schuller in a suitably futuristic setting!

    Watch the film now, and be sure to enter our most recent Design Download competition which is a covetable two piece look from the one and only J.W. Anderson! 

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    Get your hands on a signed Nick Knight poster

    In December 2013 Nick Knight got together with super stylists Katy England and Alister Mackie to capture the club kids spotted at East London's infamous 'Sink the Pink' night for AnOther Man's London issue, which is out today and available from our SHOWstudio Shop

    We will be releasing full editorial images from Sinking the Pink on site tomorrow! Be sure to visit our SHOWstudio Shop so you can get your hands on a copy of the mag to see beautiful boys, girls and drag queens in incredible fashions from Craig Green and archive Leigh Bowery pieces! In tandem with this very exciting shoot, we will be offering exclusive posters, some of which are signed by Knight himself!

    As if that wasn't enough, you can top it all off with un-cut on-demand footage from the live broadcast of the shoot - get sunk! 

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    Dressing the Screen: Russia - Panel Discussion

    Our own head of fashion film, Marie Schuller, chaired a panel discussion as part of the British Council's Dressing the Screen initiative. The discussion spanned everything from the creative scene  in Russia to the potential of fashion film as a platform for rising talents to promote their work with. Schuller was in good company with Russian photographer Vlasta Guryeva, writer for Russia Vogue Natalia Turovnikova, FF.Digest's Maria Pudan, journalist Jana Melkumova-Reynolds, The Calvert Journal's Anastasiia Fedorova and Interview Russia's Natela Potskhveriya, as well as British filmmaker and curator of Dressing the Screen Kathryn Ferguson, who also ran a workshop with Schuller in Moscow mentoring the creation of fourteen fashion films from individual Russian talents. 

    Watch the absorbing discussion and re-visit the project in full for a visual insight into the designer and directorial stars of Russia as well as essays for an academic viewpoint!

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