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    #DIESELTRIBUTE - Digital to Physical

    The innovation of the #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign continues: Nicola Formichetti posted up this photo on his Instagram featuring images from the campaign, which was shot by Nick Knight, pasted up in life-size format. From screen to sidewalk and back to screen - suitably fitting with the campaigns 'Re-engineer the past, reimagine the future.' ethos. 

    Catch the whole #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign and behind the scenes footage, or buy exclusive items from the shoot at our SHOWstudio shop!

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    Derek Jarman's sketchbooks!
    Featured Shop product

    This book is an intimate snapshot into the life and career of film-maker and artist Derek Jarman. Sketchbooks contains Jarman's poetry, drawings, pressed flowers, scripts and notes that reveal the story of how he gathered, shaped and made concrete his ideas. Alongside these are insightful contributions from his close collaborators including Tilda Swinton and Jon Savage. The book comprises elements from a collection of handmade books that Jarman gave to the British Institute shortly before his death in 1994. Make sure you get your copy here!

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    Stussy x SHOWstudio sold out!

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    The Stussy x SHOWstudio 'Displacement' collection has completely sold out!  There was a phenomenal response to the collaboration release on Friday and all hoodies, sweatshirts and hats have sold from SHOWstudio Shop. More collaborations to follow! Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date.

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    Stussy X SHOWstudio
    Collaboration launches today

    SHOWstudio shop is excited to launch our latest collaboration today. Following the record breaking sell out of our collections with underground fashion labels including Hood by Air and OFF WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh; SHOWstudio has now joined forces with street wear brand Stussy to bring you an exclusive highly limited edition collaboration.

    Finding inspiration in the early works of American artist Richard Serra and Lawrence Weiner’s book ‘Displacement’ designer Kiko Kostadinov reinvents Stussy’s classic sweatshirts to create this unique ‘Displacement’ capsule collection. Kiko has reconstructed and sewn together each piece with it’s colour contrasted counterpart rendering the products truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

    This collection of original hoodies and caps is being released in tandem with an exclusive interview with British film maker and musician Don Letts.

    Don’t miss out on buying the latest street wear trend here!

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    SHOWstudio x Stüssy present Talking Punk!

    Today sees the launch of SHOWstudio's collaboration with Stüssy. The extremely limited-edition pieces form the Displacement capsule collection, inspired by Lawrence Weiner's book of the same name. To celebrate this exciting launch Stüssy has also brought us Talking Punk, an exclusive interview with Don Letts, which also perfectly compliments our season on Punk projects. Letts is a British film director, DJ and musician with impressive punk credentials. The first in-house DJ at the Roxy Club, Letts is credited with inspiring musicians in the punk scene with the sounds of dub and reggae. he later went on to direct music videos and documentaries including The Punk Rock Movie, on the first 100 days of the movement. Interviewing him is Jonh Ingham, a music journalist famed for championing punk in its early days. Watch Talking Punk now, and visit SHOWstudio Shop to snap up a Stüssy item while you can!

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    A new Punk film!

    Director Chloe Orefice and stylist Sue-Wen Quek have collaborated on a Punk film! Shit Knit and Other Waste features a hat inspired by the iconic 'Sex' sign created by ex-Central Saint Martins MA show opener Luke Brooks and beautiful visor made by Maiko Takeda! Quek explains, 'To consider rather than be reactive, is punk for me today -  thus the word 'PAUSE' on the visor. I love the cold, alluring quality of Maiko's work and wanted to show that against the recognisable, visually addictive punk aesthetic. The film is a protest against waste and mediocrity.' Orefice adds, 'We made a film about boobs because we could!'

    Check out their film now or snap up the featured Pause headpiece, made by Maiko Takeda x Sue-Wen Quek, from SHOWstudio Shop!

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    Design and Violence

    In a pleasing example of creative collective conciousness, Nick Knight's Violence project has fed perfectly into a similar exploration across the Atlantic. Moma's ongoing Design and Violence project invites experts from fields as diverse as science, philosophy, literature, music, film, journalism, and politics to respond to selected design objects and spark a conversation with their readers. Nick's ongoing project, in which he teamed up with scent artist Sissel Tolaas to create a fragrance based on the theme of violence, has been explored in an essay by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Read Slaughter's essay now, and revisit our own Violence project

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    Morgan Fox's Tumblr curation is complete!

    Do you know what 'WDYTAAOTFD' stands for? We didn't… Until Morgan Fox took over our Tumblr. 

    The Californian-based punk musician has been oddly seducing us into his part-innocent, part-grotesque, fully-hilarious world for the past week. But sadly, it is now over!

    Despite the likes of a moth flying between them as they kissed and debates of how long to cook macaroni cheese for, everything was going so well with Emily - the girl with 'stringy hair and swollen, stubby hands' Fox's young male character is so hopelessly besotted by. However, in the final hours of this love story he left us on a cliffhanger.

    See how the story ended now!

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    Our Isabella Blow seasons begins!

    To celebrate Somerset House's Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition, launched in partnership with the Isabella Blow Foundation and Central Saint Martins, SHOWstudio honours the extraordinary life and wardrobe of the late fashion editor with a multidisciplinary project.

