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    Tune in to our Kenzo and Saint Laurent panels this weekend

    The menswear season is wrapping up, so don’t miss out on our last set of panels this weekend; Kenzo and Saint Laurent!

    Tune in for our Kenzo panel at 10:00 BST, tomorrow 28 June, which features editorial director Harriet Quick, stylist Cobbie Yates, PR executive Natasha Slater, and editor William Oliver.

    Our live panel panel on Sunday 29 June at 20:00 BST will be discussing the Saint Laurent show, with special guests art director Becky Smith, creative consultant Mimma Viglezio, retailer Nehjat Ramoth, fashion designer Peter Jensen, entrepreneur Imran Amed, and David Kappo. Both panels are hosted by our resident menswear chair, Daryoush Haj-Najafi

    Until then, why not take a look at our previous panels, available on demand now? And don’t forget to keep checking our newly redesigned Collections page for more live coverage and behind-the-scenes action! 

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    John Booth illustrates more of Paris, day three!
    Available on Tumblr now

    We’ve got even more images from our resident Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections resident artist John Booth up on our Tumblr now!

    Our prolific resident artist has created interpretations of the Maison Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe, and Dries Van Noten shows! Check out the Tumblr page for the complete works of Booth, and the relevant Collections pages to see the illustrations in context next to the catwalk images.

    And while you’re waiting for the live panel at 17:00 BST, tune in to our studio webcam to watch Booth continue to produce more fantastic illustrations, which will soon be available in the SHOWstudio shop for you to purchase! 

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    John Booth illustrates Yohji, Rick Owens and more!

    It’s day three of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections, and our resident artist, John Booth is still going strong! You can now see his take on Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, and Louis Vuitton over on our Tumblr.

    In each of his runway depictions, Booth centres on whatever element captures his eye, whether it's the majestic set or a detail of the model's make-up, creating a collection of illustrations that are never predictable.

    Tune in to our studio webcam to watch as Booth creates more images, and check out the Collections page to see the context through which Booth interpreted the shows! 

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    Comme des Garcons and Henrik Vibskov live panels tomorrow!

    Day two of Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections is coming to a close. Day three has in store two exciting live panels: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus and Henrik Vibskov

    Tune in at 17:00 BST for the Comme des Garcons Homme Plus panel, featuring editor Dal Chodha, writer Hywel Davies, creative director Chris Sutton, and editor Adam Chinese Symbol.

    Then, at 19:00 BST, we have our Henrik Vibskov panel with special guests art director Fred Butler, creative director Rob Phillips, David Kappo, and architect John-Michael O’Sullivan. Both panels are hosted by our resident chair Daryoush Haj-Najafi

    Take a look at our newly redesigned Collections page for behind-the-scenes action and more live coverage, Lou Stoppard's reports, and illustrations of the catwalk by our new resident artist, John Booth

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    View John Booth's illustrations of Paris, day two!

    Check out the newest set of images from our resident Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections artist, John Booth! View his interpretations of Walter Van BeirendonckRaf Simons, Issey Miyake, and 3.1 Phillip Lim up on Tumblr and on the Collections pages. 

    For the Walter Van Beirendonck collection, Booth created half psychedelic coloured, half monochrome illustrations of the garments and faces. The illustration for Raf Simons is equally as abstract, whereas Issey Miyake has an appropriately dainty and minimalistic feel. 3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, has thick hard lines to reflect the graphic details of the collection. 

    For more of Booth's work, take a look at the Tumblr page! And tune in to our studio webcam to watch Booth create more illustrations. As always, keep checking the Collections pages for more live coverage and behind the scenes action!

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    Watch as John Booth illustrates the catwalk!

    Day two of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections is upon us! If you haven’t already, check out the Collections page to see all of the action that’s happened so far, complete with on-demand panels and show reports from our own Lou Stoppard

    We have our resident artist John Booth back in the studio today to finish up his renditions of the Raf Simons show from last night, before moving on to Issey Miyake and more! Tune in to our webcam to watch him work, and when the images are complete, they will be available to view on Tumblr as well as on the corresponding Collections pages.



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    Read Lou Stoppard's reports on the Paris collections!

    The verdict is in! Our own editor Lou Stoppard has been attending the Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections in Paris, and she’s written critiques of the shows, all available on the Collections page. So far, Stoppard has reviewed shows from day one including Carven, Walter van Beirendonck, and Raf Simons.

    Of Raf Simons, which created a big stir by forcing spectators to stand, Stoppard writes: ‘The lack of rows, coupled with the lack of catwalk- models simply weaved their way through us following rough duct tape guidelines- create an odd sense of intimacy, that same frisson and excitement that comes from any crowded room… as if it wasn’t enough to take our seating away, Simons also made photography near impossible by filling the space with dark, unsettling red lint. For a crowd that loves nothing more than a swift Instagram snap, this was a bold move’

    Read the rest of this report and more on our Collections page, where you can review the collections along with Stoppard’s critiques! 

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    Tune in for our Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto live panels tomorrow!

    Day one of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections has come to a close. Day two has some fantastic shows in store, two of which we will be reviewing live in a panel discussion!

    Tune in at 12:30 BST for our Rick Owens panel with creative director Donald Crunk, blogger Steve Salter, performer James Jeanette, and designer Sebastiaan Pieter.

    Then, be sure to come back at 17:30 BST for the Yohji Yamamoto panel with specialist bookshop director Lucy Moore, editor Verity Parker and stylist Karl Plewka. Both panels will be, as always, hosted by our resident chair Daryoush Haj-Najafi

    Check out our newly redesigned Collections page for more up to the minute coverage with all the behind the scenes action and more! 

