1. by Christabel Stewart .

    Julie and Jeffrey

    Last time SHOWstudio witnessed Julie Verhoeven and Jeffrey Deitch together the context was somewhat racy, and not a little controversial. Standing abreast of Terry Richardson's ever-attended erection -one of the images from 'Terryworld', Richardson's divisive exhibition at Deitch Projects in New York last Autumn- Julie and Jeffrey look demure and candid. Tune in tomorrow for live picture-message coverage of a rather unique collaboration between the two, where jointly they will be setting the tone and making their own imagery. Unconventional New York art dealer Deitch is to Art Direct Verhoeven, an undertaking which involves not only her illustration and artwork, but her provocative and performative presence in the pictures. The print outcome will be a four-page spread for Self Service magazine, but we anticipate there will be much to analyse in the making, too.

  2. by Penny Martin .

    Julie's Shoot Now Ended

    Julie Verhoeven and Jeffrey Deitch's shoot is now over, but to see the Picture Phone images from today, click here and have a look in the 'Picture Diary'. We also shot some video footage and as the piece is to tie in with Liberty Ross' project's overall theme of photographic control, we interviewed Julie and Jeffrey on issues of direction, constraint and propriety. Both were excellent and fascinating on these topics, so my hope would be to overlay their voices on the film action. Who knows if it will work until we see the rushes. In the meantime, enjoy the stills and watch out for writhing flesh, bare boobs and the odd bum cleavage.

  3. by Penny Martin .

    In conversation with Roland Mouret

    To tie in with the launch of their Joshua Reynolds exhibition, Tate Britain, London is holding a special GLAMOUR 'Late at the Tate' tonight, as part of which I am to hold a gallery talk in conversation with designer Roland Mouret. The gist is that Roland selects his favourite item from their collections and we discuss it in relation to his work. Sneak preview: Roland has selected Francis Bacon, which is an unexpected choice about which I'm looking forward to quizzing him. Feel free to come along and heckle. We'll be in Gallery 24 at 19:00hrs, after which I believe they're screening Cremaster 5.


    1. Matricala
      09:08 4 Sep 2013
      謝謝版主評論這次的金球獎服裝 Nicole Kidman in Nini Ricci: 服裝質料感覺很差 衣服的打摺處, 蝴蝶結也像是隨便弄上去的 一點都不精緻 總覺得she can do so much better.Julianne Moore in Balenciaga: 長禮服沒有腰身 整體看起來像potato sack Jennifer Aniston in Valentino : 她身材是屬於健美型 要穿出開叉型露出大腿的禮服應該是model thin的身材較適合 Kate Hudson in Marchesa: 這件拖曳禮服需要有人在後面牽著 他一隻手拿下擺的禮服 另一隻手擺姿勢拍照 有點過於寒酸 否者他是可以得分的 Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen: 西方版的旗袍 了無生趣!Drew Barrymore in Versace: 她的服裝毀譽參半 喜歡的人覺得海膽設計很有特色 不喜歡的人覺得是多餘 我個人是屬於前者 甚至我可以大膽的說 他是這次金球獎的最佳穿著女星 laslty, Tom Ford's eyebrows are fine. even though he uses some injection he still looks ok, not overdone. i've seen other young celebs look ever worse than him.
  4. by Paul Bruty .

    Watanabe Pattern

    "We are utterly delighted to announce that as part of the Liberty Ross' 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' project, the brilliant Japanese designer Junya Watanabe has offered to contribute a garment pattern from his forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2005-6 (not-yet-in-the-shops) collection." –17 May 2005

    I'm no seamstress but the Watanabe pattern, which arrived at the studio earlier this week, looks to be a corker! Of all the patterns SHOWstudio have offered you over the years, this one appears to be the most eagerly anticipated, just ask the Individual Frog. I'll be digitising the artwork (scanning) from the start of next week so the the wait is almost over.


    1. Remy
      11:29 25 Feb 2013
      , No, I don't think she's going to go over her due date. She's already hainvg those Braxton Hicks contractions, so I think she'll have him early. Well, San, I can still HOPE she'll wait!! My hopes are just as strong as your thinks , and I also know that first babies are usually late, although Tamara is the only one of my babies who was on time, soo . we'll both just have to wait and see! :) Not too much longer to wait, though! Only about six more weeks! Jen was right, that week was way too short, and I can hardly wait to see you again!
  5. by Christabel Stewart .


    Beat the collectors frenzy at the prestigious Basel Art Fair this coming 13th June by participating in an unusual e-bay auction. Kunstverein München are holding a fundraising auction online to helps its renovation work and programme, with work by a very impressive selection of contemporary art practitioners including Wolfgang Tillmans (pictured), Franz Ackerman Albert Oehlen and Peter Doig. Go to: for a full list and link to e-bay, but you only have this weekend to join in - bidding ends Sunday 5 June 2005.

  6. Posted .

    Look - Looks!

