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    Watch the trailer for Erica Schreiner's Satori

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    Two years in the making, Satori is a feature-length film created by video and performance artist (and frequent SHOWstudio collaborator), Erica Schreiner.

    Inspired by the principle of Satori as the alpha and omega of Zen Buddhism, the film tells the story of a woman who gives birth to eggs and sells them to survive so she can continue to make art. With the help of an encouraging unicorn, the all knowing goddess Isis and a disagreeable Beta fish, she finds a way into the universe where she goes in search of answers about her current existence as an artist. 

    Combining the haunting with the ethereal in her signature style, the film explores notions of femininity, motherhood and creation, all shot, edited and performed single-handedly by Schreiner. In her own words, 'Satori is the story of my life, the story of the artist.'

    Watch the trailer now and don't forget to revisit some of Schreiner's previous films including Debris and Metamorphosis.

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    Watch our McQueen illustrations come alive in a new short film

    SHOWstudio filmmaker Raquel Couceiro has brought our Illustrating McQueen artworks to life through a series of subtle animations. Our community of artists and fashion illustrators were commissioned to create artworks that would operate as odes to important McQueen designs for an online exhibition that accompanied both our Unseen McQueen series and the Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen exhibition at our gallery in London. The artworks can now been seen in a short film that charts each look in chronological order and cites both their significance within McQueen's wider practice and the artist's technical or conceptual interpretation of it.

    The artworks in this collection range from Unskilled Worker's bright-eyed hybrid figure that appears half raven and half human to Laura Laine's rendering of femininity at its most ferocious in her pencil drawing of the rigid leather dress with horse hair fringing from Spring/Summer 2005 It's Just a Game. Each of the works are original paintings and drawings and they are available to buy through our newly launched online shop.

    Watch the film now!

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    Black: 2015 - Nick Knight completes an image envisioned back in 2004 with Lee McQueen

    We’re very excited to reveal imagery of Alexander McQueen’s Amex funded Black show that has sat, untouched in Nick Knight’s archive for nearly a decade! Working behind-the-scenes at the event in 2004, Nick Knight had minutes to capture each model in their looks before they headed onto the catwalk. Photographing the girls - including Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Naomi Campbell - behind a sheet of glass, McQueen and Knight intended to assemble the images after the show, but never found time.

    To celebrate the opening of Savage Beauty at the V&A in London, and to pay tribute to Lee McQueen by completing the circle of their Black sponsorship, Amex supported the completion of this ambitious image. Knight worked for weeks to assemble the photographs into a striking tableau that references key motifs visible in McQueen's work and pays tribute to his skill as a maker.

    The work also takes on a new, dynamic form in an animated fashion film that references the glass box set of the original show. The project is further explained with a short behind-the-scenes film showing moments from the shoot, interspersed with interviews about the making of the image. A re-edit of the runway footage, complete with a soundtrack by John Gosling, will be launching as part of the project very soon. 

    Explore Black: 2015 now, and be sure to revisit our Unseen McQueen series for more exciting, previously unseen gems from Nick Knight’s archive of projects with the late designer.

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    The Chase

    In the latest addition to our growing collection of short fashion films by new and emerging filmmakers, SHOWstudio is pleased to present The Chase, a collaboration between Belgian director and photographer Jennifer Massaux and neo-Rococo artist Kukula. Massaux’s film explores the artist’s creative process from start to finish while maintaining the unique essence of Kukula’s haunting and evocative illustrations. 

    The illustrator behind SHOWstudio’s Kukula’s Couture series and a contributor to our Illustrating McQueen project, Kukula blends influences from both classical art and contemporary pop culture to create feminine, doll-like figures surrounded by symbolic objects. 

    With styling and production by Aline Pimentel and featuring garments by Chanel and Dries Van Noten, the film explores, in Massaux's own words 'the conjuring of the muse and the fleeting spirit of inspiration,' and builds a whimsical and enchanting world around Kukula's artworks.  Watch now!

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    Watch David Sims discuss his life in fashion

    Catch up on our interview with David Sims, filmed live as part of our In Fashion series. On-demand footage of the photographer's conversation with Lou Stoppard is available to watch for a limited time only. Watch as he discusses his ideas of beauty, his early work with i-D and The Face magazines, the influence of music and his interest in taking photographs of men, ‘There are so many taboos that stand in front of describing men, it’s just easy prey,’ the image-maker muses.

    Watch now, and revisit our In Fashion archive of chats with celebrated fashion visionaries including Venetia Scott, Lucinda Chambers and Lady Amanda Harlech

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    Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D

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    SHOWstudio presents Reed + Rader's innovative film Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D. A year in the making, Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D is the digital art duo's sequel to the original of the same name. The project was built completely in a virtual world using the Unreal gaming engine and utilised motion capture for the characters, continuing Reed + Rader's process of sculpting virtual environments to create films. Enjoy the cutting-edge Dubstep Dinosaurs 3D, featuring a soundtrack by Vacate.

