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    SHOWstudio X Parsons 2017

    SHOWstudio are exicted to announce a new collaborative project with Parsons School of Design in New York.

    Launching this Sunday, this collaboration between SHOWstudio and Parsons works to highlight Parsons' current curricular focus that encourages students to look beyond the garment and traditional representation of 'collection' to include film/video, illustration, interactive design and other forms of digital publication.

    SHOWstudio are thrilled to offer a prize to an outstanding graduating senior in fashion media representation in the form of a 3-month virtual mentorship with SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight, and an opportunity to be highlighted on SHOWstudio.

    The winner for the 2017 collaborative project is Jihyun Myung, a South Korean born designer, whose aesthetic is centred around investigating aesthetics from alternative perspectives. Find out more about the Myung with her exclusive interview with SHOWstudio Junior Editor Georgina Evans

    Visit SHOWstudio Sunday 28 May 17:00 BST to watch the winning film alongside the two runners-up!  

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    SHOWstudio's Head of Fashion Film talks at CANIFFF 2017!

    SHOWstudio is supporting the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2017!

    SHOWstudio Head of Fashion Film Raquel Couceiro was invited to Canada to represent SHOWstudio. Couceiro has been taking part in a panel discussion, alongside Fashion Film Curator Niccolo Montanari and Andy Lee from the London College of Fashion School and Media, discussing the diverse and shifting landscape of the medium.

    SHOWstudio has long supported the nurturing of emerging film talent, the CANIFFF summit mirros this attitude by inviting young creatives to express and explore their aesthetic through film.

    Watch this space for more updates! 

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    SHOWstudio's latest exhibition: Fashion Flora

    SHOWstudio's latest exhibition Fashion Flora is now open to the public!

    The exhibition presents an explorative look at the use of flowers as a motif in fashion throughout the decades, as seen by a selection of SHOWstudio's contemporary fashion illustrators. Depicted garments have been hand-selected by Flora Starkey, one of the most exciting floral designers working today, and date back as far the 1880s! The illustrations range in style and medium and are displayed alongside Nick Knight's hand-applied pigment print 'Rose IX' (2012). Films from SHOWstudio's 17-year archive are also exhibited, amongst real flora and fauna which will feature for a limited time only, as arranged by Starkey.

    Fashion Flora is open 10:30–18:00 BST Monday–Friday at 22D Ebury Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 0LU. Stop by and visit our space!

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    Tonight: SHOWstudio talks at The Commissioners

    Tonight SHOWstudio will play host to a live panel discussion at Picturehouse Central as part of the London-based event The Commisioners.

    Members of the SHOWstudio team including; Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Coucerio and Nick Knight's first photographic assistant Britt Lloyd will be disussing our role as pioneers of fashion film.

    As part of SHOWstudio's continual exploration into moving image the talk will include screenings of fashion films including The Seven Deadly Sins, The Worst Crime is Faking It, Girl and Political Fashion, to address the narrative that this medium can encapsulate.

    To address the change in medium since SHOWstudio's inception, we will also be discussing our collaborations with some of the most influential and exciting people within contemporary fashion, as well as our continual drive to investigate every facet of the industry though not only moving image but photgraphy, illustration and the written word.

    The panel will happen tonight at 18:30 BST

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    Anna Sui will be the next In Fashion interviewee!

    SHOWstudio are delighted to announce that American fashion designer Anna Sui will be interviewed by Lou Stoppard on Wednesday 24 May at 8:30 BST as part of our In Fashion series! 

    Launching her business in 1981, Sui is noted for her eccentric, vintage and rock and roll inspired collections. Unusually, it wasn't until she had established her brand, over the course of ten years, that she decided to produce a runway collection at New York Fashion Week. Since that point, Sui has had high acclaim with some of the worlds top models and music personel, being photographed in her clothing. This year, 2017, sees Sui and her career being celebrated in a retrospective exhibition, 'The World Of Anna Sui' at London's Fashion and Textile Museum.

    Tune in to this exclusive live interview on 24 May to hear Sui discuss her career, inspirations and evolving aesthetic!


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    Designers Upcycle Against AIDS

    SHOWstudio are proud to support Designers Against AIDS (DAA), a project that sees designers and students collaborate on making new garments out of unsold second-hand clothes or personal vintage pieces.

    This creative challenge highlights the importance of sustainability and offers another option on how to make it work. The endeavour would not be feasible without the input of designers like Veronique Branquinho, Mandy Webb, Abelone Wilhelmsen, An Buermans, Fadime Tezerdi, Catherine Costa and Danane Bazouka. They worked closely with fifth-year fashion students from St. Godelieve in Deurne to create new outfits, while art students from St. Maria in Borgerhout helped create the overall look and feel of the presentation and online promotion. 

