Coming Up Valentino Menswear Spring / Summer 2019 Show

16:30 - 17:30 on June 20 2018 BST


  1. by Ross Phillips .

    Danny Brown receives the videos from the liberty shoot and we catch up online

    ross: videos ok?
    danny: yeah just playin with them right now
    ross: brilliant
    ross: what would you describe the project as, imwriting a blog entry
    ross: wallpaper maker?
    ross: interactive model pattern creation machine
    ross: i dont want the blog to promise something it might not be (again)
    danny: hmm... dunno really
    ross: ill just make something nice and vague then you can do as you please hehe
    danny: i thing its a case of seeing what the material gives us!

    ross: can i just post this conversation?
    danny: if you think its fitting!
    ross: oh, i do

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    Julie Verhoeven/Jeffrey Deitch films launched

    You've seen the Picture Message reportage from Julie Verhoeven's saucy collaboration with New York gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, now watch it on film. These three brief film shorts capture some of the energy on set, whilst unpacking the nature of control in photography, via voiceovers from the Model/Illustrator (Julie), the Art Director (Jeffrey) and Commissioning Editor (Self Service's Ezra Petronio).

  3. by Penny Martin .

    Ann Demeulemeester and Patti Smith send in their garment!

    If it wasn't in the name of charity, I'd say WE ARE NOT WORTHY!! Ann Demeulemeester, on being asked to submit a garment to the Bring & Buy project by i-D magazine, asked Patti Smith to contribute a Demeulemeester T-shirt from Smith's own wardrobe, which the iconic poet and singer has customised and signed especially for the shoot and auction.

    In accompanying note, Demeulemeester's PR company Michele Montagne explain that as Patti Smith has recently been honoured as a 'Commander dans L'ordre des arts et lettres' by the French Minister of Culture, she has decided to now sign as 'c. Patti Smith'.

    Click here to view other entries and here to print out your form in order to get your submission in before the 25 July deadline! Hurry!

  4. by Penny Martin .

    Hot on Hairywood's Heels, Diane's Gumball Rally

    Those Eley Kishimoto folk: their creativity is rampant! I mean, when you are creating four collections a year (their own line x2 and also the new sportwear one for Ellesse x2), plus the new Menswear line, who has time to erect a massive tower for the delectation of Londoner-passers-by? Paul Hetherington and I visited their 'Hairywood' tower installation (pictured) last week at The Architecture Foundation's new temporary space at The Yard, 49 Old Street, London. Although the opening was rammed and vertigo was preventing me from scaling the beast, their shady sun porch is to be recommended for those wishing some lunchtime respite from Hoxton.

    By sheer coincidence, a link to fashion video journalist Diane Pernet's recent lo-fi documentary of Eley Kishimoto's gumball rally extravaganza last May plopped in my inbox this morning. Designed to preview the said new Menswear, Mark Eley and the gang donned the new threads to drive a souped up Volkswagen GTI around a 5,000KM eight-day dash starting in London's Picadilly, through Belgium, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, Sicily and Florence, finishing up in Monaco. Click here to watch people taking on even more work make it look like fun.

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    Designer_Download Screenprints

    One of the best things about the giveaways on SHOWstudio (the free, downloadable patterns particularly) is that you can never anticipate precisely what you will receive back. Expect a dress or jacket and you will get a screenprint guising as a painting, as proven by Mikael K's submission to the viewer's gallery. Except that we don't think we've had the honour of offering a Vivienne Westwood pattern?

    Hey SHOWstudio,
    I really like your site and find it really inspiring. I especially love the cuttingpatterns from diffrent designers you have from time to time. I actually found them so inspiring that I based my final project at the MFA program in graphic design and illustration around cutting pattern. Since I don't know how to actually put together a pattern i instead used cutting patterns from Margiela, Galliano, McQueen and Westwood to create 690 x 900mm screenprints that works as a pattern for the mind. They are supposed to work as paintings and as the same time as inspirational pattern to get you in a creative mood for the specific designer...

    Best regards, Mikael K

  6. by Penny Martin .

    Latest Submissions

    As the submissions date draws nearer, the number of garments we are receiving for next week's live shoot with i-D steps up a pace. Among today's favourites is this maid's uniform from the photographer Manuela Pavesi. In her accompanying e-mail (transcribed for you in the form), she explains that she used to wear it as a dress and has been intrigued by maids uniforms ever since seeing Jeanne Moreau in Luis Buñuel's Diary of a Chamber Maid. We're all intrigued by them after seeing Manuela's dress!

  7. by Penny Martin .

