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#11: Alexander McQueen shoes

It seems we're constantly straying below the ankle in our Object Fetish series - perhaps an indication of fashion's peculiar pedicu-lar peccadillo at the moment - but it's fair to say that all of next season's footwear offerings pale in comparison to these exquisite 'Angel' shoes from Alexander McQueen's final collection for A/W 2010. Silvered, encrusted with hand embroidery and with heels carved into glorious arabesques, they take the notion of fashion as art to its very zenith, transcending fashion's capricious need for seasonal change. Or maybe not. Alexander McQueen was always plugged into the mood of the moment, and it's no leap to see these shoes as a resolute, single-minded and glorious riposte to next season's predominant focus on the New Minimalism. True to his vision above all else, Lee McQueen was the perfect rebel until the very end.


  1. hannah
    13:16 8 Jul 2010
    .. that was stunning... those shoes belong in a museum... just watching the details of craftsmanship sends shivers down my spine!
  2. KaWai
    19:10 9 Jul 2010
    It's a very inspiring design, makes one think-"How come I never thought of that?!!"