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    John Booth illustrates Gosha Rubchinskiy!

    Following our Gosha Rubchinskiy panel this morning, our new Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections artist John Booth has created some brilliant renditions of the looks from catwalk!

    Booth's depictions play with oddly with proportion, featuring tiny heads on outsize outfits set against mottled backgrounds to give a sense of texture. 

    See the original catwalk images for comparison on our Collections pages, and see the rest of Booth’s illustrations on Tumblr! And don’t forget, soon all of his drawings will be available in the SHOWstudio Shop!

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    Gosha Rubchinskiy panel available on demand!

    We kicked off the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections with an absorbing live review of the Gosha Rubchinskiy show - but if you missed them, worry not, we now have the panel available to watch on demand!

    The panel consisted of resident chair Daryoush Haj-Najafi, writer and ‘Russian expert’ Anastasiia Fedorova, art director Ben Kelway, and MACHINE-A founder Stavros Karelis. The discussion centered around Russia and Russian fashion designers, with Haj-Najafi emphasising Rubchinskiy's unique place in the market, pointing out that ‘most Russian fashion designers are just selling to princesses, right?’. The conversation turned to the difficulty of building a brand without becoming mainstream, as was reiterated in our celebrity question, this time from SHOWstudio fashion consultant Calum Knight

    Stay tuned for more panels this week, and keep checking the Collections page for more live coverage and behind-the-scenes-action!



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    Stay up to date on the Paris collections with SHOWstudio!

    Tomorrow is the start of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections! If you want to stay up to date with all the shows, we’ve got you covered. 

    First off, our newly redesigned Collections page houses every key show, with specially curated social media content and behind the scenes action, posted as it’s happening. 

    Watch the live streamed shows with industry experts and hear their commentary in our Panel Discussions! We kicked off today with a panels on Gosha Rubchinskiy, and we'll be following them up with Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcones Homme Plus, Henrik Vibskov, Kenzo, and Saint Laurent as the week progresses. 

    Check in for our own Lou Stoppard’s reports to read her critiques and detailed analyses of the shows, availble on the corresponding designer's page under Collections!

    And finally, for a unique and interesting take on the collections, look our for our new resident illustrator John Booth’s designs of the catwalk, posted on the Collections and Tumblr pages.

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    SHOWstudio x Tigran Avetisyan

    Tigran Avetisyan has designed an exclusive capsule collection for SHOWstudio Shop! The designer has created a limited run "Selfie" outfit which consists of a t-shirt and shorts. The set features mirrored writing with the slogan 'Us and Them'. Tigran has also created an iphone case especially designed for taking "Selfies" in the mirror.

    Don't miss out on this incredible set only available at SHOWstudio Shop! The "Selfie" outfit drops Thursday 4 July.

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    Kate Moss talks Lucian Freud in the next Subjective

    Today we are launching the next Subjective, a series of interviews conducted by Nick Knight to explore the history of contemporary fashion photography as told from the subjects’ perspectives. This week’s Subjective interview is Kate Moss discussing her experience of being immortalised in a painting by Lucian Freud. 

    The painting depicts a nude Moss lounging with her legs resting apart, her head laying on her left arm. Moss became pregnant some time after beginning to sit for Freud, so as the painting took nine months to complete, the final image shows Moss’ stomach to bulge out slightly; ‘He stopped painting me at five months, so I just look fat!’. While she speaks fondly of the process, she admits she wasn’t a fan of the result, nor was Freud, interestingly. She says of the experience, 'he taught me discipline, because I could never be late!'

    Watch the candid interview now, and stay tuned for more from this unique series!

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    John Booth is our Paris S/S 15 menswear collections illustrator!

    On the eve of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections, we’re announcing our newest resident artist to illustrate the catwalk: John Booth! Booth is a fashion illustrator as well as a textile designer, based in London. He will be coming into the studio to create images interpreted by the Parisian catwalk, while we live stream his work! 

    Make sure to tune in to watch him illustrate to get a unique perspective on the collections. The finalised images will appear in the Collections pages, as well as on our Tumblr page - and soon after, they will be available for purchase in the SHOWstudio shop!

    As always, stay glued to the Collections page for more behind the scenes action and live coverage. 

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    Review Marie Cunliffe's Milan menswear illustrations!

    To mark the end of the Milan Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections, take a look at the final set of illustrations by designer Marie Cunliffe, now available on our Tumblr and on the Collections pages! 

    See how Cunliffe reimagined the catwalk with her illustrations of DSquared2 and Frankie Morello! The Frankie Morellos piece was executed with smudged charcoal lines for a smoky rendition that gives the feeling of movement to the cape-like jacket, while the DSquared2 illustrations are cleaner, allowing the bold garments to stand-out. 

    View all Cunliffe's collections work on Tumblr, check out the corresponding runway images on the Collections pages, and soon, purchase one of these fantastic illustrations at SHOWstudio Shop.

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    Gosha Rubchinskiy and Raf Simons live panels tomorrow!

    Tomorrow marks the start of the Paris Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections, and we’ve got two great panels to begin the final leg of the men’s collections! 

    First, tune in at 11:00 BST for our Gosha Rubchinskiy panel, featuring art director Ben Kelway, director Stavros Karelis, and writer Anastasiia Fedorova.

    Then, tune in at 20:30 BST for our Raf Simons panel, featuring designer Maarten van der Horst, writer Hettie Judah, fashion historian Lucy Norris, consultant Tremaine Emory and of course, both are hosted by our resident chair Daryoush Haj-Najafi.

    Keep our Collections page open for more live coverage, and check out our Tumblr for some unique illustrations of the catwalk! 

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