1. by Paul Hetherington .

    The New Look

    Donald Milne brought in contacts fresh from yesterdays shoot of the Amaze Me interactive installation. This shot of model Anna Blessman in a Yellow dress by Dior caught my eye because it reminded me of the late 40s – early 50s era of photography in Harper's Bazaar, art directed at the time by Alexi Brodovitch. Though it’s unlikely we will use this particular shot, it ties nicely to the Brodovitch quote which initiated the forthcoming Amaze Me project, whereby he once instructed photographer Avedon to simply “Inspire me!”.

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    Scooby Doo, where are you?

    The task of photographing all the Bring & Buy auction items finally gets underway, thanks to the help of Fran at i-D and Tanya Reynolds at Proportion, who are lending us a number of amazing mannequins. Formerly the original London tailors dummy and mannequin manufacturer Stockmans, they have a showroom with archive samples dating back to 1880. Some of the antique ones are uncannily realistic, as these pretty Edwardian and Victorian ‘house of wax’ girls show. Their eyes seem to follow you around the room. Watch the studio webcams at night for any mysterious happenings, and expect this project to end with the quote “And if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids, I’d have gotten away with it!”

  3. by Christabel Stewart .

    Barbican Revisited

    'Transmissions' is evolving into shape at a gentle but determined pace over August to be ready for the influx of material that will be heralded in by the 'new season' of events come September. Last posted was footage shot within the Barbican theatre fly tower of an Enrico David sculpture being hoisted to a dignified dancing poise. Now in another part of this fascinating labyrinthine interior witness intricate views of the magnificent conservatory surrounding the arts centre fly tower. A contemplative and rather beautiful film by Marcus Werner Hed sensitively extracts the atmospheric from Cerith Wyn Evans inspired contemporary pleasure gardens work, 'Eaux d'artfice (after K.A.)' as it unfolded one Sunday afternoon in the indoor gardens. To explain the double venue view I can only proclaim that the Barbican has been inviting and collaborating in particularly inspired and unusual ways around its various rooms and halls since I got my performance documentary eyes and ears out. For the people-watching hell of it here is an image of both artists, Enrico David and Cerith Wyn Evans taking a short break for fresh air and refreshment at the Barbican's Balcony Bar on the afternoon of a very interesting convergence of visitors to the last day of Cerith's Kenneth Anger stimulated 'event-work'. Click through the documentaty images, essay and ephemera section of this latest post for more views of the event as a whole.

  4. by Christabel Stewart .

    "I like listening to Karlheinz Munchausen"

    Although they claim their only connection to the art world is in their groupies, band duo No Bra are described by one of their distributors Warp Records as "confrontational male/female topless performance artists". Such a description, if understood as suggestive of that particular genre of 'Performance Art' that takes the combination of piousness and nudity to its most turgid ends, would be damning. However, this is so far from No Bra's actual stance I suspect even if this were made into a Daily Mail stand-first they would see the humour in it. This is no disservice to Warp -the musical description that follows undermines any intent I may be trying to suggest in taking it out of context- rather it is part of my justification to include footage of what is essentially a music gig, in a performance series. No Bra's confrontational yet detatched stage performances are indeed the toast of certain scenes, but it is in their ascerbic lyrics which pound against the very cultural hysteria that embraces them that makes them an aspect of 'performance' not to be missed. 'Munchausen', their debut record is being performed in various venues this week. Expect a short film to be posted any day.

  5. by Paul Hetherington .

    Chelsea Morning

    Spent the (rainy) morning at the Kings Road Oxfam shop, getting the window ready for our Bring & Buy installation, with help from Eisuke Negishi and Emily Atkinson. Will post pictures of the finshed installation tomorrow, after set designer Andy Hillman has completed the display.

  6. by Paul Hetherington .

    I love it when a plan comes together

    Yesterday's wet morning in Chelsea turned brighter today, with the (almost) completion of the Oxfam charity store window installation. Andy came good with a set of display figures, to the bemusement of local bargain hunters. Then the SHOWstudio A-Team –in the form of Andy 'Handy' Hillman, Eisuke, Emily and myself– went to work equipped only with some black paint, fishing wire and a power drill. Colonel Smith would be proud. The installation requires some vinyl window graphics to complete, but until then a makeshift sign in the form of a paper vest was added to save the staff from constant enquiries about buying the funny clothes in the window. Expect a further (hi-res) picture to be posted by the week's end.