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    Love, Money, God: Betty Catroux

    The second instalment of a series of interviews by Sofia Tchkonia features a candid conversation with former model and Yves Saint Laurent muse Betty Catroux.

    Over years of researching her Icons and Muses project, Tchkonia has interviewed numerous influential figures of 20th and 21st century fashion and culture, including Pierre Berge, Rick Owens and Michele Lamy. She invited SHOWstudio to edit and release the footage as a series entitled Love, Money, God, a nod to the journalist's three key questions.

    Following on from the first interview with image-maker Jean-Paul Goude, Betty Catroux discusses modelling for Coco Chanel as a teenager. 'She taught me how to dislike people, she saw the bad in everyone,' she says. Catroux also mentions her close friendship with fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who she met in a nightclub. ‘He took me all over the world, holidays, trips, everything… Going for days without sleeping, it was natural for us, ’ she says of their free, luxurious lifestyle. 

    Aside from her eventful life in fashion, Catroux also discusses love, her children and her marriage, likening her husband (interior decorator François Catroux) and Pierre Berger to fathers to her and Saint Laurent. 'They protected us like parents. They thought we were very naughty ... and they wanted to make us stop!' she explains.

    Head to our Love, Money, God project to hear the fashion icon reminisce about her life


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    Subjective: Alek Wek on Alexander McQueen

    SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight interviews Alek Wek as part of our weekly Subjective series. The project, which seeks to tell the story of contemporary fashion photography from the model’s perspective, includes supers such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Karen Elson and Kristen McMenamy candidly recalling the iconic fashion images they helped create. 

    This time round, Wek takes a look back at her experience modelling in the Autumn/Winter 1997 and Autumn/Winter 2000 Alexander McQueen shows. She describes the difficulty of walking on the uneven catwalk for A/W 97's It’s a Jungle Out There, adding ‘If you did too much sashay, you might just end up sashaying on the floor.’ The Sudanese model also reveals that she wold spend hours practicing walking in heels, up and down her apartment, as well as the importance of having a plan as a model; ‘It’s important to be with the agents that aren’t just excited to celebrate you because you’re a newcomer,’ she explains.

    Watch the latest model interview now, and revisit more from our steadily growing Subjective series. 

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    Dior and I

    Dior and I, the highly anticipated film documenting the creation of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection for the Christian Dior fashion house, is coming to cinemas this Friday 27 March. To celebrate the release of the documentary by Frédéric Tcheng, SHOWstudio is pleased to present a trailer and an interview with the filmmaker

    The feature-length film documents the eight stressful weeks that Simons had to complete his debut collection. Revealing the inner workings of the design house, from the creative processes of its artistic director to the tireless seamstresses of the atelier, the film explores the personal bonds that form between the collaborators, their work, and the legacy of Christian Dior. 

    In conversation with SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard, Tcheng speaks about first falling into the world of fashion through working on the Valentino documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor and subsequently co-directing Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel. Recalling a letter he wrote which persuaded an initially reluctant Simons to agree to filming, he explains he was interested in ‘the encounter between the past and the future… between a designer from Antwerp who is very future driven and the atelier who are mostly about people who have worked there for decades and decades. So these two cultures kind of collided.’

    Watch the insightful interview with the director and view the trailer for the upcoming film. 

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    Pippin and the Pursuits of Life

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    In keeping with our commitment to providing a platform for new talent and emerging fashion filmmakers, we’re pleased to present Pippin and the Pursuits of Life, a fashion film by Femke Huurdeman. Originally the filmmaker’s graduation project, the short features the playful Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Dutch designer Maaike Fransen and takes the collection's ethos as its starting point. With a whimsical soundtrack by Ravian de Vries, enchanting sets and hair and make-up by Sacha Kambong and Sofia Commandeur, Huurdeman’s colourful film builds a world around the quirky garments.

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    Unseen McQueen continues with new interviews

    This month saw the launch of our Unseen McQueen project, a tribute to Nick Knight's dynamic collaborations with the late Lee McQueen. Every day from the 13 to 19 March, we launched a piece of newly edited footage from Knight's archive of McQueen projects, along with interviews with the photographer and other individuals who knew and worked with the designer. 

    Today, 23 March, we're adding two new interviews to the series. Casting director Jess Hallett spoke to Lou Stoppard about the challenging job of finding models for some of the most celebrated Alexander McQueen runway shows, including Deliverance, The Girl Who Lived in the Tree and Plato's Atlantis

    Lending a scholarly aspect to the series, fashion historian and Alexander McQueen: Fashion Visionary author Judith Watt discusses the designer's work. In conversation with Lou Stoppard, she gives an insight into other designers Lee was influenced by (Jean Paul Gaultier in particular) and unpicks the vast amounts of references and themes within his theatrical runway shows; 'forget the tailoring, it's the research, his references that were so good!' she exclaims. 

    Watch the newest additions now, and explore the revealing project in full. 