    Of the looks many and varied presented at the Autumn/Winter '05-6 shows earlier this year, Jonathan Kaye has sifted them all down to nine key themes that will constitute the different 'shots' of the live stylathon to take place with Liberty Ross at the end of the month: Biker, Ecclesiastical, Fringed, Military, Silhouetted, Tomboy, Veiled, Volume and Victorian.

    Sanderson Bob has laid these out into thematic 'mood boards' -featuring designs from Yves Saint Laurent, Margiela and Rochas to Giles, Marc Jacobs and McQueen - to get you familiar with the appearance of each look before you step into the breach on the 28, 29 & 30th June as Liberty's virtual stylists. Click to view 'DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN' and select 'Looks' to view.

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    Weber debate

    It seems a lengthy conversation about Bruce Weber has spiralled on the froum. For the devotees (and let's face it, the campaigns suggest there are as many as ever), you may be interested to know that he has recently agreed to do something for us over the Summer. Watch this space...

  8. by Penny Martin .

    Girl on film LAUNCHED

    It's just as well that Nick Knight has been videoing all his shoots over the years as we can now provide access to a veritable archive of short film clips of Liberty Ross on set during one of her most explicit shoots, for British Vogue in 2001. We've arranged these into a simple directory, allowing you to furtively browse the blow-by-blow highlights of our model-of-the-month achieving all the contortions, enduring all the waiting time and putting on the performance that makes her one of the most interesting models to watch in action. These will swiftly be joined by clips of other shoots : we'll keep you posted.


    1. Jasmina
      12:20 4 Sep 2013
      Very interesting and pactaicrl. Readers who have crossed 55 or 60 years may feel this relates to him or her. I do not know about others but I feel it expresses so many feelings and experiences I am going through. I am also interested in getting the book if I get some information about its availability.
  9. Posted .

    Q&A completed

    Finally back from a frantic trip shooting a video commercial with her husband, Liberty Ross has at last found time to complete her Q&A. Of the answers on loneliness, criticism, personal creativity and what to do when it all gets too much -all topics central to the relentless world of modelling- check to see whether you query made it through.

  10. by Ross Phillips .

    Fragments of me returns

    As well as completing the Q&A, Liberty Ross has also sent us three new video fragments for her interactive piece. We should be seeing a few more from her over the next few days so be sure to check back.

  11. by Penny Martin .

    Watanabe garment pattern launched

    As promised, the exclusive garment pattern for Junya Watanabe's beautiful red dress is now launched. Perhaps the most coherent and poetic expression of fashion’s current fascination with new volumes, restrained silhouettes and Edwardian elegance, Junya Watanabe Autumn/Winter ’05-06 collection addressed so many of the themes to be explored in the live collections shoot at the end of the month that he was the natural choice for the latest in our ongoing series of downloadable garment patterns. And we are so proud to finally have something from -the notoriously private- Watanabe San on SHOWstudio!

    Our challenge to you is to download the pattern (before the dresses even hit the shops!), print it out, make the dress up and then photograph yourself (or a friend) in it. Then send it in to our viewer's gallery and see how your version compares with those of the avid, global dressmaking community who seem to have cottoned on to the Designer_Download project series.

  12. by Penny Martin .

    Unstoppable Liberty Ross

    If the first half of the DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN project was meant to prompt a model -usually the subject of the photographer's control- into taking control of her own representation, then it has more than achieved its goal. Liberty Ross has astounded us with her rapid-fire creativity that just keeps on coming. Without prompting, she has now generously offered up a free give-away of this Jemima Stehli-esque print she made whilst filming her latest-but-one video for 'Fragments of Me' (or is it reminiscent of Helumt Newton? Perhaps we'll leave that for discussion on our forum).

    We've decided to make the prize for the best outfit assembled by a viewer during next week's live shoot on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when, of course, Liberty is turned over to your (the viewer's) control. As if you needed an incentive...


    1. Josie
      15:22 23 Feb 2013
      What a pelasrue to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly
  13. by Penny Martin .

    FASHION OR PORN? Shocker headline!!!

    Controversy abounds as the Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down event hits the headlines of the UK national press. The redoubtable fashion writer Susannah Frankel has in fact done us proud with a thoughtful and sensitive article in which the notions of control and the exact nature of the photographer/model relationship are unpacked. But it's also great to know that people aren't so inured to the pornographic aspects of fashion imagery that a project like this can't still raise an eyebrow or indeed merit a SHOCKER front-page headline.

  14. by Paul Bruty .

    design_download Submissions

    The introduction of our downloadable Junya Watanabe pattern to DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN appears to have inspired the seamstresses among you into a pattern-cutting frenzy. During a week of unprecedented submissions to our design_download gallerys we have received no fewer than three new sets of images in as many days.

    View Angela K's interpretation of Alexander McQueen's Kimono, Alyssa Tryon's impressive rendition of Galliano's Pirate Jacket and, in record time, our first submission for the yet-to-be-built Watanabe gallery all here. Thanks to Mitsuno in Tokyo for setting a high standard so early on.

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