  7. by Paul Bruty .

    Design Download Gallery

    At long last! Having managed to fashion a window to build something other than our forthcoming AMAZE ME project (more soon), I am happy to announce the introduction of a submissions gallery to the design_download section of DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN.

    Thanks to Mitsono (seen here), Claire Smith and Robbie Higney-Paterson for brightening up my Inbox with their excellent Junya Watanabe-inspired submissions so far.

    Click here to remind yourself of the project's synopsis or here to cut straight to the action.

  8. by Christabel Stewart .

    Fear of Social Impotence

    A new film has been launched on 'Transmissions' today. Watch 'No Bra' play at close quarters, bathed in the red lights of a Kingsland Road venue in London. This is not evidence of a love affair within a scene though, as No Bra bite the cultural hand -and context- that feeds, with subverted alacrity.

  9. by Paul Bruty .

    Project Launch

    Our forthcoming PSP AMAZE ME project officially launches in London on 5th September at Comme des Garcon's Dover Street Market. However, its accompanying microsite has been launched today giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the project's briefs, incentives and prizes. Yes, I said prizes!

    Between now and mid-December residents of London, Antwerp, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome and Dublin will have the opportunity to impress one of thirty-six leading creatives. Among our revered panellists; Isabella Blow (Fashion Director of Tatler), Terry Jones (Creative Director of i-D Magazine), Sarah Doukas (Founder of Storm model agency), 2 Many DJs (DJs), Droog (Dutch design collective) and Bruno Pieters (Fashion Designer).

    The London and Antwerp regions of the site are currently available and in English and French with German, Spanish and Italian translations following soon. So go on, AMAZE US!

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    Read all about it

    The posters and flyers for the forthcoming AMAZE ME project are hot off the press, so we thought we'd offer a little insight into their devlopment. The designs have progressed through a series of stages over the last few months; a typographic solution was initially proposed, but in the end we decided that an image of the booth in action was the most appropriate way forward, the rationale being that an image of this strange perspex column would be engaging enough for people to investigate further.

    The intention was to develop a bold, distinguisable print and web campaign. We very much wanted to emphasise Donald Milne's superb images, so the typography is kept as restrained as possible. In anticipation of Monday's forthcoming installation launch at Dover Street Market, keep an eye out for the thousands of flyers scattered in your favourite haunts around London – hopefully these will excite you enough to get you down to Dover Street Market on the 5th.

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    Set Up

    Today is set up day for the AMAZE ME installation at Dover Street Market in London. As with everything that comes flat packed, assembly is never as strightforward as the instructions make out – and this doesn't have instructions. The four week installation will officially begin on Monday, but if you visit the store tomorrow you'll see it being tested.

  12. by Ross Phillips .

    London Goes Live

    As usual, everything goes well until you install the machine and let the public play with it. A couple of bugs made themselves known at the weekend which led to the pod being tinkered with this morning. The operation went well and it's now in rude health, eagerly awaiting your amazing contributions. So if you are in London this month, check the briefs on the site and get down to Dover Street.

  13. by Christabel Stewart .

    Assume Vivid Astro Focus

    The upcoming project billed for 'Transmissions' is the guest-edited feature 'cheapcream' by artist assume vivid astro focus. The moniker -avaf for short - is an umbrella name for a diverse -often collaborative or inclusive- artistic output, the assumed name a bid to avoid the personality driven parameters that dominate much of the art world. 'cheapcream' will be a series of films, each shot by this ever curious observer as part of his practice and as part of his research - a distinction he does not like to make. The films are also an ongoing record of others' performances. As such the series offers a rare and concentrated glimpse into the world of an avid collector, the performances he merits, and an 'at the scene' work in progress. The picture is an avaf imagery taster - a set of 'paper grafitti' stickers made and distributed to encourage involvement. Expect the first film post imminently.

  14. by Ross Phillips .

    It begins

    We've been down to the pod and brought back the first crop of videos. Look out for some great dancing, fancy whistling and wild jumping.

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