    To kick things off, we're releasing exclusive interviews with Blow's friends and followers, including longtime collaborators Philip Treacy, Amanda Harlech, Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness, her former Sunday Times Style boss Jeremy Langmead and her niece Harriet Verney. These talks - some long, some short - reflect the kindness and brilliance of Blow.

    Coming soon to the series will be a breath-taking fashion film by Ruth Hogben, which also features in the exhibition itself at Somerset House. Nick Knight's catalogue images, which show models including Liberty Ross and Alexia Wight clad in pieces from Blow's wardrobe, will also be displayed. Additionally, essays by a range of experts, including Simon Kyaga and Alex Fury, will unpick and explore different themes pertaining to her life, from the relationship between mental illness and creativity to the role of the 'muse'.

    Today, we're launched Verney and Langmead's interviews. Listen to them reflect on Blow now!

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    On demand footage of our The Anatomy of Fashion Book Club!

    Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by Colin McDowell for our most recent Book Club, where we discussed the fashion commentator's new publication The Anatomy of Fashion. Thanks to our panel of knowledgable (and occasionally rowdy fashion experts), including The Independent's Alex Fury, Mr Porter's Jeremy Langmead, our own Lou Stoppard, and of course the endlessly informative McDowell, the conversation ranged wildly between a myriad subjects. Topics under discussion included the fetishisation of youth, the popularisation of tattoos, and even modern art. If you missed the live discussion, you can stream the on-demand footage now!

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    Kate Simon on Joe Strummer

    Today's Punk: Photography phone call is with iconic punk image-maker Kate Simon. Interviewed by Nick Knight, she spoke about the natural progression from photographing close friends to documenting a momentous cultural movement, her love for photographing people sleeping and her feelings on Joe himself.

    'I know that everybody loves Joe, and for once everybody's right. I remember once Joe called me up here in New York, and I told him that I was feeling kind of depressed and he said 'stay there, I'll come right over'. And he came right over and he sat down at my typewriter and typed out these lyrics, which I still have. And I just thought, well that's a pretty nice friend'

    Listen to Simon's call now!

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    Lou Stoppard interviewed Jonathan Saunders for the V&A

    Yesterday evening our SHOWstudio's Lou Stoppard was invited to the V&A to interview Jonathan Saunders as part of their Talking Fashion series. 

    The Scottish designer discussed everything from his journey into fashion and his experiences at Central Saint Martins to the way he's built his business since and the artistic inspirations behind his collections.

    Footage from the insightful interview will be up on SHOWstudio to stream on-demand as part of our continuing In Conversation project. Stay tuned!


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    Morgan Fox's Tumblr Curation - Day 5

    It's day five of  Morgan Fox's Tumblr curation - see it continue in its progressively gross and wonderful manner. At this stage in his seven day stint at the helm, Fox has introduced us to his surreal world of teen romance, delrium tremens, possible crotch infections and all-night texting. Highlights include; 'There had better be gravy for dinner or I’m going to freak out and stab our dog to death or something. I will not let my mother ruin this special evening.'

    Head over to Tumblr now to follow Fox's story.

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    Dennis Morris on John Lydon

    Dennis Morris' second interview by Nick Knight is the latest audio in our series of Punk: Photography phone calls. This time Morris was asked about capturing a famous image of John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) during the Pretty Vacant video shoot. The candid phone call unravels the story behind the photograph, from what the two talked about to John's image conscious persona. It's also one for the analogue fetishists, Morris goes into depth on the technical aspects of achieving such a shot. 

    'The beauty of those images - I've been able to take them up to about six foot in height, it still holds. It's a combination of several things. One, it was done on TriX, which, in those days had lot more silver in the film, before what they call health and safety or whatever. And on top of that was the fact that I was using an original Leica lens which was full blast, it was very very sharp, even fully open. It was beautiful'.

    Listen to this call and others in the series now!

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    Our final 'Studio Sessions' track - Matthew Williamson!

    We're thrilled to present the final instalment of our The Sound of Clothes: Studio Sessions project - a song compiled from sounds of Matthew Williamson's studio, recorded as the designer went about realising his S/S 14 collection. Sound designer Stu Sibley collaborated with us to create a track that focuses strongly on the running water Williamson uses to dye his jewel coloured creations, as well as the rustling of beads and gemstones.

    Listen to Williamson's track now and visit our the full project for audio takes on Mary Katrantzou, Sibling and Piers Atkinson.

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    Collectable #DIESELTRIBUTE items available now
    From SHOWstudio Shop

    SHOWstudio Shop has been given unrivalled access to Nicola Formichetti's debut collection for Diesel and is now offering one-off collectable items for sale. Shot by Nick Knight entirely on his iPhone, Formichetti's #DIESELTRIBUTE capsule collection is comprised of 45 hand crafted pieces adored with bottle tops and eagle iconography. Aside from these, Formichetti created a small selection of one-off additional items specifically for Nick Knight's shoot at SHOWstudio. These include a vest made entirely from Diesel bottle caps, matching custom made belt and necklace and a denim cap with a bottle cap trail. Each are entirely unique and not available anywhere else. Buy these collectables now.

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