    The installation showcasing the newly created outfits will open on Saturday 27 May 2017, in Pardaf, Antwerp (Gemeentestraat 8, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium). Accompanied by online bidding on upcycled clothing, it is meant to raise proceeds for DAA's projects 'Asia Against AIDS - Back to Zero: Indonesia' and 'Youth For a Better World Online Education Center', based in Antwerp. 

    The search for the next edition of the project has already begun. DAA are looking fashion students and graduates aspiring to create upcycled clothing, have them photographed, promoted online, with funds being sent to the respective organisations. 

    Under the umbrella of creative network Beauty Without Irony, it hopes to encourage emerging creatives to participate and to educate the audience about the issues of recycling/upcycling and sustainability as well as HIV/AIDS and the need for safe sex. This year, the clothing was photographed on models Seija Mistiaen and Zoe Yoko by Alexey Shlyk and Gwenny Eeckels, with styling by Ingrid Martens and production by Ninette Murk. Follow the projects on now!

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    Fashion Flora

    Fashion Flora will be the latest exhibition to be held in our fashion illustration gallery space at 22D Ebury Street, opening on the 23rd May 2017!

    The exhibition will explore the distinct influence that florals have had on fashion the throughout the decades. Featuring pieces commissioned to SHOWstudio’s base of illustrators by Flora Starkey, they collaborate and produce interpretations of some of the most iconic catwalk looks from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten and John Galliano. 

    The installation will also feature pieces reflecting Nick Knight’s noted love for flowers. This includes his hand-applied pigment print 'Rose IX' (2012) as well as fashion films taken from the  SHOWstudio archive.  Alongside these prints and illustrations British flower instillations and plants take stage.

    The exhibition will be open from 10:30-18:00 daily from Tuesday 23 May 2017. 


    Image: Comme des Garçons Homme A/W 16 by Unskilled Worker

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    SHOWstudio at The Commissioners

    On 18 May 2017, SHOWstudio will play host to a live panel discussion at Picturehouse Central for London-based event The Commissioners.

    Head of Fashion Film; Raquel Couceiro, Nick Knight's First Photographic Assistant; Britt Lloyd, and Junior Editor; Georgina Evans, will be representing SHOWstudio to discuss our role as pioneers of fashion film. 

    Encouraging fashion to engage with moving image, we will be screening The Seven Deadly SinsThe Worst Crime is Faking ItGirl and Political Fashion to address the significance of narrative within this medium, and the political role within fashion - highlighting SHOWstudio’s continual championing in fashion film. 

    As part of a constantly changing and innovating medium, we will also be discussing our collaborations with some of most influential and acclaimed figures of contemporary fashion and how we explore every facet of fashion through moving image, illustration, photography and the written word to create this unique visionary online content. 

    The panel will be 18 May 2017 at 18:30 GMT.

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    Tumblr take-over: Guillermo Andrade

    For the first week in May, Guillermo Andrade of LA streetwear label FourTwoFour will be taking over the SHOWstudio Tumblr as our latest guest curator!

    Since being founded in 2010, with an ethos inspired by the unification of streetwear, lifestyle and contemporary art, 424 have collaborated with leading brands and is one of the latest drops on our SHOWstudio/MACHINE- A e-store.

    During the take-over, Andrade will be posting about seven years in seven days, documenting his journey from the day he opened.

    Head over to the SHOWstudio Tumblr to keep up with Andrade’s take-over from 1-7 May and revisit past take-overs by Alice Hawkins, Adam MurraySimon FoxtonHari Nef and many more!

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    What will you ask Wolfgang Tillmans?

    Less than a week left to submit your questions for our latest In Camera series interview with Turner Prize winning photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans!

    SHOWstudio are allowing a global online audience - as well as the interviewee’s friends and collaborators - to pose questions regarding politics, his creative process and thoughts on modern society and photography during this live unedited broadcast. 

    Lou Stoppard will interview Wolfgang Tillmans 10 April 2017 12:15 GMT. The interview times with the Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017 exhibition at the Tate Modern running until 11 June 2017. 

    Submit your question here for a chance to have it featured in this exclusive live stream interview!

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    Natalie Choi is our Design Download Winner!

    Natalie Choi is the winner of our eleventh Design Download competition!

    The pattern was kindly given by British Womenswear designer Simone Rocha, winner of the 2016 Best British Womenswear Designer Award, from her S/S 14 collection. The original collection was based around Rocha's Irish upbringing, while still inkeeping with the elegant femininity signature within her work.

    Choi's interpretation used block colour and stiff suede to highlight the cut and varying elements. An interesting contrast and alternate rendition to the original piece.