    Pinar's Portfolio

    One of the highlights of the week was a visit from the Turkish, New-York-based photographer Pinar Yolacan, who came to see us on Tuesday with her portfolio at the recommendation of our newly-stateside-located contributor Charlotte Cotton. Pinar's amazing portraits of elderly women clothed in garments Pinar constructs out of the less desirable cuts of an animal like tripe or chicken heads have been profiled in i-D and exhibited recently in the Rivington Arms Gallery (click here to see her portfolio on the website). But I was eager to see the prints she's been working on with the renowned Pascal Dangin in the flesh, as it were. What's most surprising about them is that they surpass the mere shock of their content and are actually very dignified interpretations of older women. I can't imagine spending half a day wearing the inside of an ox's stomach is very pleasant, but the results are incredibly graceful and, dare I say it, tender.

  8. by Ross Phillips .

    Return to sender

    We recieved a parcel the other day from Japan with a £42 charge for postage. At the moment it has gone back to the Post Office while we decide whether we'll pick up the tab. Did YOU send it, is it worth the charge?

  9. by Penny Martin .

    Errant Package Sender Found & Model Confirmed for Friday!!

    Mitsuno Ando has been in touch to say that he's prepared to pay a second time to ensure that his parcel reaches us.

    From: " mitsuno ANDO"
    Date: 22 Jul 2005 12:39:21 -0000
    To: ""

    Subject: CONTACT: BRING & BUY: Return to sender
    Yes, Want receiving that.
    soRry, I applied annoyance to you.
    I pay the money again.

    He'd better hurry if he's to make the Monday deadline!!

    We've been having great fun unwrapping your submissions (with some exceptions, least Jess McKee had the good grace to send us gloves to open theirs up!). Highlights so far include boutique-owner Maria Luisa's very own Balenciaga patchwork jumper (apparently her colleagues begged her not to part with it), an archive piece hand picked by Mrs Prada, an inflatable outfit from Walter Van Beirendonck (are you listening, Simon Foxton?!) and a beauty from Viennese designers Wendy & Jim. There are some rumours of some amazing ones yet to arrive!!

    AND, Stop Press: Tilda Swinton has confirmed as Friday 29th's model. We'll be taking questions so get thinking of some good ones for the Renaissance Woman of fashion.

  10. Posted .

    All Change

    The disadvantage of being able to unpack the process of each project from our perspective is that sometimes you have to eat your words... Tilda Swinton can't model for us on Friday now. But nil desperandum: i-D are labouring to furnish you with an equally alluring crop of fashion personalities, who we will confirm once they are, er, confirmed.

  11. by Penny Martin .

    Submissions In

    Well, you've done us proud, SHOWstudio faithful! We've been furiously unwrapping garments received all afternoon and there are some real corkers in there. Collector's items, velvet wedges from Tom Ford's final collection, sent by YSL, a beautiful dress from Camilla Staerk, the sweetest little crocheted slippers from Bernhard Willhelm (the film of them being unpacked alone brought a tear to my eye!) and a gorgeous Viktor & Rolf skirt from Sarah at Colette are just some of the highlights. But as much as the celebrity provenances of these garments, this project is also about the stories behind them and you've been breaking our hearts with tales of nascent romance, lust consummated and doomed love.

    A personal favourite, though, has nothing to do with the arc of human relationships and everything to do with everyday neighbourliness. In the form accompanying his submission, the Danish designer Peter Jensen writes: 'This doll was given to me by my neighbour, Dot. She gave it to me because she said I was the most charming young man she had ever met in her life'. There's a message there, dear reader. Do as you would be done to and you too can earn a two-headed, knitted doll. Or, of course, you could bid for it on EBay this coming October.

  12. by Christabel Stewart .

    New Project Launched!

    Welcome to 'Transmissions', a brand new section of SHOWstudio which begins an exciting exploration into the lively burgeoning scene of performance-related practice that is in the ascendant within contemporary art. The Arts Editorial department of SHOWstudio will be furnishing 'Transmissions' with regular presentions of carefully pre-planned and ad-hoc impromtu events through short films, documents and live capture, as well as inviting guest views from the performative participants themselves. Sometimes a collaboration, and other times a fan-like bootleg of an event, 'Transmissions' launches with a glimpse into the world of Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed and his band Owada, who played an informal gig in the leafy square behind the Basel Kunsthalle in Switzerland a few weeks ago...

  13. Posted .

    Bring & Buy live shoot begins

    Erin O'Connor has just arrived on set (so professional) to meet the rail of clothes that you've sent in. The i-D fashion team are steaming and primping them to meet industry standard and awaiting the arrival of our first stylist of the day, Katie Grand. We expect the video stream to go live in the backstage styling room at around 10:00 UK time.

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