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    Robson Stannard is illustrating New York Womenswear A/W 18

    SHOWstudio is thrilled to introduce Robson Stannard as our New York Womenswear A/W 18 illustrator!

    Stannard's work explores the human form through a playful, illustrative palette. Working primarily on portraiture, his images are created using paint and pencil.

    His first illustration was for the highly anticipated Raf Simons A/W 18 show. Follow our tumblr to keep up with more of his illustrations. 

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    Tumblr Take-over: CIFF x Stavros Karelis

    SHOWstudio are delighted to be covering CIFF, supporting Stavros Karelis and MACHINE-A in Copenhagen! 

    Some of the SHOWstudio team including Director Charlotte Knight, Fashion Editor Georgina Evans, Head of Fashion Film Raquel Couceiro, Creative Content Commissioner Calum Knight, Gallery Manager Bex Cassie, Features Editor Lara Johnson-Wheeler, Head of PR and Artist Liason Emily Knight, fashion illustrator Fiona Gourlay and Photographic Assistants Rob Rusling and Britt Lloyd are currently attending the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Over the next week, the team will be posting exclusive BTS images of their time in Copenhagen. 

    This coverage will feature alongside clips of booths from the likes of ALYX, 1Granary|VOID, i-D, MM6MaxLamb's "DIY CHAIR" with characterisation c/o Virgil Abloh, curated by Sami Janjer and many more! 

    Head to the SHOWstudio Tumblr 1-7 February for more CIFF coverage.


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    SHOWStudio is happy to introduce the lovely Jelly Ma as our Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 illustrator! 

    Ma combines elements of Chinese myths and legends with her drawing techniques to create magnificent and mysterious figures.  

    Her first illustration for Schiaparelli's show has just been uploaded! Keep a look out on our tumblr to see more of her detailed work. 

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    SHOWstudio will be holding two exclusive live panels during the Milan Menswear A/W 18 collections discussing much anticipated shows, Marni and Prada A/W 18! 

    Dino Bonacic will be chairing the panels for the Milan shows but stay tuned to see Finn Mactaggart and Stavros Karelis chairing future panels this season. Bonacic will be joined by a range of industry experts to discuss issues related to the fashion industry. 

    Check out our schedule below and be sure not to miss out on these panels! 


    Saturday 13 January LIVE 17:00 GMT. 

    Topic: How do menswear catwalk shoes transform onto the shop floor?

    Chair: Dino Bonacic, Fashion and Editorial Assistant. 


    - Harry Fisher, Buyer

    - Trino Verkade, Creative Consultant 

    - Per Götesson, Fashion Designer 



    Monday 15 January LIVE 11:00 GMT. 

    Topic: Where is the line between inspiration and uncredited copying?

    Chair: Dino Bonacic, Fashion and Editorial Assistant. 


    - Liam Hess, Actor 

    - Tom Rasmussen, Writer

    - Mimma Viglezio, Creative Consultant 

    - Charlotte Roberts, Stylist

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    Don't miss! Watch James Spencer live illustrate in 360 degrees!

    SHOWstudio is happy to announce, James Spencer is our London Menswear A/W 18 illustrator!

    Spencer's work mostly focuses on the male form using gentle pencil strokes to explore the delicacy and fragility of the male anatomy. 

    You will be able to view his reinterpretated drawings LIVE from our Belgravia site all this week. We will be broadcasting the illustrations with a 360 degree camera so you can watch Spencer's creations come to life from every angle! 

    Watch LIVE

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    London Menswear A/W 18 Panel Schedule

    During the London Menswear A/W 18 collections, SHOWstudio will be hosting two live panels debating and discussing two of the most anticipated menswear shows of the A/W 18 collections, Cottweiler and MAN!

    For the London shows, Georgina Evans will be chairing, but stay tuned to see Dino BonacicFinn Mactaggart and Stavros Karelis in the hot seat! Evans will joined by various industry experts, touching on a range of issues currently affecting the fashion industry.

    See the schedule below and make sure not to miss our A/W 18 panels!


    Sunday 7 January LIVE 11:00 GMT.

    Topic: Who is the Cottweiler boy?


    Chair: Georgina Evans, Fashion Editor

    Rob Nowill, Editor

    - Joshua Brinksman, Buyer 

    - Ben Freeman, Creative Director of Ditto 

    - i l l y r, Musician, producer and choreographer

    - Nellie Eden, Co-founder of Babyface and fashion journalist



    Monday 8 January 17:00 GMT.

    Topic: Is menswear modern?