    As a result of her fantastic entry, Choi will recieve a specially commissioned print from Fiona Gourlay, which displays her interpretation of the S/S 14 skirt.

    Congratulations to Natalie Choi! 


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    Alice Hawkins is taking over the SHOWstudio Tumblr!

    Starting this Saturday 1 April, London-based photographer Alice Hawkins will be taking over the SHOWstudio Tumblr!

    From joining our ‘In Conversation’ interview series, to solo projects such as ‘Alice does Vegas’, 'Alice's Adventures' and ‘The Good Life’, Hawkins’ work is frequently featured on SHOWstudio.

    During the week-long takeover, Hawkins will share more of her work on a series of posts that showcase her creative approach.

    Head to the SHOWstudio Tumblr to keep up with Hawkins’ take over from 1-7 April!

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    New project! 'Constructed' launches today!

    Constructed launches today!

    As a fashion film championing platform, SHOWstudio has always encouraged and supported up-and-coming fashion filmmakers. Last year, we began collaborating with Zhejiang Fashion Institute, in Ningbo, China, by providing its students multiple film briefs to follow. Created by SHOWstudio Director Nick Knight, designer Gareth Pugh and artist Rei Nadal, each brief consisted of exploring different film matters, such as fashion in motion, portraits and narratives.

    Watch the winning films as they showcase students exploring the concepts of fashion film for the first time, as well as making use of the unique materials at their disposal.

    Inspired by the influence of late Chinese photographer Ren Hang, Lara Johnson-Wheeler has written an essay, Red Flag, Blue Pencil, exploring the effect the 'The Great Firewall of China' has had on creativity and self-expression.

    Conducted by SHOWstudio Junior Editor Georgina Evans, Constructed also features an image-led interview with artist and educator Layla Sailor, explaining how censorship influences the education of young filmmakers in China.

    Examine the balance of expression and restraint in art, fashion and photography now.

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    Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

    Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! 
    Today SHOWstudio celebrates the birthday of fashion icon and pop sensation, Lady Gaga.
    Explore Gaga's long standing collaborative contributions to SHOWstudio, from her 'Monster Ball' world tour visuals to modelling the Tom Ford S/S 16 collection in Nick Knight's eponymous fashion film.
    'I’ve always been famous - just nobody knew about it,' says Gaga in our 2010 'In Camera' interview. 'Fame is on the inside.'  
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    Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017

    In preparation for the latest installment in our In Camera series, SHOWstudio visited the most recent exhibition of Turner Prize winning photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans.

    Held in the South Tank of the Tate Modern, the curated aesthetic was true to Tillmans' style. Through exploring the possibilities of space, Tillmans provoked an emotional reaction from the viewer; whether that was through varied size of prints in each room or the emmersive sound experience. 

    The starting point for the work featured was 2003, often noted as the time when Tillmans' became politically awakened. The political theme continued heavily throughout. It was apparent that this exhibition was to be remembered as a moment in time - 2017 to be exact. He was clear in his political feelings. Having walked around, you got the sense that, for him, doing this exhibition may have been somewhat theraputic. Working through his ideals of the last fourteen years must have allowed some clarity of thought.

    Spread through fourteen rooms, the viewer is able to move seamlessly between the old and the new. His work with i-D, his personal documentation of friends and family and even his collaborative work with Frank Ocean sat comfortably next to each other whilst conveying Tillmans' greater message. No matter what you left the exhibition feeling, one thing was for sure, it made you think and reflect; having a voice in these current times is very important. 

    Lou Stoppard will interview Wolfgang Tillmans on the 10th April 2017 12:15 GMT, as part of our rolling In Camera interview series. The exhibition continues to run at The Tate Modern until 11 June 2017. 

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    'North' Essay Launch

    North: Identity, Photography, Fashion is an exhibition curated by Lou Stoppard and Adam Murray coinciding with the North series, featured on SHOWstudio.

    The aim was to unpick the identity typically associated with The North of England through a variety of mediums including; photography, text and fashion. Held at the Open Eye Gallery, in Liverpool, the exhibition opened on the 5 January and will finish on 19 March 2017.

    The SHOWstudio series ran alongside the exhibition with exclusive interviews and essays provided by creatives from the North. These included designers such as Claire Barrow, Gareth Pugh, Christopher ShannonAs part of the exhibition promotion SHOWstudio took over the Open Eye Gallery's instagram for a week, showing snippets of these interviews and imagery provided. 

    The final essay, launched today on SHOWstudio, discusses the importance of photography as a medium to express fashion, especially in The North of England, the essay reflects and contemplates the impact of new media on this. 

    Revist all the series has to offer now or head to see the exhibtiion before the 19 March.



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