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    Tune in for a live interview with David Sims

    Our In Fashion series continues on Thursday 26 March with a live video interview with David Sims. Tune in at 13:00 GMT as the British fashion photographer talks at length with Lou Stoppard about his minimalist aesthetic and illustrious career. 

    Sims contributes to influential publications including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and i-D, and has created distinctive modernist imagery for luxury brands such as Prada, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen.

    Streaming live, the conversation is the latest in our line of exclusive in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Catch up on our most recent with stylist and photographer Venetia Scott, fashion illustrator David Downton and design duo Marques'Almeida while you wait.

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    New interviews with Lee McQueen's circle

    Yesterday, 19 March marked the end of our week-long Unseen McQueen takeover of the site in conjunction with the V&A’s Savage Beauty exhibition. Over the last seven days, we revealed a series of newly edited films from Nick Knight’s archive documenting his creative collaborations with the late Lee McQueen alongside interviews with members of the designer’s circle including stylist Katy England, choreographer Michael Clark, model, actress and athlete Aimee Mullins and Knight himself. The project is still growing however, with new interviews with McQueen’s creative team being released today, 20 and Monday, 23 March.

    Trino Verkade worked with Lee McQueen from the start, first on PR and later across all areas of his business. She spoke to Lou Stoppard about her relationship with Lee from first meeting him, through assisting Katy England to her work spearheading the late designer's foundation, Sarabande, which provides essential financial support to young creatives.

    British set designer Simon Costin discussed collaborating with Lee McQueen on some of his earliest shows, including the S/S 98 Untitled, originally called The Golden Shower before being changed due to objections from the show's sponsor, American Express. ‘In retrospect it's very easy to say, 'wasn't that unusual?’ or 'wasn't that groundbreaking?’ But at the time you're just doing it. It's only in retrospect that you have that luxury,’ he said, on being part of the iconic moments. 

    Finally, journalist Michelle Olley shared her memories of appearing as the finale tableau in the celebrated Alexander McQueen S/S 01 Voss show. She was arranged naked and covered in moths inside a glass box in an image that paid tribute to Joel-Peter Witkin's Sanitarium photograph. 'When the glass dropped there was kind of this silence, and then there was this cheer!' she recounted.

    Watch the fascinating conversations now, and explore the rest of our Unseen McQueen project.

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    Nick Knight photograph on view at Westminster Tube

    This striking Nick Knight photograph is now on display at Westminster Tube alongside a series of night-time city scenes by Cecil Beaton, Corinne Day, Juergen Teller and more, as part of TfL's current Free the Night exhibition. Large scale prints by key photographers have been installed in the vast cement alcoves within the network of escalators at the station.

    Knight's black and white image is taken from his 2011 Punkature editorial for AnOther magazine that channelled the raw energy of punk culture and merged it with the rarefied grace of the haute couture Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Model Harmony Boucher wears Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci in front of a cavernous wall of concrete found on a London street near to SHOWstudio's former HQ at Mayfair's Bruton Place.

    The exhibition is part of a series of events that build up to the 24 hour opening of the Tube from September this year and the photographs will be on view until Sunday 12 April. It's a great reason to look forward to your commute!

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    The Infared Summer

    Photographer and SHOWstudio regular Joseph Lally has branched out into writing, publishing his debut novel; The Infared Summer: The World of Dark Glamour. A coming of age tale set in in South Beach, Miami, the year leading to the murder of designer Gianni Versace, the book is available through Amazon. Grab a copy and dive into the artist's latest darkly decadent creative outout. 

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    Frame by Frame: Dissecting the Fashion Moving Image Now

    The fifth instalment of the successful Fashion in Film Festival, this year entitled Frame by Frame: Dissecting the Fashion Moving Image Now is currently being held at across three of London’s leading arts venues- Central St. Martins, Somerset House and Hackney Picture House. Running from 17 - 24 March, the festival brings together some of the fashion industry’s most acclaimed practitioners, from image-makers and journalists, to fashion historians and curators. An exciting series of conversations and screenings sheds light on the role and rise of the moving image in the fashion industry, and explores in detail the ways in which the industry is embracing and adapting to them. 

    SHOWstudio’s own Lou Stoppard will be sharing her thoughts on this important topic during a panel talk on The Shifting Landscape of Today’s Fashion Media, today, 20 March at 18:30 GMT. Taking place at at Central Saint Martins and also featuring blogger Susie LauThe Sunday Times Style's Sally Bolton, fashion broadcaster Caryn Franklin and academic Agnès Rocamora, the panel will consider the changing role of the fashion journalist in today’s multi-media culture.

    Tomorrow, 21 March at 16:00 GMT, Nick Knight will then be in conversation with film scholar Nick Rees-Roberts at the Hackney Picture House in order to discuss his innovative and dynamic approach to utilising moving image, including his work at SHOWstudio.  

    Read more about the festival and book tickets for the upcoming talks and screenings.

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