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    SHOWstudio in Creative Review

    For the 'Fashion Issue' of the latest Creative Review, Eliza Williams interviewed SHOWstudio’s founder and director, Nick Knight. Their discussion reveals the origins of the platform and the difficulties faced while trying to establish the site in a 'non-techie' world of fashion. Williams and Knight explore SHOWstudio’s journey in becoming an indispensable, pioneering and influential resource for the industry.

    Knight stresses the importance of SHOWstudio being an advertisement-free site amongst an ocean of commercialised magazines and websites, 'I want to have an independent voice so I can allow the people I have here to speak freely, so I can speak freely and say what I want and not be in fear of losing funding.' These principles help make SHOWstudio a unique, creative and experimental platform. SHOWstudio gives models a voice, designers free reign and artists the space to play with their creativity. 

    Peruse the magazine and discover the The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become with Kate Moss, the first ever livestream titled Sleep or the Subjective series. 

    Don't miss this insightful interview. Creative Review, 'Fashion Issue', September 2015 is out now. 

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    Peter Saville discusses New Order Untitled

    Check out the latest instalment of our Print project!

    In 1989, Peter Saville called upon the photographer Donald Christie to shoot the notoriously photo-shy band, New Order. Accumulating a vast collection of rare and personal photography, Saville looked to Andy Warhol's Interview magazine for inspiration. Under the helm of Factory Records, Saville utilised his unique collection of New Order imagery and created New Order Untitled magazine. Originally intended to be released in conjunction with the 1989 US tour, the magazine unfortunately never made it to print on time. Our Print project brings the issue back to life with an exclusive interview and accompanying collective of magazine scans. 

    Saville says of the issue: 'People were puzzled by it because it wasn’t a tour book. It didn’t even make any reference to their touring. It’s that convergence of music, art, fashion, which is how we live now.'

    Read Saville’s interview, discussing his publishing experience and look through New Order Untitled for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Print and explore titles such as Lipstick, Cheap Date and Sleazenation.


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    Transformative: Make It Up with Val Garland

    Alongside our Subjective series, which explores the creation of fashion images with the models themselves, the Transformative project explains the history of fashion photography from the perspective of the stylist, the make-up artists and the hairdressers.

    The latest Transformative instalment launched today, revealing the processes and ideas of the acclaimed make-up artist, Val Garland. In this interview, Garland and Nick Knight discuss their collaborative film, Make It Up. Inspired by 'Les Desmoiselles d'Avignon' and Hans Bellmer's 'La Poupèes,' Garland used twelve models to create an abstract and explosive performance of colour and fantasy. 'What I wanted to do was to play with the shapes of their bodies. Use them as if they were the sculpture,' adds Garland. 

    Watch now as Garland discusses this exclusive fashion film and explore the rest of Transformative, with interviews from hair stylist Sam McKnight and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench

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    Balkans Dance

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    One of my favorite movies Balkans Dance. Directed by Zivko Nikolic in Yugoslavia in 1979 featuring Jovana Lukina. 


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    N O U M E N O N: A fashion film presented by Jessica Trosman

    SHOWstudio is excited to present N O U M E N O N, a new fashion film written and directed by WACHO; Justo Dell Acqua and Ed Braun.

    N O U M E N O N is presented by the South American brand JT by Jessica Trosman and features Sol Cabanellas. The absorbing film, with 3D by Tomas Terzano and vfx and edit by Pablo Betas, cleverly captures Trosman's urban inspirations and draws upon the internet as a 'repertoire of all human experience, where emotions are crystallized into aesthetics.'

    Watch the compelling N O U M E N O N now! 

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    Blue Velvet: a film by Giraffe Studios

    SHOWstudio presents Blue Velvet, a new film created by LA based artists, Juliana and Nicky Giraffe.

    Juliana Giraffe’s debut video and cover of Blue Velvet, filmed on super 8mm, is the first of a series of psychedelic performance pieces created by Giraffe Studios. Utilising neon, velvet, and celluloid, the film draws on influences from sixties performance art and music, investigating the overlap between analog and digital. Nicky Giraffe, the films director, plays with the ability to create a time-free zone within her art and aims to ‘present the internet audience with a space age meets California cool snippet to soothe intergalactically.’  

    The song was recorded to tape and produced by Gregory Hartunian. Juliana Giraffe will be releasing a complete original project/album later in 2015. The make-up was by Desiree Falcon and the costume design was hand-made by the Giraffe's mother, Monica Adriana. 

    Watch the entrancing Blue Velvet now!