    Chair: Georgina Evans, Fashion Editor


    Poppy Poulter, Westminster student

    Connor O’Brien, London College of Fashion student

    Marijn Brok, Central Saint Martins Student

    Josh Crabtree, Westminster student

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    Lou Stoppard

    There are so many reasons I love running SHOWstudio but one of the main ones is being surrounded every day by intelligent, enthusiastic and forward thinking people. To be honest, there is nothing in this world I find as exciting as the sheer brilliance of the human mind and I have had the joy and the privilege to have created a platform for some of the most brilliant minds in fashion to express themselves.

    Lou arrived at SHOWstudio six years ago and like all our interns do, had a mind bubbling over with opinions and ideas.

    She had a sparkle in her eye and a quickness to offer a solution to any problem, which is testament to the amazing speed at which this young woman thinks. A trait I would constantly marvel at and which would become so invaluable to me over the coming years as she rose to become SHOWstudio’s editor, following on from great minds such Alice Rawsthorne, Penny Martin and Alex Fury.

    It is true to say I have only met a few people in my life who are capable of such instant problem solving and seem to have an ability to process information and arrive at the solution a long time before the rest of us can even start to catch up.

    Alexander McQueen and Kanye West shared this particularly impressive trait and it is of no surprise to me that one of Lou’s greatest interviews on SHOWstudio is the InCamera interview with Kanye. Broadcast live, unscripted and two hours long it is in my opinion, one of the finest pieces of conversation you can find anywhere on the internet.

    Having Lou at the helm of SHOWstudio felt at times as if I had tethered an Apollo rocket to the mast of our sail powered galleon. Her energy would propel SHOWstudio at huge speed across oceans of problems and nearly always safely to the new and unexplored continents.

    We achieved more in a shorter space of time than I ever dared to think we could.Of course it wasn’t always plain sailing, there were times when travelling at such speed can be dangerous for all on board. 

    It was also six years ago when I decided to introduce a way of covering the fashion collections that had never been done before. This is to have a panel discussion made up of fashion experts (journalists, art directors, buyers, photographers, lecturers and so on ) all talking, totally uncensored, about the fashion shows. These panels of six or so guests are broadcast live much in the same way we are used to seeing TV coverage of a sports event such as football, rugby, the Olympics and so on. 

    I set SHOWstudio up to provide a platform for free speech in an industry that far too often seems scared to offer any real criticism of the collections and doesn't dare to go against the PRs and press of the big fashion brands, no doubt in the fear that the publications they work for would lose their advertising revenue. All too often, people were very reluctant to openly speak their minds publicly, but privately would be very vocal about the merits, or lack thereof, in a particular designer's collection.

    I therefore needed someone who could make invited panelists feel relaxed and excited and want to be part of an intelligent, informed and passionate discussion about fashion.I didn’t want someone who was just going to be mean or negative for the sake of it, but someone who would instead offer a critical forum, much like all the other arts have, and which benefits the artists as much as the audience and the art form itself. I needed my first real fashion broadcasting star.  I also wanted a firebrand, who would grasp this opportunity to speak their mind on the issues we both felt passionately about. In Lou I found someone who indeed echoed my burning sense of the many injustices within the fashion industry, such as the shocking lack of racial diversity or the proposed image of women that all to often conforms to male stereotypes.It was a risk to put such responsibility on the shoulders of someone so new and unproven, but I am a great believer in offering people a place to shine and Lou did exactly that!

    It is worth going back and looking at her first panel broadcast just to see what a natural she is. It was one of the best decisions I have made and hundreds (literally) of panels later she is still a joy to watch.

    It didn’t take much of a leap of imagination for me to realise that this natural born broadcaster would also be perfect for SHOWstudio’s vast agenda of interviews.Over the years I have probably been interviewed by Lou more than any other person, so I can tell you it is a rare and special pleasure. 

    Her questions are witty and incisive but also honest - they come from a real desire to understand and feed her insatiable hunger for knowledge. People shine under her eager, inquisitive and probing mind as she makes you feel intelligent and interesting and that itself makes for great interviews.

    It is also this hunger for knowledge that would create some very memorable series on SHOWstudio, such as Girly, or Unseen McQueen. Lou would clearly relish her part in bringing together these huge multi faceted series that are as brimming with fantastic factual research as they are full of jewels of perceptive insight and unique first hand accounts into otherwise closed worlds. I could set Lou a task, such as making a clear timeline of Punk (probably one of the most disputed and argued about cultural movements!) and she would take my breath away each time with her ability to untie complex knots of meaning and give a solution that is exceptionally rational as well as exciting.

