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#10: Richard Nicoll Brooch

When is a bulldog clip not a bulldog clip? When it's the perfect postmodern piece of jewellery courtesy of Richard Nicoll - and also when it's our latest Object Fetish  for A/W 2010. Paring back to the very minimum, Nicoll clipped and nipped his collection of svelte City Girl suiting with a selection of diamanté-crusted steel stationary (no doubt the envy of each and every Office Manager across the land). It seems like a gimmick, but its all-too-clear that Nicoll's crafty make-do-and-mend brooch alludes to that Duchampian tradition of the ready-made, an object plucked from context and transformed into art - or, in this case, artifice. But besides all that, it looks damn fine - and isn't that what fashion is all about?