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    Transformative: Sam McKnight talks Patrick Demarchelier and Madonna

    Alongside our Subjective series, which explores the creation of fashion images with the models themselves, the Transformative project explains the history of fashion photography from the perspective of the stylist, the make-up artists and the hairdressers.

    Today, the acclaimed hair stylist Sam McKnight discusses the creation of Madonna’s blonde ‘do for her Bedtime Stories album cover, shot by Patrick Demarchelier in 1994. 'Shoots were much, much lower key then. There weren’t fifty people on the shoot,' he recollects. 

    Discover what happens behind-the-scenes when three iconic figures come together in the interview now and explore the Transformative series to find out how Isamaya Ffrench and Val Garland work too. 

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    Our Print series is back with Scott King and Sleazenation

    Check out the latest instalment of our Print project!

    Launched in 1996, Sleazenation was created as 'an ideal for living through fashion, art, music and design.' It has gone on to become a uniquely influential publication, differentiating itself from other magazines of that time. 

    Today, catch up with Scott King, Sleazenation's former creative director, as he chats about the magazine’s legacy and impact. 'The immediate problem though, the terrible irony, was that anything you put in a style magazine, any kind of ‘scathing critique’ is immediately and only consumed as some form of ‘cool’. Whatever you say is overwhelmed by the format: a format that is expressly about trivia,' he argues, tellingly.

    Read the interview now, and take a look through Sleazenation yourself. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Print.

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    AURA - a film by Naomi James

    AURA is a short film displaying Robert Wun's A/W 15 collection created by creative director and long-time SHOWstudio collaborator, Naomi James. The film focuses around the architectural silhouettes of Wun's collection. Wun's designs embody a fluidity through movement that is synonymous with the visual referencing of weather. Watch James' film below and admire the sculptural form of Wun's garments.  

    Director - 44
    Creative Director - Naomi James
    Director of photography - Roger Russell / Luke Biggins
    Model - Dasha Shipa
    Hair - Adam Szabo
    MUA - Laura Tegely
    Assistants - Loko Yu / Sean Xu / Charlie Mok

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    Review Lucy Norris' tumblr curation

    Last week fashion historian and writer Lucy Norris became the latest person to take up the reins of the SHOWstudio Tumblr

    Exploring how the historical anniversaries of 2015 influence fashion creativity, Norris cut the century in four, looking back 100 years, 75 years, 50 years and 25 years. Norris started by looked at themes including war and peace, notable events of 1915 - such as the invention of the lipstick barrel - and the influence of Henri Matisse’s 1940 painting La Blouse Roumaine. Norris then moved on to contemplate the legacy of the ‘Kitty Foyle’ dress, Yves Saint Laurent’s Autumn/Winter 1965 Mondrian dress, Dr Zhivago and Keith Haring’s influence within the fashion industry.

    View Norris' curation now and whilst you’re on our Tumblr why not check out past curations by the likes of Liberty McAnena or Alexander Fury?

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    Transformative: Isamaya Ffrench for Interview by Daniel Sannwald

    In tandem with our Subjective model interview series, our rolling Transformative series also presents the history of contemporary fashion photography, but as told from the perspectives of the creatives whose skills and behind-the-scenes work helped create the world's most iconic images - the make-up artists and hairdressers.

    This week’s interview, sees rising make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench sit down with Nick Knight to discuss her face painting roots and shooting with Daniel Sannwald for Interview. 'This was a custom built foam mask.. glued and latexed on and then hand-painted,' Ffrench elaborates. 

    Watch the interview now, peruse the rest of the series and be sure to stay tuned for more intriguing behind-the-scenes views!

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    Watch the 'Floating World' fashion film

    SHOWstudio are excited to unveil Floating World, a new fashion film by Nick Knight and the latest addition to our Floating World project.

    From 9 to 11 September 2014 Noritaka Tatehana took up residence at SHOWstudio to create a pair of his vertiginous heel-less shoes. Tatehana’s intimate method was revealed exclusively in a process film as the Japanese shoemaker gave a step-by-step demonstration of the techniques used to create his gravity defying designs. Once the shoes were complete, they were displayed as part of a SHOWcabinet exhibition

    Nick Knight consequently shot the shoes on Daphne Guinness, a longterm champion of Tatehana. In Knight's latest fashion film, edited by Raquel Couceiro, Guinness floats gracefully in Tatehana's creations. 

    Watch Floating World now and don’t forget to explore the project to get a further insight into Tatehana's practice. Check out the interviews with Valerie Steele and Julia Hutt that interrogate the significance of the absent high heel or take a look at our Q&A with the designer.

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