    With any long relationship there are of course funny, unplanned and private moments which I will always remember and cherish enormously.Wether it was her absolute joy and amusement at my social faux pas, such as the unintentional shorthand of sending an email to the head of Chanel press, inadvertently sent leaving the subject as 'email Chanel woman', or indeed the time she poured me a full glass of vodka believing it to be water which I downed in one gulp before I had to walk on stage at the British Fashion awards to accept my Lifetime achievement award - this sudden influx of alcohol being all the more potent as I do not drink!

    So after six years at SHOWstudio and 4 of those as our editor, Lou is moving on to new challenges in her life. However after knowing her all these years, what drives Lou is still unclear to me, but she is still so young in her journey that it would be foolish to try and even guess the final destination. What I do know is that in getting there she will display a brilliance that is seldom seen in the often too dull skies of the new media world we are creating.

    Lou, you are in my opinion the best example I know of a shooting star.
    Thank you for lighting up SHOWstudio with your passion.

    Nick Knight 


  8. by Lou Stoppard .

    Lou Stoppard's farewell

    Today is my last day at SHOWstudio. It’s impossible to know what to write. In part, this post must be a thanks, to the many, many people who’ve helped me over my time here. In part, it’s also a reflection on 6 wonderful years, filled with challenges and highs.

    I joined SHOWstudio as Associate Editor aged 21. I was one term into an MA at Central Saint Martins and I spent the next year juggling a full time job alongside my studies. I’d spent about 6 months as an intern under the site’s then Fashion Director Alex Fury. Alex decided to leave to edit LOVE, and for a reason I will never quite understand, Nick offered me a job. I think the intention was to hire someone more senior to work alongside me - I was simply there to keep the site ticking along - but week by week, interview by interview, panel by panel, it became clear that that person was never coming and that Nick, in his signature fashion for being trusting and empowering, was going to give me a shot to prove myself. I went on to become Fashion Editor, Editor and later Editor-at-large. There are many people who owe their career in fashion to Nick - he’s kickstarted things for Penny Martin, Craig McDean, Ruth Hogben, Solve Sundsbo, Alex, and many more. I owe mine to him. 

    It was Nick who helped me find what I’m good at. There’s a line in a recent interview I did with Ellen Von Unwerth for SHOWstudio’s In Fashion series - 'really lots of people have talent but they never find it, ever. But the luck was that I found it.' I owe my current path to the opportunities I was given at SHOWstudio - the faith that was put in me to learn on the job, and to maybe fail but learn from my mistakes. It was here that I learned how much I love to interview people, and that I loved to curate, a job I didn’t even really understand before working here. It’s led to books, exhibitions and all manner of exciting things that I could never have done without the experienced gained at SHOWstudio. SHOWstudio has been like family and like education - I have learned all my most important lessons here. Thank you to Alex Fury and Amy Ireland for first hiring me. Amy - you taught me so much and I’m so glad to call you a dear friend. Thanks to all the originals, Paul Herron, Sally Northmore, Carrie Scott, Niamh White and the rest of the early crew - thanks for putting up with an inexperienced nightmare of a colleague. You all taught me so much. Special thanks to Jon Emmony - my partner in crime for all those years. You are so talented and will go so far. Thanks to all the current team for their energy and enthusiasm - it’s been exciting to watch you all grow. And thank you of course to Charlotte Knight, who has been so much more than a boss. Thank you for helping me through so many twists and turns - I often joke that I’ve given my best years to SHOWstudio, but I’m certainly the woman I am today because of you. Thanks also to the many brilliant interns who have worked with me at SHOWstudio - I have done my best to champion and support talented young women (and men) and I look forward to watching you all triumph across the industry. And of course thanks to all our amazing contributors, whose hard work and amazing talent has made the site the hub of energy it is today.

    It’s hard to write a post like this without becoming very gushy and worthy and sounding a bit like I’m giving a bad Oscars speech. So I’ll wrap up now. We have a tradition when someone leaves SHOWstudio to ask for their best and worst moments. It’s impossible to pick a highlight - perhaps my best moment was interviewing Kanye, for 2 hours, aged 25, and being faced with a glut of press after. Perhaps it was interviewing personal icons, like Wolfgang Tillmans or Glen Luchford. Perhaps it was the many kind notes I received from interviewees after, praising the team and their experience at SHOWstudio. Perhaps it was attending fashion week and being overcome by the talent of designers like Craig Green or Raf Simons. Perhaps it was sharing a cake with Nick everyday for about 3 years (I still hate your new health kick). Perhaps it was watching Nick shoot. Perhaps it was dreaming up series like Ugly, Girly, Unseen McQueen, Sportswear, Print or Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore and watching the team work together to pull them off. Perhaps it was so many other days where nothing much happened apart from the amazingness that was working at SHOWstudio each day, in this strange and beautiful studio.

    My worst moment is leaving. 

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    Don't Miss This Weeks Talented Trio of Fashion Illustrators at 15 Floral Street

    Our SHOWstudio 15 Floral St pop-up invites different fashion illustrators each week to work live at our Covent Garden gallery space, giving shoppers the opportunity to witness each artist live at work.

    On Wednesday, painter Poppy Waddilove will illustrate live on site from 11am to 7pm, to be later followed by director and artist Rei Nadal on Thursday and Velwyn Yossy on Friday and Saturday.

    The talented illustators have their artwork for sale, amongst others showcased at the space! Stop by to watch the artists at work or to pick up the perfect gift!  

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    Alexander Fury remembers the life of Azzedine Alaïa

    This December, SHOWstudio will be remembering the life and legacy of the inimitable talent Azzedine Alaïa. Alexander Fury, former SHOWstudio Editor and eminent fashion writer, will be exploring his vast archival knowledge of Alaïa's work and history and recording this in a week-long Tumblr curation.

    Starting from 1 December 2017, Fury will be posting a carefully considered selection of text and images charting the influence Alaïa has had on the face of fashion. This unique celebration of the Tunisian-born designer and couturier promises to be a didactic and beautiful memorial of one of the true greats.

    Head to the SHOWstudio Tumblr to follow Alexander Fury on Azzedine Alaïa. 


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    SHOWstudio fashion illustrator John Booth decorates The London EDITION Christmas Tree!

    SHOWstudio illustrator and long time collaborator John Booth has created the Christmas Tree for The London EDITION this year! Renowned for his graphic aesthetic featuring multi-layered collages of textures and colours, Booth's work illuminates the room with festive spirit. Defying the norms of a traditional tree, the handcrafted approach and textures are synonymous with Booth's craft.

    The London EDITION has partnered with House of Voltaire, to sell Booth’s creations for The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports LGBTQ+ youth affected by homelessness. 
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    Arthur Jafa's 'In Your Face' interview will be screened at 180 The Strand

    For the newest instalment of our rolling In Your Face series, SHOWstudio's Carrie Scott interviewed cinematographer Arthur Jafa.  A twist on the traditional cajoling style of celebrity interviews, In Your Face shows interviewer and subject in an honest, thought provoking discussion. We are delighted to announce that this exciting film will be showing at The Store Studios at 180 The Strand, alongside Jafa's Film Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death

    The film, soundtacked by Kanye West's Ultralight Beam and exhibited in partnership with Serpentine Galleries depicts the artist's vision of contemporary black America. Due to popular demand, The Store Studios have extended the screening of Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death until Thursday 14 December 2017. 

    Our interview will sit beside Jafa's piece, providing a glimpse into the life and work of the seminal artist. It will be on display between Tuesday 12th December-Thursday 14th December, 12pm-7pm Tuesday-Wednesday and 12pm-10pm Thursday, when it will conclude with a closing party. 

    Don't miss this interrogative interview, launching Friday 24 November 17:00 GMT on SHOWstudio!

  13. by Lara Johnson-Wheeler .

    The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram

    Last night, at a crowded corner of Shoreditch, Katy Hessel of @thegreatwomenartists opened her debut exhibition, 'The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram'. Instagram is platform that has now become synonymous with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio's work. Knight and SHOWstudio Gallery Manager Bex Cassie discover a number of their seasonal fashion illustrators via Instagram, including the likes of Unskilled Worker, who showed as part of the exhibition last night. 

    The widely-attended opening showcased fashion illustration, photography, painting and tapestry. The exhibition grouped artists according to their medium, drawing comparisons between the variety of work and inviting the viewer to consider the meaning of being a so-called 'Instagram artist'. Alongside Unskilled Worker, SHOWstudio fashion illustrator Gill Button's oil portrait, Maisie Cousins's visceral, gleaming photos and Juno Calypso's self-effacing digital portraits were on display. Illustration from Fee Greening and Alice Skinner also stood out among the vibrant salon hang at Mother London.

    'The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram' runs 13 - 17 November 2017, by appointment only:

    Image: Alice Skinner - When Girls Get Ready Together and Take a Group Pic (2016)

    Redchurch Street, E2
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